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Equite 4 (Warlord/Augur/Warden/Colonel/Reaver), commonly known as EQ4, this is the twelfth rank in the Dark Brotherhood, which is awarded after demonstrating above and beyond performance as a third-level Equite. It is at this rank that members may request custom Dual Lightsabers. It is the final rank in the Equite class and the final step down the path to the first Elder rank.

Only Consuls and Dark Councillors have the authority to promote members up to this rank.

Promotion requirements

Upon promotion by your Clan Summit, you will reach the first Elder rank based on your Order.

Order ranks


The Sith rank at this level has varied. It was originally Sith Warlord, which later on was replaced by Sith Overlord, with Sith Warlord moving down to the third Equite rank, replacing Sith Battlelord. When the original Sith ranks were restored, it returned to fourth-level Equite. The Obelisk rank was originally Obelisk Warlord, before being replaced by Obelisk Templar. However the Obelisk order were not happy with the new ranks, and so Obelisk Primarch replaced Templar, which was moved down to its present day first Equite rank position.

Old dark side ranks

Old light side ranks

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