Thran Occasus

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Thran Occasus née Derc Alphons Kast
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Human (Bakuran)








Sandy blonde



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Arx Capital Exchange, Clan Scholae Palatinae, Imperial Mission, Caliburnus, House of Kast, Sith, Vectivian School,Occ-Var Industries,

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Olus Vision (CEC YT-1930), Allium (Lambda-class T4a Shuttle), TIE Defender, Anything that Flies



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"Too wise for a Sith, Too smart for an Obelisk, Too arrogant for a Krath."
―Chi-Long, speaking of Thran Occasus

" Some things just don't change...Thran is one of 'em"
― Anonymous

Thran Occasus is a member of Clan Scholae Palatinae and a fiery member of the Sith Order. Currently holding the position of Proconsul in Clan Scholae Palatinae, his reputation as a usurper of power leaves him under constant watch. Vain by nature, he is “plagued” by good looks. Above his natural beauty, his connection to the Force is extraordinarily strong. His charm and his guile have led him to be one of the most hated and feared Leaders of his Clan.

Thran is a master of deceit and manipulation. A purist of the Sith Code, he is a master practitioner of the lightsaber form Makashi.

Character History

The House that Kast Built | Before the Brotherhood

" If Callus had only known his son…They could have conquered the Galaxy"
― Aylanna Sokane, speaking of the Demise of the House of Kast

Thran Occasus-Palpatine was born Derc Kast on Bakura in 1 ABY to father Callus Fen Kast and mother Aylanna Kast (née Sokane). Callus, an Imperial Scientist, specialized in Repulsor technologies. Aylanna was the former Prima-Ballerina of the Imperial Ballet Company and later took a position as an instructor for dance troop on Bakura. The couple had five children; four daughters and a single son, Derc.

Family History

Callus Fen Kast was born in 41 BBY on Bakura. Coming from a typical middle-class family, Callus received proved to be a brilliant student and in his youth was given the Feather in his Feather and Bowl pairing. With a bright and open future, Callus opted to enlist in the Imperial Academy at Carida.

After several years and many planet relocations, the Family came to settle on Bakura when Callus became involved in developments for Repulsor Docking Mechanisms.

The couple had a child, a Daughter, Shir'Ciri, shortly after moving to Bakura.

Now in his early Forties, Callus could focus on the growth of his family. In 1 ABY, Aylanna gave birth to their fifth child, a boy, Derc. The Family was content, until 4 ABY. In the early part of the year, Callus had received a contract from none other than the Emperor himself. The Emperor wanted these repulsor pads installed in the Second Deathstar. The Contract was huge, he could not refuse. He immediately packed his bags and left for Endor. Callus toiled until he was killed in the Destruction of the Station at the Battle of Endor.

While Aylanna had lost her husband, she had acquired his entire inheritance including the vast contract that was signed. Through careful maneuvering of funds, she ensured a trove of money deeper than those of many Planets.

Awakening to Darkness

" The boy is too mild mannered, too fragile, too shaken up to be guilty of this heinous act. Even if he had done it, who cares? "
― Official Police Statement

The dwindling Kast Family remained comfortable in the shadows of the Empire in pre invasion Bakura. Without warning Aylanna fled the planet, to go on a tour around the Galaxy. They had left, with her keen intuition. They had avoided the Ssi-ruuk Invasion entirely. She brought along her Daughter, her Son, and her handmaidens. While visiting the inner rim, her young son was scouted by opportunistic talent agents. While she declined their offers, she did see what they were claiming and began putting the boy through rigorous training.

He became learned, the through hours of tedious instruction administered by the Handmaidens. While a youth, he enjoyed being a dangerous. At age 9, while on Vacation at a classy mountain resort, the young boy was abducted from his custodians. Taken to a hidden cabin in the mountains, the perverted captor had plans for what would inevitably become Cannibalism. One evening, the young boy had managed to worm free of his restraints. Sneaking through the night, he wielded a weapon in one hand. He perched waiting to strike the would be killer, when he noticed a small snake.

He recalled his studies. Aposematism. Bright colored animals were usually venomous. Carefully, the boy wrangled the crimson serpent and placed it in bed with the man. He watched, gleefully as the snake bit the man over and over again. He screamed with pain, and the little boy laughed. When the captor had finally died, the now twisted young boy began to slice the body of the man.

After his rescue, it was noted for the record that the boy was found playing with the poisonous snake. The little Serpent would become a symbol of the man he would become, insidious and mistakably deadly.

The Trial and Exile

"What doesn’t kill him will only make him stronger…"
― Aphelia speaking about the testing of Thran

As he aged, he grew increasingly detached from those around him, entranced by his own greatness. The awkward Kast boy had grown up to become a handsome young man. At age 15, a young woman by the name of Jenny’ri Sanniran had been paired with him by the traditional Rule of the Feather and Bowl. The pair was inseparable during this time and the young man clearly drew her attention away from her studies.


" Three Hundred Billion credits and you can’t buy me a drink?"
― Anonymous woman

At age 17, now named Thran Occasus, the young man set out on adventures and pursuit of wealth. Somewhere between Bakura and the other side of the Galaxy, Derc Kast had disappeared. With Contacts his mother held in the fashion world, Thran Occasus began albeit brief campaign in Modeling. His handsome young physique made him an overnight face for high fashion undergarments and cologne. Among laughter and rumors, he found himself realizing that he could not get what he wanted from strutting around in his underwear for a living. He reverted to business, and erased his memory of the terrible year he'd spent as a male model.

Comfortably Numb

" 150 kilos of the finest spice in all the land…Looks like someone is partying tonight…"
― Drug dealer on delivering a parcel to Thran

For two years, Thran lived an unbridled life as a playboy and socialite, earning him many friends and enemies along the way. He was business buy day, and party at night. The rumors said it was the spice that kept him from just falling over and dying from overexertion. He was known for womanizing, and flaunting his wealth. Some claimed him to be reckless, but in all honesty Thran had nothing better to do. By this stage in his life, Thran had no emotional connections with anyone. Home was far away, He never stayed in one place long enough to call it home, Women would stay with him but be gone in the morning; and he loved it.

Dreams of a Dark Lord | The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

" You have…potential…"
― Braecen Kaeth

Clan Exar Kun

The Dark Side called him, and he was brought to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood under Clan Exar Kun, where he immediately established himself as one of the most promising students the Clan had ever seen. In the frigid halls of Castle Frost, Thran Occasus took the first steps into what would truly be his destiny. Taking note of this, Grandmaster Chi-Long expressed interest in taking the young Thran under his tutelage. The Dark Lord could feel the presence within him, something that could only be tapped into when chosen to. The Force was strong with him and planets would fall in line. Shortly into his training, after the Clan Exar Kun merged with Clan Satal Keto to form Clan Plagueis Chi-Long vanished. Thran's instruction was passed along to a strong Sith by the name of Lusankya, who helped Thran reach the rank of Jedi Hunter. Thran felt slowed, like he was being held back our of Master's fears of him. After a brief recess from Training, Thran was passed over to Godo Nurok for the final stage of his instruction. The Lightsaber was a part of Thran, he had quickly mastered the Duelist's Form.

After reaching Dark Jedi Knight, Thran Occasus joined forces with long-time friend Braecen Kaeth to lead House Exar Kun. Their work was greatly successful and lead to the benefit of the entire clan. However, Turmoil between the Proconsul Salth Khan and then Consul Sarin once again blocked the Sith's campaign for more. Without the strong allegiance to his Aedile, Braecen fled the Clan. Occasus was detained during the Rites of Supremacy, forcing him to remain in the volatile Clan. He was dangerous, but they could still keep him in check.

The Empire

Upon his departure, Thran sought to follow his old friend, who had already worked his way up to Quaestor in Clan Scholae Palatinae. The old allegiance would be beneficial for both parties, but more so for Thran. After several stints as Battle Team Leader, Braecen, who had recently been appointed Consul, enlisted Thran’s help to unify the leadership of the Clan.

Prejudices were held against Thran for his actions. He seemed aloof, uncaring for the rigid structure the clan had supported before he arrived. He didn't care, he was going to Conquer and steal his way to the top.

Thran Occasus posing in the setting sun


Thran bounced between relationships until he was conscripted to Acclivis Draco. Braecen requested that his friend invest “special interest” in Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven who held the position of Aedile. Something about the older woman stuck out to him, so he began to pursue her romantically. Although she expressed no interest in the beginning, Thran’s tenacity eventually roped her in. Thran advised her as troubles with the HAD summit shook the house. Though she was in no place to do so, she seemed to trust him. After the longest relationship of Thran’s life, they continued to see each other throughout Thran’s usurping of the command of Caliburnus. He had been appointed Aedile, but only for a moment.

He had nearly claimed the Proconsul Spot from Phoenix, and was elected to work with Impetus in House Caliburnus. Thran, in a vain attempt to steal the coveted Caliburnus Lightsaber, dragged Rasilvenaira into the forests of Ptolomea. He got to the lightsaber first, but what happened was not what he expected. The Force revealed itself to him. The saber showed him visions of the Past, Present, and Future. He was now Quaestor of House Caliburnus.

As Quaestor of the House, Thran had invested a fortune into the House. He personally donated Dynasty Station and invested in the House's Facilities. Behind the controls of a TIE Fighter, he eventually established his place in the military community of Clan Scholae Palatinae. He spent hundreds of thousands of Credits gathering the rarest creatures in the Galaxy for the Clan to have. And for a personal pet, a mischievous lizard named Demas. Having flown many missions, he was awarded Top Ace, best of the best. Life was good.

Thran had learned great things about himself exploring the Caverns under Ptolomea's dark jungles. He had learned a great deal more about his plans. In a vision, deep in the Cave, he saw himself Ruler of All. Two figures appeared to him, testing him. He had failed the test, and he was distraught. Without warning, Thran vanished. Gone off to change what the Anonymous spirits told him.

Dorimad Sol

" I know what you are here for..."
Dakari Kaeth Palpatine

After his tenure as Quaestor of Caliburnus, Occasus discovered that he had a daughter. It was only part of the reason why he'd left. He immediately brought her to live with him and begin her studies of the Force. Originally, he kept her as a servant in his hidden jungle mansion on Ptolomea, unsure of how to tell her the secret. A precocious 9, the girl quickly figured it out. Eventually, she came to live with Rasilvenaira who showed far more compassion than he could. They lived on Ptolomea for sometime, Thran making an odd living here or there.

Caina was calling him. The Sith kept his affairs in line on Ptolomea, but moved to Caina where he became the Aedile of House Dorimad Sol. It didn't last for long. Dakari, a Sith Battlelord, knew what would happen when he walked through the doors. He found it wise to step down, lest he find himself dead one morning.

Occasus quickly stepped up. The project; A Castle. The old image of House Ziost's Castle Frost stuck in his mind. Ice Worlds were good for beginnings. The original plan failed. The House was left out in the cold. Moving to the warmer Central Climes, a New Project began; Arx Ondorii. The crowning jewel of Caina, the building became a central reminder of the wealth and prosperity Thran brought with him. House Dorimad Sol, had gone face to face with Rasilvenaira and House Caliburnus. House Dorimad Sol won and the relationship between the two Quaestor's fell apart.

Thran continued to see prosperity. He was moving upwards. He'd planned coups on Phoenix, and was edging towards the big seat. Phoenix retired, and his opening came. With great resentment, Thran became Proconsul.

The Throne

More to Come...

DJB Facts


  • Apprentice to Grandmaster Chi-Long
  • Apprentice to Lusankya
  • Apprentice to Godo Nurok

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  • Loud Mouth, First Echelon
  • First Dark Paladin of Scholae Palatinae
  • High Admiral of Clan Scholae Palatinae's TIE Corps
  • Curator of Clan Menagerie