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New Tython (Harakoa)

Outer Rim Territories


Esstran sector


DLSCX-2298 (Yhi System)


1: Yhi


2: Iah, Kalfu

Distance from Core:

1.1 AU

Orbital period:

389 Standard Days




9,645 km


Type I


-20 to 48˚C


1.23 x Standard

Primary Terrain:


Points of interest:
Native species:


Immigrated species:

Humans, Mon Calamari, Various Species

Primary language(s):

Basic, Harakose

  • ~100,000 Human Colonists
  • ~50,000 Mon Calamari Colonists
  • ~12,000 Bothan Colonists
  • ~300,000,000 Natives
Major cities:

Menat Ombo, Dac Compound

Major imports:


Major exports:




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New Tython, known as Harakoa to the indigenous population, was the home planet of Clan Odan-Urr. Once a world of tribal and colonial strife, it fell in late 36 ABY to the Thuron Monarchy before being liberated by the Jedi. It existed as a planet of peace, where nations strive together toward a better and brighter future - without the abandonment of the planet's rich heritage.

Today the planet does not exist after the destruction of it in the Eleventh Great Jedi War.


Fall of New Tython

In the events prior to the Dark Crusade, the planet of New Tython had found itself locked in a civil war. Spearheading the aggressors, Cy Thuron, aided by the commander of the mercenary army, Ozan Miliet and the recently promoted Feeux, the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force suffered tremendous losses under constant assaults. Under the direction of his mysterious master, Cy Thuron began amassing his forces, forming a regime and marches his troops through New Tython.

Succeeding in capturing the Harakoan High Chieftain Whenua as well as the two Harakoan City Council members, Ministers Matiu and Kiri. Having Ordered his troops to send a message, an entire settlement of Harakoans were slaughtered during a Harakoan festival. Succeeding in disorganizing the Harakoan tribes, Cy Thuron marched his troops onwards towards Menat Ombo, successfully bringing it under his control.

Taken by storm during a Council meeting, all of the City Council members were captured. The Jedi made an attempt to get off-planet with as many refugees and KUDF forces as possible. The Jedi began their escape attempt outside of Menat Ombo by one of the Harakoan villages that had been left in the wake of Cy Thuron’s forces. They decided to make for the city to set free the refugees that had been captured. Several of the Jedi led by Raiju Kang Leader of the Knights of Allusis scaled the outer wall of the city under the cover of darkness. At the same time the another group of Jedi lead by Sight Nortorshin leader of Strike team Ooroo stowed away aboard a resupply transport entering the city.

Both groups made their way towards the Memit district where the refugees were being held as prisoners. It would become a bloody night as the Jedi cut and slashed their way through the occupied Menat Ombo. The actions of several Jedi came dangerously close to the darkness that night. The Jedi reached the refugees in the Memit district and released them from their prison. With the refugees in tow the Jedi began the long fight against soldiers and armor units as they made their way to Ordain Vonoro Spacedock.

Upon reaching the spacedock the Jedi barricaded themselves in and began preparing ships and treating the refugees that had survived the fighting. It stayed like that for the last few hours of the night. As the first rays of the sun shone over the horizon Cy Thuron’s forces began their assault on the Spacedock. The Jedi shaken from the initial volley of artillery fire regained their composure quickly and ushered the refugees into the waiting ships still in the hanger. However, the young Jedi Elleron made the ultimate sacrifice, staying behind to hold off the mercenary forces to ensure the rest of the Jedi and the surviving refugees would be able to escape the planet.

Out of the 4,000 refugees only 2,033 had made it off planet alive, and many were injured from the fighting and mistreatment from Cy Thuron’s forces. In the aftermath, the refugees were relocated to a new, temporary planet while the Jedi began to seek out ways in which to muster enough support to reclaim New Tython.

Last moments of Elleron[1]

Through victory, my chains are broken.

His face was rock-hard with tension as he concentrated everything he had into horrifying his enemies. Where the sweat had trickled down his forehead during the battle, it now fell like salty rain. Denath angled his head to growl over his shoulder. "Get... in." Raiju and Sight glanced at Denath, then at Liam. He nodded, and the wounded Strike Team leaders helped each other stumble into the hangar.

"That's enough, Denath," Liam gently instructed him. "There'll be enough time while they recover to dash inside." Denath may have glanced at him; with eyes like pits of black, it was always hard to tell what Denath was looking at. A blaster bolt buzzed past as the toughest of the soldiers got a grip on themselves.

"Doors only seal from outside... turn the shields up, and you can... fly straight through the roof. I will seal the doors." Denath trembled a little as the focus began to take its toll. More blaster bolts floated past, their aim terrible, as more soldiers began to man up and knuckle down.

The Force shall free me.

"We can't win by falling to the Dark Side. You've bought us enough time. Every Jedi needs to board these ships. You need to come back to the Light and come with us. We can all leave. The House needs its leaders - all of them."

"It's the only way," Denath panted. "We have to do... whatever it takes."

"That's not your body your choosing to throw away!" Liam chastised the Dark Jedi. A moment passed.
The darkness drained from his eyes, leaving behind forest green irises as Elleron regained control. Liam and Morotheri deflected another volley as the soldiers started to charge forward. Elleron paused for a moment as he watched them approach, as he watched Liam and Morotheri defend them. Another explosion echoed to their side, too close for comfort. "You're right, Liam," Elleron acknowledged as they all turned to the hangar. "The House needs its leaders." Elleron gathered whatever strength in the Force remained to him and threw Liam and Morotheri into the hangar. He threw his lightsaber into the external controls, severing them, and the doors sealed shut quickly with a sound like thunder. Elleron sighed and turned to face the soldiers, recalling his lightsaber to his hand. He raised the silver blade in a salute as he recited the Jedi Code.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no-


  1. Elleron "Taking Our Pride Off This Rock" HOU Fiction Archive


There are four continents on New Tython; ranging from the gigantic continent of Owyhyee in the North West Hemisphere, which has a wide range of different climates (including deserts and grassy plains), to the smallest continent of Sanulu covered in mountain ranges peppered by dozens of semi-active volcanoes, resulting in the region being christened "The Inferno" by the various native populations.

Apart from Owyhyee and Sanulu, there are the two other continents of Kamuekiko and Milil’ea, as well as various islands spread across the oceans of the planet. One such grouping of islands approximately 250 kilometers off the west coast of Sanulu has never been colonized by native or immigrant populations, owing primarily to the fact that they are composed almost entirely of volcanic rock and glass and have no native wildlife upon them.

Nations and Territories


(pronounced: "O-wih-hee-ay")


Owyhyee is situated in the North West Hemisphere and is 3,720 miles from east coast to west coast, and 2,950 miles from north coast to south coast. It is sparsely populated, encouraging a nomadic lifestyle, though it also houses the Colonial seat of government, Menat Ombo. The capital is situated on the banks of the vast, turbulent River Sabina, which is prone to seasonal flooding, and eventually flows into the Bythic Ocean.

The vast grasslands of Owyhyee is home to countless species of both flora and fauna. Vast herds of beasts which the natives hunt for food and clothing support approximately 100.000.000 indigenous people divided into thousands of small communities. Several major rivers flow across the continent, some stretching it breadth, fueled by countless snow melt tributaries nestled deep in the continent's central mountain range, the second largest on New Tython. The grasslands in the east of the continent are split from the Honunom desert by a mountain chain that reaches an average height of up to four kilometers. The vast height of the mountains discourages the natives from passing over them, however notable villages in the primary passes to the Honunom desert command trade through the region. The city of Tanduran is the main trading hub on the eastern preries, connected via road and sky with Menat Ombo and the City of Seher on the southeastern coast. Seher, while being a predominantly native city, is still very well connected with the colonies.

The Honunom desert reaches a max temperature of 48 degrees Celsius during the day in summer, but is prone to plunging well below freezing at night. Life is sparse in the desert, as is water, but there are several dozen oases spread across the desert where they tap into the deep water table. The Melewati desert tribe and several Harakoan tribes populate this desert. Travelers mostly avoid the ruins of the once large prison facility, Purity Rock. A testament to a darker age.



(pronounced: "Ka-mue-kee-ko") Situated directly South of Owyhyee, Kamuekiko is attached to the Northern continent by a narrow isthmus of desertified land and savanna which tapers into a mountain range in the north. Most of the rest of the continent is covered in tropical and temperate forests, though the far south is permafrost and tundra, with only the extreme south permanently covered in an icecap. Despite the relative geological calmness, there are occasional earthquakes across the whole continent, especially in the north where the Owyhyeean and Kamuekikan tectonic plates converge and form the Blue mountains. The coasts have many natural (including some deep water) harbors.

The isthmus between Owyhyee and Kamuekiko is part of the Honunom desert, which often discourages migration between the two continents. However several tribes from the Hononum region do travel south in the winter months when the temperatures fall, to trade goods with the natives in the Blue mountains. South of the mountains, on the eastern coast, lies the insular city of Vard Mislu. Further south is Fort Pernicar, the home of House Hoth and the training grounds of many of the KUDF's elite commandos. Further east from Pernicar is the Bahari island chain, home to the Iwu Kisiwa Makazi tribes. Many more tribes and tribal alliances live in the surrounding forests. The farthest south near the south pole, the Iwu Tohora make their home on the frozen icebergs of Crescent bay.

Kamuekiko is a narrow continent, but quite long, stretching down to south pole. This is the cause of the extremely cold weather in winter. The continent measures 3,164 miles from the isthmus between Owyhyee and Kamuekiko to the southern tip. From the east to west coasts, it measures only 800 miles at the widest point. Off the west coast of Kamuekiko lays an archipelago, consisting of hundreds of tiny islands.


(pronounced: "Me-lil-ee-ah")


Milil'ea is the second largest continent of New Tython. It's climate ranges from tropical in the south, to dry arid tundra in the north and temperate in the east and west. The north-west of Milil'ea is covered with lush forests and grasslands, lively with creatures of all sorts and protected from the arid desert by a chain of massive, tall mountains. These mountain peaks are the largest and tallest on new Tython, some reaching heights of up to ten kilometers. While the west if fairly lush, and often wet, the east is covered with temperate savanna and preries. Farthest east are farmlands inhabited by different Harakoan tribes.

Dominating the vast continent is the Central desert region, also called Koraha Mahue by the natives. This vast expanse of land holds many danges for the unwary traveler and contains as many different terrains as it does species of flora and fauna. The north of the region is covered in unending sand dunes, liquid sand and deadly sandstorms. Freak tornadoes and dust devils are frequent. Most natives avoid these areas, though with the right equipment one might survive long enough to traverse the expanse and find shelter in the mountains.

The south of the desert is mostly rocky, though still covered with sand carried from the north. On the eastern slopes of the mountains, a vast expanse of natural geysers spewing large quantities of heglum gas. These natural phenomena occurred due to tectonic activity deep beneath the mountains. Natives use these gasses to lift their flying dirigibles and traverse the rocky crevasses around the feet of the mountains. Most of Milil'ea's desert natives live in the arid wastes of the south, protected from the deadly sandstorms.

The sun is blistering in most of the desert due to the composition of the sand. Temperatures rise to an average 50 degrees standard during the day, and fall well under freezing at night. Travelers must always cover their whole body, due to easy sunburn and deadly diseases that accompany this condition. The desert region is inhabited by the Iwu Koraha Mahue, the people of the lost desert.

Milil'ea is 2,670 miles from north to south at its widest point, while it measures 2,540 miles from east to west, a truly vast continent.


(pronounced: “San-u-lu")


Situated in the North Eastern Hemisphere of New Tython, Sanulu is the smallest of the four continents of New Tython, consisting of an extreme climate due to the constantly erupting volcano-networks permeating its rugged geography. The constant flow of lava increases the size of the continental shelf by up to a mile per year (depending on yearly flow-size). Due to the ash thrown up into the atmosphere, the air above the interior of the continent is high in nitrogen and carbon dioxide making it unsuitable for sentient habitation, though there are minor settlements on the more temperate and geologically calmer coastlines.

Sanulu is home to a large community of Mon Calamari who live in the aptly named Dac Compound on it's western coast. The compound is situated some six miles from teh coast itself, on an artificial archipelago built exclusively to harbor the small community.

Sanulu is small in size compared to the other three continents, measuring 1,930 miles from its east to west coast and 1,169 miles from its north to south coast. However, it is growing each year. It is calculated that if it continues to grow in size at its current pace, the continent will rival Milil'ea in size in approximately 300,000 years time.

It is speculated that Sanulu was once the site of a vast Harakoan empire, known only as the Maia'toa. Little is known about them and excavations into the hazardous zone are ill advised and dangerous due to tectonic activity.

Treaty of Menat Ombo

Following the Return of the Light event, the defeat of Cy Thuron and the liberation of New Tython in 37 ABY, the Jedi of Odan-Urr initiated a gathering of the people that fought alongside them: Harakoan Tribal Alliance, Tythonian Colonial Alliance and Independent Colonies in Menat Ombo, the capital city of the Tythonian Colonial Alliance. They negotiated a treaty that would guarantee peace and harmony between the alliance of the four nations in New Tython. The pivotal treaty was signed in 38 ABY and is now known as the Treaty of Menat Ombo.

Provisions of the Treaty

The Four Nations

The Treaty of Menat Ombo

Henceforth from the liberation of New Tython from the clutches of the False King, Cy Thuron, the free and autonomous peoples of the planet shall abide by the laws of this Treaty. These laws shall be divided into four sub-sections, these known hereafter as "the Four Nations," as well as other sub-sections regarding defense and Treaty expansion. First and foremost, native to the planet and original possessors of its lands, shall be recognized the peaceful and law-abiding tribes of New Tython. These shall form the Harakoan Tribal Alliance, hereafter referred to as "Harakoans."

Next shall be recognized the human-majority colonies of Menat Ombo, Tanduran, and Vard Mislu, united under a democratic umbrella government and possessing of those lands agreed upon by, and surrendered to them by, the Harakoans in times modern and past, in accordance with current boundaries and dictates. Henceforth, these shall form the Tythonian Colonial Alliance, hereafter referred to as "Tythonians."

Next shall be recognized the colonies of non-human majority and autonomous leadership, referring initially to the Dac Compound, the Bothan settlement of Rashk, and the Wookiee tree-village of Gradrrbecca. These colonies shall remain in loose alliance and under the same portions of international laws as governed by the Treaty, said laws hereafter referred to as "The Law," and shall self-govern and possess lands and territories currently owned, granted, and surrendered to them in accordance with lawful negotiations with the Harakoans and Tythonians, in accordance with both past and present. These shall form the Independent Colonies of New Tython, henceforth referred to as "Independents."

Next shall be recognized the Jedi of Odan-Urr, whom shall reside within the Arca Praxeum and conduct their duties as a religious order with dedication to the Force. They shall hold, as a nation, no lands or territories not already existing or granted to them by Harakoans, Tythonians, or Independents. They shall form a self-governing order of peacekeepers, with provisions within The Law to allow them to investigate and enforce the Treaty unless they themselves are in violation. They shall hold no part, as a nation, of governance over Harakoans, Tythonians, or Independents. These shall form the Disciples of Odan-Urr, henceforth referred to as "Jedi."

Harakoan Tribal Alliance

Whenua, representative and signatory of the Harakoan Tribal Alliance.

Henceforth, the tribes of New Tython, referred to henceforth within this subsection by its ancestral name, "Harakoa," shall come under one banner of international law and shall be known as the Harakoan Tribal Alliance. Governed by a council of elders and representatives chosen by each tribe, according to their own custom, the Tribal Alliance will be headed in international matters by an elected council overseer. Each tribe shall possess its own ancestral lands and territories, according to laws past and present and with exemption only for territories lawfully surrendered, wrongfully acquired by use of force or manipulation, or granted to individuals and groups deemed worthy by the Harakoans. Each tribe shall govern itself within its own lands, in accordance with its own customs, barring only the following laws from alteration:

  • The Harakoan Tribal Alliance shall make no move to conquer, capture, annex, or repossess any lands held lawfully by the other nations.
  • Harakoan tribesmen shall not wrongfully injure or kill members of another nation or allied tribe.
  • Harakoan tribesmen shall not attack non-signatory tribes, hereafter referred to as "Tribals," or other groups pre-emptively or without provocation.
  • Harakoan tribesmen shall allow free trade between Harakoans and Independents, Tythonians, and Jedi, if ever individuals should wish to engage lawfully in such practices.
  • Harakoan tribesmen shall not be mandated by their nation to trade with other groups, and are free to refuse such trade as individuals.
  • Harakoan tribesmen shall allow individual Harakoan persons, and other accepted members of their nation, to depart for other nations or groups should they freely desire to.
  • Harakoan tribes will maintain no more modern armaments than needed to arm twenty-five percent of any given tribe.
  • Harakoan tribes will answer the call, and assemble the Harakoan Tribal Army to defend Harakoa and the other nations, whenever the call is put out.

Harakoans are a free people, and within their own lands will maintain their own laws, practices, and customs, insofar as they do not violate the aforementioned exemptions. Violators of Harakoan law will, while in the lands of Harakoans, be surrendered to the tribe that bears grievance for sentencing and punishment in accordance with Harakoan law. The Harakoans are welcome to invite any within other nations to live as part of theirs, though said migrant must then abide by and live under Harakoan law for the duration of their residency. At any time, any member of the Harakoans may contact the Jedi to seek mitigation, investigation, and enforcement of legal statutes and customs.

Tythonian Colonial Alliance

Gideon Varos, Prime Minister and signatory for the Tythonian Colonial Alliance.

Henceforth, the human-majority colonies of Vard Mislu, Tanduran, and Menat Ombo shall unite as the Tythonian Colonial Alliance. United under one set of democratic laws, henceforth referred to as "Tythonian law," as well as under The Law as all nations are, they shall govern themselves democratically with the seat of primary governance located in the capital city of Menat Ombo. Ruled by a Prime Minister and Cabinet, each elected freely by any and every sane and adult citizen whom wishes to vote, regardless of species, the Tythonians shall abide by laws under constant review and rely on systems of free trade, judicial review, free and impartial trials, and a free press to exist and self-govern. They shall hold the lands of each colony currently held as part of the Tythonians, as well as any other lands legally granted or surrendered by the Harakoans, past and present. They shall surrender any lands or territories gained by wrongful use of force, unlawful manipulation, deceptive bargaining practices, and improper grant by illegitimate authorities. Tythonians will be governed by laws drafted, voted upon, and signed into law by the elected governments of Menat Ombo and the colonies, with exception to the following international statutes:

  • The Tythonian Colonial Alliance shall make no move to conquer, capture, annex, or repossess lands held lawfully by other nations.
  • Tythonians shall not wrongfully injure or kill members of another nation.
  • Tythonians shall not attack Tribals, or other groups, pre-emptively or without provocation.
  • Tythonians shall allow free trade between Tythonians and Harakoans, Independents, or Jedi, if ever individuals should wish to engage lawfully in such practices.
  • Tythonians shall not be mandated by their nation to trade with other groups, and are free to refuse such trade as individuals.
  • Tythonians shall allow individual Tythonian persons, and other accepted members of their nation, to depart for other nations or groups should they freely desire to.
  • Tythonian colonies will maintain no more munitions or defenses than required to arm and outfit self-defense and security forces, and shall maintain no more than twenty-five percent of a given population as on-duty security forces in peacetime.
  • Tythonians will answer the call, and assemble the Tythonian Security Corps to defend New Tython and the other nations, whenever the call is put out.

Tythonians are a free and democratic people, and within Tythonian lands will maintain their own legally, democratically ratified laws and customs, insofar as they do not violate the aforementioned exemptions. Furthermore, individuals of Tythonian legal status shall be free to practice their own cultural beliefs and customs, insofar as they do not violate the above laws and statutes. Violators of Tythonian law, while in Tythonian lands, shall be surrendered to their local judicial office and presented for legal prosecution in accordance with Tythonian law and The Law. The Tythonians are welcome to invite any within other nations to live as part of theirs, though said migrant must then abide by Tythonian legal practices and statutes for the duration of their residency. At any time, any member of the Tythonians may contact the Jedi to seek mitigation, investigation, and enforcement of legal statutes and customs.

Independent Colonies of New Tython

Mughim Viik, Chairman of the Dac Compound and signatory for the Independent Colonies of New Tython.

Henceforth, the Mon Calamari-majority Dac Compound, the Wookiee village of Gradrrbecca, the Bothan settlement of Rashk, and the Geonosian hive of Hununki Pi, alongside any other independent colonial bodies that sign the Treaty, shall be united under one banner of international law as the Independent Colonies of New Tython, referred to hereafter as "Independents." Governed independently of one another and maintaining their own legislative and judicial practices, the Independents will be represented in international matters by one of their respective leaders, as chosen by a quarterly vote among all such Independent governors. Each Independent colony, henceforth referred to as "City-States," shall maintain the lands it lawfully possessed prior to the false King Cy Thuron's rule, or those lands granted or entrusted to them by the four Treaty nations. Each City-State shall govern itself according to its own existing infrastructure and political system, barring only the following laws from alteration:

  • The Independent Colonies of New Tython, and each City-State within, shall make no move to conquere, capture, annex, or repossess lands held lawfully by other nations.
  • Independents shall not wrongfully injure or kill members of another nation.
  • Independents shall not attack Tribals, or other groups, pre-emptively or without provocation.
  • Independents shall allow free trade between Independents and Tythonians, Harakoans, or Jedi, if ever individuals should wish to engage lawfully in such practices.
  • Independents shall not be mandated by their nation, or City-States therein, to trade with other groups, and are free to refuse such trade as individuals.
  • Independents, and City-States therein, shall allow individual Independent persons, and other accepted members of said City-States, to depart for other nations or groups should they freely desire to.
  • Independent City-States will maintain no more munitions or defenses than required to arm and outfit self-defense and security forces, and shall maintain no more than the following:
  • Thirty percent of a City-State's population as standing security forces during peacetime, if said City-State has a population below ten thousand individuals;
  • Twenty-five percent of a City-State's population as standing security forces during peacetime, if said City-State has a population of or exceeding ten thousand individuals.
  • Independents and City-States therein will answer the call, and assemble their militias and security forces to form the Independent Defense Coalition to defend New Tython and the other nations, whenever the call is put out.

Independent City-States are freely and independently governed, and within the respective land of each City-State will maintain their own laws and customs according to their own political structures, insofar as they do not violate the aforementioned exemptions. Furthermore, individuals of Independent legal status shall be free to practice their own cultural beliefs and customs, insofar as they do not violate international law nor those of their respective City-States. Violators of Independent law, while in Independent lands, shall be surrendered to the judicial authorities of the offended City-States and prosecuted in accordance with said City-State's laws and The Law. Independents and City-States therein are welcome to invite any within other nations to live as part of theirs, though said migrant must then abide by the legal practices and statutes of all concerned City-States for the duration of their residency. At any time, any member of the Independents may contact the Jedi to seek mitigation, investigation, and enforcement of legal statutes and customs.

Disciples of Odan-Urr

Liam Torun, Jedi Consular and signatory for the Disciples of Odan-Urr.

Henceforth, the Jedi that compose Clan Odan-Urr, insofar as their Knights, Pupils, Masters, and other agents and affiliates are concerned, shall be known as the Disciples of Odan-Urr, hereafter referred to as "Jedi." They shall be governed by their Council, in accordance with the precepts of the Jedi Code as well as The Law. They shall maintain no standing armies or direct garrisons, but shall instead oversee, command, and assist the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, hereafter "KUDF," in its capacity as an international and galactic peacekeeping force. They shall welcome anyone sensitive to the powers and abilities they command, hereafter "The Force," and will not engage in the misuse and malpractices inherent within the Force, henceforth "the Dark Side". All those of the Jedi nation shall swear to aid New Tython's nations in the preservation of peace, and shall work to maintain the Treaty and the sanctity of the planet. They shall be bound by their laws, codes, and precepts, with exception to the following statutes:

  • The Disciples of Odan-Urr shall make no move to conquer, capture, annex, or repossess lands held lawfully by other nations. In addendum:
  • The Disciples of Odan-Urr shall not use the KUDF in the capacity of expanding the Jedi nation, militarily or otherwise.
  • Jedi shall not wrongfully injure or kill members of another nation.
  • Jedi shall not attack Tribals, or other groups, pre-emptively or without provocation.
  • Jedi shall allow free trade between Jedi citizens and Harakoans, Tythonians, and Independents, if ever individuals should wish to engage lawfully in such practices.
  • Jedi shall be mandated by their nation to engage in trade practices only under such circumstances as:
  • Trade activities are required to supply and maintain the KUDF;
  • Trade activities are required to maintain or facilitate operations to defend or preserve New Tython and its peoples;
  • Trade activities take place off-world, and are no longer governed by the Treaty.
  • Jedi shall allow individual Jedi persons, and other accepted members of their nation, to depart for other nations or groups should they freely desire to. However:
  • Jedi may expel individual Jedi persons for abuse of Jedi privileges, departure from international law, and use of the Dark Side.
  • Once departed, Jedi citizens forego command of KUDF forces.
  • Once departed, Jedi citizens forego special exemptions granted by the Treaty.
  • If forcibly expelled, Jedi citizens may be refused by other nations without cause or justification.
  • The Disciples of Odan-Urr will maintain no standing national militias, being themselves a paramilitary force. Instead they shall retain oversight and command of the KUDF, insofar as it is not used:
  • As stated above, as a tool for Jedi national expansion.
  • To undermine or elevate any Treaty nation beyond legal boundaries.
  • To institute Jedi rule over the planet, or overtake and replace existing security forces of other nations.
  • To, as stated above, bring death or displacement to Tribals or other groups.
  • Jedi will answer the call, and bring the KUDF to bear to defend New Tython and the other nations, whenever the call is put out.

Jedi citizens are hereby granted special permissions and protections as keepers of the peace, and therefore:

  • Jedi shall investigate and assist with any request, by citizen or nation, put toward upholding national laws or The Law. No nation shall impede their progress, nor block such a request.
  • Jedi shall ensure the safe departure of any national who wishes to emigrate to another nation, or even off-world, including all who seek study at the Arca Praxeum.
  • Jedi, when in command of the KUDF to protect New Tython and defend the Treaty, shall supercede national militias in the chain of command.
  • Jedi shall, regardless of national laws and customs, be permitted to wear and display their traditional weapon, hereafter "lightsaber."
  • Jedi investigating disturbances, complaints, or other threats to New Tython shall assume a temporary, independent, and deputized role in the judicial branch of any Treaty nation. Therefore:
  • The Law will still govern them; however, they are granted exemption from the laws of Harakoan, Tythonian, and Independent nations, tribes, and City-States for the duration of their investigative activities.
  • Jedi identifying themselves as such will be released from incarceration, questioning, or other detainments to aid in their investigations.
  • Jedi may call upon local law enforcement for materiel and personnel support for any and all investigations, and may assume command of said support for the duration of such operations.
  • Suspected abuse or misuse of Jedi exemptions may be freely reported by any citizen, under any circumstances, and will be investigated without recourse against those reporting the disturbance; the Council will convene to investigate each such complaint with the utmost seriousness.
  • Attempts to hinder or block such complaints, or to injure or otherwise encumber complainants, shall be treated as violations of Jedi privileges and shall be immediate grounds for expulsion from the Disciples of Odan-Urr.

Jedi form a monastic order of warriors and sages, and thus are free to practice their activities safely and without international interference on the grounds of the Arca Praxeum, alongside any additional lands legally granted to them forthwith, insofar as they do not violate the above laws and statutes. Violators of Jedi laws and customs, especially those upon Jedi land, shall be surrendered to the Council of Odan-Urr for investigation and disciplinary action. While not a civilian nation, the Jedi are welcome to invite any within other nations to live as part of theirs, though said migrant must then abide by Jedi laws and customs for the duration of their residency. In addition, migrants who do not undergo Jedi training and responsibilities shall not be granted Jedi paramilitary exemptions.

Jedi may be contacted by members of any nation, at any time, and must provide mitigation, investigation, and aid in the enforcement of legal statutes and customs within the requesting nation.


The Treaty of Menat Ombo was implemented by the Jedi, after fair review and revision by each signatory nation's representatives, as a standard for International law and to firmly establish, entrench, and protect the rights, freedoms, and borders of the planet's existing peoples following the fall of the Thuron Monarchy. Though ideas and provisions therein would be conceptualized by the Jedi almost immediately following the planet's first colonist-Harakoan skirmishes, it would not approach becoming actual law until after the Dark Jedi Brotherhood invaded the planet in 33 ABY. Following this event, and subsequent rebuilding, faith in the Jedi and each other would wax and wane between Harakoan, Tythonian, and other groups for years, often with results that ranged from unpleasant to outwardly violent and destructive. It was in this climate that the New Dawn, the terrorist movement from which the Monarchy would eventually spring, was able to take shape; the Treaty became a concrete document following said Monarchy's ascent, to be proposed prior to a revolution against Thuron's rule and to prevent future instability and chaos among the people of the planet.

First and foremost, the purpose of the Treaty is to protect the rights and freedoms of all the people therein; second, it prevents the conquest and destruction of any group on the planet, while allowing a framework to exist for legal, mutual growth and prosperity for each group; third, it allows all groups outside of the Treaty - be they Harakoan or alien of origin - to seek their fair chance at becoming part of one of the Treaty nations, or an Independent City-State therein; fourth, it was put into place to limit the political and military reach of the Jedi, thus preventing them from becoming a corruptive or tyrannical force, while also allowing them the privileges, protections, and capability to uphold the Treaty, protect New Tython, and defend freedom and justice on the planet; and finally, it provides framework for the nations to come together smoothly in a crisis, to prevent the planet ever falling again. It exists today as a gold standard among all Treaty Nations, a means of insurance that their rights - and those of their neighbors - will always be protected.

Planetary Ramifications

Menat Ombo, Tythonian capital and site of the Treaty signing.

While initially unsettling to many people within each nation, since the fall of the Thuron Monarchy the Treaty has allowed nations to rest easy, and even to prosper. The Harakoan Tribal Alliance's lands are now securely monitored by warrior hosts recognized and protected by international law, and are left to govern and live by their sacred customs without clashing against colonist settlements; meanwhile, their traditional rivals, the Tythonian Colonial Alliance, has engaged in open trade with the Harakoans in many places and has even begun to accept their help as workers, soldiers, and teachers in navigating New Tython's secrets and wilderness. Increased cooperation, sanctioned, mutual self-defense, and the presence - agreed upon by both nations beforehand - of the KUDF and their Jedi overseers has gone a long way toward putting their old conflicts to rest. Meanwhile, tribes in the Tribal Alliance begin to grow in population and prosperity, while Tythonian colonies also increase population and infrastructure to become more akin to true villages, towns, and perhaps eventually even cities.

The planet's Independents have also become marginally more involved with the global political theater, though their interests differ wildly from city-state to city-state. The Wookiees of Gradrrbecca are noted to have worked alongside and trained forces for nearly all nations, and happily volunteer the bulk of their militia, The Chosen, for regular military service in the KUDF. The Bothans of the Rashk settlement, while sending naval staff to aid the KUDF's Tythonian Space Militia and often seeing individuals join economic and military endeavors elsewhere, largely keep to themselves; much as their kind did on Bothawui, several individuals are noted to have slipped into the political circles of each nation, while others sell technical and espionage skills to business and military interests across the planet. The Dac Compound maintains its independence and stubborn adherence to tradition, though increased trade and political activity have both brought more visitors and, somewhat less positively for the Compound's ruling body, has thrust the plight of the underprivileged Quarren minority to the forefront. This has, however, allowed the rise to prominence of a few Quarren businessmen, military personnel, and even politicians, the most prominent being Chairman Mughim Viik.

Of all the Independents, the Geonosians of the hive Hununku Pi are the most enigmatic; increased business and protection have seen their economic and service exports increase, being leaders in the production of droid technology on the planet, but has also seen their society become more insular than ever. While their current leader, Xaezhul, is open to outside communication and cooperation, the hive was not a signatory of the Treaty during Thuron's fall and was instead offered membership under its laws and precepts after the revolution had run its course. Because of this shift from insular self-governance to international law, the hive's populace would become divided and a coup attempt would see the hive's foundries temporarily thrown into chaos; while the Jedi of Odan-Urr were able to quell the bloodshed and reach a peaceful resolution, the conflict has left many Geonosians jaded toward the rest of New Tython and content to tend to their own.

The Jedi of Odan-Urr have used the Treaty to remove themselves from politics and law enforcement within the colonies. Though they remain as a peacekeeping force and were essential in the weeks following Thuron's fall, their reduced role worked alongside increased permissions and protections for each nation to produce stronger security and lower rates of violence across each nation. Following the revolution and their recent military activities abroad, they have used this time to settle into a role as monks, sages, and keepers of the peace, finally able to shift from ceaseless desperation to a position where they can grow their knowledge of the Force and increase their ranks with younglings, Padawans, and others of the next generation of Odanite Jedi. Time will tell if their presence as peacekeepers - and if their command of the KUDF - can hold back future threats against the planet's peace.

Finally, and as an unfortunate side-effect, the Treaty has distanced and alienated several smaller groups from open interaction. Several business interests that thrived in the unregulated times before Thuron's arrival have been forced underground, causing an increase in petty and organized crime to coincide with the drop in general violence. Several Harakoan tribes that did not take part in the revolution, or who refused the command of the Tribal Alliance's representative Whenua, have also moved further away from Treaty nations and have acted with coldness and even hostility against interlopers on their territory. The Tribal Alliance's newfound power and security has allowed them protection from old grudges, tribal warfare, and the shortages that nature can bring to a tribe; therefore, the Treaty has heavily shifted the balance of Harakoan power toward tribes within the Treaty, leaving many others in disarray and warring against one another in the interim. Worrying signs point to warlords and armies forming, though any threat posed by such would be years away at best, and would likely be mitigated by the Tribals' stubborn rejection of any and all modern weaponry.

Current Signatories and Expansion

The Treaty of Menat Ombo, while laid down originally under four national bodies and signed to bring order after the fall of the Thuron Monarchy, was designed from the outset to expand and encompass other groups on the planet who would willingly negotiate a place under its terms. It holds provisions for Harakoan tribes to ally with the Tribal Alliance, maintain their own integrity and customs, and still fall under the protection of their entire Tribal Army should issues arise. Additionally, and for the first time agreed upon by the tribes themselves, any colony, settlement, or tribe who wishes it is permitted to join under the banner of the Tythonian Colonial Alliance and gain governance, law, and security from the Tythonian government. Nations wishing neither position can instead choose to join as an Independent City-State, with all that this entails; this was the decision of the Geonosian hive Hununku Pi, for example. Only after special review, and upon agreement by all four nations, can a group choose to affiliate itself with and live under the legal protections of the Jedi.

Current members of the Treaty of Menat Ombo are as follows:

Tythonian Colonial Alliance

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Harakoan Tribal Alliance

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Independent City-States

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Jedi Governance

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