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Disciples of Ragnos

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  • Members of Marka Ragnos.
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Located on Tarthos, far south of Kar Alabrek, Mucenic is a secluded monastery used as the spiritual home of the Disciples of Ragnos. Mucenic serves as one of the places where House Marka Ragnos calls home. Currently, the Quaestor uses Mucenic as his base of operations, while the Aedile of Marka Ragnos uses Markosian City.


Amongst the population of Tarthos, few in Markosian City and Kar Alabrek are aware of the true status of Mucenic. They see it as only a quiet, secluded religious haunt for monks to live out their days in, studying and praying. These people therefore blindly serve their employers, the Disciples themselves, without the slightest inkling of their true status. Mucenic has a single planetary shield generator installed that covers only parts of the town. The shield generator is only activated during times of emergency to hide the true nature of the installation; thus Mucenic suffers from whatever bad weather the planet throws at it, and has even adapted this into the prayer habits of the Disciples. The more pious members of the Disciples will venture outdoors during the harsh winter and pray in the snow, feeling that only through bodily pain and suffering can they truly understand the words and legacy of Marka Ragnos.


The Grounds

Mucenic consists of a small town, in the center of which is a segregated settlement of humble-looking houses surrounding an ancient temple, small in stature, that is believed to have been created by Urias Orian in the distant past. Under the guise of religious study, Mucenic is the true seat of spiritual power on Tarthos. From here, the Disciples of Ragnos are able to exert their religious authority over Kar Alabrek and Markosian City through the influence of their doctrine.

The grounds of Mucenic are dotted with tall, dark trees, their bark twisted and warped by the Force energy that has seeped into the very soil of the area. Overhanging branches caress the roofs of the houses and brush against the walls of the temple. Dirt paths wind through the trees and between each house, feeding into a wide path lined by nondescript stone pillars that leads up to the double doors of the temple. The entire compound is enclosed by low walls that do not obscure the view of the surrounding countryside; Mucenic is defended by ancient rituals, possibly woven by Urias Orian when he created the temple, and has little need for physical defenses such as walls.

Fred's Lair

Fred's Lair is a bar that Kharon Daragon had created upon reaching Mucenic. Along with Fremoc Pepoi and Ekeia Iclo, he created the bar in homage to his pal Fred the seal. On the outside it is a normal humble looking building, where as on the inside, it is fairly new and shiny. A long bar goes along the left wall, while several tables surround a dance floor. A stage is set up for a band to play music, with the middle of the stage having a wooden head of a seal.

The interior of the temple at Mucenic.

Temple of Ragnos

The corridors of the temple at Mucenic are decorated in a highly ornate style that sometimes disturbs the eye; occasionally, corners will go through more dimensions than would be possible, and filigreed stone will twist into disturbing patterns. The very stone seems to ooze with the Dark Side energy poured into the creation of the temple.

Grand Hall

The great double doors at the entrance lead directly into the main hall of the temple, a long, wide room filled with benches. At the far end of the room, under the gaze of two long windows, a large platform is the location for the rituals carried out by the Disciples. An altar shaped like a semicircle and cut from obsidian is decorated with squares of rich red cloth, with items of ritual significance for the Disciples placed reverently upon it. This hall is used for the most part as an area for prayer, but has begun to be used as a place for meetings and for certain units of Marka Ragnos, a briefing room.


The Library is behind the Grand Hall, through two oak doors on either side of the altar. The books in the library are primarily concerned with the works of Marka Ragnos and the writings of the Maleficarum of the Disciples, Trevarus Caerick. Over time this library as grown to consume almost the entire space.

Invocation Room

In the back of the library, there is a door that is locked only until the Quaestor or the House Overlord. In this room the Rite of Inception is performed by the Quaestor or the House Overlord, where the Disciple who enters the room will be given the choice of one of Marka Ragnos' many treasures. The only way a Disicple is able to gain access to this room is if the Disicple goes to the Quaestor or House Overlord with enough bloodstones to qualify for a Teasure of Ragnos.

Meditation Rooms

In the West portion of the Temple of Ragnos, the disciples have set up 5 identical rooms used for meditation. Each room having, a large glass window that gives the person a view of the outside at the amazing landscape. Inside the room there is a dirt path to the center, where a dirt mound has been made for the person to sit upon. Surrounding the path is a tame amount of grass that doesn't grow wildly and stays at its original length. The other three walls are of stone that reflects the green grass on the ground inside the room. A solid wood door, with a lock to provide privacy for the person inside, is used for the entrance and exit to the room.

Training Circle

In the East portion of the Temple of Ragnos, the Disciples of Ragnos set up a 10 meter in diameter dirt circle for simulated training. The room is fairly large, considering that there is a balcony for people to watch any bouts from above. Most notably is that most of the Journeymen use this as a practice area to practice new styles of fighting or new strikes their masters have taught them. The 10 meter circle is surrounded by matted down grass since many come to watch these training bouts and sit around the circle. There are rules while in the circle, for one, one can not kill or dismember their opponent but one can break any or every bone. Secondly, to keep the fighters contained, they have to stay inside the 10 meter circle or else forfeiting the match and showing their inexperience. This circle is also used for a warm up area sometimes for fighters prior to their matches in the Immortal Tomb.

Second Floor

There is a staircase off of the main entrance to the Temple that leads upwards to the second level. On the second floor of the Temple, there is the House Overlord's office and personal living space, while on the eastern portion there is the balcony for the training circle.

The Catacombs of Mucenic

A passageway only certain Disciples of Ragnos, as well as the members of House Marka Ragnos know about, leads to a place known as the Catacombs of Mucenic. The Catacombs is underneath the city of Mucenic and is where monks of the past have been laid to rest as well as some of the civilians that live around the town of Mucenic. Deep within the Catacombs are the Offices of the Quaestor and Aedile, as well as two smaller offices for the Battle Team leaders. There is a war room that is designed for only the House Leaders to know about and their Black Guards. The offices and war room where recent additions to the Catacombs, as the members of Marka Ragnos abandoned their city of Kar Alabrek. This action was to prevent anything from happening to the leadership and for the leadership to be able to lead their House if there was a problem. The only people that know of these offices are the House leadership.

Kuroshin Falls

Hidden Hangars

Over time in Mucenic, the Disciples of Ragnos have created several passage ways to three medium sized hidden hangars that are built into the hillside, facing away from Mucenic towards the cliffs leading down to the Forgotten Seas. The land surrounding Mucenic is unblemished and intact hiding the hangars from those that need not know. The entrance doors to the hangers are hidden in the side of the cliff behind the water of Kuroshin Falls. The Silverwulf River runs the length of the continent of Lugar Da Forca on Tarthos ending at a Cliffside near Mucenic. The river flowing over the cliffs into the Forgotten Seas is a site not easily forgotten and was named by the Keibatsu Disciples in honor of their seat of power Kuroshin on their homeworld of Kyataru. The Disciples ships are re-known for being the shiniest craft in the Dark Brotherhood due to the constant cleansing from Kuroshin Falls.

Inside the Immortal Tomb

The Immortal Tomb

Located on the east side of Mucenic, the Immortal Tomb is where all disputes are settled among the Disciples of Ragnos. If a Disciple believes an individual has wronged them then they hold to the ideals of their Doctrine and challenge their enemy to combat in the Immortal Tomb. There the dispute is settled civilized, instead of on the streets in the eyes of the public. Only Disciples of Ragnos may challenge another to combat in the Tomb, however they may challenge anyone that does them wrong; fellow Disciple or not.

The Tomb is three stories tall with a sub-basement, while the top two stories are balcony seating only.

Main Floor (lower seats and stage)

This is the lower rim of the arena capable of holding spectators for events. It’s leveled with the area of the arena designed for the events and matches. The only protection between spectators and combatants is a transparent dome of plastisteel that goes up to the upper rim level.

Second Floor (common seats)

This is where the regular members and visitors of House Marka Ragnos make their seats when preparing for an event in the arena.

Top Floor (Honor Chambers)

This is the upper rim of the arena, right above the common seats. This area holds four Honor Chambers, where the Quaestor, Aedile, and any important guests make their seats. In between these Honor Chambers are various burial tombs of important Disciples of Ragnos whom have passed on. In honor of their sacrifice and dedication towards Marka Ragnos, they have been given a prime seat to forever watch the future Disciples fight in their honor.

Sub-basement (backstage)

This area is under the lower seats and holds several dressing rooms that can be used as temporary cages. It links itself with the stage through a set of trapdoors dispersed on the ceiling.

Life at Mucenic

Life at the monastery is curiously double-sided; those members of the Disciples who travel to Mucenic spend their time either studying the words of Marka Ragnos for enlightenment and engaging in the rituals held by the Disciples, or in continuing to train their martial and mental skills as they did while ensconced in Alabrek Castle. As such, any hypothetical visitor to the monastery (although visitors are strongly discouraged) would witness members of the Disciples in one room praying to Marka Ragnos, while in the next room they would witness members of the Disciples sparring both with their fists, with weapons and with the Force.

Each Disciple chooses their own routine at Mucenic; they have the option of seeking to communicate with Marka Ragnos through the spiritual aspect of combat training, or through prayer, fasting and meditation.


33 ABY

Mucenic was a quiet place until 33 ABY when the Divine Reborn attacked. The Reborn tracked an order of weapons the Disciples of Ragnos had ordered and brought a surprise attack to the city. As the enemy ran around the city they took the lives of many civilian monks as well as capturing House Marka Ragnos Quaestor, Fremoc Pepoi. Just before his capture Fremoc informed his Black Guard to get both the Night Raptors and the Night Hawks to Mucenic as fast as possible to eliminate the enemy.

As both teams arrived to the city they spread quickly throughout the area and began an immediate battle with the Dark Jedi who were still cutting down innocent civilians. The teams quickly covered the small city and saved the lives of the civilians as well as Sith Warlord Kharon Daragon rescuing Fremoc's children.

The Divine Reborn quickly learned that attacking the city was a foolish idea as both Battleteams cut through each attacking Dark Jedi and Lord. The attack ended with the Night Raptors freeing Fremoc Pepoi and then with the combined efforts of Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart and Kano Tor Pepoi, Drosk was captured. The Divine Reborn's leader however fell to Fremoc's wife, Teu Pepoi, as she crept up behind the shackled man and stabbed him with her lightsaber.


  • The name Mucenic and a brief description of the location existed on the Tarthos Wiki page. It was expanded upon by Manji Keibatsu Sadow in the current incarnation of the Disciples of Ragnos to provide a fictional location for the Disciples and to help build a more complete picture of how the Disciples work. Fremoc Pepoi took the article and did some further editing for the Members of Marka Ragnos to further understand the layout.
  • Inspiration for the structure and layout of Mucenic comes from the structure of medieval European monasteries and abbeys.
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