Wuntila Arconae

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Wuntila Arconae
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1 BBY (age 43)

Physical Description

Human-Theelin Hybrid (Near-Human)




2.02m / 6ft 7.5in


118.6kg / 261lbs





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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"You have earned my respect, Dragon, if only for being stubborn enough to hold your ground. I have to admit, I did expect you to shatter. But you didn’t. That’s admirable."
― - Teroch Erinos Arconae to Wuntila Arconae during the War of the Three Families.

Wuntila Arconae is currently an Sith Battlelord and esteemed member of the di Tenebrous Arconae.

Known as the Dragon of Selen, Wuntila Arconae has earned a reputation for being forthright and unafraid to speak his mind no matter the audience. He is first and foremost a tactician. A seasoned warrior, and former Consul of Clan Arcona, he is renowned for his ferocity in battle and for his indomitable presence as a leader.


From A Troubled Start…

Born into commerce in 5 ABY, Wuntila started life in the midst of engineering and industry. The son of Caleb Kelmari, a Correllian Merchant and Elspeth Zratis Kelmari a Theelin Secretary-cum-Accountant for the family business, Wun was birthed in post-Imperial Lok, the first son of Caleb and Elspeth. The family lived beside the Spaceport within the city – the only Spaceport on the planet – running the small Starship components outlet from the front of their barely habitable living quarters. His parents were great influences on the child as he developed; his father’s ingenuity and resilience in the face of adversity were well known throughout Nym’s Stronghold; his mother’s astounding beauty was perhaps just as well known and influential. As one of the few remaining pure-blood Theelin in the Outer-Rim territories, Elspeth was stooped in mystery and revered in awe. Wun was not much different as a child; through his very early years and into his third season, the little Kelmari was an outcast within the society, rejected by not only the residents of Nym’s Stronghold for his odd appearance, but by those who frequented his family’s store.

Wuntila's Home Planet

By the age of four, Wuntila began removing himself from the fore by leaving his mother’s side in the hub of the, now expanding, store and joining his father in the workyard beside. It was here that the child’s mechanical fascination began. He began to empathise with the monotony and unchanging rhythms of engineering and pestered his father relentlessly into allowing him the ability to watch, as Caleb deconstructed thrusters, tidied up power linkages, cleaned couplers, rewired circuits and adjusted atmospheric recycling units, among most other things. The young boy would sit next to his father with discarded tools and imitate his father and Caleb, realising his son’s interest, would encourage and teach him in the ways of engineering. When Wuntila reached the age of five, he had developed a keen sense of mechanical engineering, dismantling small power generators and then re-assembling them, all the while timing himself and adding to his extensive repertoire of mechanical knowledge.

By the age of six, Wuntila’s force affinity was apparent and growing. When enraged, angered or jealous, small rocks would quiver and the dust between his feet would swirl, but to the child this was normal, due to his very isolated and individual existence. He would retain face in front of his parents and others and vent these expressions of vexation out of sight, usually in the corner of the enclosed workyard.

The young Lokian had two siblings: a brother and a sister. He loathed them with a passion. It seemed as if their dominant genes had been that of their father’s; they were fair skinned and of a human stature, as opposed to Wuntila’s dominantly Theelin appearance. He felt no obligation to them, as they felt no feelings toward him; he was an outcast within the family, segregating himself more and more from the business and focusing his effort on developing his engineering skill. It was the birth of his dark affinity.

…To A Plagued Childhood

Wuntila Arconae and Marick Del'Abbot - (35 ABY)

At the age of nine, due to his adept mechanical skill and his increasingly introverted mentality, he was conscripted into the Lok Revenant. This opportunity was not a hard one to come across for the budding mechanic as his father’s shop was frequented by members of the Lokian pirate gangs and they often took a shine to the refined skill of the child who, by this point, had begun to take his work back into the shop front. His parents strongly disagreed with his ‘career’ choice, but it was his choice nonetheless; a small cut of his received credits would be sent back to his parents for his work, but he would be in transit for the majority of the time he was in the Revenant.

The child, unbeknownst to him, had entered into a life of hardship, poverty and one that very few individuals emerge from. The Lok Revenant was a hard institution to have been recruited into, but the child managed to hold his own as one of the very limited number of knowledgeable and capable mechanics in the Revenant, and as such, his skills were held in high esteem over those of his, much older, peers. He began to make a name for himself and, by the age of thirteen, he was a valued member of the senior mechanics team, not for his particular seniority in the Revenant, but as a direct result of his inherent mechanical skill and his ever-increasing repertoire of mechanical aptitude.

The mechanical operations officer within the Revenant was named Serge Lucia, a strongly influential individual within the Revenant, a keen ally of Nym’s council, and an esteemed individual in the realms of engineering. He acted as not only a role model, but also a point of communication and contact between the enlisted engineers and the officers of the Revenant. This position was of great interest to Wuntila; his inquisitive nature tended to dominate his actions and as an ever more noticeable individual within the Revenant, he started to believe he could attain such a position. Slowly and gradually, he began to disassociate himself with his previous life, not that he really saw much attachment to his family. The credits he sent home were withdrawn and he begun to refine his hard-edged mentality and personality further. He became emotionally detached, devoid of any outward emotion and entirely at the mercy of stoicism and logic.


Wuntila, as an Obelisk Templar on his Homeworld of Lok.

At sixteen, the boy became a man, not only in physicality, but in his ascension to the role as the right-hand to Serge Lucia. The power resonated within the Human-Theelin, he felt overwhelmed with influence and esteem. He craved more. Although he had disassociated himself with his family and his past, he began to do the same with the Revenant. He saw no real capacity for progression past a certain point in the realms of the Revenant, especially not cramped up in the hold of the assorted maintenance decks of the Revenant’s complement of starships. He was a lost, renegade soul, but one with a mission and a direction – raw, unspecified power. At the age of eighteen, happenstance granting, he finally found his path with an attack on an obscure Imperial Flotilla, his stationed vessel, a refurbished Warden-Class Light Cruiser called the Repressor, was the Capital Ship of the assault and he was a member of the boarding party as a mechanic and slicer.

The Revenant underestimated the task force sizes; however, and through a simple mistake lost a number of men to the Imperial Flotilla before retreating, Wuntila being one of them. Held in the detention cells, the Human-Theelin endured horror at the hands of the naval complement of the ship. Attempts at deconstructing his mental strength, undermining his indomitable will and reducing his tenacity to little more than an ember all failed miserably, it was a testament to his fortitude and to his lust for power and development – he was the embodiment of the dark side. At only sixteen, he was underdeveloped, yet he retained mettle seldom so strong. He sat silently in his cell for days, unspeaking and consumed by his thoughts. His power was lost in the cell, but his mental strength gave him an edge. Repeated barrages of mental and physical attack continued through his voyage as a passenger on the unnamed ship as it travelled into the obsidian.

The Imperial Flotilla finally arrived at the Deneba Campus of the Shadow Academy, and the disoriented and confused Human-Theelin was disembarked into the hands of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi. It was his discovery and his first steps on the road to greatness. He just didn’t know it yet.

A Man in a Boy's World

The Deneba Campus of the Shadow Academy was a tough and gruelling experience for the young Human-Theelin. His experience and his wisdom seldom helped in a world thrust upon him by his captors. He struggled at first, acting out of blind rage and instinct, but as the weeks fell into months, he slowly began to succumb to the whim of those he considered little more than Shamans. His special talents were no more, as children, young enough to have been his own, toyed with their developed link to the ethereal. He was on his own as a child, he rarely socialised and refused to be part of the action, but now he was forced to exhibit his skills with what his captors called The Force. He was a man in a boy's world, surrounded by apprentices, some half his age, but they were all training for one purpose. After a year, Wuntila had fully accepted his fate; he was a nomad, a celestial wanderer, and a hateful one at that. He had now found a home, a cause. Yet, he still found himself in a position of isolation. His very nature and the sheer number of years he had over his peers drove a wedge between him and the other candidates.

Wuntila's Force connection was not nearly as strong as some of the other, considerably younger, members of the campus, so he spent his time honing his fighting ability. He progressed from swordsmanship to Training Lightsabers and slowly became more at peace with the blade. He bulked out through the sheer physical intensity of Lightsaber training and spent hours researching Lightsaber forms to further advance his skills. His peers had grown now and, at the age of twenty, some of his classmates had begun to shun him for his ineptitude with The Force and his insular reservation. It had simmered for a while, deep within the bowels of his brain, but he was a fighter, he always had been. He saw it as an insecurity on their part and continued in his ways until his graduation from the Deneba campus of the Shadow Academy.

He was shipped to Clan Plagueis, his allocated Clan, and began his tutelage under his Aedile Niman Vistuor, Sunflash al'Tor and his master and Consul of Clan Plagueis, Valerian Orzon in 22 ABY.

The Summit of Arcona, 29 ABY. From left to right, Sashar Erinos Arconae, BTL of Soulfire Strike Team; Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae, Quaestor of House Arcona; Wuntila, Aedile of House Arcona; Marick Del'Abbot, BTL of Oblivion Brigade; Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae, Rollmaster of House Arcona.

A Plagueian Parable

Wuntila’s time in Clan Plagueis began slowly. He was inducted into House Satal Keto and sent to Morroth in the Jusadih System. The icy bitterness and the endless plains of tundra fuelled Wuntila’s passion and drove his intensity as he trained. The Human-Theelin Hybrid ventured out into the frozen desert on a daily basis; his ritual based on the embrace of pain and its resourcefulness as a motivator. It was a ritual never broken and it was one Wuntila found helped him settle into his new home, if in part due to his lack of presence at Alpha Base. After a few months within the House, Wuntila began forging new alliances. Kal Vorrac was one of these. As a recently promoted Guardian, Kal seriously outranked the Proselyte, but they began working in very close proximity to each other upon Wuntila’s decision to join Battleteam Satal Victus in 22 ABY.

This decision was primarily to further hone his piloting skills, however, he was pulled into the line of duty when an inspection on a Lancer-Class Frigate provided much more than expected. Not the warmest of companions, Wuntila was a cold, calculating but efficient partner to Kal in the sweep of the ship. After a short fire-fight with a small contingent of First Sun Mobile Regiment who had seized and looted the ship, the team reassembled and Commander Vexer Thrace commended the two for their actions. Kal and Wuntila soon became acquaintances within Satal Victus and the Human-Theelin finally settled into the Plagueian lifestyle.

Victus soon came under the Command of Kal and Wuntila rose to become Flight Leader of the team, due to his developed proficiency for piloting and his skill with a Starfighter. After the abdication of Kal from the position of Commander, Vexer Thrace took the lead role and reformatted the team into a battle-hardened group of elites. During his second excursion as Flight Leader of the Battleteam, under Commander Vexer Thrace, Wuntila was shot down with the rest of his team in the uncharted territory of the Outer-Rim Clusters. The Vurk and Geonosian local tribes were hostile and captured the Victus members on site, yet as weeks passed the team grew closer. That is, all for Wuntila. He had only a loyalty to Kal, the rest, in his mind, were expendable. It was perhaps this mentality that gave the Near-Human an edge during combat, or in moral situations, but in this predicament, he was isolated and alone with his thoughts.

In 23 ABY, when Victus returned to Morroth after a harrowing rescue by Arcadian, Wuntila was given the position of Commander. His recent promotion to Guardian and his duties to the team saw the distancing of him and his counterpart, Kal, as he ascended to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and performed the bulk of his duties for the House rather than the Battleteam. Nevertheless, Wuntila continued to function as an efficient and decorated Commander throughout his tenure, until his sabbatical in 24 ABY.

The Sabbatical

Wuntila's sabbatical is one shrouded in mystery. From 24 ABY to 29 ABY, the Human-Theelin disappeared from view. He had travelled to understand The Force and why it was he possessed the talents that enabled his fighting ability. It was an excursion off-world and into the unknown and, since his return, he has rarely spoken about it. It was a soul-searching and understanding trip, but the man came back scarred, feral and untamed. He became the Magnificent Blue Beast.

Wuntila Arconae on the Serpentine Throne of Arcona, after his induction into the Arconae and promotion to Consul of Clan Arcona - (30 ABY)

The Legacy of Plagueis


A Lasting Trip

TO BE CONTINUED... Move to Arcona, Galeres Aedile etc.

Rebuilding the Ruins

Great Clans downsized, Aedile of House Arcona.

A Clan amongst Houses

Reinstatement of Arcona as a Clan, Proconsul etc.

Fields of New Tython - Great Jedi War X

The Great Jedi War, Wuntila Consul-apparent, killing of Sashar/Zandro etc.

The Consul, The Arconae

Consul and Arconae.

Wuntila Arconae - The Person

"I live to crush dreams and shatter hopes."
―Wuntila to Teroch Erinos.
Wuntila Arconae during the battle for Rhelg - (31 ABY)

Physical Profile

"He's a tank..."
Sashar Erinos Arconae on Wuntila's arrival to Arcona

Wuntila has a broad physical frame; his height coupled with his weight, which is fundamentally comprised of thick ropes of muscle tends to make for an imposing appearance. His physique is one of his defining features, and as such, Wuntila spends hours sculpting his finely tuned aesthetic to remain at the apex of physical fitness. He is a biological bulldozer; stout-necked and heavily-muscled, he has an advantage over the vast majority of opponents. His cerulean skin gives him a glowing aura and his grooming is usually immaculate, unless in a position of war, wherein his hair and goatee remain unkempt. His eyes are a deep, cobalt blue with a dark frame of thick eyelashes that exaggerate his steely gaze; Wuntila will often use this to his advantage, intimidating individuals with an unfaltering stare. Often overlooked, the Arconan isn't necessarily hindered by his prominent stature; he is relatively quick on his toes due to years of intense military training and his passion for physical sports. His presence is awe-inspiring, with his stance that of a military drill-sergeant, and his temperament not much different. His striking features, his stalwart physique and his bullish sense of combat converge in the embodiment of battle that is the Dragon.

Psychological Profile

"...Open your eyes you Son-of-a-Mynock, two of our men are down there. Make sure you find them."
―Wuntila to Cethgus Entar on the Communications Array on the Moon of Riquis

The mind of the brute reflects that of his physical profile; hard, defined and strong-willed, Wuntila's limits are known to few, and exhibited to none. His temperament is something that has often put him in awkward situations as his mood had a tendency to swing violently from one extreme to another. This is something that both helps him in the arena of battle and impedes on his peers when an outburst occurs. This feral mentality has been tamed somewhat since his move to Arcona; being entrusted with positions in the House and developing as a leader, the Human-Theelin has learned to calm his anger, but the bitterness and vehemence of his character still lurk not too far from the surface. He is a strong leader, developed and understanding when it comes to his tactics. The Arconan tends to remain cold and locked in his own undisclosed thoughts. Rarely speaking, save for his relationship with many of the Arconans, he can often seem inherently devoid of emotion and brimming with fervour. Mostly accurate, this description tends to lend itself to his opinion of most outsiders; he is innately Arconan which is mirrored in his distaste for external influence.

Conflict Persona

"Don't challenge him. It'll end badly."
Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae - Quaestor of House Arcona. (30 ABY)

Wuntila fights as he appears. Strong, fast and aggressive, he tends to utilise the Shien form to deliver serious damage to his opponents. Conjecturing a sense of single-mindedness, this particular Arconan is a tactical fighter. Strong he may be, but stronger is his ability to use his surroundings as independent weapons; he's never afraid to use a rock, a pillar, a crate or a wall to cause some serious damage to his foe. He tends to favour his ability with his concussion rifle, and as a result, his ranged attacks are both refined and accurate as he uses bolts sparingly, but concisely.


"Treat this as a gift. No more, no less. An homage to your past glories. An honour from the Dark Council."
Grand Master Muz Ashen commenting on Wuntila's Aegis armour. - (31 ABY).
The Aegis Armour



A gift to Wuntila on behalf of the Dark Council, the Consul's Aegis armour is a magnificent example of artistry and craftsmanship. The scales of the armour are fashioned from heavy durasteel, and provide appropriate protection against blaster bolts, 'slugs', and more traditional bladed and blunt weaponry. The durasteel scales were also designed to slow the path of an incoming lightsaber strike. Inset into the breastplate are carvings of the Shadesworn, brushed over with aurodium leaf; the same aurodium leaf used to decorate the carved Arcona symbol in the left pauldron. The armour weighs 12.65 kilograms.

The armour also bristles with horns and teeth. Unlike Dragonsbreath (detailed below), the horns and teeth on the Aegis armour set are made from dyed durasteel. This means Wuntila can - and often does - use the deadly barbs in fighting, especially those located on his gauntlets and knee-pads.

The helmet is fashioned into the head of a dragon, using the same thick durasteel as the armour's plates, and the amber-dyed transparisteel visor mimics the dragon's fiery breath. A notable feature of the helmet is the heads-up display that projects up-to-date statistics pertaining to the wearers vitals and the Clan.

The cloak is the same Shadesworn cloak awarded to every member of Arcona after the Clan's victory during Invasion of New Tython.


"Do you need such elaborate weaponry? I always put you down as a 'pick up anything and use it' kind of guy..."
Marick Arconae to Wuntila during the Invasion of New Tython - (31 ABY).
Dragonsbreath - Gifted to Wuntila by the Dark Lord and Grand Master, Darth Ashen upon his ascension to Obelisk Primarch.


Dragonsbreath was gifted to Wuntila upon his ascension to Obelisk Primarch by Grand Master Darth Ashen. The hilt was created as a celebration of Wuntila's appellation - the Dragon of Selen. The body of the hilt represents the dragon's neck, with the emitter being fashioned from the dragon's head. Both the scales and the head used to decorate the hilt are made from thick durasteel to protect the inner workings of the blade. The horns and teeth of the hilt are said to be made from the ivory of the very mantigrue - or commonly: Selenian Dragon - that Wuntila killed to earn his moniker. The eye is cut from a firelight ruby from the planet Antei. Within the scales are golden discs bearing the marks of the Shadesworn. An aurodium carving of the Clan Arcona symbol is inset within the pommel.

The hilt is larger than most, weighing in at 2.82 kilograms, and sitting at 17.3 centimetres long from pommel to nose. To some, this may be a hindrance; to Wuntila it means that, when combined with his preternatural strength, the heavy, horned hilt can be used as a formidable blunt weapon. Similarly, it allows for a diversity of grips - often, the Arconan will switch between a single- and dual-handed grip in one battle.

Positions Held

Although Wuntila has had a rather short spell in the Brotherhood, his accolades and positions speak for themselves.

Positions Held
Before Position After
Unknown Commander of Satal Victus
23 ABY
Cethgus Entar Aedile of House Galeres
28 ABY
(None; Clans downsized)
Driftan Housan Aedile of House Arcona
28 ABY - 29 ABY
Himself as Proconsul
Himself as Aedile Proconsul of Clan Arcona
29 ABY - 30 ABY
Marick Arconae
Zandro Savric Erinos Consul of Clan Arcona
30 ABY - 32 ABY
Marick Arconae
The Dragon of Selen


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