Tenth Great Jedi War

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Exodus era.
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Tenth Great Jedi War
Date: 29 ABY

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

House Odan-Urr and allies


  • Knights of Odan-Urr
  • Native Harakoans
  • New Tython Colonists
  • Ge'tal Gaan
  • Droid Armies


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The Tenth Great Jedi War, also known as the Invasion of New Tython and commonly abbreviated GJWX, was a major Brotherhood conflict that occurred in 29 ABY. It involved the seven Clans and Houses of the Brotherhood as they assaulted New Tython and its Jedi protectors, House Odan-Urr.


After months of debate on the topic of the Jedi that enjoyed Darth Ashen's apparent protection, the Dark Lord was swayed toward the idea of an invasion against the Jedi inhabiting New Tython. The Clans and Houses of the Brotherhood, each prepared in their own way and no two entirely united, quickly mobilized and assaulted the planet.

The conflict quickly grew beyond a simple extermination, however, as the renegade Jedi Michael Halcyon called on a band of Mandalorian allies to assist the forces of the Light. These mercenaries quickly turned the conflict into a full-blown war, drawing forces such as the Nephilim and the Jedi Master Eojin Quon-Shen into the raging battle. Ultimately, however, the conflict ended in favor of the Brotherhood, with the defeat of House Odan-Urr's greatest champions and the removal of their immediate threat.


Outbreak of War

Michael Halcyon and the Jedi clone of Kaine Maandaala.

Having spent three days in hiding on the thoroughly-changed surface of Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon, Michael Halcyon's paranoia quickly bloomed into a full-on sense of danger. He instructed his ship's droid pilot to take off and return for him within an hour. Joined by the Jedi clone, Kaine Mandaala, Halcyon soon witnessed the destruction of his vessel by a shoulder-mounted missile fired by a Dark Jedi.

The turn of events made one fact very clear to the Jedi Master; no matter where he went, or what he did, the Brotherhood would always follow him. Fed up with hiding and scurrying, he decided to move against them, following rumors of a newly founded Light Side House in search of allies.

"Then where does that leave us?"
―Fremoc Pepoi, musing to Bloodfyre on the departure of Tarentum's Jedi in exile.

On Yridia IV, Quaestor Bloodfyre witnessed the final Jedi sympathizers within House Tarentum boarding an Odan-Urr shuttle. Fremoc Pepoi, the Grand Master's Fist, joined him on the landing pad to ensure that Lord Ashen's protection was respected and obeyed; the two discussed their departure and how the Jedi no longer had a need to hide. While Bloodfyre felt scorn over not being able to deal with the Light Siders himself, Pepoi silently chafed at having to oversee such a protection duty. As the final Jedi entered the shuttle, Fremoc was quick to join them.

Muz Ashen addresses the Dark Council.

"Of course you want war."
―Muz Ashen, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Elsewhere, in Antei's Dark Hall, Lord Ashen listened to the plea of Shaz'air Taldrya as the Miraluka presented a case against Odan-Urr. Joined by Master At Arms Korras, Seneschal Orv Dessrx d'Tana, and Eiko, the Quaestor of Revan; the Taldryan leader argued against letting the Jedi survive. Forces across the Brotherhood had already been depleted by the departure of Jedi in hiding, while those that now served the Council of Urr had the potential to move against the Brotherhood.

After the report, Orv noted that Michael Halcyon had survived the most recent assassination attempt. After being confronted by Korras on his failure, Dessrx made it clear that both the Master-at-Arms and the Revanite Quaestor had also failed to kill the long-time foe of the Brotherhood. His plans laid in motion by the developments, Ashen activated his Throne's holotransmitter and used it to send a message to the entirety of the Brotherhood.

"The Dark Brotherhood goes to War."
―Muz Ashen, Dark Lord of the Sith.
Taigikori Aybara Dupar prepares for war.

As the Headmaster, Taigikori Aybara Dupar, prepared his weapon and prosthesis for the coming battle, his preparations were echoed by those of Sashar Erinos Arconae as he oversaw the readying of Soulfire Strike Team for combat. As the Adept traded quips with his brother, Consul Zandro, the Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae completed his own preparations by paying a far more solemn respect to Darth Sidious, his role model and inspiration, on Judecca.

The forces of Arcona.

In the Kr'Tal System, Quaestor Shaz'air joined members of the fabled Old Folks' Home as they readied themselves for battle. Listening to the recycled message of the Grand Master as they did so, the Taldryanites finished their individual preparations before moving on to finalize the preparations of the Brotherhood within a Brotherhood. As the speech replayed, its speaker, the Dark Lord himself, completed his own pre-battle rituals at Kuroshin Castle on Kyataru, where his wife Ashia Kagan Keibatsu adorned herself with her traditional Nightsister war paint.

Aboard the Deep Ice, Eiko and his Aedile, James Roberts-Brannigan, watched as intelligence came in to indicate that a bounty had been placed upon Jedi lightsabers. After being informed, Roberts-Brannigan questioned his Quaestor on whether the funds would be needed by the secretive Independent House; Eiko replied only that Revan would go where it was sent, lest it be construed as treasonous. Briefly, James inquired about something called the Raken Protocol; Eiko only replied that, whatever it might be, it would not take place yet. He noted that any Revanite who wished to claim a bounty was free to do so.

Muz Ashen dons the colors of his rage.

Halcyon Taldrya, Deputy Grand Master and brother to Michael Halcyon, joined Voice of the Brotherhood Vodo Biask Taldrya as the two prepared themselves aboard Abyss Station. As the Sith Lord gathered his custom weaponry from a concealed drawer, the Voice mused on how secrets existed even within Abyss that he was not aware of. Far away, on Sepros, Tsainetomo of Naga Sadow displayed himself in a show of strength that concealed his recent trials, showing his best face as he riled the Sadowites to the call of War. The forces of the Dark Council and the Brotherhood rendezvoused near the Esstran Sector, finalizing their coordinated efforts before moving against the forces of Odan-Urr.

On the surface of New Tython, lightsaber in hand, High Councilor Ji watched as the forces of Darkness descended on his beloved home.

Parry and Riposte

"They need to be purged."
―Michael Halcyon, Jedi Master.
Michael Halcyon and Ji decide on their next move.

Growing impatient with the slow pace of the charge, several of the Brotherhood's Equites departed from their dropships and shuttles before descent was complete, meeting the Jedi of Odan-Urr with unbridled ferocity and brutality. Their arrival on the surface, catching Odan-Urr completely off-guard, was likened to a plague of Sith; one such encounter saw a Jedi called Shala quickly engage a Zabrak in combat, seeing her impaled upon his blade. Following the encounter, Invictus, Aedile of Qel-Droma, faced the Zabrak, who refused to turn over the weapon of his recent kill; after easily dispatching him, Invictus determined that the man was not, as he had suspected, Cethgus Entar.

The Mandalorians of Clan Ordo battle the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Witnessing the brutality of the Sith against one another via hologram, Ji felt despair at the honorless nature of his enemies and how they sought to overwhelm his forces; without any other option, he turned to the newly arrived Michael Halcyon. Seeking the annihilation of his former compatriots, the Jedi Master urged Ji to allow him to call for help, to which the beleaguered Councilor had no other response. Agreeing, he watched as Halcyon called upon his allies.

As their attack continued to go off without resistance, the forces of the Brotherhood were caught off-guard as a huge force of Mandalorian mercenaries arrived in New Tython airspace, their dreadnoughts tearing a path through the Iron Throne's blockade as their forces dropped into the combat zone. Within the first few seconds, several Dark Jedi fell to the band known as Ge'tal Gaan; Sashar and Zandro, both former Mandalorians themselves, identified the enemy as members of Clan Ordo before being caught in a thermal detonator's blast.

At Arcona's Temporary Operating Base, Proconsul Wuntila barked orders as Socorra relayed him details on Sashar and Zandro's incapacitated status. As the Proconsul complained of Zandro's regular brushes with danger, he ordered that Soulfire rendezvous at their last-known position as the GPS for Arcona went black. As the Summit of the Shadow Clan fought to catch up with events, they and the rest of the Brotherhood reeled against the sudden assault.

The hunt had just become a War.

New Threats, Old Foes

"Come on. You could never resist."
―Muz Ashen, Dark Lord of the Sith.
Halcyon Taldrya fights alongside Shadow Taldrya.

In the thick of combat, Halcyon Taldrya found himself pitted against a Jedi Knight of an unfamiliar species. What the Jedi lacked in combat experience, he made up for in courage, though he received assistance from what Taldrya first mistakenly identified as an Iron Knight. As he slew his foe, he turned to face what turned out to be a simple battle droid, but was unable to slay it before it met its end at the hands of Shadow Taldrya. The two shared a few words before engaging other foes, putting their considerable abilities to the test.

Within the hidden bunker used by House Odan-Urr's leadership, Michael Halcyon watched the raging conflict with a feeling of tension. Recalling the power of the Dark Council's fleet, he noted that the Council's forces hadn't yet joined the battle; no longer able to wait, he called upon an old friend of his, Eojin Quon-Shen, to join the battle and aid in the Brotherhood's purging. Enticing the old Jedi with ideas of converting his former apprentice, Muz Ashen, back to the Light, he sought the Master's assistance in yet another attempt to outmaneuver the Dark Council.

Michael Halcyon speaks with Eojin Quon-Shen.

Waiting in nearby space from an undisclosed rally point, Ashen stood at readiness on the bridge of his personal ship, the Fallen Spear. Giving the mark, he watched as the Brotherhood's ruling fleet made a short jump, joining the carnage over New Tython. As he ordered Korras and his brother, Herald Shikyo Keibatsu, to find the Commander of the Mandalorians, he instructed Taigikori to seek revenge against the Jedi Liu. Contemplating the possible actions of former Grand Masters in this situation, he awaited the arrival of an old foe, almost baiting him onward.

Flying to the surface to land at the rally point of the embattled Ascendant House, Taigikori made short work of many of the Mandalorians and Jedi that were assaulting the weakened House, seeking his quarry. Rapidly, he discovered Liu Van Dae, who had himself been wreaking havoc on the forces arrayed at the staging area. Fighting their way through the crowd, the pair found one another without much trouble, one motivated entirely by bloodlust while the other moved only to protect himself and end the threat of a Dark Sider.

Taigikori Aybara Dupar squares off with Liu Van Dae.

"I guess we'll just have to kill them all, then."
―Shikyo Keibatsu, speculating on the identity of a slain Mandalorian.

In another area, Ashia joined Shikyo and Korras in battle atop her tame rancor mount, using the beast's ferocity and brutal power to demolish enemy ranks. As he speculated on how his sister-in-law could make the rancor ignore forces loyal to her husband, he quickly removed the head of an approaching Mandalorian before regrouping with the Master-at-Arms. Asking whether he'd killed their Captain, to which Korras had no answer, the Krath readied himself to continue slaying until they found their prey.

He was left with nothing but a disbelieving curse as Eojin's ship entered Tythonian orbit.

The Bloody Climax

"We're the same, you and I... You've killed more Sith than any Jedi ever has."
―Eojin Quon-Shen, Jedi Master.
Muz Ashen kills Maximus Raidoner.

Aboard the Fallen Spear, Muz directed Shin'ichi Keibatsu to call Fremoc's forces into retreat as the ship saw boarding action. Feeling along the currents of the Force, the Dark Lord stood calmly as a familiar Mandalorian figure entered the bridge. Turning to Maximus Raidoner, his would-be assassin, he inquired as to who had hired the Mandalorian. Refusing to reply, the disgraced former Dark Jedi found his head cut from his shoulders before he could make a move, his final seconds of brain activity used to curse the Lion of Tarthos.

Shikyo Keibatsu informs Halcyon of Eojin's presence.

On the ground, Shadow and Halcyon continued their fight, Shad quickly downing a man clad in Mandalorian beskar'gam. Before Halcyon could confirm the identity of the man, brought into question by the apparent Arconan logo on his armor, the Deputy Grand Master received word from Shikyo via comlink that confirmed Michael's presence on the battlefield. Asking where the Dark Lord was, Halcyon received word that he was en route, but was troubled by the words that Eojin had arrived.

At the Plagueian rally point, Aybara and Liu traded blows, the calm skill of the Jedi meeting the unrelenting rage and recent advancement of his Sith opponent. Pondering the rage of his enemy and harboring him no ill will, Liu matched his enemy blow for blow, contemplating the scar and prosthesis that he had left there and how Ashen had allowed him to survive on the day he'd delivered the wound. As a mortar blast and a ring of Plagueians became the backdrop of the fight, Liu recognized the teachings of Darth Ashen in his enemy's movements, intensifying his efforts to survive and wondering who would take Taigikori's place against him if the Headmaster fell.

Muz Ashen greets his former master.

Cutting through another Mandalorian fireteam, Shikyo and Korras quickly approached a Mandalorian clad in red armor. Identifying him as their query, the Captain of Ge'tal Gaan, the Councilors taunted him using tactics of Dun Moch. As the Mandalorian listened in a fury, they enlightened him on the fate of Raidoner. As Shikyo clarified that it had been his brother who had taken the mercenary's head, the Captain responded only with a blast from his flamethrowers, hoping to catch the Dark Siders off-guard.

Standing in the open bay of the Fallen Spear, Muz Ashen surveyed the ground as Fremoc looked on in awe. Contemplating whether he wanted to know what was going through the Dark Lord's mind, he watched as the sable-eyed Grand Master surveyed the many combatants below. As he picked a lone, grey-haired figure from the crowd of Mandalorian armor and Jedi robes, the Lion of Tarthos leaped from the bay to land before his former Master, weapons at the ready.

Eojin greeted him only with calmness, an attempt at redemption before their combat began.


"Just another Sith."
―Muz Ashen, Dark Lord of the Sith.
Halcyon Taldrya and his brother commence their final duel.

Pursuing Michael Halcyon through a stand of trees, Halcyon Taldrya and Shadow Taldrya quickly spotted the Jedi Master as he put down another of the Dark Brethren. Engaging the man, the Sith Lord found his attack caught by a block as his brother dropped to a low position, his fist lashing out to deliver a low blow toward Shadow. While the Taldrya's armor shattered the unsuspecting Master's hand, he moved to strike, only to be hurled backward by the Deputy Grand Master's force attack. Halcyon intended to settle the conflict himself, and would not even let another Taldrya stand in his way.

Taigikori Aybara Dupar kills Liu Van Dae.

Liu and Taigikori continued to clash, the Sith feeling along the Force for his chance as he sought revenge. Knowing that revenge did nothing but blind those who sought it, the Jedi fought only to survive, but was caught off-guard as the Headmaster engaged him in a saber lock. As Dupar closed the distance between them, the Jedi had only moments to speculate on why he would risk such a maneuver before a steel dagger was embedded into his throat. At last, Taigikori had his revenge.

Facing off against Muz, Quon-Shen's blade countered his former student's weaponry, his movements emboldened by the Force's soothing touch. As he began to gain the upper hand, he was surprised as Muz telekinetically employed an additional pair of sabers. The elderly Jedi Master worked twice as hard to deflect the weapons, but ultimately began to lose what advantage he'd gained, destroying one blade with a leaping attack to see another take its place seamlessly.

Korras and Shikyo Keibatsu stand over a Mandalorian's corpse.

As the Mandalorian Captain's flames leaped at the Councilors, it was stopped and formed into a shell by Shikyo and Korras, wrapping around the Captain that employed it. Unable to understand the attack, the man intensified it, waiting for the heat that nevertheless escaped to overwhelm his Dark Jedi assailants. Before success was his, his armor gave way, the heat of his weapons boiling him alive. As he lay dead on the fields of New Tython, Korras and Shikyo took his head and impaled his heart, unwilling to leave any question as to the man's ultimate fate.

Michael and Halcyon clashed still, their battle beginning to wear the Jedi Master down. Even so, the Force soon gave Michael a hope of success, instructing him toward an opening in Halcyon's defenses. Anticipating that he could end the combat with a few twitches of his wrist, the Jedi deactivated his blade, only to have his brother's precognitive abilities prove stronger; with a fierce strike, Taldrya sliced through his renegade sibling's ribcage, decisively ending the fight. Michael Halcyon was dead.

Muz Ashen defeats Eojin Quon-Shen in battle.

As Muz and Eojin fought, the Jedi's hopes of redemption and peace for his student evaporated; his strength was waning, undone by the dark titan before him. As his blade was knocked aside, Ashen struck with both blades, taking the arms from Eojin and casting him to the ground. As his former Master howled in pain and rage, Ashen witnessed the transformation of his eyes and his soul, claiming his lightsaber and leaving the old one to his fate. The Dark Side had won the day.

Muz Ashen beholds the besieged Odan-Urr abbey.

Finally, Ji stood with Jonuss Rai and Quejo Drakai Xyler, his fellow Jedi, as they gathered the survivors of the conflict into the Ooroo Abbey. There, ready for a final stand, the Gand readied himself for combat before his worst fears could be realized. As the Brotherhood advanced, Darth Ashen himself materialized, holding the weapon of Eojin Quon-Shen and pointing it at the Jedi. As he deactivated it with a sable-eyed grin, Ji realized with a cold shudder that this was not the end; Ashen had no intention of destroying them. Nor was his survival a kindness; he was being shown that, at its own game, the Brotherhood could never be beaten.

None understand hate more than the hated.

Clan Storylines

Arcona Plot

The Arconan fleet was led by Consul Zandro Erinos Arconae and Proconsul Wuntila Entar on board the NSD Invicta. House Galeres Quastor Celahir Erinos and his Aedile Talos Erinos commanded the BAC Darkest Night. House Qel-Droma Quaestor Marick Del’Abbot commanded Arcona’s flagship, the ISDII Eye of the Abyss II while his Aedile Invictus commanded the BAC Shadow. Revenance Virtuom Sergeant Cethgus Entar rounded off the Arcona fleet by commanding the W/GSP Broken Blade. Together the Arconan leaders navigated through the Shroud by way of a massive battle meditation. With little loss, they arrived to the Antei System and met up with the Dark Council’s fleet before moving on to New Tython and beginning the invasion.

Invictus of Arcona confronts a fellow Dark Jedi.

Arcona’s forces were the first to be deployed in what seemed to be a standard planetary occupation operation. Both Houses would eliminate all enemy resistance and rendezvous at the main city of Menat Ombo. Galeres shuttles and starfighters deployed to the surface and met little resistance at first, setting up a Forward Operating Base in the east. In the west, Qel-Droma landed under the cover of Elder-powered spheres of darkness while a starfighter team led by Aedile Invictus ran interference. It seemed that the occupation of New Tython would be completed with ease. Little did the Arconan forces know, however, that the followers of Odan-Urr had an ace up their sleeve. The lightsiders had enlisted the aide of the Ge’tal Gaan Mandalorians. And so began the war for New Tython.

Significant losses were immediate. Qel-Droma’s shuttles, despite their guise, ran into problems. The LAAT/i carrying battle team Shadow Gate was shot down before it could land. Sanguinius Entar, Vassan Rokir, Kant Lavar, Mazer, Dalk, Walker Boh, Sarek, Khaer Sordar, Ryan Hawkins and CyberGuy Entar crash-landed in the jungle twelve klicks away from the landing zone. Kant was ejected out of the ship as it crashed. The former bounty hunter survived his fall in one piece and was able to fend off a pair of Mandalorians before meeting back up with the rest of his team. After recovering from the crash, Sanguinius sent his apprentice Mazer on sentry duty and then ordered the rest of the Gatekeepers into the forest to escape the Ge’tal Gaan that were approaching. Sanguinius held off the Mandalorians for as long as possible, killing one and incapacitating another before getting clubbed down and captured, allowing the rest of the team to escape.

The rest of Qel-Droma’s forces landed and swiftly secured a landing zone. Distraught with the loss of men under his command, Marick froze up and had to be snapped back to the battle by his more experienced Aedile. Invictus ordered Qel-Dromans Solus Gar and Ronovi Tavisaen to lead a troop squadron to recover Shadow Gate and then instructed the incumbent members of Oblivion Brigade - Marick Del'Abbot, Timeros Entar, Strategos Entar, Legorii Entar and Etah d’Tana - to circumvent the enemy’s eastern flank to infiltrate the enemy base while the Aedile stayed behind to coordinate the landing party and keep the enemy forces distracted.

After a short skirmish en route to the crash site, Solus and Ronovi found members Saronyx and Frosty Romanae of Tarentum in their area. As Arconan allies, they agreed to lend troop assistance in locating Shadow Gate. Solus and Ronovi found the remaining members and learned of their battle team leader’s capture. The Gatekeepers took the Tarenti reinforcments and made for the enemy FOB to rescue Sanguinius, who was being interrogated by Odan-Urr Rollmaster Kaira Rohana. Meanwhile, a report from Invictus came in alerting Solus and Ronovi to a guard of Mandalorians a flew clicks from their position, guarding something that appeared to be of great value. The two Equites came upon a bunker and ran into their former friend and Aedile, Dralin Fortea. He was captured and taken with them as they made their way towards the city. The Odanite’s Western Base was being led by a Nautolan Jedi by the name of Sirah Zen. She was guarding a trio of Jedi Knights deep in battle meditation whom were coordinating the Mandalorians in their planetary defense. On a premonition from the Force, she sensed Oblivion Brigade encroaching on their flank, resulting in her doubling the patrol and the guard. However, this was futile, as Dark Adepts Strategos and Timeros Entar stood to oppose the enemies reinforcements, and as they wreaked havoc, Marick, Legorii, and Etah slipped inside the base. On the other end of the enemy Command Center, Shadow Gate and their Tarenti allies were storming the fort and freeing their battle team leader. One Gatekeeper stayed behind, however, the Force guiding him to his destiny.

Marick, Legorii, and Etah made their way through the base and killed any that stood in their path. Once at the command room, Legorii and Etah took to the guards while Marick entered and faced off against Sirah Zen in an epic duel. Marick was injured during the fight, but after severing the Jedi’s connection to the Force he ultimately came out the victor. With their leader downed, the three remaining Jedi exited their battle meditation. Marick knew he could not take on all three; however, he wouldn’t have to. A single Mandalorian suddenly entered the command room and gunned down the three Jedi. Marick was unsure as to why the Mando’ade had turned on his allies, but soon found the answer. The Mandalorian removed his helmet to reveal a pair of glowing red eyes and cerulean skin. Mazer had infiltrated the command center and saved his Quaestor. With the Western Operation Base defeated, Qel-Droma prepared to rendezvous with its sister House. Meanwhile, Galeres troops arrived to the surface relatively unharmed. Aedile Talos Erinos led a small squad consisting of himself, Templar Kratus Vahillus and Journeymen Protector Socorra and Novice Aveira Iraedi to survey what they were truly up against and take out a small contingent of Jedi.

Proconsul Wuntila Entar and Galeres Quaestor Celahir Erinos commanded from the Forward Operating Base while Consul Zandro Erinos and Soulfire Sergeant Sashar Erinos took to the battlefield together. Shortly after, the Galeres Aedile Talos was called to the Forward Operating Base and his apprentice Protector Socorra was commandeered by Proconsul Wuntila Entar to assist him in Clan war operations. Kratus Vahillus returned to duties with Revenance Virtuom that took to the front lines of the battle.

Sashar and Zandro before being taken prisoner by the Ge'tal Gaan.

While in the field, Consul Zandro Erinos and Sashar Erinos were taken prisoner by Ge’tal Gaan forces. Proconsul Entar had his assistant Socorra mobilize Soulfire Strike Team to retrieve them. Galeres Quastor Erinos and Aedile Erinos left with the squad after obtaining permission from the Master at Arms Korras. With the Galeres House Summit unable to command its House forces, Wuntila ordered Socorra to mobilize the entire FOB and prepare an assault on the Jedi capital of Menat Ombo. There, they both took to the field as the troops dropped to the Landing Zone and combat the combined enemy forces of the Jedi and the Mandalorian mercenaries that they had hired. For her bravery and valor during the field assault, Socorra was given a double field promotion from Protector to Jedi Hunter by Proconsul Entar, thereby skipping the rank of Guardian entirely.

After nearly clearing the battlefield, Soulfire, successful in rescuing Zandros and Sashar from the Ge’tal Gaan forces, arrived in time for a war council meeting. Talos and Socorra reunited and she was invited to partake in the meeting and stay with the Summit for the rest of the war. Afterwards, the pair remained behind with the Galerian forces while Soulfire left to cut off a large contingent of Ge’tal Gaan Mandalorians coming in from the north.

Wuntila once again mobilized the Houses and both Galeres and Qel-Droma descended upon Menat Ombo. After a near-thorough eradication of the Jedi from House Odan-Urr, it was revealed that the rival Brotherhood Houses and Clan had come to steal the Shadow Clan’s honor and as such, Arcona was forced to then clash with them as well in what would become known as the Visulu Market Bloodbath. Near the end of the battle, it was also revealed that the Ge’tal Gaan forces to the north, where Soulfire had deployed, were far too much for the elite, but small, squad to handle and were quickly being overrun. The Clan and Galeres House Summit immediately mobilized and, leaving the HQD Summit to lead the final cleansing of the Jedi city, quickly left to retrieve the squad...again.

Upon the Soulfire evacuation, it became quickly clear that the Ge’tal Gaan forces were simply too massive an undertaking for the entire clan’s ground forces, let alone Soulfire, and a full evacuation would be necessary. However, the Ge’tal Gaan forces were moving too rapidly into the city, and orbital air support would be necessary for Arcona to pull out in time. Unfortunately, inbound and outbound communications were being jammed and air support could not be requisitioned. Another emergency war council meeting convened, and Arcona Consul Zandro Erinos volunteered himself to a suicide mission to establish communications to the fleet. After extremely heavy and emotional debate between the Summit it was decided that not only would he go, but his brother Sashar would also accompany him. The Consul’s last act was relinquishing control of Clan Arcona over to Proconsul Wuntila.

The two leaders and legends were dropped off at the Ooroo Abbey to obtain and then protect a holonet transceiver long enough for the Summit to request orbital bombardment. The Summit then rendezvoused with HQD and ordered evacuation. Once the Arconan forces were clear enough of the city, Proconsul Entar had Socorra relay his order for the fleet to open fire as the Mandalorian army swarmed into the city where the brothers Erinos were prepared to hold the Abbey for the fifteen minutes that their beloved Clan needed.

Within a moment’s notice of the final order, the fleet engaged the city and without prejudice, obliterated it from orbit, wiping out the rest of the Ge’tal Gaan army, along with Zandro and Sashar.

Taldryan Plot

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Scholae Palatinae Plot

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Naga Sadow Plot

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Odan-Urr Plot

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Plagueis Plot

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Recorded Entries

All Clan entries for the Great Jedi War have been collected in their individual categories:


Clan Awards

A list of the purchases made the Clans and Houses in the aftermath of the Tenth Great Jedi War:

Clan Arcona

  • 10x MAATs
  • 1x Cloaking Device
  • 1x Long-range Turbolasers
  • 1x Terentatek
  • 1x Mandalorian Clan (70 Mandalorians)
  • 1x Stealth-X Squadrons
  • 1x Cardan I-class Space Station

Clan Naga Sadow

  • 4x Bantha-class Assault Shuttles
  • 5x Super Battle Droid squads
  • 2x Wilderness Fighter companies
  • 4x LAAT/i
  • 1x MAAT
  • 10x Drop Pod
  • 1x Armored Interface Craft-4
  • 3x Warlord Dropships
  • 5x Y-85 Titan Dropships
  • 10x Tuk'ata
  • 2x 66 Verpine Technicians
  • 1x Mechu Deru YVH-1 Droids
  • 1x Cardan III-class Space Station

House Odan-Urr

  • 1x Baudo-class Star Yacht
  • 2x Gallofree Medium Transport
  • 1x A-Wing squadron
  • 1x Droideka company
  • 8x Bx-series Droid Command squads
  • 1x Rebel trooper regiment
  • 2x Scout battalions
  • 1x Clone Heavy Trooper platoon
  • 1x Engineer platoon
  • 1x Medic platoons
  • 4x Pathfinder platoons
  • 3x Wilderness Fighter companies
  • 1x AT-AT
  • 15x Armored ASsault Tank
  • 15x 74-Z Speeder Bikes
  • 5x Mobile Artillery
  • 20x LAAT/i
  • 8x Armored Interface Craft-4
  • 1x Theta-class AT-AT Barge
  • 1x 150 Wookiee Berseker
  • 1x Human Replica Droid
  • 1x Cardan I-class Space Station

House Plagueis

  • 25x Engineer Squads
  • 5x Pathfinder Platoons
  • 10x Republic Artillery Guns
  • 40x Multi Altitude Assault Transport
  • 3x Warlord Dropships
  • 1x 85 Trandoshans
  • 1x Cardan III-class Space Station

House Scholae Palatinae

  • 2x Corellian Gunships
  • 3x Bantha-class Assault Shuttles
  • 12x Infantry Companies
  • 14x Scout Platoons
  • 6x Heavy Troop Companies
  • 6x Engineer Platoons
  • 6x Medic Platoons
  • 8x Pathfinder Squads
  • 4x Special Forces Commando Squads
  • 2x Warlord Dropships
  • 3x Noghri Death Commando Squads
  • 1x YVH-5S Bugcruncher War Droids
  • 1x Cardan III-class Space Station

House Taldryan

  • 4 x Sentinel
  • 1x 2500 Massassi Warriors
  • 3x ChaseX Squadrons
  • 1x Cardan II-class Space Station

House Tarentum

  • 2x Lambda-class Shuttles
  • 4x TIE Interceptor Squadrons
  • 8x AT-XT
  • 2x Storm Beasts
  • 3x 8 Bothan Slicers
  • 1x Cardan III-class Space Station

Seals and Novae

The Seal of Decimation

For the Tenth Great Jedi War, the Seal of Decimation was awarded to each member who participated. Every participant was awarded one Seal for every event in which they qualified as a valid participant, as per event rules. The Seal itself was largely designed by Muz Ashen himself, with some minor contributions from his Praetor and other Dark Councilors and Dark Jedi in Muz's employ. Ultimately, the design included a metallic X, surrounded by four gems; three in red, blue, and purple to symbolize the Brotherhood's orders, while one at the top was in white to symbolize House Odan-Urr, the Brotherhood's first inclusion of a Light Jedi House into its formal ranks.

Novae, in Gold, Silver, and Bronze, were awarded as usual to first, second, and third places respectively for every event.

Champions of the War

Teaser Comic page, later released as page 4
  1. Benevolent Taldrya Whiner (First Hero)
  2. Ronovi Tavisaen
  3. Raken
  4. Cethgus Entar
  5. Manji Keibatsu Sadow
  6. Sanjuro Sledge Keibatsu
  7. Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor
  8. Kell Palpatine Dante
  9. Dox Romanae
  10. Solus Gar

Disorder Major Brotherhood Conflicts
29 ABY


The comic for the Tenth Great Jedi War was drawn by Anthony Warne, or Jedi-Art-Trick, and can be found in full at the vendetta website.