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Naga Sadow
General information

Astronicus Sadow (as Overlord)


Nags Sadow Fleet

Historical information
Formed from:

14 ABY (as House Naga Sadow)


15 ABY (into Clan Naga Sadow)


33 ABY (into House Naga Sadow)

Other information
Notable members:

Sadow dynasty

Sadow Council

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Clan Naga Sadow is the comprised of Sons, Daughters and Disciples who serve the ideals of Sith Lord Naga Sadow. The Clan was reformulated in 33 ABY, formed out of the union of the cults of Marka Ragnos and Ludo Kressh when the Sadow dynasty reaffirmed its singular rule. The modern age has seen the Clan move from beneath the cover of the Dlarit Corporation, to acting as the Orian Authority over their home system up until the Clan’s exodus from the Orian system in 36 ABY

Brief history

Main articles: Astronicus Era History and New Sadow Era History

The House began when Astronicus Dlarit was visited by a ghost who inspired him to gather rogue Dark Jedi to his banner. Tales tell that he was led by the then-revealed spirit of Naga Sadow. Astronicus sought out the lost tribes of Ludo Kressh and Marka Ragnos, together forming the alliance known as Clan Naga Sadow. The rule of the Overlord would see times of peace, of Exodus and the eventual resettling of the Clan in the Orian System.

A new Era for Sadow was born around 33 ABY, when the actions of the Grand Master would see the scattering of the Obelisk and Krath Orders, and the Clan began to move away from beneath the fist of their ruling Overlord. This general time period saw the formation of the Orian Authority, the re-establishment of the Dlarit Corporation and the Clan’s battles against the Dominion and later the Collective.

In 36 ABY, a Collective action would see the capture of the Orian system from Naga Sadow’s control, and consequently would place the Clan in Exodus aboard their Fleet. These events did not leave the Clan wandering without purpose, however. The Clan would wait. The Clan would reclaim their home once again.

The Clan

The Overlord

The Overlord of the Clan, Astronicus Aurelius Sadow, is prince of the Sadow dynasty and therefore heir apparent to the Imperial throne if and when the true Sith Empire is finally re-established. He claims to be the true heir of Naga Sadow and of the vision the spirit of the Dark Lord allegedly relayed to him that the Clan was conceived and has subsequently been built around.

Sons of Sadow

The Sons of Sadow are the chosen disciples of the Overlord and are selected for their belief in his vision of a reformed Sith Empire – ruled not by the Lords of the Star Chamber but by the heirs of the Sadow dynasty. Though they hold no official powers the Sons have the ear of the Overlord and exist to ensure the Clan remains committed to his vision and are often the first to deal with those who dare to question it. The betrayal of a Son is one of the darkest days the Clan can face.

Sadow Council

The Sadow Council is the ruling body of the Clan and oversee the Clan. Members of the Council have been delegated the authority to govern most day-to-day affairs and generally speak on behalf of the Overlord, representing his interests at home and at Antei. The Council usually convenes once a month for a conclave on Sepros at Sadow Palace but emergency conclaves are often called during times of war and may or may not involve the entire Council.

The Consul

The Consul represents the interests of Clan Naga Sadow on the Dark Council. In addition the Consul is usually the final authority in internal judicial matters unless they should earn the attention of the Dark Council’s own enforcers: the Hands of Justice.


The work of the Consul is supported by the Proconsul, Quaestors, Aediles, Rollmaster and Battleteam Leaders who form the Summit and make up the bulk of the Council of Sadow. The Proconsul is the Consul's second in command and helps oversee the operations of the Clan on a day-to-day basis. The Aedile is the Quaestor’s direct deputy and aids him however he can. The Battleteam Leaders are the heads of the two cults of Kressh and Ragnos, as well as several of the Overlord's other core disciples, and supervise the training of Dark Jedi in their respective houses, much the way the Consul does for the entire Clan.

Inner Circle

The members of the Inner Circle are made up of those individuals who, although holding no official authority, have the ear of the Council of Sadow for one reason or another, and they are often invited to attend the conclaves at Sadow Palace to discuss Clan affairs.

Order of the Black Guard

The Order of the Black Guard is to the Summits what the Sons of Sadow are to the Overlord. The identities of the Black Guards are not always known and they are appointed by each member of the Summit to act as their eyes and ears, as well as their mouth and fist. The Black Guard are unanimous with black ops and it is not unheard of for one to be caught in the center of a scandal involving the other disciples. That is but part of the life of a Black Guard and those who receive the tattoo accept it is their duty to fall on their sword should they fail their mission. Back home, the Black Guard operates outside the ordinary chain of command to uphold the will of the Council of Sadow.

The Disciples

Cults within the Clan make up most of the membership. Originally the Overlord’s own students formed a third gathering, but their numbers were always small and in the fateful Battle of Darkened Hearts. As such, many gave their lives so that the Disciples of Sadow would survive the Exodus. Decimated by the Exodus, the Warriors of Goluud never recovered and were finally destroyed during the war on Antei.

Though the Disciples of these cults were once split into various sects such as the Disciples of Kressh or the Disciples of Ragnos, the Disciples of Sadow encompass all members of the Clan, regardless of any cult or sect affiliations contained within its membership.

Dlarit Corporation

The Dlarit Corporation was the public front organization of the Clan and is what any Galactic Alliance official or ordinary visitor to the Orian system would encounter. The Corporate is a conglomerate made up of several subsidiaries but its main activities include mining and shipping. It formed out of the Xucphra bacta producing corporation after Astronicus Dlarit left to join the Empire, withdrawing his shareholdings to form the Dlarit Corporation.

The Dlarit Corporation was last known to be operating in the Orian system as an internal component of the Clan’s military strength.

Government and politics

Society and culture


Whereas Dlarit once served as the military backbone of the Orian System and Clan Naga Sadow, the Warhost Army and Warhost Fleet of the Orian system now serve that role. Before the exodus from the system in 36 ABY, the Warhost was beneath the command of the Orian Authority, and thus fell underneath the hand of DarkHawk Sadow, Fleet Admiral Araic Simonetti and Lord General Byron Cargas in their respective capacities.


Main article: Orian System

During the reign of Marka Ragnos the Sepros system became home to Urias Orian and was renamed. Following Orian’s death, it was briefly used by the forces of Okemi during his failed uprising. After the collapse of the Sith Empire, Orian was all but forgotten until its rediscovery by Trevarus Caerick.

Suns: Orian Major binary

Orian is located within an open cluster of several thousand closely arrayed stars. The system itself is a multiple star system consisting of two binaries designated Orian Major and Orian Minor, which are comprised of Orian Majors I and II, and Orian Minors I and II respectively. This means the system is in effect made up of four stars, the main center of mass being in the center of the Orian Major binary.

Orbit One: The Twins— Ulatyu and Nuvenpa

Ulatyu and Nuvenpa share a highly elliptical binary orbit with the much smaller Mukuru which orbits both as a satellite. Mukuru is often exchanged between the Twins during the period when their elliptical arc brings them nearest each other. On a stellar scale, all three planets orbit are still relatively young and Orian Major on the very edge of the inner protoplanetary disk. None are able to support life due to the intense heat and regular bombardment by the protoplanetary disk—and occasionally by Mukuru itself.

Orbit Two: Aeotheran

The official capital of the Dlarit Corporation, Aeotheran is thriving tropical rainforest and supports are diverse local ecology. The system’s history with both the Sith and Infinite Empires has meant many foreign species have found their way to Aeotheran, though many have since evolved into local subspecies. The planet was originally home to the Ombi until Urias Orian ritually sacrificed most of them and mutated the survivors into the Ekind. Today only a small number of primitive Ekind survive but remain hidden deep in the jungles. Aside from Seng Karash, a number of small mining outposts have sprung up across the planet; however, each supports no more than a few hundred temporary workers at a time, and the outposts are promptly shut down after the mines have been exhausted.

Seng Karash

The mining colony of Seng Karash is the main population center in Orian. It was constructed in lifeless Karash Crater which was formed as the consequence of Urias Orian’s ritual sacrifice of the planet’s Ombi population. The inner city districts support several hundred thousand employees but more recently prefabricated shanty towns have sprung up outside the city walls to support the migrant refugee population left by the war with the Force-devoid aliens. Security of the city is maintained by the work of the Dlarit Police within the city walls and the Dlarit Army keeping the local wildlife at bay outside the city.

Marakith Skyhook

Construction of Marakith was ordered by Xanos Zorrixor in 23 ABY after he foresaw the coming of the alien threat. The project was overseen by Malisane de Ath and completed in early 26 ABY. It was designed to serve as an orbital battle station should the system fall under attack. Bristling with firepower, Marakith is chiefly a military fortress, manned exclusively by clones from the Special Ops Division. In public it houses the offices of the Governor of Aeotheran and his staff. However, its modernity masks its second role as the headquarters of the Disciples of Kressh and a number of specially adapted dark side training complexes are spread throughout the skyhook’s superstructure. However, the skyhook was launched into space by an unknown Force User, leading to increased defenses within the city itself to compensate.

Mobile fortress

Known to few but the highest echelons of the Clan, Marakith has been designed to serve as a fully mobile secondary base of operations should Orian ever fall to invasion and it is equipped with an operational hyperdrive should, in an emergency, the Clan ever need to evacuate at short notice. There is sufficient room to support the entire Clan for an extended period of time. Though the main HoloNet relay is based in Kar Alabrek, Marakith incorporates its own hyperwave transceiver in addition to communication facilities to enable the Overlord and the Summits to be able to continue to coordinate the fleets in times of war.

Lor Zatean

After Seng Karash the only other permanent settlement presently on Aeotheran is Lor Zatean, a small island resort in the Menaris Ocean near the equator. The resort is run by the Dlarit Leisure subsidiary and provides entertainment and recreation facilities for the Corporation’s workforce. Shortly after it was opened the resort experienced a xenomorphic outbreak and had to be sterilised from orbit by Marakith Skyhook, but it has since been rebuilt and is now up and running again.

Orbit Three: Amphor

Amphor is a large purple gas giant and houses the second chief mining colony: the Sky City of San Korinar. During the time of the old Sith Empire, Amphor was highly industrialised by Urias Orian. Most of the ancient facilities have long since been swallowed up by the planet’s atmosphere, but a number of derelict ruins remain in the lower atmosphere. The gas giant is orbited by over a dozen small moons on which there exist further ruins; some of these, such as Amphor 6, have recently been renovated by the Dlarit Corporation with modern tech to resume mining operations.

San Korinar, the Sky City

The Sky City of San Korinar was constructed a few years after the main mining colony of Seng Karash. The city only supports around a quarter of those Seng Karash can but the lower levels have recently been utilised as refugee accommodation, meaning San Korinar is actually currently overpopulated. The actual employees in the upper city commute to the moons each day to work in the mines there, as well as man the blimps that extract tibana gas from the lower atmosphere. There is a much larger division between employees and the refugees struggling in the lower levels; and since the war against the aliens , San Korinar has been administered by a military prefect and regularly subject to martial law.

Miner’s Brother

The Miner’s Brother was a far range mining ship that arrived in the Orian system several millennia ago on a reconnaissance trip in search of new resources. The ship was struck by an asteroid and ultimately ended up in Amphor’s orbit. Recently, the wreckage was taken over by Macron Goura and converted for use as an alchemical research laboratory. In addition to the hidden Sith laboratory, the ship has been used as a weapons cache—in addition to the weapons and supplies it already had on it—and it is rumored a large number of ancient droid fighters are still in cold storage deep inside. It crashed into Amphor in early 38 ABY and was destroyed.

Orbit Four: Sepros

Sepros is Aeotheran’s dark twin. It is almost directly between Orian Major and Orian Minor and draws its heat from both but this means its climate is much more unpredictable. In response the trees evolved to grow much higher into the sky, meaning much of the jungle floor is covered and in perpetual darkness and the wildlife has evolved as a result. The planet formerly served as the throne world of Urias Orian he erected a vast network of temples. Today the Dlarit Corporation officially lists the planet as uninhabited and used only for military purposes but in reality one of the ancient temples now serves as the hidden base of operations for the Clan —Sadow Palace.

Temples of Orian

The Temples of Orian are a vast network of six structures built around a central palace. Each is dedicated to one of the Seven Souls of the Final Way. They were constructed by Urias Orian but recent archaeological evidence, such as the Rakatan Star Map located underneath the central palace, suggests he may in fact merely have been building on top of much older ruins. The new Sadow Palace was constructed around the ruins of the Temple of Sorrow, one of the seven Temples of Orian.

Temple of Sorrow: Sadow Palace

Built upon the ruins of the Temple of Sorrow, one of a network of seven structures constructed by Urias Orian, the current day Sadow Palace took the place of the original which was abandoned in the Exodus. Though the original ruins were largely hidden beneath the surrounding forest canopy, the modern palace has been fortified and rebuilt, today extending well into the skyline. The seat of power of the Overlord, Sadow Palace houses not just the royal quarters and throne room, but a network of modern facilities that allow the Consul and his Summits to manage not only the Clan but the Corporation and the fleet as well.

Simus Institute

The Force-devoid aliens proved not only that many Clansmen were ill equipped to fight the threats of the modern age but also that belief in the Overlord’s vision was waning. Based inside Sadow Palace, the Simus Institute – named in honor of Naga Sadow’s own mentor, Lord Simus – was established following the Fall of Antei to address these problems and is the main Sith Academy in the Orian system. It is here most instruction in the Sith arts takes place, away from the prying eyes of the ordinary populace. The Institute also serves a darker purpose: as the Clan’s envoys scour the Galaxy searching for young Force-sensitives to bring back, the Institute serves to indoctrinate these fresh recruits into the beliefs of the Clan and acceptance of the Overlord’s vision of a new Sith Empire. In time, the Overlord secretly hopes to replace the lost tribes he originally rallied under his banner with a new generation of fanatically loyal disciples who have been indoctrinated in his vision from birth.

Sadow Archives

The Sadow Archives are located deep beneath Sadow Palace in the original underground catacombs of the Temple of Sorrow. Closely guarded and divided into multiple levels, the deepest restricted to all but the highest echelons of the Clan, the Sadow Archives are almost universally renowned as one of the most extensive collections of lore and artifacts outside the Shadow Academy itself. It is not uncommon for individuals from the other Clans to journey across the Galaxy and petition to study a particular tome or holocron. The Archives have built up over many years but initially began as the collection of artifacts the Overlord collected during his sojourn through the old Sith Empire. They house many original copies such as the Chronicle of Dark Souls and the Holocron of Tulak Hord, having been expanded thanks to the work of those such as Trevarus Caerick, Xanos Zorrixor, Muz Ashen and Macron Goura. For many years Jonuss Rai has served as the Keeper of the Archives.

Temple of Fire

The Temple of Fire was one of the seven Temples of Orian. In 26 ABY the Clan discovered it was constructed on top of a large baradium deposit. Due to the strain the anti-alien warfare had already placed on the Dlarit Corporation’s resources, instead of constructing a new mining colony the Clan decided to take advantage of the native population. The Clan conscripted a number of local tribes to work as slaves in the new mine, ensuring a healthy profit on the black market.

Temple of Steel

Following the restructuring of parts of the Dlarit Security Force into the Dlarit Special Operations Group, the Temple of Steel was selected to serve as the site of the commissariat for the new unit. The expansion of the ruins has mostly taken place under ground to maintain as minimal profile as possible. It is from here the commanding general of the Dlarit Defense Force monitors all security assets and oversees the system’s security. The actual troops of DSOG still use Kar Alabrek as a garrison like the rest of the DDF so only a minimal guard duty is maintained at the headquarters.

Temple of the Void

The Temple of the Void is the central nexus of the Temples of Orian and served as the Sith Lord’s palace. The temple was destroyed in 16 ABY during a duel between Kiln Tobasa and Trevarus Caerick after the pair had rediscovered the system. Years later, Caerick and Darth Vexatus discovered the Star Map underneath the ruins and rebuilt the temple in 28 ABY in order to reactivate the Rakatan device and use it to learn the location of Lehon, the lost capital of the Infinite Empire. The temple remains standing but its history has made it a taboo in the eyes of the House and so it remains empty.

Native population

The Outcasts

Apart from a small Wookiee colony, the surviving population today consists of two groups: the Outcasts and the Ekind. The Outcasts are the Force-dead descendants of the original Jedi Exiles who were shunned by their lords and used as slaves. Unable to operate the Sith technology left behind after Orian’s death, the Outcasts resorted to a more primitive, feudal lifestyle. One of the most savage tribes, the Ghosts, got their name from living in the perpetual night underneath the jungle canopy, their skin being bleached white.

The Ekind

The Ekind were the Sithspawn progeny of the original Ombi inhabitants of the Sepros system; the Ekind tribes retain a degree of respect for each other due to their shared hatred of the Outcasts—and now the Corporation—who they see as invaders and blame for the genocide of their original race. More recently, all but one of the surviving Ekind tribes were sacrificed in a profane ritual performed by Trevarus Caerick and Darth Vexatus in parallel to their original races sacrifice at the hands of Urias Orian.

The Wookiees

The origins of the small Wookiee colony are unknown. It is speculated the planet’s trees may indeed by the giant wroshyrs of Kashyyyk and that Urias Orian brought them. It is also possible they may have ended up on Sepros far more recently; the result of a doomed expedition ship, perhaps, which may explain why the Wookiees have chosen to all live together in one centralised colony. While others suggest the Wookiees may point to the Infinite Empire’s involvement in the system.

Sepros Major: Gamuslag

Gamuslag, or Sepros Major, is the largest of the moons of Sepros. It is a toxic wasteland and was used as a dumping ground for failed experiments by Urias Orian. More recently, Gamuslag has become home to the rumored Cenota Facility, a penal colony operated by the Dlarit Corporation.

Cenota Facility

Though publicly above the board, the Cenota Facility is plagued by conspiracy theories—most of which are probably true. Officially the Facility is nothing more than the Corporation’s detention center and is overseen by regular men of the Dlarit Security Force. However, the Facility masks a darker purpose that is hidden from the prying eyes of the DSF in the sublevels. Since 26 ABY the Facility has played home to the House’s hidden cloning labs. After the establishment of DSOG, access to many areas was restricted to ordinary DSF personnel to mask the squalid conditions and routine torture many prisoners are subjected to.

Orbit Five: The Dentavii Belt

The outer protoplanetary disk has been a feature of Orian since the system first formed. However, until five thousand years ago the system’s youngest planet, Dentavii, orbited Orian Major on the edge of the debris disk. Then came Urias Orian. During his efforts to achieve immortality and his ritual sacrifice of the native Ombi race, his Sith sorceries took their toll on the planet Dentavii and ripped it apart. The planet shattered into thousands of molten chunks which now orbit Orian amidst the clouds of the protoplanetary disk, which became known as the Dentavii Belt.

Dentavii Facility

Located on Dentavii Prime, the largest of the shattered remnants of the former planet, the Dentavii Facility is a concealed within the clouds of the protoplanetary disk making it one of the most inaccessible locations within the system. The Facility was constructed shortly after the Exodus under the watchful eye of the Disciples of Kressh before they relocated to Aeotheran in 23 ABY to oversee construction of Marakith Skyhook. The Facility serves as a hidden shipyard and when not away the Dlarit Special Operations Group stations its ships there for repair work and renovations due to its relative isolation. The Facility is almost impossible to reach without first being transmitted the most up to date approach corridor due to the constantly shifting makeup of the Dentavii Belt.

Orbit Six: Orian Minor binary

The binary system of Orian Minor I and Orian Minor II orbits the main binary system of Orian Majors I and II some distance beyond the second protoplanetary disk (or Dentavii Belt). Like the Orian Major binary, in addition to orbiting the system’s main center of mass Orian Minors I and II also orbit each other in their own binary system. It is in fact Orian Minor that holds the outer protoplanetary disk in place, and the Orian system owes much of its current constitution to the Orian Minor binary keeping the Dentavii Belt from drifting into Orian Major. The gravitational pull of Orian Minor continues to draw part of the outer protoplanetary disk toward it in a spiral, meaning over time Orian Minor may one day – in a few millions of years– grow large enough to interfere with Orian Major.


Tarthos is a satellite of the Orian Minor binary system—in addition to Orian Major, of course—and it experiences perhaps the most erratic weather patterns in the entire star system. The planet is also at risk of meteor storms from the nearby protoplanetary disk as the belt is drawn into the gravitational pull of Orian Minor. The native wildlife has evolved to survive in the harsh summers and arctic. Most of the animals go into hibernation during the winters, leaving the planet a rather bleak and empty environ for much of the year. Further, after Urias Orian’s death the surviving Ekind either joined the war or relocated to Sepros; the few that stayed behind eventually died out, unable to survive without the ability to utilise the Sith technology left behind. More recently, Tarthos was taken by the Disciples of Ragnos—who were reminded of their former home of Loki—who re-established their Dark Cathedral in the ancient ruins of Alabrek Castle. The Dlarit Corporation has subsequently constructed the garrison town of Kar Alabrek around the Castle, which serves as home for the men and women and aliens of the Dlarit Defense Force.

Alabrek Castle

Alabrek Castle was built millennia ago during the days of Urias Orian. When the Exodus was first being planned, the advance construction teams operated out of Alabrek when clearing the forests of Aeotheran to develop Seng Karash. After the Exodus, the garrison town of Kar Alabrek sprung up around the Castle to house the Dlarit Security Force. The Disciples of Ragnos re-established their Cathedral in one of the wings of the Castle as well as the Great Sadow Library which they serve as the chroniclers of. As the House’s military headquarters, the Castle has had to weather several attacks. The worst assault in 29 ABY saw the destruction of the Ragnos Cathedral. Instead of rebuilding the Cathedral, the Ragnos Memorial was erected in honor of the dead, and the Disciples of Ragnos moved into the remaining wings of the Castle.

Great Sadow Library

After the main Sadow Archives in Sadow Palace, the Great Sadow Library constitutes the second half of the House’s collection of Sith lore. The Great Library contains several hundred thousand books and has been stored in Alabrek Castle since before the Exodus, having been one of the first things Trevarus Caerick ordered shipped to Orian. Regarded as one of the House’s foremost treasures, it is no accident that the library is located in one of the most heavily fortified buildings in the system. The library contains copies of most of the works stored in the Shadow Academy and original copies of several other tomes. Though most holocrons are stored in the main Archives, a number of the less restricted ones are kept in the Great Library. During the Invasion of Orian of 27 ABY the Great Library was the real target of the True Brotherhood, and in the Battle of Inos in 29 ABY much of the Castle owed its survival to the reinforced shielding around the wing of the building that houses the library.

Kar Alabrek

The second largest population center in the system after the main mining colony on Aeotheran, Kar Alabrek is the garrison town for the troops of the Dlarit Defense Force. It began as a pre fabricated shanty town erected in the fields surrounding Alabrek Castle, but over the years developed into a fully fledged city. Much of it was heavily damaged by the True Brotherhood in 27 ABY but the Dlarit Corporation turned this into an opportunity to redevelop the garrison into a more purpose built city. Kar Alabrek is restricted to only military personnel and their immediate families and the facilities provided are of a higher standard than the regular civilian colonies; that is to say, the city caters for all manner of vices and wants—ethnically, perhaps, it is in fact seedier. Other than the security force and special operations barracks, the city also houses numerous training facilities, the military academy, and headquarters for Dlarit Intelligence and Military Police, etc. Where Seng Karash was formerly protected by the orbital fortress Marakith Skyhook, Kar Alabrek bolsters an almost impenetrable level of ground based surface-to-space weaponry and multiple layers of reinforced shielding. Unlike the tension between the employee and refugee populations among the colonies, Kar Alabrek’s population are of one mind in their service to the Corporation, and most of the security force personnel revere their black ops brothers in DSOG, dreaming of one day joining their ranks.

Orbit Seven: Inos

Inos is the outermost planet of the system and beyond the reach of either the Orian Major or Orian Minor binaries. It is a large gas giant whose only real claim to the Orian system is that it happens to orbit the central gravity well caused by Orian Major. Other than that, Inos is little more than a freezing blizzard that has long been abandoned. Several dozen almost planet sized moons orbit it; though they too are little more than frozen rocks. Inos 18, “Snowball”, is typical of the planet’s moons and was the site of an ill judged attempt to weed out the traitors in the Clan’s midst. Inos 42, “Necropolis”, is of slightly more interest and is littered with ancient ruins that are believed to have been constructed by Urias Orian to serve as the burial grounds for thousands of his followers. There are also rumors that he may have experimented on his enemies in the underground labyrinths during his doomed pursuit of immortality. Many of the dead still lurk the halls, unable to find rest.

Allies and Enemies


Though the House has few genuine alliances it still fosters warm relationships with several factions. In the long term the Overlord’s vision calls for all to become part of a renewed Sadow Empire, but for now the House entertains factions such as the Galactic Alliance so long as it serves its purposes. But make no mistake; the House is not against deceiving its own allies and working against them either.

Corporate Sector Authority

Though the Orian system is located a slight distance out from the Corporate Sector proper, the Dlarit Corporation still maintains a close relationship with the Corporate Sector Authority. Many of the Corporation’s customers are among the shipyards and manufacturers located in the Corporate Sector. The Corporation has recruitment offices on Etti IV, the Corporate Sector’s capital; as does Kaldex Transport Inc, one of the Corporation’s other fronts.

Galactic Alliance

Twisted as it may seem, the House in fact maintains a comfortable relationship with the Galactic Alliance—as it did the New Republic before it—whom deal with the Dlarit Corporation through the senate representative it maintains on Coruscant. Though the House has no genuinely positive word to say about the GA due to their close ties with the Jedi Order, it fosters a healthy relationship to ensure the Jedi remain uninterested in dark goings on of the Orian system.

Miners Alliance

The Miners Alliance is a galactic union of numerous space mining guilds. The Dlarit Corporation is a registered member and much of what the Orian system produces is sold to the Miners Alliance who then source buyers elsewhere in the galaxy, saving the Corporation from needing to do so itself.

Star Chamber

The House maintains a stable relationship with the Star Chamber and their Dark Council; though it is unclear where the House’s long term loyalties lie in the future. There are some who believe the Overlord intends to sell his own heritage out to rule alongside the Lords of the Star Chamber; others truly believe in his vision and are confident that one day in the future the House will no longer require the Brotherhood’s help. Presumable the Star Chamber itself is unconcerned either way so long as the House continues to aid them in their own goals.


By large the House is prefers to keep a low profile and remains indifferent to most governments and organizations. However, while the House aims to observe an honest relationship with those it considers allies, it does not object to acts of espionage or spying against those classified as neutral.

House Arcona

One time allies, relations with Arcona broke down during the outbreak of the mind altering plague on Antei in 21 ABY when Arcona accused the Clan of illegal espionage. Though the incident was later proved to have been faked by Clan Taldryan, close relations have never fully recovered. During the war against the Force-devoid invaders, Trevarus Caerick sought to re-establish the Tripartite Alliance between Arcona, Naga Sadow and Tarentum; but negotiations collapsed when Caerick himself betrayed the Brotherhood and, after the Clan did not return for several weeks, Arcona seized control of Orian, believing Naga Sadow to have fallen. Despite the Overlord’s rage, Mejas Doto successfully negotiated a ceasefire, but relations have been tense ever since and Arcona has currently been barred from returning to the system.

House Plagueis

While the House has no direct issues with Plagueis, its rivalry with the former Clan Exar Kun continues to this day. Heirs to a rival Sith Lord, the House disputes Exar Kun's claim as the “true heir” to the Sith Empire, considering it an affront to the Overlord’s vision. The House does not formally see Plagueis as a whole as an enemy, but it makes no secret of its dislike for the followers of Exar Kun and—unofficially—may actively seek to undermine their efforts should they threaten belief in the Overlord’s vision of a new Sith Empire.

House Scholae Palatinae

One time allies, relations with Scholae Palatinae cooled after the alliance with Tarentum was renewed a year before the Brotherhood Civil War. The two Houses have remained on neutral terms ever since, but no efforts have been made to re-establish formal ties.

House Taldryan

Apart from Plagueis, the two Houses are among the youngest and Taldryan and Naga Sadow have long had a strong rivalry. Unlike the Disciples of Sadow, the Sons of Taldryan follow a modern doctrine with no solid ties to the ancient Sith, making them something of an abhorrence to the Overlord and his vision of a true Sith Empire reborn. The Clan attempted to put aside its differences with Taldryan during the alien attack on Antei, but it was betrayed when Taldryan opened fire on the Dlarit fleet and since then it has marked Taldryan for death. During the liberation of Antei in 30 ABY, Macron Goura turned the tables and deliberately destroyed several Taldryan squads in revenge.

House Tarentum

One time allies and part of the former Tripartite Alliance with Arcona, relations with Tarentum broke down after the outbreak of the plague on Antei when the Clan and House found themselves on opposite sides. Relations were briefly re-established again but further broke down due to similar circumstances in the Brotherhood Civil War. Relations soured to new lows during the liberation of Antei when Cyrus Raze—under possession by Darth Vexatus—devastated a large contingent of Tarentum’s forces, causing them to accuse Naga Sadow of an act of war.

Imperial Remnant

Despite the Brotherhood having severed its relationship with the Remnant during the Exodus after Grand Admiral Pellaeon signed a peace treaty with the New Republic, the Clan does not harbor any direct animosity. The Clan does not trust the Remnant, nor does it seek to restore close relations with it, but through the Dlarit Corporation it continues to deal with the main Imperial Remnant in the Braxant Sector. Due to the former Galactic Empire’s fractured makeup, however, the Clan still remains on hostile terms with several surviving factions. Though today it is only a shadow of its former glory, the Clan remains enemies of the Emperor’s Hammer of the Minos Cluster—but then, the Hammer itself also remains outside the main Imperial Remnant, and does not foster a healthy relationship with Pellaeon or the Moff Council either. As such, the Clan is happy to deal with the Braxant Sector, even if it keeps a distance from the forces still holding out at the Minos Cluster—though, more recently, the Clan assumes the Hammer has likely been left ruined, if not utterly destroyed, after the Alien invasion.

Marked of the Wanderer

Esoteric, enigmatic and mysterious are but three words that describe the cult dedicated to the individual known only as the Wanderer. The Marked are recognized by the tattoo of a third eye they all bear on their forehead which forms a Force bond between them. The cult is believed to be ancient and may possible have its roots in the original Krath, but some speculate it goes back even further than the Great Sith War. Whether the Wanderer himself was ever an individual or merely an ideal also remains unknown. The Marked was introduced to the Clan through Trevarus Caerick, whose own Master, Kiln Tobasa, had been a leader of the cult. After slaying Tobasa, Caerick became the new leader—though since then Caerick himself was jointly slain by Darth Vexatus and Shan Long, resulting in an uncertainty as to who the true Master of the Marked is now. Despite the cult’s mystery, some have speculated whether Tobasa was an agent of a much larger group, and whether or not perhaps there exists a Marked homeworld somewhere—perhaps even led by supposedly immortal Wanderer himself. For now, while formerly regarded as allies, the Marked remain on largely neutral terms. It is not understood exactly how much even Shan Long is aware of the group’s full history, or whether any larger organization is hostile or not—or even if others exist.


The Clan's location on the edge of Sith Space places it in one of the most dangerous regions of the Galaxy. Despite the brave efforts of the Dlarit Security Force to patrol the local spacelanes and the Dlarit Special Operations Group to keep recognized threats at bay, Orian remains under threat from a number of aggressors—both at home and away.

Darth Severak

The former leader of the True Brotherhood and self-styled Sith Lord Darth Severak was believed stranded in hyperspace in 24 ABY. However, unknown to the Clan, he somehow managed to escape and during the Alien War successfully rallied a number of Imperial forces disillusioned with Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon’s leadership. The rogue warlord has since forged his own empire, having claimed a number of worlds from the alien invaders. Though he has lost interest in the Brotherhood, Severak is currently building up his forces in the hope of one day being able to challenge the Galactic Alliance itself, and so still remains a threat, albeit indirectly.

Darth Vexatus

Former Overlord and Disciple of Kressh, Xanos Zorrixor was twisted from years of prophetic nightmares of an approaching darkness. When the aliens finally struck, he turned his back on the Lords of the Star Chamber and went rogue, becoming Darth Vexatus. The Sith Lord returned only to usher in what would later be remembered as the Dark Age: two years of lies and betrayal in which he manipulated the Clan to pursue Urias Orian’s secret of immortality. Finally, on Lehon, Vexatus consumed the Rakatan souls trapped in the Heart of the Force, only to have his own soul ripped apart, becoming little more than a hunger. Today the many voices he consumed whisper to those bound to him through the Mark of the Wanderer, threatening to consume them as well.

Domain Amnan and Shai Remnants

The Clan narrowly escaped invasion by Domain Amnan when they launched a pre-emptive assault on the Domain’s worldship which was amassing forces at Telos. With the help of the Shamed One Eshin Shul, the Clan was able to slay Supreme Commander Drathul Amnan and crippled the worldship by slaying its yammosk. However, many of the Domain’s ships escaped to regroup with other alien forces led Varesh Shai, one of the Supreme Overlord’s Slayers. Varesh’s battlegroup survived the collapse of the alien's empire and continues to strike from an unknown location, regularly engaging the Dlarit Security Force as they try to secure the Orian Pipeline. Unknown by Varesh, Niiriit Phaath, one of his own Shapers, is performing heresy with a rogue Intendant by the name of Eckla Muyel to try and restore their race’s connection to the Force. To this end, the heretics have captured a number of Jeedai and twisted them into willing slaves and it is possible ‘Shimrra’s Jeedai’ and ‘Eckla’s Jeedai’ may one day find themselves on opposite sides should Varesh ever learn of Eckla and Niiriit’s experiments.


The Ombi were the original inhabitants of the Sepros system until Urias Orian mutated them into his Sithspawn servants, after which the Ombi renamed their race ekind, or cursed. Several primitive Ekind tribes survived on Sepros until recently when in a dark parallel to Orian himself, Darth Vexatus and Trevarus Caerick performed a ritual—using the scepter of Orian they recovered from Kangaras—that sacrificed the surviving Ekind to restore the Star Map buried under the Temple of the Void. However, unknown to any in the Clan, along with the scepter they had also brought back the spirit of Hafalia Seprosin Chunasca, the Dark Lady of the Ekind who had slain Orian and joined forces with Okemi to wage war on Marka Ragnos. Hafalia had shielded one last Ekind tribe, saving them from the ritual slaughter. Hafalia has since given the Ekind survivors a new purpose and directed several far more organised raids on the Clan's bases, helping to liberate many of the slaves forced to work in the baradium mines underneath the Temple of Fire. Though the Clan remains oblivious to Hafalia’s existence, it is likely she plans to rally the Outcast and Wookiee tribes to her banner and then, together with the Ekind, lead an uprising to take revenge on the Sith Lords who have long occupied her world.

Jedi Crusaders

Though the followers of the Jedi Lord and General Omancor Crask were slain to the very last man during the liberation of Antei, due to the close proximity of Antei the Clan remains deeply aware of the possibility that some of the Jedi Crusaders may have escaped or not been present at the battle altogether. The Clan is aware of the possible threat and sees dealing with the existing Jedi threat in the Orian system as a top priority before the two groups have any opportunity to join forces. However, at this stage, this remains only speculation, and there is no proof any of Crask's Crusaders survive, but nonetheless the Clan recognizes the need to take preventative measures before the threat can materialise.


The planet Kangaras is home to many dangers but until recently its Killik colony would never have been thought of as one of them. In fact, the Killiks have kept such a low profile in the wilds of Kangaras that despite maintaining a garrison there in Usharak Keep the Clan has never encountered nor even realized the insects’ existence. During the True Brotherhood’s hunt for the scepter of Urias Orian, Anaxela Goura and the clone of Severina became stranded on the planet. While Severina managed to escape, Anaxela stumbled across the Killiks and ended up being absorbed by the nest, becoming a Joiner. In exchange, the Killik nest absorbed Anaxela’s traits, becoming more secret and manipulative. Anaxela was transformed into their Witch Queen. The nest began to absorb soldiers from the Dlarit garrison stationed on the planet. When the new Joiners returned to Orian, they brought with them black membrosia which has turned many of the system’s inhabitants into dangerous addicts. In addition, they have smuggled back Killik eggs with the intent of establishing a new nest. The Clan currently remains completely oblivious to the Killiks’ existence as the Dark Nest on Kangaras expands and begins to spread its influence into Orian itself.

One Sith

Unnoticed by any in the Brotherhood, the war against the Force-devoid aliens saw the emergence of another Sith Order which is now taking shape in the red sands of Korriban. Led by Darth Krayt, these new Sith do not follow the Brotherhood’s belief in personal exaltation and apotheosis, but instead follow the ideal that they all exist as one body and one Sith Order. This new group remain in hiding and the Clan presently has no knowledge even of their existence, but it is likely that the group may be behind the large number of defections of rogue Clansmen who inexplicably vanished during the war. There exists a very real threat that as these new Sith grow in number, they may one day rise to challenge the Lords of the Star Chamber and their Brotherhood—which would mean the Clan as well.

Order of the Shield

A group of Jedi were present on Telos to help evacuate the civilian population immediate prior to the alien blockade by Domain Amnan. As the worldship arrived, the Jedi were forced to take their chances on one of the refugee ships, ending up in the Orian system. Due to Orian not being a member state of the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi were unable to obtain passage off world because of the Dlarit Corporation’s wartime restrictions. Initially the Jedi attempted to use their abilities to secure transport back to the front lines, but they quickly became aware of the dark shadow lurking over the system. Led by Jedi Master Sophus, they formed a group called the Order of the Shield and went undercover to investigate the dark goings on, convinced something was wrong with the local mining corporation. They obtained the proof they needed after Aisha Qifaxa, one of the Order’s members, was arrested, encountering a Sith when they tried to free her. They managed to capture a rogue Force user who bore a dark mark on his forehead, yet professed to be a self-styled Jedi Knight. Eventually they accepted Jaspen Kraitus was no threat and joined forces with him to get to the bottom of who these darksiders were and how they were connected to his Mark.


The twisted sorceries performed by Urias Orian have had dark ramifications for the Orian system ever since. The Clan first truly became aware of this when the True Brotherhood Remnant then led by Anaxela Goura infiltrated the city now built on top of the Karash Crater to flow-walk back in time to uncover Orian’s secret to immortality. Since then, Trevarus Caerick—and later Shan Long—have speculated that Orian’s actions may have opened cosmic rifts in spacetime itself. If this is indeed true, the Orian system may be a gateway to the pocket dimension beyond hyperspace known as Otherspace where the Charon lurk, a horrifying race who seek to destroy all life. The similarities between the Cult of the Void and the dark prophecies of the Final Way are striking, and some have speculated whether the Charon may have been behind Xanos Zorrixor’s corruption—or even the visions that first motivated Urias Orian’s entire philosophy, which in turn later influenced Trevarus Caerick’s prophecies of the Final Way, as recorded in the Chronicle of Dark Souls. More recently, the distortion that flipped the system into a mirror universe may have something to do with the rift torn in the fabric of space between the two stars of the Orian Major binary. However, for now all speculation of a portal to another dimension existing in the system remains hearsay; furthermore, many phenomena like the mirror universe have not even consciously been recognized by the Clan, who back in the real universe have had no recollection of the strange events.


The Silentium remain something of an enigma throughout the Galaxy. Rarely seen, let alone directly interacted with, the Silentium are a race of droids that remain hidden somewhere in the Unknown Regions. In fact, they originally hailed from the home galaxy of the Force-devoid alien invaders, having been part of the brutal war that devastated their entire galaxy, and are likely the root cause of the aliens' technophobia. Though few are even aware of the existence of the Silentium, there have been reports of sightings of unidentified spacecraft in the proximity of the Orian system. While the highest echelons of the Clan have been quick to stamp out rumors and all reports have been promptly censored, there remains the possibility a Silentium presence may be operating somewhere in the surrounding area— though, if so, it remains unclear whether this is due to the local alien holdout or something more sinister.

True Brotherhood Remnants

The threat of the True Brotherhood first arose in 20 ABY when the self-styled Sith Lord Darth Severak attempted to form his own organization in direct opposition to the Lords of the Star Chamber. Originally founded by Severak, Severina and Tslotha Garnath, the cult was decimated in 24 ABY when it tried to infiltrate Clan Naga Sadow. Later, the last surviving branch led by Anaxela Goura was completely wiped out when it once again tried to infiltrate the Orian system in search of Urias Orian’s secret of immortality. However, unknown to the Clan, Anaxela had merely been manipulated by the spirit of Severina, one of the original triumvirs, who had used the invasion to secure a new clone body. Though Severina has not attempted to restart the True Brotherhood, she remains hidden in the Orian system, continuing her search for the secret of Orian’s immortality.

Typical Clan Actions/Reactions

Clan Naga Sadow is a deeply close-knit community. The Sons and Daughters of Sadow may mark out the chosen but it is a term often used to address the Clan as a whole, for they are all the Overlord's children, his followers and apprentices. This sense of family and brotherhood runs deep in the Clan and for its true members stands above all other ties. Consequential of this is that Clan Naga Sadow is deeply protective of its own, where one is threatened the Clan as a whole will take offence. Strongly protective of their honor and their belief in themselves as the true heirs to the Sith Empire, the Sons and Daughters of Sadow will stand firmly against any threat and stick by their beliefs. This was demonstrated in the Exodus when virtually none stayed behind with the Empire. Within themselves the Clan can be very different, forcing responsibility and accountability on its own, maintaining a strong sense of duty. It feels little remorse for those left behind, too weak to keep up, but it will stand against any challenge from an outsider.

Important Figures

Former and current leaders, or any influential member associated with the Clan.

Sons and Daughters of Sadow

History of the Sons and Daughters of Sadow
Member Date Inducted
Astronicus Aurelius Sadow 04/03/1999
Raistlin Sadow 11/21/2003
Manesh 11/21/2003
Jonuss Rai Sadow 01/08/2004
Malik Sadow 01/08/2004 (03/21/2013*)
Trevarus Caerick 01/09/2004
Xanos Zorrixor 12/31/2003
Janos Silverwulf 01/03/2004
Muz Keibatsu 01/07/2006
Sildrin Rys-Hastur 04/24/2006
Macron Goura 06/30/2007
Shin'ichi Keibatsu 06/30/2007
Kharon Daragon 10/05/2008
Tissaya Luna Argat 10/08/2008
Ashia Keibatsu 10/16/2008 (10/02/2019*)
Tsainetomo Keibatsu 10/16/2008
Ashura Isradia 04/26/2009
Jade Atema 04/26/2009
Malisane de Ath 04/26/2009
Nekura Manji Keibatsu 04/26/2009
Shikyo Keibatsu 02/17/2010
Fremoc Pepoi 01/21/2011
Methyas L'eonheart 12/16/2013
Locke Sonjie 01/15/2015
Teu Bukhari Sadow 02/13/2016
Sanguinius Tsucyra 12/13/2017
Bentre Stahoes 02/20/2019
Kojiro Keibatsu 9/9/2020
Takagari KogaRyu 04/20/2021

Clan Summit

Consuls and Proconsuls representing CNS Summit is as follows:

Clan Naga Sadow
Consul Service started on: Proconsul Service started on:
Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart April, 2011 Robert Sadow August, 2011
Macron Goura Sadow November, 2011 Locke Sonjie November, 2011
Locke Sonjie March, 2012 Teu March, 2012
Atra Ventus November, 2012
Korras June, 2013 Malik May, 2013
Malik September, 2013 Darth Vexatus October, 2013
Macron Goura Sadow May, 2014
Locke Sonjie May, 2015 Cethgus May, 2015
Sanguinius Tsucyra March, 2016
Sanguinius Tsucyra March, 2017 Bentre Stahoes April, 2017
Bentre Stahoes May, 2018 Ashia Kagan Keibatsu June, 2018
DarkHawk April, 2020
DarkHawk August, 2022


History of Dark Councilors from the Clan
Councilor Position Dates of Service
Raistlin Majerus Sadow Commander of the Guard March 2002 - December 2002
Astronicus Sadow Emissary December 10, 2003 - February 28, 2005
Trevarus Caerick Oracle October 16, 2003 - Present
Xanos Zorrixor Sith High Warrior October 26, 2003 - September 5, 2004
Korras Aquillarum Obelisk High Commander January 25, 2005 - January 26, 2006
Muz Sadow Herald January 6, 2006 - May 19, 2007
Xanos Sadow Deputy Grand Master April 10, 2006 - November 6, 2006
Muz Sadow Deputy Grand Master May 19, 2007 - February 21, 2009
Sildrin Sadow Seneschal October 27, 2006 - May 8, 2008
Shikyo Keibatsu Herald October 6, 2007 - Oct 6, 2013
Muz Sadow Grand Master February 21, 2009 - Feb 21, 2015
Fremoc Pepoi Fist of the Brotherhood December 1st, 2010 - June 25th, 2013
Cethgus Tiberius Entar Fist of the Brotherhood February 21st, 2016 - September 19th, 2016
Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae Headmaster May 5th, 2020 - incumbent

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