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Exodus era.New Order era.
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House Shar Dakhan
General information

Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart

Historical information

29 ABY

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Clan Naga Sadow

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House Shar Dakhan was founded on the Anniversary of the Exodus in 29 ABY, following the restoration of Naga Sadow to its place as a Clan of the Brotherhood. As a joint decision between the existing Summit of Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, Teu Pepoi and Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart the House was founded very swiftly. Named after one of Naga Sadow's well-known generals, the house was to work in the same footsteps as that of The Regulators Battleteam which served under its jurisdiction. Mirado himself took the reigns as the House's first Quaestor. The House currently operates under the leadership of Malisane Sadow in the office of Quaestor with Sanguinius Tsucyra serving as Aedile.



The founding of House Shar Dakhan was a quick affair. Upon taking command, Mirado immediately placed a series of requisitions through to the Dlarit Corporation, with a series of poorly written but inspired proposals. Because of his planning, Mirado was able to give his plans the start they needed to be realized. He took the funding and financing assets available to him and using methods learned during his time in organized crime, used the profits to transform Orian from a barely livable system into a subtly thriving system.

The House began by taking advantage of several unexplored opportunities on Aeotheran. The new city of Kel Rasha was established, and construction began on the resort island chain of the Gilded Archipelago. Both projects were designed to bring business to Aeotheran and to build up a treasury for the Dlarit Corporation with the aim of expanding Dakhani influence on the world. The House Summit chose to focused on developing corporate assets to ensure a steady source of income to last for years to come.

Dark Crusade

Following the Tenth Great Jedi War, the House experienced a shift of priorities. While a focus on the affairs of business were not abandoned, the development of Dakhani military became a higher immediate priority. This period of time was when Shar Dakhan began to make a name for itself on the battlefield for Clan Naga Sadow. During the Orian Incursion and the opening battles of the Dark Crusade, its forces fought hard upon the front lines. This showed clearly to the Clan and the Brotherhood at large that this new House was a force to be reckoned with.

The House experienced another shift in priorities during the Dark Crusade. An uprising in the Orian System overthrew the Dlarit government and forced Clan forces underground. Although their public face was dissolved, the Clan continued to work from the shadows to ensure the safety of their most crucial assets. This shift in operations did not force the House's warriors to abandon their service on the battlefields of the Crusade. Instead, many took part in covert operations, adding stealth skills to the arsenal of many warriors.

Eventually the forces of Naga Sadow managed to rise to power again, establishing the Orian Assembly and taking direct control of the system. Following suit, the House re-established itself back back in the old offices and facilities they previously held in the cities of Aeotheran. The Clan Summit charged the Dakhani leadership with maintaining and developing the area around the gas giant Inos. Lacking the specific focus of past times, the House utilized its various strengths and employed new strategies to support Clan Naga Sadow, the Orian Assembly, and the areas it is responsible for.

The Dark Crusade and a Great Jedi War

In the events of Fading Light and the following Great Jedi War, House Shar Dakhan continued to dedicate themselves to the preservation of the Brotherhood, attempting to annihilate the One Sith and rival Clans. Despite valiant efforts, House forces failed to gain the upper hand in each battle. During this time, Clan Naga Sadow chose to favor the stronger side, and remained loyal to serving Grand Master Muz Ashen. Following these events a new age arrived with a notable shift in leadership.

Around this time, Malik Sadow and Macron Goura Sadow resigned from their leadership roles. At the same time, Shirai Ryu Dupar and Locke Sonjie left their respective roles as Quaestor and Aedile, with Shirai leaving to become another foot soldier in the House. Meanwhile, Locke rose up to begin his second tenure as Consul of the Sith Lord’s Clan. Working together, he and Cethgus Entar, scoured the Brotherhood for new potential leaders. Eventually, Galleros Sjl of Arcona and Inarya took the vacant seats to lead the charge into future conflicts.

What Lies Beneath

Shortly after the pair took office, a disturbance was detected emanating from an old structure that had sunken into the ocean. Protected by the tides, the tropical islands and white sandy beaches had covered the mossy ruins for centuries. A team was sent to investigate, but failed to report back. Realizing the potential for danger was great, Galleros and Inarya gathered the House's forces together to investigate. While casualties were expected, the threat inside was far stronger than had been anticipated. As teams landed and surveyed the temple, they were ambushed and flanked by hordes of lizard-like Draedan. As Elder and Journeyman alike rallied together, they forced back the ravenous species and defeated fierce, Force-sensitive leader.

Conflicts within the Clan

House Shar Dakhan could not remain at peace for any long period of time later getting involved in a later joint operation between Clan Naga Sadow and Clan Scholae Palatinae. The Red Fury Brotherhood, a band of incredibly wealthy and powerful pirates, boldly attacked both Clans. Looking for personal glory, and vast riches and rewards, the members of these two Clans lead assault forces against the Pirate’s headquarters on a barren moon in a remote star system. Between the Clans, the operation was considered a success. The members of House Shar Dakhan performed well, with Atra Ventus and Robert Sadow performing with extraordinary distinction.

The House would also serve in the tri-headed conflicts within the Dentavii asteroid belt. Unfortunately this event split the members of the House into three factions: those loyal to Locke Sonjie, those who believed in the visions of Marcus Kiriyu, and those who believed the words of the returning apostate, Darth Vexatus. The ascension of Kiriyu was halted, and the Krath captured. Disaster was averted, and according to Locke's orders, pardons were issued to the various rebels.

Several weeks later, a shadow fell upon Sepros, bringing with it an unknown enemy. Teams of CNS military encountered the foreign element, leaving naught but questions in its wake. Droid armies of this mysterious enemy descended upon the planet, and the Sadowans marched to war. With the appearance of a large ship overhead, a team lead by then-Quaestor Atra Ventus besieged the vessel. It was the Snow Dragon himself who would detonate an explosive device designed by Bentre Stahoes to destroy the ship of the droid's commander, designated the Progenitor. The crisis was ended, but Ventus' body was not found, presumably destroyed in the explosion.

Following the departure of Keira Viru and Inarya from House leadership, the Anzat known as Darkblade and Bentre Stahoes replaced them in their respective positions. With this, the modern age of House Shar Dakhan began. Several changes were made in the day-to-day operations of the House, but the pair had yet to be tested by the fires of adversity. Only time would tell how smoothly the House would perform below their joint leadership.

The Modern House

Government & Politics

Shar Dakhan’s territories of Aeotheran and the moons of Inos are ruled by House Quaestor Malisane Sadow with support by Aedile Sanguinius Tsucyra. Each facit of goverment is controlled by an efficient oligarchy of ministries, lead by an unlected First Minister who answers directly to the Quaestor. All Ministers can be removed at any time should their loyalty or dedication be called into question. As stated the government is olgiarchic in nature where merit and obedience are the two most significant factors in advancement. The First Minister oversees the administrative functions to remove responsibility for mundane matters from the House Leadership. The ministries are as follows:

Ministry of Justice and Security - This would oversee all electronic surveillance, the civilian security forces, planetary laws and appoint and remove judges as seen fit. They would also if necessary have the ability to impose a shutdown of all production and city functions and impose extensions of curfews in times of unrest or disaster at the order of the House Summit, or the First Minister should they be unavailable at short notice.

Ministry of Development and Production - Responsible for ensuring the efficient redevelopment of the mining and transport network, city development and reconstruction, and settling any disputes or negotiations with workers with support from the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Ministry of Finance - Responsible for handling all budgetary measures, including taxation, government spending wages, permits and trade tariffs. As above this ministry would have the ability to freeze individual or corporate accounts or fix prices where necessary by ongoing situations.

Ministry of Health and Education - Responsible for the planet's hospitals and educational facilities, as well as emergency services such as fire and ambulance. In addition to ensuring the efficient healthcare to keep the citizens healthy and productive this department would oversee the syllabus to ensure our citizens and their children are educated with the necessary skills and knowledge to do their jobs and also with the correct ideals regarding our rule and their responsibilities to us.

Ministry of Communications - Responsible for state communications including broadcasting, pamphlets and posters, monitoring citizen communications and any commercial broadcasting to ensure it meets the specifications on acceptable content.

Tighter Rule- Seng Karash and Kel Rasha

The existing cities above continue to operate as before but with stricter controls. The Aeotheran Security Force under the Ministry of Justice and Security patrols the streets maintaining an effective presence and are able to hand out on the spot fines or punishments for minor misdemeanors or detain for anything more serious.

A curfew is in place with all businesses closing at 2200 and all citizens not employed on night time work will be at home by 2300. Though some cafes, bars and restaurants will be allowed to open for acceptable recreational dining and drinking the above curfew will apply, with the exception of those that feed night time workers. Previous existing night clubs and similar late night entertainment will now no longer be permitted to operate in the cities and any businesses attempting to breach this will be permanently closed and their owners prosecuted.

Though within those curfew restrictions citizens are permitted to go about their daily lives so long as they obey the laws, large gatherings of more than ten citizens are banned with the exception of government organised rallies, entertainment and sporting events. Any breach of this rule will be met with an initial firm order to disperse and arrests for those that do not comply.


Shar Dakhan also maintains steady revenue from such locations as Kel Rasha that were planned for or established early in the House's rule. This is accomplished through bargains struck in the original construction of the two cities whereby these businesses remained minor subsidies to Dlarit and payed up a percentage of their revenue. This is among the holdings Dakhani snatched up during the hostile takeover of Dlarit.

Additionally mining operations across the planet have been reestablished where they have eroded, and are now state owned. Strict controls have been put on the mining with quotas imposed and managing personnel whose facility consistently fails to meet the quotas facing penalties. Security isintense at the mines with Aeotheran Security Forces maintaining a visible presence.

In addition the House is developing a mixture of state owned manufacturing facilities and other companies awarded permits by the Ministry of Development and Production. This will both increase revenue and reduce the need for importing essential goods from outside the Orian System, making us more self sustainable than before.

The Hydroponic facility under Seng Karash hasl been updated and expanded to ensure not only the planet but if necessary the Orian System has a surplus of food to meet any eventuality.

Armed Forces

The primary military forces of the House are based on and around the planet Aeotheran, using Marakith as a headquarters and fleet servicing facility, and Myrmidon as the base and training facilities for the houses ground forces, along with training for the civilian security force. When finished a battalion level force will be based at the new Shar Dakhan headquarters on a rotational basis. The House’s fleet is commanded by a Commodore and the ground forces to a Colonel, both of which answer directly to the Quaestor.

The formation of the Aeotheran Security Force, or ASF, had created a large police and national guard force with a mixture of permanent officers and territorial part time forces conscripted amongst the workers, subject to intense personal screening. As above this will train in Myrmidon and have satellite branches across the planet but the Headquarters will be within the Ministry of Justice and Security in an imposing headquarters looking over the city on the site of the destroyed Lion's Tooth. This force is purely a defence and security force, supported when necessary by the House’s own military forces in extreme situations.


The primary domain of House Shar Dakhan is the jungle world of Aeotheran. While the House maintains control over the major cities of Seng Karash and Kel Rasha, as well as particular locations such as the Gilded Archipelago, there are many parts of the planet that remain untamed. In a way, this benefits the House. These untamed elements provide a constant foil for the House's membership to better their combat skills against. The various factions and settlements also provide the House with targets to raid with impunity - so long as they do not go too far.

Recently a portion of San Korinar now belongs with Dakhani’s Solution after retaking the floating city from the Black Sun and the Dlarit Dissidents.


Main article: Disciples of Dakhan

The Disciples of Dakhan are an elite team of members from House Shar Dakhan of Clan Naga Sadow. Founded in 35 ABY by Evelynn Wyrm to better combat the forces of the Inquisitorius and the Lotus Resistance. Only members who match a certain activity requirement are allowed entry into this team.

Fictionally, they are comprised of the very best that Shar Dakhan has to offer. Only those who have attained the highest level of skills in real world missions are invited into the Disciples of Dakhan. This means that there are no rookie members in the team, only the best of the best. The elite, and the elite do not fail.

House Summit Chronology

History of the Summit
Quaestor Service Dates Aedile Service Dates
Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart 04.13.11 - 12.04.12 Locke Sonjie 07.15.11 - 11.14.11
Tsingtao Ming 12.04.11 - 03.13.12 Position Vacant and Dissolved
Atra Ventus 03.13.12 - 10.23.12 Kairus 08.04.12 - 11.29.12
Kairus 11.29.12 - 07.24.13 Position Vacant and Dissolved
Darth Vexatus 08.13.13 - 10.01.13 Position Vacant
Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart 10.01.13 - 03.21.14 Shirai Ryu Dupar 10.01.13 - 03.21.14
Shirai Ryu Dupar 03.21.14 - 02.24.15 Locke Sonjie 03.21.14 - 02.24.15
Lexiconus Aurelius 02.03.15 - '07.04.15' Inarya Tiberius Entar 02.03.15 - 01.27.16
Atra Ventus, with Keira Viru serving during absence 07.14.15 - 01.27.16 Inarya Tiberius Entar 02.03.15 - 01.27.16
Darkblade 01.27.16 - 03.15.17 Bentre Stahoes, with Zachary O'Maille serving during absence 01.27.16 - 03.26.17
Aexod Burgoo 03.15.17 - 04.01.18 Jurdan Krennel 03.26.17 - 01.03.18
Etah 04.01.18 - 09.22.18 DarkHawk 04.01.18 - 09.23.18
DarkHawk 09.23.18 - 04.15.20 Xuner Holst 04.23.19 - 07.28.20
Malisane Sadow 04.15.20 Incumbent Xuner Holst 04.23.19 - 07.28.20
Shimura Keibatsu 07.28.20 - 08.17.20
Sanguinius Tsucyra 08.27.20 - Incumbent
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