Tirano Yamayura

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Tirano Yamayura
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





175 cm


162 pounds




Dark Brown

Personal Information

Anubis Annedu

Lightsaber Color(s):

Purple Krath LionsClaw

Lightsaber Form(s):

Makashi, Soresu, Vaapad

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi, Jedi scholar (past profession)


Krath Priest


House Ektrosis, Phoenix Phyle, Clan Arcona, House Qel-Droma, House Galeres, Blue Mist

Personal Ship:




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Tirano Yamayura is a young Krath Priest who is loyal to the House of Galeres of Clan Arcona of which he is the former Aedile. He served in the same position in the House of Qel-Droma, prior to his transfer to Galeres. He is also an ex-member of the Battle Team Phoenix Phyle, which he led in its golden times. Currently Tirano Yamayura is part of the Gaming Staff and the Shadow Academy, in which he teaches poetry. Currently he is also serving as a flight leader in the Battleteam of Blue Mist, where his brother-in-arms JScumm runs the entire operation.

After 20 years of suffering, Tirano finally found a place of peace where he could express his emotions freely. A few months later he found a family of brothers and sisters with similar ideas to his own, and since then he has placed his life on the line to defend the honor of his family and clan. The only plans he has for the close future is to continue his path and defend his allies.

“I shall fall before the Brotherhood even shakes!” - Tirano Yamayura

Character History


The First Ten Years (7 ABY - 17 ABY)

Tirano was born on Coruscant in a well-established middle class family of merchants. The first nine years of his life Tirano lived with his family, which left him a happy childhood to remember. Even today memories of his mother and father protect him at night. He will never forget those days, as dim as the memories may seem.

However, the truth was that Martus, his father, had several problems with a gang that had absolute control of the area where his family had their business post; they were forcing him to pay a fee for the “right” business. At first Martus had no problem to pay the “working tax”, but times changed and when Tirano was eight years old, his father started having problems with the fee because the business was declining. After one year or so, another gang won over the territory, and these new “owners” were ruthless and they didn’t forgive the late payments.

For the next six months Martus was attacked several times and he was forced to make a decision; he chose to flee with his family. Tirano and his family escaped the ruthless grasp of the gang into the lower levels of southern Coruscant. For the next five months Martus managed to keep his family afloat, however, he knew he could not run away forever.

Three months before Tirano turned ten, Martus and his wife ended up dead in one of the cargo lifts in the city. Tirano and his brother were not touched, after all a ten year old and a 15 year old could not retaliate against an organized gang. The only option Tirano and Garius had was to join a gang that would provide them shelter and the means to survive, this however had a high cost; their liberty. Their natural instincts made them act, for deep inside they knew they would not survive without help and this new family would help them stabilize emotionally. Soon they became enemies of the law, anger drove them to act, the law had not known teens that were so violent.

The Coruscant Two-Year Experience 17 ABY - 19 ABY

Hutt aka "The Leader"

For the next two years, Tirano stayed with his brother in the lower levels of Coruscant, working with the gang and acting against the law. Tirano and Garius began developing different skills such as swoop racing, gambling, blaster handling, sword fighting and hand to hand fighting. Both his brother and he started joining different tournaments for money and gang, but this was just one step of the plan. By the time Tirano was 11, both brothers had built strong reputations. Both of them started investigating a little bit more about their old enemies and soon they found out that a Hutt controlled the gang that killed their parents. They convinced the leaders of their gang to make a raid to enemy territory and after a couple of battles their gang started fighting the Hutt. This conflict lasted for almost a year and by the end Garius and Tirano were ready to kill the leader. During this last battle, one of the captains of the enemy gang wounded Garius, but he continued to fight, because it was not the first time something similar had happened to him. Finally, they managed to get through the complex to the Hutt’s office. The conversation was brief, and in one of his moments of rage, Garius jumped towards the Hutt. However, an electric barrier killed him. Tirano was devastated, and in his rage he slaughtered the Hutt (in a very macabre way, of course). Shortly after saying goodbye to his brother, he ran away, and got lost in his thoughts and pain; he had no links with any of his past families.

Teen Life

Rough Life (20 ABY)

After leaving everything he had known behind, Tirano started moving around other parts of the city where he started to earn his respect back as a swoop racers and a sword dueler. He had no enemies or friends now, he lived by himself without attaching to anybody, every time he tried attaching to anybody his brother’s death came back and he entered terrible states of depression. These moments were rare, but they still affected him greatly; he simply could not stop blaming himself for his brother’s death. More than once, he had problems with different groups who were jealous of his skill. He got a couple of bruises, he was a good fighter, but there was little he could do against a bigger group.

Little by little Tirano started recovering from his past trauma and just on time, a big sword tournament was about to start in the lower levels of South Coruscant, and some “businessman” were interested in sponsoring him. Tirano accepted the deal; after all, it was a lot of money. He entered the tournament and after some hard fights Tirano ended up victorious; this attracted a lot of attention. The same “businessman” that had offered him sponsoring gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse, an invitation to form part of one of the Coruscant Mafias. His rough life was over now, for he had protection now from a new family, new friends and new future.

Don’t Gamble with the Mafia (21 ABY)

Tirano started working as a guard of different members and shipments of illegal goods that were transported through the city. Little by little, Tirano started moving upwards, after a couple of months he became main security supervisor of the hallucinogen shipments. He was in charge of keeping the goods secure until they reached the final destination or one of the several safe houses that were available for the mafia all over Southern Coruscant. Apart from this security job, he was also the mafia’s main participant in all the Sword Dueling competitions and the underground Swoop Racing Competitions, they were still not sure he could make it a swoop racer.

He made a better reputation as a Sword Dueler than ever before but this led for some unnecessary attention, in other words the cops. The Police of the new republic started talking to him and they tried to convince the young lad to betray his bosses and give them the information in order to close the gang operations in Coruscant, naturally Tirano refused.

Bikes, Blasters and Cops: (22 ABY)

Tirano's Swoop Bike

After one year as a Sponsored Sword Dueler and a security supervisor, he finally proved himself to the mafia and he was transferred into the betting sector. He became a full time swoop racer and sword dueler, all the free time Tirano had, he spent it training for his next competitions in the junior category, which was the money source for many gangs and mafias in Coruscant. His reputation kept on growing and many of the others mafia’s and gang tried to sabotage his swoop bike more than once, but also he had an attempt against his life once, but it was a failure. Almost a year passed after his last promotion to the betting sector and he knew it was time to leave after almost losing his life in the attempt his life, which was made by one of the main enemies of the mafia he was working for.

Tirano went and took the offer given to him by the police, and soon he began spying for them in order to close several illegal “business” in the Southern area of Coruscant. The two last months of that second year in the gang were spent spying and digging dirt on the mafia and the main leaders of it.

The Departure from Coruscant (23 ABY)

Tirano's Escape Ship

Tirano continued to work as a spy for a little less than a year, everything was going fine, and he began to be recognized in all Coruscant by both sword duelers and swoop bikers. His wealth grew as much as his reputation, he was being paid by both the New Republic and by the Mafia, which gave him a healthy amount of money for his talents. Tirano could not think of anything that could ruin his life but this was the right moment for the police to pressure him. They wanted to go catch the mafia leaders now, and Tirano had no real option to stop, it was doing that or going to jail for his past crimes, which were going to be forgotten for a little service.

All the details about the ambush were ready, the night came and they were going to stop the mafia in their biggest operation of the year, more than five shuttles filled with different illegal goods coming from different planets were arriving and the police was not going to sit and watch. That night all the different sub-groups of the mafia were ready to transport the goods as quickly as possible, but after the shuttles arrived everything went wrong, the New Republic Coruscant Police Department attacked and captured most of the leaders and members with the exception of few that managed to escape. The few members that were left made a little intel operation and they found out the only other member that managed to escape was Tirano, who they tracked, he had no other options left he had to ask for help and the only people who would help him were the officers. After ambushing the last members of the mafia and almost dying in the process Tirano was shipped out towards Kaltace by the New Republic Officers.

A New Arrival (24 ABY)

The trip was very long for Tirano, he was thinking about all he had left behind him and all the things he would have to restart, it was something good now he could forget the past and start something new, something descent and legal maybe. He knew he could not go back at least how he was right now. He finally arrived to [Kaltace] and after some moving around he settled down in Valkry Station, where he began to work as a guard for a tavern. The work was pretty boring once in a while he had to kick some drunk guys out and he got to listen to much of the gossip, but it was not enough for him, he needed the adrenaline, the danger, the action and he didn’t get any of it there. After a few weeks he began to look around and talk to different people that pointed him in the underground direction of the station, soon he got in touch with the contacts to enter into a different world. By now, his plans of how to live this desolated rock began to form but nothing was for certain at least at that point of his life, for now he was content by his new hobby, gambling.

Adult life

Money, Girls and Problems (24 ABY)

Soon Tirano was known all over the station as the gambler, and this attracted the eye of many high ranking officer that were not happy to see how their subordinates spent all their money in the game and how a simple guard was earning so much money, enemies and respect. His life at this point was one of surplus in every sense from expensive transport, clothes, food to incredibly nice girls, weapons and others, which were not of the like of many people on station. During these months, he met several smugglers and other high ranking underground members that offered him an opportunity to work with them, because they had found out he was a very important person in Coruscant in his early years, but none of them knew the truth of how it all happened. Soon after being bullied by the high-ranking officers on Valkry Station, he decided to leave with his earnings to work in something more interesting and dangerous than simply gambling with desperate officers and pilots.

Respect, Death, Mandos and Smugglers (25 ABY)

By this time Tirano was already 19 years old, a wealthy well trained smuggler and an enemy of the law. He worked as a pilot for a wealthy smuggler ship that did operations in Hutt territory and New Republic space, he was a good pilot and trustworthy with a gun, the smugglers could not ask for more. This job brought the once homeless child respect, but it also linked him to several high profile murders including a one that happened during a Hutt cargo dispute. This murder brought a couple of mandos to look for his head but luckily he survived thanks to his operations partners who gave him a hand, after all it was them who killed the Hutt and not him. This lasted for a pretty good while until an operation went wrong and half of the crew perished in an ambush. This led the survivors to run for their life’s and Tirano ended in Yavin where he wondered around for some time until he got a job as a bodyguard for a middle level republic officer.

My Life for Money? (26 ABY)


Jedi Scholar (27 ABY)


Member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood aka "Salvation"(28 ABY)

At the beginning of the 28th after the destruction of the Death Star, ex-Jedi Scholar Tirano met with certain dark figures in the Jedi Temple at Yavin IV. The by then notorious scholar came under the attention of Apprentices of some sort of Brotherhood, which at the time he could not understand. After few weeks of research and interaction Tirano managed to extract information, which later on would lead him to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Diary Entry – Embracing Darkness “A dream come true, a year studying the Jedi up closely, over five reading books about this mysterious powerful beings. I always knew I had it inside me, the power to be like them, I knew they lied to me! I was too old and angry, I had suffered much in my life, their rules didn’t allow me to develop. Now I will be free, I am not bound to follow their so called ‘peaceful’ regulations. A monotonous life, a life of misery a life in which I could not be free. Now I will have what is rightfully mine, the power to control the world, the power of revenge and the tools for ultimate survival.”

Tirano sneaked out of Yavin IV to follow this strange Jedi he found. After a few weeks the strangers finally reached their goal, a strange Human with dark robes, strangely familiar to the old Emperor and his legendary servant of darkness. After a careful study of the dark figure the young scholar decided to make his move. Approaching the dark figure was easy, however the requirements that were asked of him were not. After a few weeks of constant study and training to prove himself to the emissary of the Brotherhood, he managed to gain his attention by showing great knowledge and agility. The recruiter was not highly impressed but the force was strong within Tirano and most of the physical training and the basic knowledge were already in his mind. He was given a set of coordinates to which he traveled immediately. As soon as he reached the coordinates he found a shuttle with another strange cloaked man who took him through his first steps in the brotherhood, this emissary took him to an unknown location at the time, where he entered a gigantic facility where he was given the first test in order to join the brotherhood.

Journal Entry - this is how the Journey Begins: “Finally I will be able to begin my training. I can feel a dark powerful force in this place, but darkness in a good way, darkness that brings power and that will let me achieve my goal. I will not be able to write in a long time, I will be busy with tests and training in which I have to be better than my foes, I have to be stronger, faster and smarter than them. If I fail I will not be able to continue my path, I know this is my destiny I can feel it. Next time I write about my journeys I will be someone different, I will be stronger and hopefully powerful enough to be the person I have been destined to be.”

Taldyran - Loyalties, Battles and Glory


Member of the Yamayura (28 ABY)

After serving sometime in the brotherhood Tirano made some friends and one of these notable friends was Tash who after making their bond of friendship stronger decided to adopt the young Jedi Hunter at the time as his brother, this way both members of the brotherhood became sons of a great family, who they proudly serve and honor with their actions.

Sadly Tashlan Yamayura was killed in battle against by the Vaung in 28 ABY during a heroic battle, his death brought devastation to the family and great sadness to his brother who decided to honor the family after his brother’s death.

Battle Team Phoenix Phyle "The Tetrach" (28 ABY - 29 ABY)

Recently Tirano Yamayura was appointed as Krath Tetrarch of the Battle Team Phoenix Phyle, in which he has made several changes both in members and rules that will be implemented during his period and the next generations. This promotion came to him after his former Tetrarch Lokasena “Sena” Corvinus resigned due to political reasons, now they are both working for the future and continuous glory of the Battle Team. At the beginning of 29 ABY Tirano Yamayura competed against other members for the position of Aedile in the House of Galeres, Sashar chose the Dark Knight to lead the House of Qel-Droma in Clan Arcona. With great pain in his heart but with greater ambition the young Knight accepted this position, leaving the express desire that his close friend Narad Na Lexu would lead the Battle Team.

A New Home “The Tyrants Den" (29 ABY)

As soon as Tirano transferred out of Taldryan he made many enemies, between those was Anubis Wrath, the Jedi Hunter had many conflicts with Tirano while he served Phoenix. A short lived conflict cause at the same time the Hunter disgracefully moved clans due to political reasons, which let him standing badly in the eyes of the summit.

Tirano was welcomed by the members of Arcona and he was given the due respect from everyone under his command, they gave him the opportunity to guide them even though most didn’t know him at all. “The Tyrants Den” was his new home and the place where the Dark Knight began many projects for the glory of Arcona and his own.

He is happy there because once again he found members of status and honor, worthy allies and good friends.

The Clan Feud, Arcona vs. Plagueis vs. Scholae Palatinae (29 ABY)

After a few months of training under the banner of Arcona a big battle approached the young Aedile who had to prepare his followers next to Vorion, his Quaestor to fight the enemy. The summit decided to divide the clans in different areas and Tirano was able to take up the gaming mantle next to Wolvie and Maladir, the newly appointed Quaestor of Galeres. The three of them began a big campaign in which they hoped to gain glory to Arcona at all costs.

To be continued …

Same Clan New House, “The Dawn of Galeres” (29 ABY)

The times in Clan Arcona became turbulent as the beloved Consul, Mejas Doto, retired. Sashar Arconae took over the Consulate of Arcona in his wake. The newly appointed leader of Arcona asked the rising Knight of Qel-Droma to move house in order to help Malidir Trepidus Erinos revive the House of Galeres.

The Knight, who was beginning to make a name in Arcona, accepted with no hesitation, he was willing to do anything to help his great clan rise to its former glory. This was also one of the final phases of his training before the anticipated and dreadful 9th Great Jedi War reached his door. He was going to be ready and Arcona was going to be in the front line to be victorious over the enemy.

Flight Leader of Blue Mist (29 ABY)

While Tirano served as Aedile JS was appointed as BattleTeam leader of Blue Mist, this caused great joy in the Jedi Knight who believed it was a well earned position and one in which he would help the squadron and the house as a whole.

Shortly after his resignation Tirano requested his transfer to Blue Mist in order to serve with his brother in arms. JS accepted him gladly and that same day Tirano began his new rigorous training in order to get back to shape, he knew failing his superiors was not an option. A new time period had began in his life, now once again he would have to start from zero in order to claim glory for himself once again; this time Blue Mist would be the tool to achieve that.

Serving Lord Angelo Dante (29 ABY)

Diary Entry:

“Lord Dante sent me a message a few days ago, he requested my presence in his battle ship. At first I was hesitant to go, the great warrior Dante wanted to see me, maybe he wanted my head after the Clan Feud, maybe he wanted my help. I went and I was surprised at his proposal. He wanted me to form part of his elite team of helpers. I was to organize and oversee feuds between members and organize them into groups for training in the outer rim. I was pleased at this offer and I did not falter when the time to answer came.”

Tirano Yamayura entered the gaming staff were he began his service for the greater good of the brotherhood and to increase his skills in the different areas, especially organization. This opportunity gave him the tools to learn more about how the brotherhood inner circles worked, and how the great leaders managed to control such a big flock of followers and warriors.

The Shadow Academy - Eclectic Pedagogue - "Learn or Die!" (29 ABY)

Lord Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar was in search for a new teacher of poetry and the search was not easy. The young Krath Priest Tirano Yamayura was an educated Jedi, who dedicated some of his free time to the research and further exploration of the written and literary arts. This fact was not well known as the Priest had made himself a reputation as a fearless warrior.

After a long wait Tirano received a communication from Aabs that said he had to report to duty immediately as now he was a teacher in the Shadow Academy. The joy overwhelmed the Priest for a few minutes before he left and began to work immediately. This was the way he had always seen his return as a scholar, warrior and leader.

The Ninth Great Jedi War - "Homecoming" (30 ABY)

As Arcona prepared for the war, Tirano Yamayura was training with Blue Mist to be ready for the upcoming fight. He could not afford to fail in such a conflict, this was not as personal to him as to other Arconan's as he was not part of the clan when the last war broke out and the clan was defeated.

“I shall serve my masters as I serve myself, I would rather die than see those Vong rule this system for another day! ARCONA INVICTA!”- Last words before the departure from an unknown region of space to join the Eye of the Abyss II.

To be continued ...


Friends & Allies

DJB Positions Held

  • BTL Phoenix Phyle - Taldryan - Former
  • AED Qel-Droma - Arcona - Former
  • AED Galeres - Arcona - Former
  • Gaming Staff - Console Gaming - OP Angelo Dante
  • Eclectic Pedagogue - Poetry, Advanced Poetry


Blue Banner

This banner represent how Tirano was when he arrived to the brotherhood, a frustrated, deadly but raw weapon, in his early stages he was a weak but constant member who was trying to adapt to his new life in the brotherhood and how little by little he began to create an identity next to his brothers of arms.

Purple Banner

This banner shows how Tirano’s identity became something better and stronger, how he finally found who he was and how his raw energy became focused energy, meaning he became a very efficient member of the Krath and brotherhood in general.

Tirano's Banner Under Qel-Droma

This Banner shows Tirano's new position in Qel-Droma while saving his old traits of strength and power that rely on the Krath order and some fusion between Sith and Obelisk which attract him more and more every time.


Gamertag: TiranustheWise

Tirano participates in different games such as:

Real Life Facts

  • First Ecuadorian DJK
  • Served two times in the Brotherhood under Grand Master Spears Tarentae and second and current term that began under Grand Master Jac Cotelin.