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The Council
Political Information
Head of State:

Grand Master Dacien Victae

Head of Government:

Grand Master Dacien Victae

Commander in Chief:

Grand Master Dacien Victae

Judicial Branch:

Chamber of Justice

Societal information

Arx (formerly Antei)

Official Language:

Galactic Basic



Religious Body:
  • Sith
  • Jedi
National Holiday:
  • Star Wars Day (May 4th)
  • Anniversary of the Covenant (Dec. 16th)
Historical information
Formed from:

Dark Jedi

Date of Reorganization:

19 ABY

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The Council is an assembly of leaders who have been personally chosen by the Grand Master to assist within the administration of The Brotherhood. The Council is a small yet powerful body which has the responsibility of providing the membership at large a wide variety of services. Some of these services include maintenance of the roster and standards of promotion/award, training of membership, provision of website resources, management of a well-balanced role-playing system, creation of graphical assets. Led by the Grand Master and his Deputy Grand Master The Council oversees the stability of the entire Brotherhood and the creation of competitions and other events in which the membership may participate.

Council members include:

The Council is also assisted by a larger body known as the The Summit.

Further information: The Summit, Tribunes, Chamber of Justice

Fictional Role

The Council is both a ruling body and advisory board that is assembled by the Grand Master to oversee much of the daily management of the Brotherhood to ensure smooth operations. Their efforts allow the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master to take on more secluded roles in furthering the visions of the Brotherhood.

Each Councilor has a domain of power that they oversee, and it is through that domain that they inflict their influence on the Brotherhood. As a collective body, the full Council oversees every aspect of daily operations and advises the Grand Master. Outside of the Clans, every member of the Brotherhood answers to a member of the Council, and while they may be independent, even members of the Clans find benefits in generating favor with influence. Although each Councilor has their own domain of power, the largest gains come from collaboration where one will often find themselves reliant on the others. This serves to also prevent any one office from gaining too much power from the Grand Master.

Obsolete Positions

Main article: Former Dark Council Positions

Throughout the years, various positions within the Council have been created to serve a specific purpose. Obsolete or redundant positions were dissolved or combined with current positions, with their respective duties distributed amongst several Council members.

Obsolete Council positions included:

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