Orian Incursion

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Orian Incursion
Conflict: Summer Invasion
Objective: House Plagueis and House Scholae Palatinae invaded the Orian System in an attempt to seize it from Clan Naga Sadow.
Date: 30 ABY
Location: Orian System

House Plagueis, House Scholae Palatinae, Clan Naga Sadow

Outcome: The invasion of Orian was repelled.

House Plagueis

House Scholae Palatinae

Clan Naga Sadow

  • VSDII Ballista
  • Captain Terrance Young
  • Captain Severus Upham
  • Many starfighters
  • Ground forces
  • Many starfighters
  • Ground forces
  • Many starfighters
  • Ground forces
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The Orian Incursion, also known as the Summer Invasion, was a conflict between Clan Naga Sadow and the allied Houses Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis in 30 ABY. The two houses sought to bring their combined forces to bear against Naga Sadow's holdings with the goal of showing the Dark Council that the two houses could stand with the Clans of the Brotherhood.

Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis devised an invasion plan to simultaneously attack both Sepros and Aeotheran. The landings on Aeotheran were secondary to the primary attack on Sepros, with the latter meant to seize the Temple of Sorrow. Initially the assault proceeded well, but the conflict degenerated into a three way battle following the betrayal of Plagueis by the forces of Scholae Palatinae. Neither of the two houses were able to secure their objectives while also fighting one another, and the formerly allied houses were driven out of the Orian system by a renewed attacks by Naga Sadowan forces.


"When only one Clan exists, all will strive for its removal. Then we may ascend together, Twin Clans, with respect and power together."
―Xen'Mordin Vismorsus
Tra'an Reith planning the Sepros invasion.
The roots of the Orian Incursion go back to the reclanning of Arcona and Naga Sadow in 29 ABY. Both Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis were jealous of the status conferred on the new Clans, and each independently sought some advantage over the clans to turn to their advantage. This desire eventually drew the two Houses into a fragile alliance. Feeling that pooling their resources gave them both together the ability to take down a Clan, the leadership of both houses then sought to select the right target.

Arcona had grown in strength and power since their clanning, having run rampant over the fields of New Tython during the Brotherhood's invasion. Naga Sadow, however, seemed to have grown weaker. Their leadership was inexperienced and untried in real conflict. They even had trouble controlling the elder members of their own Clan, with this friction spilling over into open conflict in the months before the invasion. It was decided that Naga Sadow would be the easiest to fall, and that once the two houses had proven that the Clans were not invincible the other houses of the Brotherhood would rise up against Arcona.

In Plagueis, Quaestor Tra'an Reith had been been experiencing premonitions through the Force in the months following the invasion of New Tython. Feeling that doom was just over the horizon for his House, Tra'an decided that it would be best to meet it head on. Even with premonitions suggesting catastrophe, the plans to attack Naga Sadow would go forward.

Meanwhile, the leadership of Scholae Palatinae was playing their own game. Xen'Mordin Vismorsus saw Plagueis as a resource to be used, not an ally to be valued. His plan was to exploit the other House's thirst for power, but then once victory seemed in hand to turn upon them. The Imperial House would destroy or capture what remained of the Ascendant forces, and then turn upon the Plagueis Dominion when they finished with Naga Sadow.

The Battle

The Space Assault

"Better than you have tried and failed to destroy the might of Sadow! We will obliterate you and your Palatinaen lackeys!"
―Macron Sadow
The combined fleets of the houses.
The combined house fleets initially staged on the outskirts of the Lorta System. This location was chosen as it was far enough away from Sadowan space to limit the likelihood of detection while still allowing for a single jump into Orian space. The Imperial vessel Tenacious made an initial forray into the Orian system to scout the disposition of Dlarit forces. Its presence was detected by a patrol group of ships lead by the Covenant, however the Sadowan leadership was still conflicted as to the Scholae vessel's intentions. While Macron Sadow rightly felt it was a prelude to invasion and favored immediate attack, Consul Locke Sonjie still thought that there might be a reasonable explanation and favored caution. The hand of Sadow's leadership would soon be forced as the attack commenced.

Ships of the two houses jumped into the Orian system above the plain of the ecliptic in near-Sepros space. Able to take advantage of the Dlarit ships being scattered across the system still in the process of answering their Consul's call to readiness, the attacking fleet faced an outnumbered force of Sadowans defenders at Sepros. Unable to protect the entire planet from the attackers, the Sadow ships were unable to prevent the ships of the combined houses from making their landings under protection of the two Plagueis flagged Victory-class destroyers. Starfighters rising from the surface of Sepros made attacks of opportunity on the landing craft as they rose to join the fleet engagement in orbit, trusting their anti-air defenses to punish the invaders.

The Majestic-class cruisers of Scholae Palatinae used their long range gunnery to great effect on the larger Sadowan battleships. The screening vessels of the respective fleets made closing to optimal gunnery ranges difficult, but the Majestics remained at range inflicting damage to both the Final Way and Harbinger in turn. Some of the fiercest fighting was seen between the picket screens of Naga Sadow and Scholae Palatinae. Gunships of Scholae clashed with maneuverable Marauder corvettes of Naga Sadow in close range duels as fighters danced in and out of their respective gunnery ranges.

Invasion of Sepros

"I return to bring down Clan Naga Sadow arrogant as they are."
―Alaris Jinn di Plagia
Imperial MAAT's approaching landing zones on Sepros.
Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae began the invasion with the same goals, too attack and seize the Temple of Sorrow. As the MAAT landing craft approached their landing zones they were met with unwavering flak attacks, but that was nothing compared to what engaged them as the drop pods landed. Kal di Plagia Vorrac was the first to meet the forces of Naga Sadow on the ground. The Sadowan defenses were made up of infantry, AT-ST walkers, as well as emplacement turrets.

Several hours following the invasion's initial assault limbs from trees and bodies alike littered the ground, bushes trees stood burning. Telum Vas Umbra and his master Kal set up Plagueis's command post, but the attackers could little afford to slack in their assault. Before each House could make any significant progress towards their final objectives, they had to destroy the firebases nearest them. The firebase's anti-air turrets continued to wreak havoc amongst the follow up waves of allied landing craft.

The main assault on the firebase nearest the Plagueis drop area was left to Primus Pilus. With their commander Kuro Kogarasu on the Ascendancy alongside Tra'an, Primus was lead into battle by Flight Leader Furios Morega. Furious split his team in two, Nariah and himself were to attack the base while Octavia, Varoth and Zuser were to stay behind at the command post to help protect it.

Telum and Kal accompanied Furios and Nariah to the firebase after a hike through booby trapped jungle, taking constant fire from the trees. Hidden enemy sharpshooters were the least of their worries, as they found the forward firebase guarded by an AT-AT walker. Even supported by heavy artillery guns and allied Trandoshan slavers, the attack force was having difficulty eliminating the Sadowan position. That all changed when a strike by Scimitar assault bombers pounded the area and support troops from the 19th Independent Company joined the attack. The forces of Plagueis were eventually able to overcome the enemy firebase.

The forces of Scholae Palatinae faced stiff resistance taking their firebase as well, but it lacked the same sort of armored support that Plagueis faced. This allowed the Imperial ground forces to take their firebase unassisted by air support.

With the destruction of the two firebases, the approach to the Temple was laid open. The loss of the anti-air positions also allowed for the attacking forces to make better use of air support and to bring in even more reinforcements. It would be a running fight all the way to the Temple facing the best of Naga Sadow, including their Jedi that increasingly joined the fray.

Landings on Aeotheran

Slicer: "Smash and grab job, huh?"
Plagueian Commander: "Slightly more complicated than that."
―Anonymous Slicer and Commander during Kel Rasha briefing.
The Perdition in orbit of Aeotheran.
Unlike the attack on Sepros, the combined house forces faced far less opposition over Aeotheran. With the bulk of the Sadowan ships called upon to defend Sepros and the capital, Aeotheran was left with a small defense force that was easily swept aside by the invasion force centered around the Firefox-class Perdition. The object of the invading forces was the coastal city of Kel Rasha. Due to the city's recent construction and the defender's inexperience, the defense procedures were slow to be activated which allowed the combined house forces to make landings directly within the city prior to the shield systems being activated. This fortuitous occurrence meant that they took control of the city nearly instantly as opposed to having to assault it from the surrounding terrain. Mere hours after making planetfall the combined forces had secured the city and began to fortify it against possible Sadowan counterattack.

The attack on Kel Rasha was always to be secondary to the attempted seizure of the Shadow Palace on Sepros, but still Plagueis had important objectives in Kel Rasha that even its ally knew nothing about. In addition to being an oppulent destination for the rich of the Orian system, Kel Rasha had also become a new center of financial power. Plagueis had seen how the Sadowans had used their control of the Dlarit Corporation and the financial resources that it provided to great effect. Tra'an Reith decided that it was time for some of those resources to find their way into the coffers of House Plagueis. Plagueis paid special attention to the skyscrapers that housed newly occupied banking offices, and the access to financial information they could provide. Making use of their best code slicers, Plagueis gained access to the financial networks of the Dlarit Corporation and used their direct access to execute transfers of a significant amount of credits from the corporation to shell accounts set up prior to the invasion.

As the forces of Naga Sadow on Aeotheran prepared to attempt to retake the city, the combined house armies began to execute raids into the surrounding countryside. Their goal was to destroy supply depots and ammo dumps that were being set up by the Sadowans to support their eventual attack. The counter assault would eventually come, with Dlait security forces pushing towards the central district and Dlarit Plaza.


"Once free of danger, engage the so-called Ascendant ships. Rip them from the skies."
―Brent Ligur Victae
One of the tower detonations in Kel Rasha.
After putting up a spirited defense of Sepros, the Sadowan fleet eventually disengaged and left orbit to regroup. Without orbital support, the Dlarit forces on the ground were ravaged by starfighter attack and precision bombardment by the enemy capital ships. As the battle seemed to be turning, Xen'Mordin executed the second phase of his plan. Taking a lesson from Palpatine before him, he knew that it was best to strike an unknowing enemy while he still thought you an ally. As Sadowan resistance waned the Quaestor commanded his forces to commence attacks on their allies in House Plagueis with Order 66, taking the order's codename from Palpatine's similar command to clone forces at the end of the Clone Wars.

The forces of Plagueis were already pulling back as their allies turned on them. Tra'an had been experiencing premonitions of betrayal and the destruction of Plagueis for several months leading up to the attack on Naga Sadow, and before Scholae Palatinae could land a decisive blow he felt their betrayal coming. The Shi'do ordered his own forces to fall back to their captured firebase and prepare to leave the planet. The sense of dread in the Force that had permeated the consciousness of the Plagueian leader had pushed him to issue orders to his own men on Sepros and Aeotheran, orders that instructed them to follow behind their advance forces and lay traps and mines as they went. Now the enemy, both Palatinae and Sadowan, that pursued the retreat on Sepros found themselves taking heavy losses at the hands of explosives, anti-speeder traps, and anti-walker traps.

In Kel Rasha, the attack order came just as the Dlarit counterattack was launched. Plagueis forces were already retreating, leaving the army of Scholae Palatinae to face the advancing enemy alone. On their way out, the forces of Plagueis detonated several large explosive devices in the various banking towers throughout Kel Rasha in order to cover their electronic tracks. These large explosions took out areas several blocks in diameter, the Plagueians not wanting to leave even the smallest possible physical evidence of their network intrusions.

The conflict between the two former allies in orbit of Sepros was furious and bloody. After receiving the command to attack the Ascendant Navy, the ships of Scholae Palatinae shifted their positions to move out of formation with their new targets. Moving higher up the gravitational incline, and as such moving towards more maneuverable and commanding positions, the Imperial forces opened fire. Initial volleys fired by the Warspite ravaged the shields of The Baron, while the Excidium II traded blows with the Ascendancy.

Final Actions

"I've a few words for Tra'an Reith; I'd prefer to deliver them personally."
―Locke Sonjie
The Ballista plunging towards Sepros.
With the tide of battle turning, Tra'an contacted Dacien Victae aboard the Instigator with new orders. The Victory-class destroyer would drive through the line of Naga Sadowan picket ships and rendezvous with the Atrum Pars II to hold open an exit vector for the Ascendant forces. At the same time her sister, the Ballista would drop towards the planet to cover the recovery of the remaining Ascendant Legion forces on the ground. The Plagueis fleet began an ordered retreat under fire, leaving the system at best speed.

As one of their enemies began to disengage, the forces of Naga Sadow began to focus more of their energy upon their more aggressive opponent. The Sadowan pair of Victory destroyers began to directly engage the Imperial gunships. The Orian Legacy began to tractor the smaller vessels and disable them with ion cannon volleys while the Covenant battered them with repeated concussion missile volleys. Fresh pilots at the controls of the Naga Sadowan fighters began to exploit mistakes by their battle weary Imperial counterparts. It was turning from the quick strike victory that Xen'Mordin had envisioned, but was instead becoming a closely contested slugging match.

As his forces retreated, Tra'an descended to the planet's surface intent on confronting Naga Sadow's leader personally. Locke, perhaps at the urging of the Force, also sought to confront his enemy's commander face to face. The two met on the field near the Plagueis evac point, engaging in a lightsaber duel while members of Primus Pilus and Locke's guardsmen looked on.

While most of the Plagueis forces had been recovered from the planet below, there still remained significant numbers of troops on the surface of Sepros when the Ballista was finally disabled by fire from both Sadow and Scholae's capital ships. Her bridge was gone, a smoking ruin atop the command tower. Primary power had failed, and the ship had quickly gone from a weapon of war to a floating mausoleum that housed only the dead. Aboard the Atrum Pars II as an advisor, Solus Gar knew something had to be done to keep the still valuable asset out of enemy hands. Gar ordered the crew to set course for the planet, and when Captain Severus Upham refused, citing Gar's lack of command authority, the Sith struck him down with his lightsaber and assumed direct command.

Ignoring Victae's command to hold position, the Interdictor dove towards the planet. As it neared the Ballista the Atrum Pars II targeted the larger destroyer with a tractor beam and slowed its velocity below orbital speeds, causing her to begin a plunge towards the planet's surface. Knowing that aside from a lucky few, no more of the remaining Plagueis forces would be able to reach orbit, the Ballista had been carefully deorbited so that it would impact directly on Plagueis's landing zones. Those men that could not reach orbit and retreat would not survive to be taken prisoner. The Atrum Pars II moved away, skimming the upper reaches of the atmosphere of Sepros, looking to escape the from the dueling fleets above it. The speed it had gained from the dive deeper into the gravity well helped, but that alone was not enough. Cyvaria Ranin, the ship's XO and an experienced Inderdictor officer, ordered the vessel's gravity well projectors powered up and reversed. This served to repel the ship from any large mass in the area, in this case Sepros itself, and shoot it towards open space. As the Atrum Pars II headed towards an exit vector, Gar broadcast a warning to his Quaetor on the planet below.

Tra'an and Locke were still locked in combat when the message arrived, and both leaders could make out the burning destroyer streaking across the sky towards their position. While both realized that staying to finish off their opponent meant certain death, Tra'an was unwilling to leave as his judgement was clouded by the anger he felt from Scholae's betrayal. Finally, as Primus Pilus approached aboard the Chaser, Kal seized an opportunity to knock his Quaestor unconscious and hauled him aboard the hovering Firespray. As the ship rocketed towards the sky, Locke and his allies made their escape aboard one of Naga Sadow's landspeeders. Both the ship and speeder cleared the area just as the Ballista impacted the surface, the combined kinetic energy release and reactor detonation serving to reduce the Star Destroyer to small pieces of wreckage and the surrounding terrain to a blasted crater.

The forces of Scholae Palatinae that had been closing in on the position held by Plagueis had not heard the warning, however. The crash of the Ballista killed all of the Imperial forces in the area, leaving Scholae's position on the ground severely weakened. Xen'Mordin realized that the battle for Sepros was now untenable, knowing that even if his weakened force was able to take the planet he would never be able to hold it. With victory snatched out of his hands, Xen'Mordin ordered a full retreat from the system and the Orian Incursion was over.


Following the conclusion of the conflict, there was no side that could be seen as the clear victor. Naga Sadow had weathered the storm and driven their enemies from Orian, yet they had taken severe losses in doing so. In addition, the crash of the Ballista on Sepros had caused significant damage to the area around the Temple itself that left the land barren and scarred. The discovery of the Plagueian theft from the Dlarit Corporation had an impact on operating capital for the corporation, enough to cause a downturn in the Orian economy.

Plagueis on the other hand had taken even higher losses on the ground and in space then either of their enemies. The loss of the Ballista was a heavy blow to the Ascendant Navy as was the loss of her command crew. They had succeeded in other respects, however, in that they withstood the combined attack of Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow. Additionally the windfall from their Kel Rashan heist would serve to cushion the blow taken by their armed forces.

House Scholae Palatinae was driven off by the Dlarit forces and their ground forces were decimated by the traps and obstacles left by the retreating Plagueis forces. Their space forces emerged as the least damaged of the three combatants, leaving them in what probably was the best place militarily. In addition, even without destroying Naga Sadow or Plagueis, Scholae had proven that they had the ability to stand on their own and not rely on their allies.

Another result of the incursion was the sundering of the bond between Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis. This left both houses standing alone and isolated, but this burden fell far more heavily on Plagueis. Having lost much of their military might, including a ship of the line, Plagueis was left at a far greater disadvantage than their former Imperial allies.


Unit Placements

  • First Place - Clan Naga Sadow, 125 points
  • Second Place - House Scholae Palatinae, 88 points
  • Third Place - House Plagueis, 52 points

Individual Overall Placements

Week One Results
Fiction Poetry Graphics TOR Gaming Other Gaming
  1. Kal di Plagia Vorrac
  2. Darth Vexatus
  3. Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart
  1. Darth Vexatus
  2. Masika Oshairana
  3. Archangel
  1. Xia Long
  2. Solus Gar
  3. Nariah Jadon
  1. Godarrow
  2. Necronomicon
  3. Kalia Phoenyx
  1. Atra Ventus
Week Two Results
Fiction Poetry Graphics Other Gaming
  1. Thran Occasus
  2. Darth Vexatus
  3. Xan Phraz-Etar
  1. Thran Occasus
  2. Akatsuki Tamalar
  3. Eetherbiail
  1. Solus Gar
  2. Tyren Atema
  3. Roxas Buurenaar
  1. Kelvis Xavier / Eetherbiail
  2. Atra Ventus / Teu Pepoi
Week Three Results
Fiction Poetry Graphics TOR Gaming Run On ACC (3-way tie) Wiki
  1. Darth Vexatus
  2. Evant Taelyan
  3. Xantros
  1. Darth Vexatus
  2. Thran Occasus
  3. Robert Sadow
  1. Kuro Kogarasu
  2. Solus Gar
  3. Masika Oshairana
  1. Necronomicon
  2. Kalia Phoenyx
  3. Atra Ventus / Godarrow
  1. Naga Sadow
  2. Scholae Palatinae
  3. Plagueis
  1. Plagueis
  2. Naga Sadow
  3. Scholae Palatinae

Behind the Scenes

The initial Summer Invasion was to have been a feud between Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, and Arcona that entered the planning stages in the Spring of 2012. However, eventual delays and scheduling conflicts with Arcona lead to plans for that feud being shelved. It was suggested that Naga Sadow could substitute in for Arcona with eyes towards running a different feud event with Arcona at some point following the next Vendetta. The three house feud eventually went forward in August of 2012 with the new participants. While the Summer Invasion nickname was the official name of the event, the Sadowan summit took to calling it the War of the Sith Lords as it involved all of the units within the Brotherhood taking their names or inspiration from specific Sith Lords (Plagueis, Palpatine, and Naga Sadow).

The plot went through several developments, including Sadowans murdered and the Shadow Academy fomenting conflict between the houses and clans, before settling on an invasion of Naga Sadow's dominion by the allied forces of the two houses involved. The eventual betrayal between the allied houses and the move into a three way feud mid-way through the competition was, however, an idea that was retained from the earliest feud plot proposals. The competition also was the first true feud to see HSP and PLA utilize their alliance against another House or Clan.