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Jade A Sadow
Biographical Information
  • Unknown
Date of Birth:


Date of Death:

Still alive

Physical Description

Human hybrid






150 lbs


Long Brown with copper streaks.


Deep Violet with gold flecks

Personal Information

Bounty Hunters

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Chronology & Political Information

Aedile of House Marka Ragnos


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"The heat of roaring flames is cooled by the down pour of darkened rain. That's how it always goes, in my dreams, well more so of my memories. A complicated Journey to get to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood where I now stand, surrounded by other apprentices and their masters."
―Jade Imperial

Jade Sadow is a Krath Archpriestess and former Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos. Jade is one who gets the job done without errors and serves her Clan well. She is often found instructing newer members in the ways of Naga Sadow, and on missions to preserve her Clan. Loyal to those she calls friends, deadly and cold to those who are her enemies.


Jade is very proud of her apprentices! She has been honored to known them all and is proud of their achievements leading both to Dark Jedi Knight and afterward!

Zaxen: A strong worker who was more dedicated than any she had seen pass though the DB halls, She was more than egar to take Zaxen on as an apprentice. His skill quickly grew and he always managed to surprise her with his thirst for knowledge and his need to want to help out. After becoming a Dark Jedi Knight, he found himself in the roles of Battle Team Leader of the Night Hawks, Roll Master of House Marka Ragnos and Aedile of House Marka Ragnos. He is currently away on Naval Duty in the USA.

Teu: She was one of her longest apprentices to date. One that took a few years. She was dedicated and wanted to get things done even if things would work against her doing so. In the end Jade and Teu managed to just pull her though. She is currently married to Jades other apprentice Demonic aka Fremoc, and is the Battle Team Leader in House Ludo Kressh. She is currently active in the DB.

Demoic: The two don’t speak much any more, but since his achievement of Dark Jedi Knight he became the Battle Team Leader for Night Raptors, Aedile for House Marka Ragnos and QUA of Marka Ragnos. He is currently active with the DB.

The Beginning

Jade Sadow was from a planet that dreamed of life existing beyond their own species, as those that lived with them were not accepting. She was brought into existence when her true father, one of another species, attacked her Human mother and raped her. For some reason he let the woman live, seeing something different in her eyes. Giving her instructions on what to name the child, he stood by in the shadows keeping an eye on the pair, knowing it would mean certain death to both if the hunters of his kind got wind of the way the child was born.

Younger Years

While playing in the back yard her mother went inside to finish getting supper ready. A rouge of her father’s kind attacked her, biting deep. Her father appeared and killed her attacker but due to her injuries he was forced to take her form the Human genes she had been blessed with and bring out her other half or let her fade into the darkness of death.

A few years later Jade was stolen from her home world, just as she was beginning to learn the ways of her kind. A rich family on another world had hired a bounty hunter to kidnap her. Enable to escape the new family she learned to cope with them and their world. Befriending a girl named Alaria she learned that the universe held many planets and many species.

Alaria got her into some trouble but also taught her how to keep from getting caught. Upon a trip to space, a dream of hers after not being allowed anywhere off the new planet for fear of her finding her way home, she found out that Alaria’s father had been the one to kidnap her. The news came as the father shot her adoptive family from the sky, and explained how he wanted to bring her into his family do to her special abilities. A fight broke out on the ship forcing Alaria’s father to land on the surface where Jade and her once best friend continued to fight. After being knocked out once again by the father she took her opportunity to run as he dealt for parts to his ship. He swore revenge for the fight she had with his daughter as she ran.

Jade's Teen Adventures

Alaria was a piece of work. Unknown to Jade at the time the girl was sent by her father to befriend the Human half breed, and help her to become accustomed to the new universe she was thrown into. However Alaria also saw Jade as a way to strike back at her father and she not only showed her how to understand the new way of life but also showed her where she could hide when the “Troops” came around. To this day whenever someone mentions a storm trooper or she see’s a resemblance of one she smirks recalling on particular adventure where Alaria showed her how to break a security code and how to evade the weapon holding troopers.

The school her adoptive family sent to had become underseige, apparently Jade had come of interest to someone in the brotherhood at the time and was to be tested. During the raid she managed to get a small group of students together who went room to room freeing students and gaining a bigger group. While waiting in a room to attack another level of the school the rich parents sent in bounty hunters and the likes, finishing off the job. It was also the first time that she became suspicious of Alaria as the girl was not at school that day and rumors had it that she had been tipped off.

Entering the Brotherhood

Jade Imperial

After the fight with Alaria and running from her father, she left the girl wounded and ran into the unknown city looking for a life force that she could fed on to quench her thrist and anger. A hooded figure had called her into an alley way and she had brushed him off only to be pulled to him through the force for an interesting introduction. He told hr ofhte brotherhood and of a nearby ship that could take her to safety and to power. The man had known her power, it came from her other side as well, and her kind was known for various tricks and earth powers. He had researched Jade’s kind, and only the surface tld him she would be a powerful ally to the dark side.

Change of Life

Jade was hidden in solitude throughout her stay in the Brotherhood and Clan Naga Sadow, but it all changed after one single day. She had been part of the Night Hawks from quite some time and never really paid attention to it, until Ylith took over the Night Hawks. One day she got a message from Quaestor, Ashura Isradia, that she was expected for a mission to Hoth to check up on activity by the Force-devoid Aliens in the region. Jade was accompanied by her battleteam leader Ylith Atema and even though she had her doubts about him, she decided to go along with it. When they arrived on Hoth Jade was surprised to see how much the Sith Battlemaster had weakened in the cold weather. She was fascinated by his species and they started to talk during the time they were sheltering in the main camp set up for these missions.

He told her his life story and she told him about her past and about her vampiric side and Jade helped him deal with his hypothermia by tending his wounds and keeping him warm. The more time they spent together the more the bond between them grew and Jade found herself drawn to him, and eventually they fell in love.


Jade's life changed drastically after she got together with Ylith and she moved in with him in his quarters where she would help him cope with the weight of leadership and where he would teach her the ways within the Brotherhood and how she could advance to a greater rank. Ylith was often away on various missions set out by his Quaestor and Aedile to ensure the safety of House Marka Ragnos and to increase the status of the Night Hawks and when he was away she would often ponder about Ylith's home world Shi and when he was near often asked him how it was back in the days before it's destruction. Jade also made frequent visits to the planet with Ylith in search of relics or just to get away from the Brotherhood and spend some time together.

After Jade learned that Ylith was going on a trip to Shi to stop the Alien invaders from taking the planet she joined him. At first he rejected her but Jade persuaded him with a lightsaber, and with a smile he eventually accepted her help and took Jade with him. When they arrived they found an Alien scout group. Ylith told Jade to stay put and while she stood there her heart was heavy with doubt, she feared something had happened to him and eventually she couldn't bear it any longer and went to search for him. After a while she found him and saw that he was about to be killed by one of the Alien warriors. Jade ignited her saber and ran to save him, but was stabbed in the stomach when she reached the Alien. Ylith's reflexes made it possible for him to stab the Alien with his sword, which went right through it and it's tip ended in Jade's stomach.

Jade passed out and because of the purified metal of Ylith's blade her healing was delayed, and she passed out only to awake on the shuttle they've gotten on. Relief was found in Ylith eyes and in a vow never to hurt her again he proposed to her, and Jade accepted.


Jade and Ylith were engaged and all was right. They lived together in his quarters and startted planning their wedding. But Jade's past still haunted her and when Ylith persuaded her to tell him what happened he was determined to help her get rid of the Bounty Hunter who was searching for her and planned a way to lure him to Mos Eisley, or what was left of it, and kill him. However, Jade was afraid, she didn't want her fiancee involved in the happenings from her past and devised a plan to leave the Brotherhood and Ylith behind, even it would break her own heart in the progress.

Her fiancee however had learned of her plan and devised his own plan to keep her at bay and strike a wound into the Bounty Hunter far deeper than he had first in mind. So when Jade traveled with Ylith to Tatooine she found herself bound to her chair, not able to move. Ylith told her he wanted the money that was offered to capture her in order to rebuild part of the planet of Shi, his homeworld, and would turn her in. Shocked by this betrayal Jade locked herself up within her mind and when Ylith made his move and killed one of the Bounty Hunters and disabled their ship with his lightsaber it was too late, Jade's spirit was locked and her memories were gone.

Ylith took Jade back to Ragnos Cathedral and explained everything that happened. He was filled with guilt and agony and Jade couldn't remember anything, just feelings and emotions that dawned to her subconsciously, like her engagement ring and her feelings for Ylith. It was not until Jade took hold of Ylith's cursed Medusa sword that all her memories came back to her and when they did she unlocked the curse within the Medusa blade, and Ylith had to break it in order to prevent it from happening. Jade knew everything now, even what Ylith had done and she was relieved that she was still with him and in the Brotherhood and she was given the Medusa blade, as a reminder of her strength and as a gift from her fiancee to protect herself.

Jade asked Ylith what he had done with the credits he received from the Bounty Hunter and told her he left it on Tatooine and forgot about it. Jade was furious and before she could even release her anger at her fiancee she was surprised to see a necklace in his hands for her. The Darkened Stone she called it and it's jewel was made by a shard from Ylith's prized Valheru Sword of Darkness, treated with alchemy to give it the looks of a Jewel. Jade forgive Ylith and she still wears the necklace this very day.


The Marriage took place within the meadow, the same place where Draken used to spend his time with Morwiën. The place was decorated with a white gateway, covered in black roses where the couple would stand in. Ashura Isradia, who was present to preform the wedding, stood in front of them, with the waterfall behind him. There were only two guests present during the wedding, Ylith's twin brother Tyren Atema and Ylith's Master in the Dark Arts and Seneschal Xia Long. There they took hands and Ashura bound them in marriage, using words from his own homeworld.

And from that day forth Ylith swore to protect her and keep her safe from harm as much as he could. He is a cold and ruthless warrior at heart but only for Jade did he allow himself to feel emotion and love. It was only her voice that would be allowed to hold him back should he ever be enraged. On that day he vowed his life to her, and she promised to take care of him and love him forever and to stay with him whatever happens, also to announce that she was with child.

Heir to the Valheru Bloodline

Jade's Jade's pregnancy wasn't an easy one and full on complications. Due to her half Human and half vampiric physique combined with the fact that the child she carried also was half Valheru made things even worse. Though her Human half didn't make things bad and even helped, it was her darker side that made the complications, as they lived in generations, where if they give birth they will die so that the next generation may live.

Also, with the half-Valheru being cold blooded, growing within a warm blooded host was also very painfull, which made it move a lot and made Jade more sick than healthy. She had a rough time, only the force helping her bear with the pregnancy as the child grew within her, and after nine months she went into labor.

During that time the Valheru Battlemaster tried hard to search for a cure and he did find it through modern science. A team of medical surgeons hired by the Dlarit Corporation were brought to the Marakith Skyhook, where they operated on Jade for almost 24 hours trying to get the baby from her and stop her inherited genes from killing off her body at the release. After a few heartstops the surgreons managed the impossible and allowed her to survive, giving birth to a healthy son, Aragan Atema.Aragan Atema.

The Sword of Ragnos

Upon the acceptance of the Night Hawks Battle Team Leader position Jade was also given the title of Sword of Ragnos. An honor she never saw coming, but one she saw as fitting her personality. The Sword said to take lead in the battlefield or to take what is needed while in covers of the shadows with tact and finesse. Used in finding lost or stolen artifacts of the house, something she always took pleasure in, however she hadn’t expected the ceremony to be so…involved.

Walking into the halls and finding the place of ceremony had been one of excitement and dread, being told to bend own, her upper robes removed as prayer after prayer was etched into her skin. The ceremony had lasted for hours; it was the only thing that had kept her skin from healing for sometime after. She knew the marks wouldn’t stay but she would always remember the pain and the vows she had taken. And just when she thought it was over, and put her upper robes back on she was placed on a pad made of iron spikes and barbs. The metal digging into her flesh and muscle had been searing, bringing as her body tried to heal the wounds immediately, only to move and feel the pain of re-puncturing again. Finally after fully giving into the ceremony she was freed from the barbed mat. Weakened from the experience she just barely managed to stand but used all her grace to bow and accept her position and the items from it.

The Path to the dark side

Jade atema.jpg

After a huge fight with her husband Ylith, where she confronted him on cheating he once more drew his sword and stabbed her stomach. Fleaing his quarters Jade found Tyren who helped her to escape Marakith Skyhook. He took her to a friend and her mentor, soon to be master, who had new plans in store for her.

The lost and hidden born

The sword that Ylith had ran through her stomach had done major damage to both her and the children she had been carrying at the time. She had been pregnant with twins, but the boy gave up his struggle to allow his mother and his sister to survive. Jade named the child for his sacrifice Larnko. His sister was hidden though her Clan knew she was pregnant; use it to help her survive a mission involving mutinous monsters to which she had been injured and effected. Through the Help of Macron a former master and good friend, she was healed and her fight used to help find a cause and cure for others who had been attacked.

Born on a far off world she entrusted the daughter she named Cara to Ashura’s care along with her older brother Aragan.

The Fire Within

Feeding Jade dreams with revenge, in hopes that her connection to the dark side would grow, Ashura kept a close eye over his new apprentice. However in one of her dreams the blade of the sword through her chest had been so real her heart had stopped. Using dark magic, and the fire that deepens his connection to the force Ashura revived the Krath soon to be Sith.

However this had an adverse effect. He had wanted the fire to feed her dark side, to consume her, he just hadn't planned on it working so well. In her furry she had ignited her saber and came after him. Ever mindful of the close quarters on his ship he avoided her attack and used the force to push her back, only it had been more powerful then he had expected and effected the ships computer. Holding onto one another and surrounding themselves with flames they went down with the ship, crashing onto the desolate surface of Korriban.

The Lost connection

The crash and the power used to survive had severed both of their connections to the force. As Jades body healed herself an apparition appeared over Ashura, telling her he was weak and to leave him, and to let the spirit into herself to complete her training. Unsure of what was really going on Jade defended her new master, but the spirit only left when Ashura started to stir.

Spirit Rivalry

After using her powers to heal Ashura she was drained and weak, heading into a terrible blood lust that she couldn't fight for long. Going for his neck and taking his fiery blood into hers. As Ashura’s memories began to hit her she saw the spirit once more, and it entered her body during a moment of weakness. The spirit identified herself as Acra Malish, and immediately began to battle over Jade being her host when she noticed Morwein. Acra was tried of holding onto the plane of the living while not being so herself, and she was not about the lose this new host when they shared so much in common. But Jade was not giving up so easily. Morwien had become to her like a sister, and Jade wanted to believe her words of hope for the future Jade had always foreseen. But as Jade began to reject Acra, the spirit took control of Jades body, activating her saber and threatening Ashura. Wanting Jade to see the power she could have and hold, in a last ditch effort to consume Jade's mind and body.

In the end to expel the dark spirit Morwein used her powers to knock both herself and the spirit from Jade's body. Morwein though resides in the ring on Jades finger, hoping to reconnect again in the future.

A Scion Ascension and the Dark Rising

Jade in battle armor
Jade was honored the day she was promoted to Scion. The blood relations of the Sith Lord once the only privileged to hold the title in their names, has been added to those who have shown loyalty, courage, strength and leadership in the up most way as to further the Disciples of Ragnos. However the drug induced sleep had not been anything like she had expected or would tell most people, nor had it truly prepared her for what would happen upon her ascension. It was a common rumor that the drug changed the genetic make up of the one it was given to. Possibly allowing them to live longer, but she now knew it did much more than that, some things she would be finding out for a long time yet.

During her journey with Ashura they had both lost a connection with the force. It wasn't until they had needed it that it slowly came back, but even then it hadn't been as strong as it had been, making her weary of whether she should stay in the brotherhood and order of the Dark Jedi. But the drug had skyrocketed her to her normal connection and then past it all within the span of half a heart beat. It was that powerful rip through to the connection that had caused her to change, and her watchers to look on her with some worry but with the keen wisdom of those privy to the drugs true power. Then it had happened the unexpected, the Sith Lords’ energy had mingled with her own whispering dark secrets. The smirks of her watchers entered her as if they had been an audible sound, it was a test and they had been waiting for it to happen. The Trance showing her the Sith Lord’s spirit, or at least she thought he was there. Yes, she knew then why only the privileged and proven got the chance to take the drug. It allowed you to have a piece of the Sith Lords energy, a piece of his connection and power with the force, and if you were not deemed worthy by him, you wouldn't make it out of the trance. Finally deeming her worthy she felt the drug finish taking its roots, and felt the small portion of his power integrate into her system.

It was soon after her experience that she was given a mission, her first Scion mission, her true test. Upon reaching the goal or in her terms target, draining the force energy from it before using her fangs to achieve her goal, she had heard a faint clapping. Looking up Ashura had revealed himself congratulating her and welcoming her to the Scions. Her mission had been a set up. Her new status was a status she would use well, and enjoy. A role she would use to protect her own family, including Ashura’s own son, her "nephew."

The Oath

During the recent House Feud it was impossible for any communications to get out and even within the Houses let alone the Clan. During a fast plan Zaroth became the scape goat and fell to Derevs actions when he was seen as a traitor to the House. Jade went to visit him in his Hospital bed as he laid broken and bruised. There he confessed his love for her. Surprising her she didn’t say much at first and as was called away. He tried to stop her, and when she turned around she offered to be his adoptive master since he could not reach his with the communication system being down. He was surprised and took the offer, replying with an Oath to be loyal and protect her, something she had done secretly for him.

Great Jedi War 9: Unification

Jade during the Great Jedi War IX
The 9th Great Jedi War saw many trials and strife’s for Jade. It had been a couple years since she was called into battle to defend the brotherhood, and taking on the Force-devoid Alien invaders was something she had been looking forward too, finding out the Aliens had been destroyed and the Jedi taking over their home world was beyond her. It had held her at pause for a moment, but only a moment. She knew the Brotherhood would win.

The Rescue

During the war her first apprentice and Roll Master in Marka Ragnos had been captured along with Zaroth and Kalei. Zaxen, though weak from battle and facing a strong force block send her a message. Jade had been with the rest of the clan at the time, Malisane joking to tell her Roll Master of the losses. Ashura, ProConsul of Naga Sadow arrived and set a mission, where Malisane and Agrist took off. Jade wasn’t about to leave her apprentice and friends in the hands of the Jedi. Following the two men she stowed away in their shuttle. The landing in enemy territory would have made any flight trainee look like a pro.

Captured the three Dark Jedi were taken to a compound where they were imprisoned. Waiting their turn to be interrogated they managed to escape and find the three comrades. Though all three were a little worse for wear. Zaxen taking out their interrogator while the others headed for escape vehicles, catching up as they headed back. Jade had felt honored to fight alongside Malisane and Agrist, but was thrown at Malisane’s words of them being disposable.


During the recent Battle on Inos, Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow took Jade under his wing to show her some of his knowledge. In the beginning of GJW he had met up with her in the training rooms for drinks and to watch the others spar. It was here Jade realized she thought him as more a brother then anything. However throughout the war he had been off on a tangent and she had only run into him once again in the Hall of immortals. Here he sent her off to find one with a taint in the force. Taking Xander along with her they headed into the recess of the Hall finding their mark. The man was possessed, crazy and hyped up on power. The two etiquettes had fought hard against him, taking turns and moving in step. The pair had never fought together in such a way before, and it threw them off. However a sudden moment of weakness appeared to Jade from her sparring with Shin’ichi Keibatsu Sadow, her master. As the berserker moved to strike her saber, she turned the blade off, the berserkers’ going through where the beam should have been throwing him off balance as she ignited her saber once more and pushed the man back. As the man regained his balance Xander took the cue from Jade and ran her threw with his saber, angling it as to pierce the berserkers’ heart. The spirit in the berserker taking Jade in her weakened form, adding to her physical pain, it is uncertain whether the spirit resides in her still.


In a fight to reclaim and protect that what was rightfully theirs the Clan had melded together, become as one to fight against one. It had protected their own and rekindled old burnt out fires. But when the Clan Over Lord began to speak and picked up a sword from the fallen Jedi, the entire Clan went silent.

“My Sons and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters, Children and Disciples. Today marks the beginning of a new age. Long have we persevered; but never since the old days have we truly been free.” Tron paused in his words, his eye glazing over in thought before he continued. “The Brotherhood has weathered its enemies where the New Republic has fallen. We stand united with our fellow Clans. Two Lords of the Star Chamber walk among our halls. And now, at last, a Sadow sits upon the Iron Throne itself as Dark Lord of the Sith.” The crowd fell silent as he spoke and his eyes moved over Grand Master Paladin. “So it is that today we step into the light of a new dawn and honor those who have served with valor and dedication to our Clan’s vision of a new Sadow Empire.” Jade watched as Tron picked up the sword form the fallen enemy and looked at the crowd. Any and all noise that might have existed, even white noise, faded as he held the sword in his hand ad surveyed the Clan. He held up the blade aloft. “This sword represents valour, loyalty, and our sacred Covenant. There sit among us those who have proven themselves deserving of brotherhood, and all the honours and dignities that it brings with it.” The sword caught a glimpse of light and shone for a moment. “It is for that reason that I call forth Nekura Manji Keibatsu.”

Jade had to admit she was slightly jealous as her first master moved and knelt before the over lord, though she was proud too. The man had been around for a long time, and did much for the Clan. “Malisane de Ath,” only the name hit her that time and she smiled as the man took his place. She cheered with the rest of the group and shifted her weight to ease some of the pain.

“Jade Imperial Atema, step forward.” Jade was shocked to hear her name called by the over lord, though she half expected the sword in his hand to take off her head she moved forward and knelt slowly, the wound in her stomach still painful and making her movements difficult. “Jade Imperial Atema, I hereby name you a Daughter of Sadow and declare you my kin.” Jade bowed her head and Tron tapped the sword on her left shoulder. “Arise, Jade Imperial Sadow, blood of my blood, daughter of my father.”

“Ashura Isradia, step forward.” She heard Ashura’s name called as she took her place again on the side with the Clan. Ashura was a great friend and she still considered him a Master. She had learned a lot from him and they had been through a lot together. She was more than excited to see him kneel before the Clan Overlord and become one of Sadow family.

Jade was honored to take the Sadow name, and proud to take it among 3 other fine Dark Jedi.

Jade's Pets

Jewl the Gizka

Upon his wanders and dealing with Malisane, Zaroth found out that the mad Sith planned to take some cute little gizka and transform them in horrifying experiments. So during the black of Night Zaroth broke into his lab and rescued the little creatures. Knowing he didn't have time for two of cuteness known as gizka he had to give one away and quickly before it became apparent that he had taken the creatures.

He had had a crush on Jade for some time now, and knowing she wasn't far, figured she could use the company of a cute little pet, and also hopefully get further into her good graces. Seeking her out and giving her the pet, she was at first a little suspicious of the trouble it would get her into, knowing Zaroth wouldn't have bought the pet from a local merchant, he was too sneaky for that. But hearing the story of his brave rescue, which she assumed was embellished a bit considering he had braved 2 fires, a series of blaster shots and Malisane's light saber to rescue the little gizka she accepted the gift. Thanking him, she called her little pet Jewl.

Jade’s possessions

The Dark Stone


The Darkened stone

Jade made a plan to go after the Bounty Hunter that was searching for Jade ever since she escaped from him and joined the Brotherhood. She planned to leave the Brotherhood to face this Hunter herself without having her fiancée, Ylith, involved. The Sith learned of her plan and made his own, seeming that he captured her in order to get the credits which he would spend to help rebuild his homeworld Shi. Jade felt betrayed by her beloved and before she could make a move, her fiancée killed one of the Hunter’s henchmen and disabled his ship.

After they returned home and Jade had learned of Ylith’s plan to keep her in the Brotherhood, and at his side, she forgave him but turned into rage when she found out Ylith had spent the credits on something other than his planet, and he presented her a necklace. This necklace had a jewel on it made from the metals of Ylith’s prized Valheru Sword of Darkness.

Jade wears this necklace ever since he gave it to her, and vowed to never take it off.

Jade's Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

This ring was given to Jade when Ylith proposed to her. The true origins of the ring itself are unknown but the making and the way the metal is fashioned it is Valheru made. It is said to have been in the possession of Draken's fiancée, who died shortly after he died defending the gates of Erundwyr from a Valkyri invasion.

The Ring itself is fashioned from Silver mixed with various durametals in order to preserve it over time while the stone set within the ring is a purified ruby once found within the mountains of Argonok on the Ashrai continent and was considered to be the rarest gem on Shi.


Given to her by Talos, a man she had found by fluke when going to a meeting and began to fall in love with. With both of them growing closer, Talos researched and consulted with Macron to create an amulet containing a stone of bright silver hue. The stone boosts her resistance to silver objects. The Amulet also has an inscription. "To the one, true Vampyre"


The Medusa Sword

The Medusa

Drawn to the sword and the need to handle it, unaware of her past encounter when she had held it and her dark side took over her and pushing her boundaries to new limits. She waited silently until Ylith was fast asleep. Carefully she walked over to the Medusa sword, Ylith’s sword he created when his spirit was broken by the Aliens, and wrapped her hand around the dark hilt. Power flowed into her, a dark mystic power that reminded her of everything, bringing her back to Ylith. However Ylith awoke, dismayed at his fiancées actions. The sword not only bringing back his love but a beast, created by his own dark emotions he forged within the sword, which he tried so hard to keep locked within the blade.

Taking the fallen sword he broke it into pieces, severing the connection before the beast could come out and poison his mind again and he was reunited with his dark emotions. The Medusa, now released from its curse, was given to Jade as a gift, knowing how much she had always admired the dark blade. Using ancient ways of the Force, and Alchemy Jade reformed the blade, adding her own strength and powers into it, so that whenever she wield it, it would add to her strength.

Valheru Sword of Darkness

Before Yilth purposed to her he gave her a token of his love, a piece of he prized and beloved sword. She had accepted it, knowing how much it had meant to him to give it to her, and how much it meant to her that he gave it to her. She responded by giving him a rare eggs she had found on his homeworld, hoping it would bring him peace. Jade keeps the piece of sword against her heart, protecting her and reminding her of her love for Ylith.



"Or for the offense, whichever suits your mood at the time"
Talos Omerta to Jade, upon giving her Nightwraith

A gift from Talos along with Silverlight.

Nightwraith is a short sword made of pure obsidian with a red jewel in the pommel. When asked if it was for her protection he grinned and nodded. He then added, "Or for the offense, whichever suits your mood at the time".

Jade’s Markings

The Silver Rose

After being kidnapped and places with her foster family she was drugged and the family marking of the rose was place on her left shoulder. The tattoo was done in a silver paint making sure her body could not heal the marking. The white rose, and silver stem surrounded by green ivy leaves is the symbol of royalty on the planet she was thrust too. Not only is she currently hunted by the daughter of the bounty hunter Ylith killed to protect her, but the soldiers and people of the planet look for her return. She would be next in line for rule and possess the family fortune, but she chooses to stay in the Brotherhood.

Golden Flecks

After the wedding vows Jade and Yilth had gone into a secret cave, one that use to be sacred to the elders of Draken’s time. As a gift for her husband she took the spirit of Draken’s past love into her. Meaning originally for it only to be a moment to say whatever needed to be said. However neither spirit was content in only having a slight conversation, and she agreed to take Morwein, Draken's past love, and intertwine her within her own spirit. The golden flecks in Jades eyes show the connection to Morwein, but both she and Jade are finding the symbiotic relationship hard.

DJB Facts


Jade is very proud of all of her apprentices and they hard work they not only did to achieve their Dark Jedi Knight status but to their continued hard work within the Dark Brotherhood. They are all strong in their own ways and she takes them as great achievements on her own dark path. Each one of them gaining knowledge in the dark side, and having fun within the Dark Brotherhood.

Zaxen Dauketrenal Isradia: A strong worker who was more dedicated than any she had seen pass though the DB halls, She was more than egar to take Zaxen on as an apprentice. His skill quickly grew and he always managed to surprise her with his thirst for knowledge and his need to want to help out. He studied hard and even found himself belonging to the noble family of the Isradias. After becoming a Dark Jedi Knight, he found himself in the roles of Battle Team Leader of the Night Hawks, Roll Master of House Marka Ragnos and Aedile of House Marka Ragnos. He is currently away on Naval Duty in the USA.

Teu Pepoi: She was one of her longest apprentices to date. One that took a few years but she was dedicated and wanted to get things done even if things would work against her doing so. Jade was always impressed with Teus drive to get things done. In the end Jade and Teu managed to just pull her though and get her the shiny saber she worked so hard for. She is currently married to Jades other apprentice Demonic aka Fremoc, and is the Battle Team Leader in House Ludo Kressh for the Battle Team The bastion.

Fremoc Pepoi aka Demonic: The two don’t speak much any more, but since his achievement of Dark Jedi Knight he became the Battle Team Leader for Night Raptors, Aedile for House Marka Ragnos and QUA of Marka Ragnos. He is currently active within the DB.

Positions Held

Preceded by:


Battleteam Leader of Night Falcons

23 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Vladek Solander

Battleteam Leader of Ravana Squadron

25 ABY

Succeeded by:

Ashura Isradia

Preceded by:

Vladek Solander

House Envoy of House Marka Ragnos

26 ABY

Succeeded by:

Tyren Atema

Preceded by:


Battleteam Leader of Night Hawks

27 ABY

Succeeded by:

Tyren Atema

Preceded by:

Ylith Atema

Battleteam Leader of Night Hawks

26 ABY - 27 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Rollmaster of House Marka Ragnos

27 ABY - 30 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Aedile of House Marka Ragnos

30 ABY - 31 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Jedgar Octavius Paladin

Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos

31 ABY - Present

Succeeded by:


Outstanding Achievements

  • Jade has been Battle Team Leader three times and has done a great job each time.
  • She was also House Envoy and was dedicated in her work, earning an Anteian Cross for excellent service.
  • She has been a great help for the 6th Great Jedi War, participating in 6 competitions and helping her Clan.
  • Jade was promoted to Krath Priest on 7 May 2008
  • Jade was made the Prefect of Kangaras
  • Has been the Battle Team Leader of the Night Hawks for 7 months and received a Steel Cross for her hard work and dedication.
  • Was promoted to Krath ArchPriestess On October 25, 2008
  • Was the Black Guard for Derev when he was QUA of House Marka Ragnos
  • Was promoted to AED of HMR in December 2008
  • Received a Seal of Loyalty for exceptional service during the sixth year of Brotherhood Independence on April 13, 2009
  • Was named a Daughter of Sadow on April 26, 2009
  • During her tenure as House Marka Ragnos QUA she knighted 4 journeymen, William Darkfire, Teu Pepoi, Bal Demona, and Fremoc "Demonic" Pepoi.
  • Was QUA for 4 months
  • During her time of QUA she successfully lead her House into victory in a House Feud, rightfully allowing it to retain its title of First House of Clan Naga Sadow!!!


  • Former Apprentice of Macron, Manji, Ashura
  • Has a hired hit man pet named Mr. Snurpy.
  • The wife of Ylith Atema
  • Master to Zaxen, Teu and Aranas, VanWyck