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A Character Wiki Page is a personal page created by you to record all the fictional information relevant to your character. The page should include an overview of who and what your character is, a history, physical description, and some trivial facts. This help page will go over each aspect of the Character Wiki Page and explain how it functions and what is required to be considered "a complete and well-written article". At the bottom of this page is a template of all the necessary parts of the page, which you can copy and paste directly into your wiki page to fill out.

By following this guide and using the provided template, members can help ensure their successful completion of the Dark Jedi Knight/Jedi Knight wiki promotion requirement. Remember, after you've completed your wiki page, email the Wiki Tribune to have your page assessed and approved.

One final word of note: This template is strictly the "bare minimum" required for a member's wiki page. If you wish to further expand on your wiki, please have a look at the Layout Guide, which goes into greater detail on how to design your page based on the Wookieepedia character page format. Designing your character using the Layout Guide is suggested for advanced wiki users, or members who are invested in character development and using their character (or having it used) in the Brotherhood's many fictional endeavors (Fiction, ROs, ACC, etc.).

Character Wiki Checklist

As part of the promotion requirement to complete a "quality wiki article", there are a number of requirements to earn a passing grade from the Wiki Staff. This checklist is a quick breakdown of the requirements. Use the Character Wiki Template at the bottom of this article to create your page. For further information, see the Character Wiki Breakdown section of this article.


  • Proper use of the Eras template
  • A completed Character Infobox
  • A 1-3 paragraph summary of your character
  • Character History
    • A minimum of three sections to break down your character's history. (Suggested breakdown: "Early Life", "Adolescence", and "Adulthood" -- These are merely suggestions for a breakdown of your timeline, so feel free to change the names of the headings.)
  • A minimum one paragraph section on your character's Physical Description
  • A proper Unit category
  • Proper use of interwiki and Wookieepedia links throughout page
  • Inclusion of at least one image (preferably an image of your character used in the character infobox.)
  • Written in the style and tone of an encyclopedia article (Not as fiction, for example.)
  • Avoid creating lists of miscellaneous facts (such as DJB Facts, Trivia, etc). For more details, see DJBWiki:Trivia

Character Wiki Breakdown

Article Tags

Eras Template: The Eras template provides a nifty visual cue at the top of a page to indicate what Star Wars eras your character has been involved in. These are based on specific time periods as used in Star Wars novels and game. For the purposes of characters, we begin with the Pre-Republic era, which takes place until around 25,000 BBY. Following that, is the Republic era between 25,000 BBY and 19 BBY, Imperial era of 19 BBY to 5 ABY, Rise of the Brotherhood era of 5 ABY to 13 ABY, Exodus era of 13 ABY to 33 ABY. Finally, we have the New Order era which is from 33 ABY to present.

So, for example, if your character was born in 12 ABY, you would make use of the Rise of the Brotherhood era, Exodus era, and New Order era parts of the template.

Maintenance Templates: These templates are used to provide a quick glance at what stage your article is in, or to remark on any issues as detected by the wiki staff. In most cases, when you are working on your article, you should make use of the {{Construction}} template, to let everyone know your page is still being developed. Once you have completed your page, and have no parts that still need to be filled out, you can remove the Construction tag. You can find other templates here.

Character Infobox

The Character Infobox is a special template used to record detailed information about your character. All Character Wiki Pages make use of the Character Infobox. The Character Infobox is designed so that the background colors it uses are directly related to your choice of Order. So, when dealing with the "type=" field, make sure to only include the name of your current Order (Sith, Jedi, Force Disciple, Loyalist, Mercenary) as this will give your Infobox the appropriate appearance and add you to the proper Order Categories. An infobox can also be in the NPC type, but if no type or an invalid type is entered it will be tagged with the Category Needs a Type.

After pasting the template onto your page, simply fill it out with appropriate information. A lot of the details will come directly from your Dossier and Character Sheet, so make sure to pull the information from the appropriate source. This includes information such as your Height, Weight, Hair and Eye Color, as well as things like your preferred Lightsaber Form and Fighting Styles. Any field that is not applicable to your character (for instance, the "death=" field) simply leave blank and it will not appear on the displayed Infobox.

If you are using a character image in your infobox, the process to include it is as follows. All the information regarding uploading images can be found in this image uploading guide so make sure to follow this carefully. After you have an image uploaded, simply copy the filename created by the wiki (it will be something like: File:Imagename.extension) and paste it into the "image=" field. After that, include a size of 250px.

Example: [[File:Picture-emblem1.jpg|250px]] --> This would put a picture of the DB logo into the infobox with a width of 250 pixels.

Please note, images in the character box need to be restricted to 250px in size so as not to change the size of the infobox.

Opening Summary

Following the infobox, the first part of your article should be a short summary of your character. Provide a brief overview of who and what your character is. This can cover the basic facts from your character history, which unit you belong to, and what your character is fictionally "doing" in the Brotherhood. This summary should be 1-3 paragraphs, based on how much history and experience your character has had. This means a character that is only 16 years old will have less information to summarize than a character nearing 70.

Example: (from Wookieepedia)

Qui-Gon Jinn was a revered, yet maverick and unconventional Human male Jedi Master. He was the Padawan to Count Dooku, and the mentor to Obi-Wan Kenobi and briefly Anakin Skywalker. Jinn often placed himself in conflict with the Jedi High Council. He was deeply attuned to the Living Force, which contributed to him frequently taking side trips to help seemingly weak and useless life-forms. Despite his opposition to the council, he was regarded by many Jedi as sharp-witted and possessing great wisdom.

Jinn served the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order his entire life, participating in the Stark Hyperspace War and actions against the Nebula Front, most famously during the starwars:Invasion of Naboo. It was Jinn who discovered the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, on Tatooine during this crisis and was largely responsible for championing his training. Even after his death at the hands of Darth Maul, he played a vital role in the legacy of the Jedi Order.

Character History

Now that the basics are complete, you can start to work on the heart of the Character Wiki page--your character's personal history. Traditionally, most Character Wiki Pages start from the time of birth under the heading "Early Life" and include bits of information on where and when they were born, who their parents are/were, and what type of lifestyle they lived. After the early years are explained, how you set up your Character History headings and subheadings is up to you. Try to break your history up into sections that make sense.

For example, after Early Life, you might cover the events of adolescents or your teenage years. Following that, you can start a heading on joining the Dark Brotherhood and going through the Shadow Academy. For the most part, you are free to fill out your history and back story as you see fit. However, keep in mind that you are one member of hundreds in the Dark Brotherhood, and thousands in Star Wars' Expanded Universe. Make use of the history of the Dark Brotherhood, and of the Star Wars Legends information, to add layers of depth to your character's history. If you were born in 5 ABY, it would make sense that your family was dealing with the Empire's fall after the Battle of Endor. Always try to use Star Wars canon to flesh out the details of your history.

This biography allows for the most creative freedom on your wiki page, but there are a couple restrictions to take note of:

  • The Dark Brotherhood currently exists in 37 ABY. This means being born in the "Pre-Republic" timeline or the Republic and Imperial Timelines will violate our canon.
  • Having your character directly influence Star Wars canon events or characters is not allowed. You may work certain characters and locations into your history, but do not claim to be the "Chosen One" or be a part of the "Battle of Yavin".

Physical Description

A brief physical description of your character, which should match up with your character sheet. As the character sheet is meant to provide a quick overview, here you can embellish your character's description and add information about style of dress, combat gear, weapons, etc. You may want to add a subheading to this section to expand on gear and weapons, if you have enough information to do so.

Unit Category

The Unit Category simply adds your character page to a category of character pages for members in one of the units. Here, simply replace "UNIT CATEGORY" with your unit's specific character page category. These are: [[Category:Arcona members]], [[Category:Naga Sadow members]], [[Category:Odan-Urr members]], [[Category:Plagueis members]], [[Category:Scholae Palatinae members]], [[Category:Taldryan members]], or [[Category: Vizsla members]]. You may also use [[Category:Rogue]] if you are not in a unit, or [[Category:Dark Councilors]] if you are a member of the Dark Council.

All other applicable categories are added automatically based on information in the Character Infobox or because of the Maintenance Tags used.

Useful Information

  • Remember to use internal links [[PAGENAME|display text]] to link to other pages on the Brotherhood Wiki. As a rule of thumb, only link the first mention of a particular page per section of the article. You don't have to link the same page over and over in the same paragraph.
  • Remember to use Wookieepedia links [[starwars:PAGENAME|display text]] to link to pages that exist on the Star Wars Wiki. As the Brotherhood is closely related to the rest of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, we often make use of pages on Wookieepedia rather than making a direct copy of the information on our own wiki.
    • Example: [[starwars:Dark Jedi|Dark Jedi]] == Dark Jedi
  • Use "Show Preview" to double-check the appearance of your page before saving it. This helps you to test out the layout of your article and the position of any images. It also shows you if you've made a mistake or included a link to a non-existent page (a "red link"). Try to fix these problems before saving your page.
  • When uploading images, make sure you add the {{Fairuse}} tag and all applicable Image Categories. This helps sort images used on the DB Wiki.
  • If you're ever unsure how to accomplish something on the wiki, or wish to double-check if you're doing things right or wrong, feel free to contact the Wiki Tribune by leaving a message on his talk page.

Character Page Template

Copy and paste this template into your character article and simply fill in the details as explained above.

{{Eras|pre|rep|imp|rdb|exd|nor}} --> Choose only the eras that apply to your character based on date of birth to present.
{{Construction}} --> Remove this after you've completed your page
|type= Sith / Jedi / Loyalist / Mercenary / Dark / Gray (Choose One)
|image= [[File:filename.ext|250px]] --> upload an image first
|firstname= (include middle name or initial in this variable as well)
|lastname= (last name only for categorization)
|birth={{Birthyear_and_Age|ABY or BBY|YEAR}}
|dossier= [[dossier:#|#]] --> Replace # with your dossier number and it will automatically link your page to your dossier.
'''YOUR CHARACTER''' is... overview of character.

== Character History ==
=== Early Life ===

=== Additional Heading ===
==== Possible Subheading ====

== Physical Description ==

[[Category: UNIT CATEGORY]]