Cenota Facility

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Exodus era.
Cenota Facility
General information

23 ABY, Level 13 constructed in 37 ABY


Cloning facility sabotaged in 33 ABY




Dlarit Corporation

Physical specifications






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Entrance to the Cenota Facility
The Cenota Facility is a harsh penal colony located on Gamuslag, the largest of the two moons of Sepros. Manned exclusively by men from special operations, the former Dlarit Corporation maintained a garrison to handle security at the detention facility. In addition, the Corporation maintained an reserve armoury should anything ever happen to the main military garrison on Tarthos. Indeed, during the invasion by the dark side followers of the Sith witch called Anaxela, the assets and supplies stashed in the facility proved instrumental in the re-taking of several key locations. Cenota is now owned and operated by the Orian Assembly although the purpose and staffing has not changed appreciably other than growing larger.

Cenota was constructed in the years running up to the outbreak of the Eighth Great Jedi War in 21 ABY, a period when Governor General Xanos Zorrixor was overseeing a system-wide fortification across Orian, the then-consul having foreseen the coming invasion by the Far Outsiders. On Zorrixor's orders, Cenota's construction and most of the facility's specific specifications were personally overseen by former Prefect Macron Goura. In addition to the publicly acknowledged detention facility, Clan Naga Sadow maintained a secret research facility beneath the main penal colony. The research facility was previously home to thirty-four cloning cylinders looted from a laboratory on Jaginos run by a group of rogue Kaminoan scientists who had defected to Arkanian Micro.

The Facility remained one of the most secretive and guarded Clan Naga Sadow locations in later years, both due to the harsh nature of the moon's environment and the tight security around the structure. In early 38 ABY the former cloning facilities were re-purposed to become the top secret Level 13 Research Facility headed by Macron Sadow and Research Group Theta, primarily Verpine Engineers.

Structure and features

The underground cloning vats
The cloning tanks beneath the detention facility were originally used for the Delta Project, which saw a limited run of thirty-four advanced clonetroopers. However, the project was abandoned, the cylinders needing to be reassigned to produce more rapidly grown troopers to replace the numbers lost in the Fall of Antei. The high turnout of ordinary clonetroopers came at a price, however, as unlike of the original batch of enhanced soldiers, the subsequent batches exhibited poorer marksmanship and proved lacking in tactics due to much of their natural ingenuity being hindered by the behavioral manipulation carried out to make them less willing to question orders.

While the clonetroopers proved instrumental during the war in the defense of Orian and its surrounding spacelanes, the Corporation's cloning operations came to an end in 33 ABY when unknown infiltrators breached Cenota's security, sabotaging the Spaarti tanks and rendering them useless. The Corporation has since been forced to draw on its external contacts on Antei to field replacements for the clone contingent of the former Dlarit Special Operations Group.

In the deep underground research laboratories known as Level 13, biochemical and genetic experiments are rumored take place. The upper levels are also reputed to play host to a number of alchemical experimentations, with condemned prisoners being pitted against the mutated creatures and abominations. Further, a section of the upper facility is used to train a special division of "hazardous operations troopers", heavy weapons operators and skilled in nuclear, biological, and chemical response and combat environments.