Salas V

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Salas V

Unknown Region


Salas System


Salas I



Rotation period:

29 Hours

Orbital period:

328 Days


12,470.46 km


Breathable (elevated oxygen levels)




1.365 Standard

Primary Terrain:


Native species:


Primary language(s):



2.3 Million

Major cities:

Killians, Artois, Broyles

Major imports:
  • Equipment
  • Foodstufs
Major exports:
  • Ore
  • Exotic Woods
  • Gems


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Salas V is the fourth planet in the Salas System. After its successful invasion and conquest, it was given to House Revan as a territorial holding.


Salas V is a habitable planet that was discovered by a research and scouting team from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Overrun with killiks, the planet was ordered to be wiped clean by the Brotherhood's constituent clans. When they only partially succeeded, the Grandmaster instituted a campaign of genocide to clear the planet. After the genocide of the killiks, the planet was colonized by settlers hoping to work with the planet's many resources. Numerous settlements have formed on the planet, each maintaining its own government, laws, and society. There is no centralized government on the planet.

Salas V



Located in the western hemisphere, Kathe is the largest land mass on Salas V. It covers roughly one-third of the planetary surface. Its one spaceport, Killians, was named for the first settlers in the area. Kathe has the largest hive mounds on the planet. The interior of the planet remains largely unexplored as most of the settlers congregate on or near the coastal regions.

North Country

North Country occupies the entirety of the northern polar shelf. Its exact landmass is unknown as glacial features dominate the landscape, preventing large-scale expeditions and studies. Electromagnetic interference has limited the ability of survey crews to collect information on this region. Mountain peaks jut out of the glaciers and snowfields at points, proving that there is a base of solid land underneath the continent. Unlike the other landmasses on Salas V, no killik hive mounds can be seen above the ice - though at least one colony of killiks was eradicated here.

Land map of Salas V


Far smaller than Kathe, Korilk occupies a section of the eastern hemisphere. Though smaller in size than the other continents, it provides for nearly 1.5 million residents strewn between smaller outposts and farming communities. Its two spaceports, Artois and Broyles, are the main hubs of communication and transport for the planet. The land itself is very fertile; agricultural ventures are the main use of land in Korilk, followed by mining and forestry operations.


The oceans of Salas V are governed by a number of currents that help to maintain the temperate climates along the coasts of Kathe and Korilk. Very little study has been devoted to surveys of the ocean floor or the planet's aquatic lifeforms. Many of the coastal regions rely on the ocean to supplement their diet with fish and shellfish.


Despite its population, there are only three major spaceports on Salas V. The majority of the population lives in or around these settlements. Each spaceport is run by its own government and advisory groups and maintains its own militia. Smaller outlying towns tend to follow this model as well.

  • Killians
  • Artois
  • Broyles


Salas V has one moon, Crolius, that orbits it; without Crolius, the planet's oceans would be barren of tide-reliant creatures.

Notable Landmarks

Killik Hives

There are three main hives on Salas V, all of which were decimated during the genocide. A number of smaller hives also existed across the planet's surface. Though uninhabited by killiks, the mounds have remained. Each mound occupies several thousand acres, suggesting their creation predates the famed Castle Lands of Alderaan. While the superstructures of the hives are an incredible sight, the majority of all hives on the planet stayed mostly underground. The tunneling beneath the surface of the planet remains almost entirely unexplored because of its titanic size and scope. Theories suggest that all three of the major hives were connected at one point by tunnels, though no hard research or exploration has tried to prove this idea.

Epsilon Oros

Epsilon (a random error in regression analysis) Oros (boundary, landmark) is a Revan built training center / headquarters set up on the southernmost island of the eastern continent. The island was chosen because of its minimal number of inhabitants and its size. The training center itself consists of four levels, two above- and two underground and is obscured from scanner sweeps through the use of 220-SIG tactical sensor jamming devices.

Upon their arrival in Epsilon Oros Revanites are supplied with a key-card. This key-card contains information relevant to the use of the training center and can be updated by simply sliding them into the designated module in the entry hall. All the training halls, meditation chambers, resting chamber and lifts are outfitted with key-card readers and other security measures to ensure that only Revanites have access to the facilities provided by the center.

First Floor

The First floor consists of 5 dedicated training halls and 3 meditation chambers. Each chamber is outfitted with a key-card reader and a configuration module that enables the trainee to change the chambers settings (if possible) to his own tastes.

  • Training halls 1 and 2 are equipped with lightsaber training droids and are used by members to further their skills with a lightsaber in combat. The training droids can be configured to multiple difficulties depending on the trainee's own level and taste. In order to ensure the safety of lower ranking members the training droids cannot be configured to a level that would severely endanger the trainee as supplied by the information on their key-card.
  • Training halls 3 and 4 are equipped with automated lasers and serve as blaster-deflection training halls. The lasers can be configured to multiple difficulties depending on the trainee's own level and taste. In order to ensure the safety of lower ranking members the laser batteries cannot be configured to a level that would severely endanger the trainee as supplied by the information on their key-card..
  • Training hall 5 is much more spacious and serves as a dueling chamber where 2 Revanites can face one and other in training battles. Unlike the other training halls this room cannot be configured to personal tastes and does not hold the ability to project different venues like the Antei Combat Centre.
  • The 3 meditation chambers differ on the interior and are built with a specific order in mind. Upon their induction into House Revan, agents are brought to Epsilon Oros and are supplied with a meditation crystal. This meditation crystal is kept within one of the meditation chambers and serves as a focus item during a members meditation period to allow easier emersion into the Force. As the student grows in the Force so will the crystal change to fit the student's progress.

Base Floor

The base floor holds an entry hall decorated with drapes of Revan's past victories. On both sides of the hall, small resting chambers have been built to accommodate members that are staying in Epsilon Oros for an extended period of time. A droid-run kitchen and med-center are also present to take care of any residents. 2 turbo lifts can also be found, one taking students to the upper floor and another taking members downstairs.

Basement Floor 1

The first basement floor contains offices and sleeping chambers for the House Summit. Each room is decorated according to the current inhabitants tastes. Though they are rarely used unless when an exceptional occasion calls for it.

Basement Floor 2

The second basement floor is kept off-limits by the House Summit. It contains the power generator that powers the facility as well as the main-hub of Revan's communication center. Only certain individuals are granted access to this floor and only for a period of time. New requests must be submitted weekly to gain entry to this floor.