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Locke Sonjie
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Locke Sonjie is a Krath Archpriest in the Dark Brotherhood. Born on Bakura in 9 ABY, he was a farmer until 26 ABY, when he left home to join the Republic military in defense of the galaxy during the Yuuzhan Vong War. He would go on to serve in many battles, first as a soldier and later as a pilot. After the war ended, as Locke tried to decide to do with his life, he met Taigikori Aybara, who recruited Locke to the Dark Brotherhood. Locke currently serves as the Consul of Clan Naga Sadow.


Before the Brotherhood

Early Years

Locke was born on Bakura in 9 ABY. His mother was a former politician and his father was a farmer. Growing up, Locke always looked to the sky, wishing he could go into space, but he never knew more than the farm he grew up on. He had an older sister, whom he barely knew, who left the farm when Locke was only eleven years old. His parents were always very quiet about where she went, and Locke never found out.

The Yuuzhan Vong War

In 26 ABY, Locke left home to join the New Republic Defense Forces in their fight against the Yuuzhan Vong invaders. Though he was only 17 standard years old at the time, Locke was allowed to join because of the dire circumstances of the conflict. At first Locke served as a basic foot soldier, but as the war raged, and the New Republic’s forces began to deplete, he found himself a pilot as well.

As the war dragged on, Locke made many friends and most of them were killed in action. Many times he miraculously survived a situation, only to wonder afterward why he had lived and his friends had not. This guilty conscience lay heavily on Locke throughout the closing days of the war. Only later would he learn that it was because of his natural Force affinity that he was able to survive when others often could not. After the war’s end, Locke was released from the military among many others because the fragile Galactic Alliance could not handle the financial strain of paying so many personnel.

Before leaving, he learned that his older sister had become a Jedi Knight, and had died during the war. This only piled onto what Locke had already heard and experienced of the Jedi. In his view, they had not used the Force as a weapon to anywhere near its full potential, resulting in the death of many of his friends in battle. In addition, Locke had heard the rumors of the Jedi leadership’s indecisiveness throughout much of the war, as had many others in the galaxy. By the time Locke left for home, he hated the Jedi.

Descent Into Darkness

While Locke was hopping from world to world on his way back to Bakura, he was confronted by a Dark Jedi named Taigikori Aybara. Taigikori revealed Locke’s latent Force abilities to him, and offered him an invitation to join the Dark Brotherhood. Locke was skeptical and hesitant, but he had no love for the Jedi, and realized that he would be among the like-minded if he joined the Dark Brotherhood, in addition to being able to improve his abilities with the Force. Locke first stepped foot in the Shadow Academy in 30 ABY.

The Dark Brotherhood

The Shadow Clan

At first, Locke found himself in Clan Arcona as Taigikori’s apprentice. When it came time to choose his Order, Locke chose the Krath, feeling that he could learn the most about the Force that way. He learned a lot quickly, but found it difficult to fit in. Whereas with the Galactic Alliance he had fought to protect something and help others, here most of his fellow Dark Jedi were vying for personal gain above all else. This was a sharp contrast to Locke’s personality, and he soon left after only a few months, telling only his Master at the time.

Locke on the attack.


For a time, Locke wondered the galaxy. He considered returning to his parents, but with all he had learned, he did not think that would be a good idea. He briefly considered the Jedi Order, but this only caused a resurgence in his hatred, and Locke became more and more bitter. Finally, after wandering the galaxy for more than two years, Locke was again contacted by Taigikori Aybara. Locke returned to the Dark Brotherhood, feeling that there was no other place he could turn to for knowledge and friends.

Joining Naga Sadow

Upon Locke’s return, he transferred to Clan Naga Sadow. Almost right away, Teu Pepoi took Locke as her apprentice to complete his training. With Clan Naga Sadow, Locke participated battles to subjugate rebellion on Aeotheran and stop an Ekind uprising on Tarthos. He completed his training and was elevated to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight around the same time. Soon after, Locke was made Aedile of House Shar Dakhan. In his new role he found himself often serving as a Dlarit businessman, temporarily side-lining his training in the Force.

The Invasion of New Tython

Soon afterward, however, the 10th Great Jedi War began. Locke traveled to New Tython along with many of his fellow Dark Jedi. In the Battle of New Tython, Locke flew an X-Wing. At first he escorted the drop ship that delivered most of his more senior Dark Jedi allies to the surface of the planet. He then participated in the space battle when Mandalorian forces arrived to aid the Jedi. After rallying Sadowan forces in space, Locke led a squadron of HLAF-500 starfighters back to the aerial battle over the surface. Locke was shot down during the battle and joined up with the other Dark Jedi of Clan Naga Sadow. Seeing that the Clan's soldiers were dying, Locke devised a plan to crush the native and Jedi resistance, which he submitted to the leaders of the Clan. The plan was put into action and succeeded; decimating the Jedi and native forces on that part of the planet. As a result, Locke received a field promotion to Krath Priest.

Became PCON

Riot on Gamuslag

Confronting a Consul

Fight Mac, become CON

Children of Revolution

Fighting the apostates

Orian Incursion

Fighting HSP and PLA

The Horizons Plague

Temporary madness, attack on HSP, further developments and changes in attitude.

DJB Facts


Aside from his clothing and lightsaber, Locke keeps few physical possessions. Due to constantly moving from world to world during the Yuuzhan Vong War, he is used to carrying nothing but the clothes on his back. These experiences have caused Locke to develop a minimalistic approach when possible. His one treasured physical possession is his lightsaber, as it is a testament to his way of life.


Locke is tall and thin. He has light brown/dark blond hair, the color depending on the way light reflects off it. His hair is usually kept cut short in a simple military style. In sharp contrast to his hair, his eyes are a murky green, appearing crystal green in bright light and as glinting dark jewels in dim light. His face is plain and indistinct; he would blend in with a crowd on countless human-inhabited worlds.


In the Antei Combat Centre or for formal occasions, Locke wears his robes as they appear on his dossier.

Because Locke's public role is as a businessman and statesman, he usually wears a traditional suit. This includes black dress pants, a white shirt, a black dress jacket, and a tie. His shoes are the only exception; they are polished black leather on the outside, with reinforced layers and a thick sole underneath the foot to aid in running and navigating uneven terrain. Though this may be known on some worlds, Locke chose it because it was not known much outside of the Corporate Sector, and he wanted to stand out. Locke wears a suit any time he has to appear in public, and because of this, he often finds himself having to do battle in it. He will usually discard the jacket to allow for more free movement of the arms, if possible. If there is time, he tries to leave it hanging somewhere where it will not become damaged.

For general combat operations, Locke usually wears a worn green or brown pilot's uniform, unless he is in a situation that calls for something else.

Locke also carries a thick, light brown, wooden cane, which usually conceals his lightsaber. It can be easily unscrewed in the middle to reveal the compartment that Locke's simple lightsaber barely fits in.


Growing up on a farm, isolated from most social contact has caused Locke to be fairly quiet. The main exception to this is in a military situation. Years of war helped Locke open up a little, and he tends to be livelier in battle. Locke values life, and sees the way many of his fellow Dark Jedi kill their subordinates as pointless and wasteful. Even if he is angry with a subordinate, to Locke, they are better left alive to serve a use once again. While kind and reserved in peaceful situations, he can be aggressive in combat.

Locke tends to look at the world around him with an analytical mind. He weighs everything against its possible use, whether it be friends or enemies, living or droid, animate or not. He often fights with himself internally, almost as if of two minds, though he is very good at keeping this hidden. Locke is unusually kind for a Dark Jedi; seeking to avoid injury or death to even the lowest ranked servant unless absolutely necessary.

In combat, however, Locke has a direct, "them or me" approach, in which he does not hesitate to do what he perceives is necessary once the battle has commenced. He will exclude other considerations in order to end a battle as quickly as possible.

Generally, Locke has a very calm exterior. While his mind might be working quickly, he is able to project a calm image. He usually remains silent unless he has something very important to say; capitalizing on his plain, fly-on-the-wall appearance.

As far as body movements go, Locke is fairly laid back, though he has a sense of when ritual formality is necessary. Traits of both the soldier and farmer of his previous lives will often surface in a mixture. Because of this, he often gives strange vibrations to those he meets.


Locke forgets things he cannot write down, excepting things he finds extremely interesting. This is not much of a factor in a battle, where he can totally focus on the task at hand. Outside of battle, Locke often has to rely on a complex system of reminders or assistance in order to remember appointments and other things. It is not uncommon for Locke's personal files to be a maze of notes and documents that even he has trouble navigating. Due to the assistance of his aid and others, he is able to prevent his subordinates from seeing this, but his peers have applied the phrase "would forget his head if it wasn't attached" more than once.

Locke is allergic to most forms of exhaust, and constantly seeks fresh air. The smell of exhaust causes Locke's eyes to water, while inhaling the fumes can be as simple as a mild cough or as severe as throat-constricting choking. For example, volcanic or industrial worlds will usually induce a mild cough, while Locke cannot spend much time inside a poorly ventilated factory. As a symptom of this, he will seek natural air whenever possible, and if he has the authority, try to keep facilities under his command properly ventilated.

Locke is deathly afraid of the Storini Glass Prowler, because he often confuses is it for the similar Storini Crystal Deceiver. Though Locke has never encountered either one, he has heard about them, and will often perceive any quiet scritch scritch scritch sound as one of them sneaking up on him. Because he cannot tell the difference, Locke wishes to be as far as possible from either one.


While Locke chose Krath for the pursuit of knowledge, deciding that learning the Force would complement his abilities learned in the war, he has a difficult time escaping his past life. While not as good at combat as the average Obelisk, Locke often finds himself enjoying battle and fits into combat situations easily. Nevertheless, Locke has developed a thirst for knowledge that he feels can never be quenched, so he has decided to stay a Krath.


  • Character images made by Waldron Ravenblade.
  • Wrote the Mandalorian Studies SA Exam
  • Has earned two Crescent with a Diamond Stars
  • Possesses the Dark Sage Writing Degree

Positions Held
Before Position After
None Aedile of House Shar Dakhan
35 ABY
Robert Sadow Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow