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Shin'ichi Keibatsu
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Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.764 meters


112.24 kg






Lower Jaw

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Amethyst, Crimson

Lightsaber Form(s):

Juyo, Vaapad, Ataru, Makashi

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate, Kartranin, K'tara

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Independent House Revan, Dark Council, Grand Master, Keibatsu, Sons of Sadow

Personal Ship:

Fallen Spear, Kiba



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Shin'ichi Keibatsu is a Krath Pontifex, former Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow, Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master, and is one of two founders of the Order of the Black Guard. He was also the Commander General of DSOG.

Character History

  • Shin’ichi is fanatically loyal to Muz;
  • Shin’ichi is scarred both physically and mentally from a lifetime of war;
  • Shin’ichi pilots a new model of starfighter developed on Kyataru called the Kiba; and,
  • Shin’ichi has only one fear…nonexistence.


"He is my greatest shame."
―Koji Masurao, Lord of Kyataru

Shin’ichi was sired by Koji Masurao Keibatsu and born of a lowly house maid only two months after the birth of his half-brother Musashi Daraku Keibatsu. Illegitimate, his very existence brought shame unto the Keibatsu family. To hid the shame, it was decided by Koji and his wife Mariko that the infant would be sent away from Kyataru and the Keibatsu family, and that the maid would "disappear".

For a time he lived upon the Imperial Throne World of Coruscant as a member of the Endymiron family. They were a strong and loyal Imperialist family with a history of service to the Galactic Empire. It was no surprise then when Dreven Endymiron, the head of the family was assigned command of a secret imperial design facility.

Dreven took his family, including his brother Daryon and his family, and began his new assignment. For several years the Endymiron’s lived worked and played aboard the facility, and young Shin’ichi, now known only as Tharivol grew up with his only cousin, Daihok.


"Soon we shall have peace and order throughout the galaxy."
―Emperor Palpatine, Galactic Emperor & Sith Lord
Verpine Shatter Pistol
News reports had circulated for years that the “war” against the rebellion was going smoothly and, in spite of the loss of the Death Star, the Rebellion would soon be crushed. It therefore came as a great shock when a Rebel raiding party emerged from hyperspace and began to attack the station.

Tharivol and Daihok ran to join a defensive battery but were turned away by security personnel. Their mothers found the two young boys and hid them within one of the shuttles, with orders to remain hidden. For several minutes the Rebels pounded on the station, but Tharivol and his cousin never lost hope that the mighty Empire would triumph in this battle - as they had in all others.

Then tragedy struck the two boys. The comlink they had been left with came to life with orders for them to depart the station and hit the hyperspace. Coordinates had already been laid in. Tharivol refused and was about to leave the ship when Daihok lifted off and took them out of the hanger, engaging the hyperdrive almost immediately upon exiting. Tharivol saw the station burning as the stars turned to lines and then the swirling pattern of hyperspace.

He would later learn that one of his closest friends, Sildrin Rys-Hastur was a part of the Rebel strike force that destroyed the station. Little did he know that he would have his revenge years later, when he participated in an Imperial assault that destroyed her homeworld. These two revelations cemented both a friendship and a deep hatred within the two Dark Jedi.

A Soldier’s Life

"They deserve to die a traitors death...sir!"
―Tharivol Endymiron, Stormtrooper Lieutenant
Tharivol Endymiron: Officer of the Empire
Hyperspacing to Coruscant, the boys would be picked up by an Imperial patrol and brought to Imperial City. There they were separated. Tharivol would not see his cousin for several years. He was to be sent to the Imperial Academy.

For years, as war raged on, and the Empire fought the growing Rebellion, Tharivol trained to be a soldier. Learning piloting, demolitions, small arms and heavy weapons skills, stealth, survival, interrogation, and all manner of the black arts of soldiering. Graduation came, and he was sent into the field. For over five years Tharivol fought for the Empire. When the second Death Star fell, and both the Emperor and Darth Vader were no more he retreated with the Imperial remnant.

With the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Tharivol saw a means for revenge against the Rebellion, and joined in the campaign to retake the Empire. Sadly the remnant was to be driven back once again, once more fanning the flames of Tharivol's rage and hatred. Three years later when the Emperor Reborn emerged and attempted to seize control of Coruscant, Tharivol was again at the forefront of the Emperor's forces. Once again the Empire was to taste defeat at the hands of the Rebellion. While preparing to retreat Tharivol ran into his cousin, Daihok who had been training as a Dark Jedi under the Emperor's Dark Adepts. Unfortunately the rebellion ran into both of them, turning the men into POW’s.

The Brotherhood

Finding the Brotherhood

"Your honor is loyalty."
―Daihok, Epistle of the Krath Order
Shin'ichi's Warbanner
Isolated from other prisoners Tharivol had only his own mind to keep him company, and his mind was in no mood. After several months the commando managed to escape after killing a guard on the night watch. He went to his cousin’s cell only to discover it empty. Tharivol swore to avenge him and made his way to the nearest town boarding a shuttle bound for Remnant space.

Shortly after landing Daihok found him and brought him to the Dark Brotherhood here he had been training as a Krath. Tharivol discovered he too had the Force deep within him and called upon the Dark Sideas if he had been doing it all his life. He would later learn that he had.

For years the pair trained earning the right to bear sabers as Dark Jedi Knights. Daihok ascended as Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos and Tharivol swore himself to his new leader and to Clan Naga Sadow. The two created the Order of the Black Guard and worked tirelessly to bring glory to their house and clan. One day they were approached by a terrifying Dark Lord and offered the chance to train in private. Jumping upon the opportunity the pair left the Brotherhood for several years.


"Family is more than bloodlines."
―Old Mandalorian Saying

As suddenly as he had left the Brotherhood, Tharivol returned. Slipping once more into the position of Black Guard to the new Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos - Nekura Manji Keibatsu. Shortly thereafter a probe was intercepted bearing a strange message and the name Keibatsu. Nekura, his brother Muz, the Sith Alchemist Macron and Tharivol departed to learn the origin of the probe.

What they found was an ambush by a rival clan and a party of Jedi waiting to destroy them all. In the end, the four Dark Jedi were successful in defeating their enemies and making their way into what appeared to be a vacation home. There a lone droid, which had been maintaining the house, identified the two known Keibatsu brothers and a third member of their bloodline. Tharivol Endymiron was in fact the forsaken child Shin’ichi Keibatsu. The forgotten brother had been found.

Service in Darkness

"He soul."
―Unnamed Jedi Knight upon probing the mind of Shin'ichi

Retaining his position as a Black Guard within Clan Naga Sadow, Shin’ichi sought greater knowledge and power. When Muz was appointed Herald by the Grand Master Jac Cotelin, Shin’ichi joined his brother as Praetor. When Muz was elevated by Grand Master Sarin to the post of Deputy Grand Master Shin'ichi once again followed his brother becoming a Magistrate.

The position of Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow, would also be undertaken for a time. Leaving to focus more on his duties as Praetor to the Herald and as a newly appointed Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master. He was content for now to serve the Dark Council and his clan as a Magistrate and Black Guard. But his clan would call on him once again to undertake greater duties.

Again Shin'ichi would return to the Position of Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow. This reign would be short lived as well for the Keibatsu would be elevated to the position of Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow.

Going Home

"I am the consummation of the Final Way."
―Abomination, Shin'ichi's alter ego
Shin'ichi Keibatsu
With the Keibatsu family reunited it was time to reclaim Kyataru. For three months the Keibatsu family served as generals to a clone army that fought to retake their ancestral home. In the end the warlords that opposed them were all slain, and the planet was unified under the rule of the Keibatsu.

It was also there that Shin’ichi discovered a positive aspect to his status as a bastard. Even though he could never ascend to the Lion Throne of Kyataru, he could enact the ever vicious deeds that would bring shame upon a legitimate member of the family. It was during the reclamation of Kyataru that he earned the names “The Blasphemer”, “The Crucifier”, and “The Abomination”.

It should also be noted that around this time, despite a growing darkness in his mind, or perhaps because of it, that he began to form a force bond with his sister-in-law, the Zabrak, Ashia Kagan Keibatsu.


"We've all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren't afraid control life itself."
― Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu
The Abomination of Kyataru
The horrible actions he visited upon the enemies of his family, combined with the atrocities he had witnessed and participated in for the sake of the Empire, eventually culminated into the awakening of an even darker personality within Shin'ichi.

Recently the Epis has been wading deeper and deeper into the Dark Side. An unfortunate side effect is the development of an ever greater murderous personality trait. While normally the Krath can remain detached from killing, as a proper soldier should, when touching the Dark Side and calling upon its Rage he becomes what the people of Kyataru have dubbed "The Abomination". This characteristic of his personality is completely depraved and derives extreme pleasure in the infliction of suffering.

While there is no clear reasoning for the development of this psychological condition it is widely known that the Praetor has a natural instinct for killing, having utilized these instincts in his missions as a Black Guard and as an agent of the Herald. The popular theory for the emergence of the Abomination is that a lifetime of war has finally left its mark on an already darkened soul. In actually the madness is a familial trait speculated to have been born from some ancient fratricidal action.

War of Shadows

What Sin Loyalty

"What the hell happened to his face?"
―Unknown Journeyman before being slaughtered
Shin'ichi in Real life
When called by his brother the Herald to Kyataru Shin'ichi responded with all the others of his family. The Keibatsu disappeared from Brotherhood space, all seeming to vanish into the mists of their homeworld. A rebellion had arrisen from the ashes of the former planetary rulers. After a long and bloody campaign, the results of which remain unknown outside of the family, the Keibatsu returned to Brotherhood space.

When they returned, Shin'ichi, was horribly disfigured, and several more Keibatsu bore visible scars. The bottom half of the Abomination's face had been a lightsaber. None of the Keibatsu spoke of their experience, but all were visibly shaken. Shin'ichi now wears a mask covering the disfigured portion of his face and he speaks through a vocabulator installed by Macron.

The installation of the vocabulator by Macron was itself a fierce and traumatic experience for Shin'ichi. Macron did not feel the need to administer anesthetic and operated on his brother while the patient was fully aware and had complete tactile sensation. The burning flesh detected by his olfactory senses as the Alchemist cauterized the portions of the wound not burned by the saber of the Jedi, the crunching and grinding of bones to fit the cybernetic components, and the bonding process using titanium screws to secure the vocabulator are all burned into Shin'ichi's mind. On that day he learned the often misunderstood lesson of pain.

In recent months his mood has darkened further. Having seized the position of Rollmaster within Clan Naga Sadow the Epis is running the office with an iron fist, a radical departure from his once evenhanded approach to guiding new members. He spends more and more time delving into dark powers alongside his apprentice Sai Na'Ashar Keibatsu.

With his appointment to the position of Proconsul secured Shin'ichi passed on the mantle of Rollmaster to Sai and has taken a new apprentice, Guardian Tsingtao. Working closely with both of his apprentices, Shin'ichi aspires to ever greater amounts of power and prestige and will use any method necessary to achieve his goals.

What Lies Within

"I have seen the end of civilization"
―Xanos Zorrixor
Shin'ichi's Dual Sabers

The Keibatsu was still newly minted as Proconsul when the invasion of the "Far Outsiders" occurred. They struck hard and fast right into the very heart of the celestial body known as the shroud decimating the assembled fleets of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi and causing the Autarch with the Grand Master Sarin aboard to flee to another system. Ordering a retreat towards Antei the Overlord entrusted Macron and Shin'ichi with the survival of his clan and legacy.

Little did anyone know that the "retreat" to Antei had been orchestrated by Xanos and Trevarus Caerick so that they may save the tomes and holocrons held within Kalekka Tower and so that they might defy the Dark Council in an attempt to rally the clans. Trevarus took this course of action to preserve his own vanity, Xanos on the other hand had chosen to risk the clan and defy the council out of anger that the entire Dark brotherhood had ignored his warnings about the Yuuzhan Vong.

With lies and deceit present everywhere the clans not only fought for survival against the Yuuzhan Vong, but they also amongst one another over the old rivalries. Enraged at Xanos and Trevarus, Shin'ichi left the Covenant and took off after them in his Kiba following them to the surface of Antei. There he crash landed in the Du'san boundary and made his way on foot to the tower just in time to witness the ritual of the Grand Emanation of the Emerald Daggers.

Confronting the Dark Lord and Dark Jedi Master moments later, Shin'ichi stood valiantly before them ready to deliver the Overlord's Justice. Sadly the Pontifex could not hope to stand against a Dark Prophet and a Dark Jedi Master together and he was defeated. In a rare show of mercy however the two conspirators decided against killing the Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow and instead informed him of their "true" intentions. Not entirely satisfied Shin'ichi returned to the Covenant just in time to help with the starfighter battle against the Yuuzhan Vong.

In the midst of the battle the Grand Master had returned with a small contingent of new ships at his back, but rather than organize a counter-offensive he ordered the execution of the Braata Option. Defeated the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi retreated from their seat of power within the old Sith Empire and made for their various home systems.

Enraged at the thought of retreat and saddened by the loss of his nephew Sanjuro Shin'ichi sought out his "twin" Ashia and together they vowed to return to search for Sanjuro and to wage a never ending war against the Yuuzhan Vong. A vow that was echoed in the hearts of the rest of the Keibatsu family, and of Clan Naga Sadow. Their humiliation would not last.

Footnote: For his courage under fire, excellent leadership of the forces of Clan Naga Sadow and his years of dedicated and loyal service Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu was named a Son of Sadow by the Overlord Astronicus Aurelius Sadow.

In Suffering Salvation

"Never Again!"
―Graffiti found all over Sepros, Unofficial motto of the survivors of Yun-Yuuzhan
The Insignia of the Commander General

With the devastation of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion having torn the Orian system apart and the scuttling of the majority of the Clan Fleet Shin'ichi had his work cut out for him. Sai had been initiated into the mysteries of the Krath Priesthood, Tsingtao had earned his saber, and Joseem had returned from beyond the outer rim to resume his apprenticeship under the Pontifex. These developments aside the Proconsul had yet another apprentice under his tutelage, the enthusiastic and skilled Alexander "Xander" Anderson. He put these men to their tasks as they set about to rebuilding Orian and preparing the Dlarit Military.

First on his list was the establishment of DSOG. It had been decided that a special unit would be created consisting of the best and brightest of the Dlarit Military. These men and women would operate with the full knowledge of what their masters truly were. No more pretense would exist between the Dark Jedi and these soldiers as the Sadowites strolled the corridors of their ships and bases, lightsabers upon their hips. With Sai serving as the Clan Rollmaster his control of the logistical operations of the clan was invaluable in the creation of this covert unit, and remains so in its upkeep.

The next task to befall the newly minted Commander General was the commissioning of the new Clan Fleet. While Sai was an excellent analyst with a keen mind for strategy the establishment and operation of DSOG along with the rest of the Clan would keep him far too occupied to assist his master in this new task. That privilege then fell to Tsingtao, now Aedile of House Ludo Kressh. His keen administrators mind would be of great assistance to Shin'ichi and Macron as they apportioned the fleet amongst their protectorates.

Positioning two of his apprentices in very important posts within both the Clan and the military Shin'ichi was able to turn his attentions to Joseem and Xander. Joseem as it turned out had honed some of his combat skills in the Unknown Regions. His master was glad for before the mission they were somewhat lacking and Shin'ichi knew he would either return a better warrior or not at all. Xander on the other hand was showing a predilection towards politics and scholarly pursuits much like Sai had early on in his apprenticeship. He had no doubt that soon both of his fledgling students would attain their lightsabers.

The shroud of defeat still covered the Clan yet its Proconsul had emerged from conflict with renewed energy and purpose. He and his apprentices would be the salvation of the Clan. This, after all, he had foreseen.

Something for the Pain

Darkest Knight

"The Brotherhood was united with infinitely greater purpose in pursuit of war than we ever were in pursuit of the Final Way."
―Macron Keibatsu Sadow, Consul of Clan Naga Sadow
A Tortured Soul

In the months that followed the Great Incursion and the razing of Antei Shin’ichi and the Consul Macron began the work necessary to rebuild the holdings of Clan Naga Sadow. The new clan fleet had arrived and with it a newly commissioned Republic Class Star Destroyer aptly christened the “Final Way” by Shin’ichi himself. DSOG had been firmly established and bloodied in their first engagements against pirates and opportunistic raiders. Unfortunately it was during one of those missions that his apprentice Joseem had been slain leading a squad of troopers into battle. He was honored with a hero’s funeral on the same evening that Xander was knighted into the order of the Dark Jedi.

It was during the second month of the rebuilding that Macron announced his intentions to leave for the outer rim in search of solitude and to conduct his ever more involved alchemical experiments. He would return with many horrors not seen since the days of the old Sith Lords. In his absence Trevarus Caerick who was also known as Shan-Long would take up the mantle of Consul of Clan Naga Sadow. Shin’ichi remained as Proconsul and ensured that the defenses of the Orian system were ready should the far-outsiders return.

The man called Abomination by some had begun to slide ever deeper into darkness consumed by rage and a strange grief at the loss of Joseem. War had been his life and in that time he had lost many men but this one affected him more and drove from Shin’ichi the last vestiges of his Humanity. He looked upon the Clan with disdain and its members as puppets and children to be manipulated and used by fools who no more knowledge of command than they had of exotic cooking. So it was in his rage that Shin’ichi approached his old friend and resigned the Proconsularship of Naga Sadow to pursue his studies in the deepest mysteries of the Dark Side.

It would be his sister Ashia who would succeed him as Proconsul as Shin’ichi sought solace in the abyss.

Forever Knight

"Even in the depths of pain, or perhaps because of it, he remembers his the family, to the clan, to the brotherhood."
―Ashia Kagan Keibatsu, "Twin" sister to Shin'ichi
Abomination Saber

Returning from his self-imposed exile to find that Xander had become the Aedile of House Marka Ragnos and that Ashia had ascended to the Consularship of Clan Naga Sadow Shin’ichi set about gathering his apprentices and preparing for the coming horror that would render the clan in twain. A horror he had foreseen in the deep black of space.

His most favored apprentice Tsainetomo had an apprentice of his own to boast about in the personage of Vorion. Upon meeting the Jedi Hunter Shin’ichi was impressed with the cunning, intelligence, and raw tenacity of the young man, even musing to Sai that the boy reminded him of Sai in the early days of his apprenticeship.

It would be shortly thereafter that during a sparing session with Tsainetomo that Shin’ichi would gain another apprentice in Jades "Imperial" Atema. As Sai and his master fought with voracity the humble Knight watched and studied. Shin’ichi had sensed days before a keen intellect in need of guidance and had known that should word of a battle between Sai and Shin’ichi be spread that that mind would attend. He had felt her enter and had felt her excitement rise at every strike and parry and every blow that would have felled a lesser being. In the end she approached and uttered two simple words…”Teach me”. Shin’ichi looked upon her and with the Dark Side enveloping not only he and Tsainetomo but Jade as well baptized her Zillah. He knew that her mind was a shroud and her potential barely tapped. She would be an instrument to be used for a greater purpose, and so his numbers grew.

But she was not the last. One more apprentice sought him out for tutelage, the one called Fenris. His was a power contained by the bottle of his own ignorance and he knew that greatness could not be achieved without a powerful master to guide him. Fenris abandoned his master Draken 'Ylith' Atema and sought refuge and guidance from the Krath Pontifex. Shin'ichi took him in knowing that the Jedi Hunter would serve his purposes as well as any other tool.

But it was when one of his closest allies came to him seeking wisdom and power that the circle was truly complete. Devani Maharet sought him out in private and swore an oath to become an extension of his will for she too felt the coming horror and knew that alone she would not survive, but with Shin'ichi and his apprentices her power would grow and she would live to fulfill her ultimate destiny. Shin'ichi also knew that her destiny was to be his apprentice for she brought balance to his entourage and was another warrior that would fight so that he might survive. And so they were seven, the number of perfection that encircled and joined with him in unholy communion and their power united would send the order of the clan into madness.

Cult of Personality

"Ready to die?...I was born ready!"
―Shin'ichi to Eojin Quon-Shen
Verpine Shatter Gun
Unforeseen even by Shin'ichi would be the seeming resurrection of Joseem. The Jedi Hunter had not been slain in combat but captured by agents of the Peace Brigade masquerading as pirates. Their insidious purposes were to study the Jedi Hunter in the hopes of exposing some inherent weakness in the Brotherhood as a whole. As a testament to his own skill and to the training methods of his mentor, Joseem escaped and evaded capture by the Yuuzhan Vong to return to what remained of Brotherhood space.

He would spend several months in a Bacta Tank recovering from his physical wounds. The wounds inflicted upon his mind would never heal.

DJB Facts


  • Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow - Krath Archpriest - Successfully Completed Trials - Active;
  • Jade Sadow (Zillah) - Krath Archpriestess - Successfully Completed Trials - Active;
  • Tsingtao Ming - Sith Battlemaster - Successfully Completed Trials - Active;
  • Joseem Maruuch - Sith Warrior - Successfully Completed Trials - Active;
  • Devani Maharet - Sith Warrior - Successfully Completed Trials - Active;
  • Krandon Rowella - Dark Jedi Knight - Successfully Completed Trials - Active;
  • Revenant - Sith Warrior - Successfully Completed Trials - On Assignment;
  • Alexander Anderson - Krath Priest - Successfully Completed Trials - TRAITOR - DISAVOWED and,
  • Fenris - Dark Jedi Knight - Successfully Completed Trials - TRAITOR - DISAVOWED


  • The name Shin’ichi is a silent nod to one of his favorite Japanese actors Shin’ichi “sonny” Chiba;
  • Shin’ichi created the elite Order of the Black Guard still utilized by Clan Naga Sadow;
  • The picture shown above is a real life picture of Shin’ichi; and,
  • Shin'ichi is the first person to ever score a perfect 100 on the Force Philosophy Exam.