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Kel Rasha Skyline
Kel Rasha
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29 ABY (Groundbreaking)


Dlarit Corporation

Physical specifications



Clan Naga Sadow, House Shar Dakhan

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Kel Rasha is an Aeotheran city being built by experimental means. Using refugees local to the system, a ready pool of labor has been gathered to build the city that will support the Crown Jewel of Aeotheran, the Gilded Archipelago. Kel Rasha is built under the new Sadow Directive, specifically by House Shar Dakhan, as the financial arm of the Clan. Working hand in hand with the Dlarit Corporation, the plan for the city is one of the economic enhancement through local business.


Upon completion (final touches sometime late 35 ABY), the dream of Kel Rasha will be something like this.

Covering approximately 320 square kilometers on the western shore of one of the Aeotheran continents, Kel Rasha sits about 20 degrees longitude north of the equator. The city was built on the coast, nestled against the foothills of a mountain chain, with the city limits shaped in something of a rough trapezoid with the widest 77 points facing towards the ocean.

The city was zoned specifically so that the taller the building, the further from the coast it must be built, so that those who purchase property closer to the beach, are ensured an excellent view. Unlike the strict, structured, and organized layout found in most other Dlarit cities in the Orian system, Kel Rasha is laid out in a much more lazy manner, with streets approximately a meter wider than necessary and speed limits much lower, to encourage a more relaxed environment.

The businesses within Kel Rasha are also a major departure from Dlarit standards, as less than 10% of the businesses are chain or franchise. Instead, they are all small, locally owned affairs, selling locally crafted wares. Because of this attitude, all business owners must queue for the business license, depending on the nature of their venture. A holocinema owner might wait over a year to open, while a Vegetarian Wookiee food vendor would be approved almost immediately.

Keeping in line with other major population centers in the Orian system, Kel Rasha is protected by a powerful shield generator to protect the city from orbital bombardment. The citywide shield, however, does not contain localized weather control, but does have the power to protect the city from severe tropical storms and hurricanes.

Resources and Utilities


Kel Rasha is a departure from standard power generation, and instead uses three different methods to supply power to the city.

Tidal Energy: Tied to the local desalination centers are tidal energy plants, allowing for less use of space to provide multiple services.

Solar Farming: A series of solar farms are set up on the far side of the mountain chain so that they aren't plainly visible to the city of Kel Rasha.

Wind Turbines: Set amidst the solar farms are wind traps, built to take advantage of the air currents at elevation..


The primary food production is the ichthyoculture farms submerged 35 kilometers northwest of the city proper. Many varieties of local fish are farmed here, as well as many varieties of kelp. This location is kept very secret, as it exists to support the Seng Karesh subterranean farms in the event of system wide siege. Approximately 80 kilometers south of Kel Rasha are small, privately owned plantations, growing many tropical climate specific fruits and vegetables, as well as luxury goods such as caf beans and exotic teas.

Owing to the rich soil, these luxury goods grow in great abundance, and due to the very stable climate, have almost no stop to their growing season. In addition, there are a number of vineyards which produce many different varieties of wines and spirits. Hydroponic farming is also common, though instead of large scale farming operations, there are numerous small indoor hydroponic farms operating as greengrocers. Unlike most of the rest of the local economy, Kel Rasha does import a certain amount of food stuffs, though this is done through Dlarit's hospitalities division.


Several goods are produced locally. Among them are:

  • Exotic Woods.
  • Holofilms.
  • Art.
  • Wines and Spirits.


During the Orian Incursion, also known as the Summer Invasion, House Scholae Palatinae and House Plagueis combined their forces and invaded the Sepros system to attack Aeotheran in 30 ABY. During this invasion Kel Rasha was caught completely off-guard and was quickly overrun due to the inexperienced defenders who had little knowledge of the newly constructed cities defense systems. The forces of Plagueis immediately set their sights on the skyscrapers which were home to many lucrative businesses and began to siphon millions of credits from these businesses to their own shell accounts that were set up in preparation for the invasion. The fleet of the Dlarit Special Operations Group rushed to liberate the city of Kel Rasha as it was occupied by the Ascendant Legion of Plagueis and the Imperial Scholae Guard of Scholae Palatinae. The civilians were not to be trifled with though, and were sorely underestimated during the brief occupation.

The city remained relatively intact, since the invading forces had an easy entry into the city with little resistance. Rebel forces led by an unknown hero teamed together with the Dlarit Special Operations Group, they worked as one to successfully retake the main plaza in the center of the city. Once the forces led by the Dark Jedi arrived in the city and met up with the brave and heroic rebels, they fanned out through the entire city, killing any enemies with cold calculated precision. Kel Rasha was successfully retaken from the invading forces and order was quickly restored throughout the city, though with heavy casualties on the civilian side as the Plagueian forces detonated the many skyscrapers to cause confusion and cover their tracks as they retreated from the city. To this day, the civilian population blames Locke Sonjie for the lack of protection during the incursion, and openly portray their distrust of him.

Points of Interest

Detailed below are a list of major landmarks found within Kel Rasha, and what can be found nearby it.

Oshairana Beach

Oshairana Beach

The largest of the many public beaches found in Kel Rasha, and also the most appointed. Oshairana Beach has a large boardwalk complete with a permanent carnival, food and drink vendors, beach shops and the like. This is also the only public beach with permanently employed lifeguards on duty.

The Neon Paso Doble at night

The Neon Paso Doble

The locals call it the NPD, three letters that within Kel Rasha, are synonymous with plain, simple and mindless fun. The attractions are anything but plain, however, as at night, the place is lit up in a nebulous riot of neon, coloring the waters in yellows, reds, blues, and purples. The rides are kept in excellent condition thanks to Dlarit technicians (tasked by the legal department to prevent litigation) and the security is top notch, in both skill and discreet presence. Also, while no carnival games are ever truly 'fair', the games are checked to prevent outright rigging. Multiple food vendors remain on location, offering standard carnival fare, and there are also two legitimate restaurants. One of them is called the 'Paso' and serves food just a step or two above the standard fried food on a stick available strewn about the carnival, while the other, titled 'Candle Light' has food at a standard similar to basic franchise type eateries. The place is popular as a date location for teenagers and young adults.

the Surf section of Trill and Resh Watersports

Trill and Resh Watersports Incorporated

A definite 'One Stop Shop' for anything involving thrills on, in, or under the water. Watersports Inc. carries a wide selection of equipment and accessories for aforementioned activities. Repulsor ski and diving equipment can be rented here, and they also vend handmade surfboards made by a local craftsman. The prices aren't cheap, but neither are their products.

Indecent Exposure

True to name, this swimwear shop has something of a reputation for carrying stock that might be considered illegal in some locations. While Oshairana beach proper does have decency laws, they aren't enforced as strictly after 1900 hours, and there are also more private areas of beach not so far away as well. Indecent Exposure is rumored to have a wall of holographs behind the counter of pictures of teenage girls whose fathers have asked the store not to sell to. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, and the employees tend to encourage the mystery as curious shoppers have done wonders for their sales.

Frosty's Joint

A beachside cantina about half the size of a speeder truck's cargo container, Frosty's is operated by a protocol droid, and specializes in (read:limits to) flavorful slushy drinks in plain white containers, with a fairly generous pour of the alcohols involved. Many first-time visitors are put rather off by the very mellowed and relaxed attitude Frosty greets them with, and occasionally ask him where his master is. Frosty will often reply by asking them the same thing, before pointing to his certificate of Manumission displayed proudly among the tropical themed décor.

Yurashima Point

Yurashima Point

A large, jutting rock just off the cliffs north of the beaches, Yurashima point was a curiosity of nature. Tides and erosion have created a natural staircase which leads to the top of the rock, offering an incredible view of the coastline. Thrill seekers are prone to leaping from the top of the rock.

A waterfall near Buurenaar cove

Buurenaar Cove

At a point between two of the larger beaches, Buurenaar cove is nestled in a very stony part of the coastline. The area attracts few swimmers, but is probably the best place one can find to fish without chartering a boat.

Bombad Pro Shop

Fairly near Buurenaar cove is a fishing pro shop. All manner of rod and tackle may be found here, though specialty items will have to be ordered. Bait is also sold here, and trophy catches can be mounted. This business is ran by Evvoo Trad, a Gungan expatriate who is very closed-mouth about why he cannot return to Naboo. What is known is that he keeps a custom E-11 behind the counter, modified for underwater use, and receives a generous stipend from the city to keep the largest sharks from coming too close to shore, which he does by free diving about a kilometer and a half out from shore, and cutting himself to attract them. To date, he's never, ever, been bitten. Evvoo shares his stipend with any fisherman who can haul in a shark weighing over 550 kilos.

A view of Kel Rasha from a high point on Mononoke Drive

Mononoke Drive

A long, winding road on the mountains to the east of the city, where the city's wealthy populace resides. While there are more efficient ways to get from point A to point B, none are quite as relaxing to drive on one's own. At night, it's said that the lights of the city, reflected on the water, make Kel Rasha seem to last forever.

Alabaster Square

In the middle of the city, a very large, pedestrian only square has been built, with several fountains, a bandstand, and carefully manicured topiary.

The Verda Cruise Line

Because of the nature of Speeder tuners and Swoop Jockies to gather, a length of street spanning a few dozen blocks has been specifically developed as an attractant to the aforementioned vehicle fans. The Verda Cruise line is known as a place where one can get into some trouble when the sun goes down. While this area is still policed, one can find women, gambling, and sundry other vice here.

The Pool Hall

A place which needs no better name, the Pool Hall is exactly that. Several high quality holo-billiard tables fill this place. There are dart boards on the walls, and waitresses with too much bosom and too little self-respect serving the drinks. It's an ideal place for people looking to get into some trouble.

The Bar at Longnecks. The bartender declined to show her face to the Holocams


A very classic example of a swooper bar, this place is renowned for being a neutral zone for the city's swoop gangs. The owner and proprietor isn't known for his tolerance of most any kind of trouble, and will kindly let anyone know about this, by way of a stout durasteel smashball bat and a DL-44. His beers are cheap, but cold, and his service staff is prompt and accurate, though perhaps not so much to look at. They're also his daughters, and he will kindly thank people to keep their hands and comments to themselves, by way of a stout durasteel smashball bat and a DL-44. His accent is plain basic, but when incensed, something else tends to slip out. A few people in the know have insinuated that he might be Mandalorian, but if asked about it, he will kindly tell you to leave it alone, by way of a stout durasteel smashball bat and a DL-44.


Calling this place a 'Gentlemen's Club' is very much polishing Bantha droppings, though that's how the place advertises itself. While the dancers will tell you that nothing but looking is for sale, a lot more is for sale if you know how to ask. Obviously, the police keep an eye on what goes on here, but have yet to determine how to prove that prostitution is happening within the walls of the place, as evidence tends to turn up missing.

Dlarit Stadium

Home to the Aeotheran Islanders, the local Smashball team. Built to exacting standards, and zoned more intentionally than any other location, the stadium is easy to find, but hard to spot, so that it doesn't interfere with the carefully manicured skyline of the city. The stadium itself is built with the latest in technologies, so that even those in the upper deck “Cheap Seats” are ensured an excellent view. While the stadium was built by a single corporate entity, and the team is likewise owned by Dlarit, there are several Owner's and VIP boxes, reserved for the leadership of Naga Sadow and the Brotherhood as a whole, and their guests. Unlike other stadiums, each of the food and souvenir vendors are completely independent contractors, though they purchase their wares directly through Dlarit. In their contract to vend, prices are fixed so that outrageous stadium fees aren't involved. This means that more people are able to afford to spend more in the stadium, directly feeding the profit margin. Unknown to all but the Dark Jedi and the uppermost echelon of Dlarit, the stadium is more than just a Smashball arena. Below the facade of the building, several esoteric materials were used in the construction. These materials, enhanced by Krath Alchemy, laid out in the Ancient Sith ways, work as a focus point through which the Dark Side can flow through the bodies of the athletes who play here, in a manner similar to the Obelisk arts of physical focus and enhancement. The Aeotheran Islanders NEVER lose a home game. The fans attribute this to the support they show their team. If they only knew how that support helped the Islanders. Season passes are available starting at very reasonable prices, and kids under 12 admitted free of charge.

An Airspeeder's view of part of the marina

Kel Rasha Marina

While there are smaller, private marinas along the coast of Kel Rasha, none rival the sheer size of the Municipal marina. While the appointments and services available aren't anything outstanding, there is a deliberate overabundance of staff, almost but not quite, to the point of stepping all over one another. The reason for this is to ensure that no paying customer is left waiting, for anything, to allow turnaround of the berths available. Services include refueling, barnacle scraping, engine and sail maintenance, SCUBA tank refills, supply gathering, paint touch-ups, cabin cleaning, fish cleaning and gutting, and sundry other things. Given average employment, any boat owner can expect a staff of five people ready, willing, and able to assist them.

One of the lots in the studio

Kresshian Pictures Studios

Home of the new kid in the motion picture block, Kresshian Pictures has considerable space built against the northern end of the city, against the mountains. Sets, sound stages, special effects studios and more are found here, as well as offices for the studio executives. Kresshian sets themselves apart in that every single film and holovision program is filmed in full three dimensional holo as well as standard two dimensional holo. While the procedure is more costly, the final finished product is much more crisp even in 2D.

Kresshian Studios currently shows high ratings on a few shows.

  • Jedi Fights: ACC Battles which have been filmed, edited for time and content, and given color commentary (the real nature of these battles remains absolutely undisclosed, for obvious reasons). Many people watch the show with great interest, and fans will clash over their favorite combatants. Dlarit has been considering producing licensed merchandise of the more popular combatants.
  • To Kill or Not to Kill: A romantic comedy of a chance meeting between a Zeltron female and a Gungan male. They fall in love, but all the while the Zeltron is constantly plotting inside her head different ways to kill her new Gungan boyfriend. The comedy ensues as her plots are heard by the audience through a voiceover. Each time being pulled back to reality and the thin line between love and hate by competing with her own heart and feelings. She is constantly battling herself on whether to kill him, or not to kill him.



Transit between Kel Rasha and The Gilded Archipelago is handled by a massive sub-aquatic speeder highway which parallels a high speed monorail line. In-city, the roads tend to follow the natural lay of the land, instead of cutting through it, and arcs and curves naturally. This is a massive departure from Dlarit's standard precise and organized method of construction, to encourage the relaxed sightseeing common to the tourists that the city was developed to attract.


There are 5 airspeeder portages within Kel Rasha, for both public and private flights. Charter services and rentals are available, though subject to the 'Only Clouds and Birds in the Skies' policy that prevent the skyline from being choked with airspeeders.


There is one major spaceport near Kel Rasha, approximately 35 kilometers north of the city limits. There are a large number of hangars, and plenty of tarmac to land multiple ships at once.

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