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This article contains obsolete data. It reflects a Dark Brotherhood policy, position, or object that has been removed or replaced. It is preserved here for historical purposes only and should not be used/referenced.

Rollmaster was summit position.

Purposes of the Rollmaster

The Rollmaster position has been seen, by some, as only a means of training potential future leaders, however this view denies the critical role that the Rollmaster plays within the Brotherhood. They are the ones to welcome new members to the clan and the managers of the Master-Student Program. Their primary focus on retention of our newest members makes this position the cornerstone of our future. They are charged with ensuring that no new member falls through the cracks and facilitating them in their journey of familiarization with the Brotherhood and it's many facets.

If a Rollmaster is not appointed, the position’s responsibilities pass up to members of the House Summits: the Aedile and then on to the Quaestor, further increasing their workload. Thus, not only does it behoove the Clans and Houses to ensure that the position is filled, but it would be wise to choose an experienced member for the position, given its crucial nature.

History of the Position

The position of Rollmaster is one of the oldest House positions in the Dark Brotherhood along with Quaestor and Aedile. The Rollmaster, before the concept of the database, was charged with keeping an accurate roll of the House's membership.

The position became unnecessary upon the creation of the database system by the then-serving Master At Arms, Thedek. The position was kept by all Clans and nearly all Houses as an auxiliary command position but for the most part it was no longer required. Then, in 28 ABY, the Society of Envoys was closed due to its steady stagnation. Rollmasters became important once more, taking on many of the envoy duties, including the upkeep and welcoming of new members.