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The Disciples of Ragnos are a theocratic cult that believes in the divinity of Marka Ragnos. In organisational terms, the Disciples are part of a role-playing system created by Ashura Isradia to encourage character development in House Marka Ragnos.

At present time the Disciples of Ragnos are not an in-character organisation as depicted below; this page is being kept for historical reference purposes.


Hailing from deep within the Sepros system, the Disciples of Ragnos are the manifestation of their namesake's dark will. Within the ranks of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, the newest revival of the Sith Lord's ancient cult carry out the orders of his spirit, channeled through the great sorcerer, Trevarus Caerick. Encompassing all three orders and all levels of power, the Disciples exist officially as a House of the Clan Naga Sadow, and it's honorary members who have left for other positions within the Brotherhood.

To become one of the Disciples, all you need to do is contact the Quaestor, Aedile and Rollmaster of Marka Ragnos to let them know that you'd like to be one of the Solifugae; you can then begin developing your character as one of the Disciples.

The Council


"Some there be alone whom can call and make the shadows greet..."
―Attributed to Zeen Deheval, Krath archivist, circa 2,237 BBY

The Maleficarum of the Disciples of Ragnos is the nominal leader of the Cult. Trevarus Caerick, as the Overlord of House Marka Ragnos, holds this position for life; when Caerick is not present at Ragnos Cathedral, the Anguis and Tigrist of the Disciples of Ragnos consult a council made up of the shades of powerful Dark Side users who stand in for the Overlord.

The Maleficarum has a position of spiritual dominance over the rest of the Disciples; they have the final say over whether a Disciple can move from the Noctosalutae into the rank of the Progenies, and they decide whether a Progeny can become a Scion. The rituals undertaken by the Disciples are ideally led by the Maleficarum or, in his absence, by the Anguis and Tigrist.


"Some there be whom shadows kiss, shadows cling, shadows rent..."
―Attributed to Zeen Deheval, Krath archivist, circa 2,237 BBY

The Anguis is the second highest position within the hierarchy of the Disciples of Ragnos. Responsible for formulating the actions of the Disciples based upon the guidelines and wisdom of the Maleficarum, the Anguis is the "visible" leader of the Disciples. The Anguis is always the Quaester of HMR.

In the event that the Maleficarum should be unable to lead the Disciples of Ragnos, the Anguis and the Tigrist meet with a council of the Scions to decide upon the actions that need to be taken. The Anguis and Tigrist act as temporary leaders in the event that the Maleficarum should be incapable of performing his duties at the time.

Cultus Ordinem of Ragnos

"Some there be whom shadows teach, shadows draw, shadows keep..."
―Attributed to Zeen Deheval, Krath archivist, circa 2,237 BBY

The Cultus Ordinem of Ragnos lies below the Scions in the hierarchy of the Disciples of Ragnos. Every month, the most active member of the Disciples is named the House Champion for that month, and become the Cultus Ordinem for the next month. It is a very prestigious honor to be given this position; it represents the dedication and hard effort the individual has put into his duties within the Disciples.

Fictionally, the Cultus is allowed to enter the Dark Library, where he or she has access to the unimaginable wisdom held within. The Cultus is also given the duty of protecting the secrets of the Dark Library, both by supervising the security of the vault and occasionally physically guarding the vault himself. This title also places the bearer as an honorary member of the Council of the Disciples, allowing him to attend meetings and put forth his ideas.

The Scions

Scion of Ragnos

A Scion is the proclaimed descendant of Dark Lord Marka Ragnos; in the original Disciples of Ragnos a Scion was the actual blood relation of the Sith Lord. However, the modern Disciples realize that any blood relation of the Sith Lord has long since died off. This title now serves to honor the most prominent members.

A potential Scion is always selected from the pool of Progenies; in fact this lesser title was created to help select future Scions. In times long past the Maleficarum would invoke the spirit of Lord Ragnos to appear and select a Scion from the available Progeny; but in recent years the spirit of Ragnos is respected in a more ritualistic, less literal ceremony.

Before being proclaimed a Scion by the Maleficarum, a Disciple must spend time in a drug-induced trance to reach a stage of illumination and clarity, using a drug that was created by Lord Ragnos to aid him in deep meditation. It was also said that this drug had the ability to shape a Scions own genetics to enhance their mind and body; which was why some believed Marka Ragnos lived as long as he did. The effect of the drug is of course only a rumor, and for security purposes it is locked away.

Scions of Ragnos answer only to the Maleficarum, as well as the Anguis and Tigrist of Ragnos.

Progeny of Ragnos

A Progeny is something of a stepping stone towards a greater power. With the attainment of this title, and the approval of the Anguis and Tigrist, the member will be invited to a ceremony where they will be presented with a signet ring with the Disciples of Ragnos emblem inscribed onto it.

The Progeny is an important asset to the Council and will be valued over all mere Disciples. They are tested constantly by the Anguis and Tigrist both physically and mentally. The Maleficarum pays close attention to their education, hoping that one may show the foresight and endurance needed to become a Scion.

If the Progeny undergoes the trial and their body shows the necessary changes that mark a Scion of Ragnos, then that title will be granted to them. If not, and the Progeny didn’t die, then the testing will resume until they are proclaimed a descendant of Lord Ragnos or until their lifeless corpse is buried.

The Structure of the Disciples


The lowest rank of the Disciples are known as the Solifugae, or 'those who flee from the Sun'; they are expected to carry out the will of the higher ranks of the Disciples. It is worth noting that the rank or position that a member holds in the Dark Brotherhood is irrelevant and unconnected to their rank in the Disciples; the ancient leaders of the Disciples adhere to traditions much older than those of the Brotherhood, so a Journeyman may outrank an Equite in the Disciples.

If a member of the Solifugae applies themself to their duties with diligence and dedication, they may be chosen to ascend to the ranks of the Noctosalutae, or 'those who hail the night'. This grants them greater responsibility and authority within the ranks of the Disciples, although they are still considered greatly inferior to the Progenies, Scions and Council of the Disciples.

Behind the Scenes


The Disciples of Ragnos holds no official titles within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood or Clan Naga Sadow. It is purely a fictional device to reward members for their activity and dedication in House Marka Ragnos, and to promote character development for every member of the House. This article itself is being developed by members and is to be an amalgam of their work.

Vision Statement

House Champion

Just before the end of each month, the House Summit will get together with the Battleteam Leaders and select the most active member to become House Champion for that month; candidates are based on activity, participation in competitions on a BT/House/Clan/DB scale, and general House involvement. The House Champion becomes the Cultus Ordinem for the next both; fictionally he or she gains access to the untold knowledge stored in the Dark Library, while non-fictionally this person is allowed to House Summit meetings to bring his or her ideas to the House. Also, as an optional choice, the Cultus can insert a mini-report into Quaestor's weekly reports to inform the House of any ideas/project/thoughts; this allows the Cultus to get a feel of writing reports for a future leadership position within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Roster 2009

August [TBA]
September [TBA]
October [TBA]
November [TBA]
December [TBA]

Past House Champions:

Noctosalutae, Progenies and Scions

This is basic rank system to reward House-related accomplishments. If a member has completed some of the requirements for a certain Disciples rank while completing the requirements for a promotion to the next Brotherhood rank, they may contact the Aedile, Quaestor and Rollmaster to obtain their next rank in the Disciples system.

Disciple Requirements

  • Rank of Apprentice or above
  • Be a member of House Marka Ragnos

Progeny Requirements

  • Must be one of the Disciples
  • Rank of Protector or above
  • One Dark Maven
  • SA Core Exam (Sith, Krath or Obelisk depending on Order)
  • Completion of two (2) pages of fiction describing their time as one of the Noctosalutae (Ariel, font size 12)
  • Final approval by Quaestor

Scion Requirements

  • Must be a Progeny
  • Rank of Dark Jedi Knight or above
  • Participated in Vendetta (GJW, Clan Feud, etc.)
  • At least a minimum of five (5) Seals earned
  • Three (3) pages of fiction describing their time as a Progeny and the process of becoming a Scion (Ariel, font size 12)
  • One (1) Merit Medal of Dark Cross or above for House-related accomplishments
  • Final approval by Quaestor

Role Playing

This is the most fictional part of the Disciples of Ragnos and is heavily involved with character development. Role playing allows members to expand and explore their characters in House canon through writing, anything from one page to ten pages depending on the person. The idea here is to just to Role Play and explore their character's development and time as one of the Disciples of Ragnos.


This is the current roster as to who is in what caste in the current incarnation of the Disciples of Ragnos.





Solifugae to Scion (House Summit Guideline)

The Quaestor and Aedile of House Marka Ragnos should pay attention to the following criteria. You both serve a fictional role in the Disciples of Ragnos and thus the development of a members status in this fictional structure is your responsibility.

For a Disciple to advance all the way to Scion then spelling, grammar and realism need to be taken into consideration; also along with continuity for ACC and Run-On's. Spelling and grammar may not be essential until a member reaches a certain status; remember not everyone is a writer and to promote character development through House canon is your main objective. Below are some suggested requirements on what to look for.

Solifugae Requirements

  • Realism

Noctosalutae Requirements

  • Basic spelling and grammar
  • Realism
  • Character Development

Progeny Requirements

  • Good spelling and grammar
  • Realism
  • Continuity (ACC/Run-On)
  • Character Development

Scion Requirements

  • Exceptional spelling and grammar
  • Realism
  • Continuity (ACC/Run-On)
  • Character Development

IRC Role Play

House Marka Ragnos has its own channel for members to act (I)n (C)haracter and explore House canon in a "Real Time" atmosphere. The channel is #Disciples_of_Ragnos. Once you step into the channel you are stepping into a in character environment.


The Disciples of Ragnos was originally conceived by Ashura Isradia (based on House history) during his term as Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos, in an attempt to meet some of the expectations placed on him as House Leader. House Champion/Cultus Ordinem allows a member to try out short-term projects (which means projects that don't take long to set up) and to voice his/her ideas (along with any members ideas who would rather go through them instead of coming directly to the House Summit) Progeny allows a members personal accomplishments to be displayed, allowing a member to grow as an individual and rewarding that by letting them have a fictional impact within House canon. The position of Scion also allows a members House-related accomplishments to be displayed, superseding their accomplishments as a Progeny.

The idea of the Disciples of Ragnos is to give members an interesting avenue by which to develop their characters, and to suggest a direction in which members can focus their efforts in order to obtain Brotherhood promotions.


The following people have contributed to the creation of the Disciples of Ragnos by either providing input, feedback, ideas, names and written material. Their part in the creation of this project should not be forgotten. See the trivia section for a complete listing.

  • Ashura Isradia
  • Raven
  • Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow
  • Vladek
  • Jades "Imperial" Atema
  • Faeril Munlear
  • Alexander Anderson
  • Vorion
  • Zaxen Dauketrenal
  • Zaroth Kalikrayye
  • Nero Pennant
  • Teu Pepoi
  • Ekeia Iclo
  • Tritherus
  • Manji Keibatsu Sadow
  • Wookieepedia


  • The Disciples of Ragnos should not be confused with the Sith cult of the same name that was led by Tavion Axmis.
  • The Disciples of Ragnos have a Krath theme to them, but this is because House Marka Ragnos historically is a Krath House. Do not feel you need to change your Order to reflect this.

In the previous incarnation of the Disciples of Ragnos:

  • The Dark Primus name was created by Zaxen Dauketrenal, while the description of the position was written by Vorion.
  • The Dark Patriarch/Matriarch name was created by Zaxen Dauketrenal, while the description of the position was written by Vorion.
  • The Hand of Ragnos name was created by Ashura Isradia, while the description of the position was written by Vorion.
  • The Dark Chronicler name was created by Sai Na'Ashar Keibatsu who also wrote the description of the position.
  • The Sword of Ragnos name was created by Zaxen Dauketrenal, while the description of the position was written by Vorion.
  • The Dark Scholar name was created by Ashura Isradia, while the description of the position was written by Vorion.
  • The Dark Librarian position was pre-established in House history and revamped for use in the Disciples of Ragnos. The description was written by Alaric.
  • The Scion of Ragnos position was pre-established in House history and revamped for use in the Disciples of Ragnos. The description was written by Ashura Isradia. The Progency of Ragnos name was created by Zaroth after the idea of establishing a lesser position. The description of these positions is a combined effort from Ashura Isradia and Zaroth.
  • The names for the three Castes were created by Vorion, Zaxen Dauketrenal, Zaroth, Teu and Tritherus. The descriptions were written by Zaxen Dauketrenal, Vorion and Ashura Isradia.
  • The Scion and Progeny requirements were inspired by the Marked of the Wanderer article; full credit goes to Trevarus Caerick.
  • The Mission Statement was written by Ashura Isradia to clarify the need and purpose of the Disciples after receiving feedback from various members.
  • Through a competition run by Kharon Daragon, Bal Demona, Jade Sadow, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, and Teu Pepoi created the majority of the weapons on the possession system. Manji Keibatsu Sadow created the original weapons that were on the wiki before the others were added.
  • The possession system for the Disciples of Ragnos will dissolve more than likely once the DB wide possession is put into place.
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