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Character History

Despite a long career within the Brotherhood's ranks, still little is known about Raven. He was found on a starship by Nekura Manji Keibatsu while the now Epis was still a Knight. Manji can recall that Raven was fanatically devoted to annihilating any pirates he came across, for the sole reason that "pirates" is the most specific description he has of the men who murdered his parents and neary succeeded in killing him. This is what fuels his anger, and it has become a mixture of regret of his inability to avenge them, the anger, and the despair that followed the tragedy. This is suspected to also be the cause of his Force sensitivity.

Out of the Frying Pan

Raven can still remember small things about his time before the brotherhood. After his parents murder at the hands of what he best described as "pirates," or so the scapegoat has become, his parents' ship suffered a crash landing on an uninhatbited ice planet, who's name is lost to Raven's memory. He survived for what may have been a year, hiding in the wreckage, and, slowly constructing a starship to take him off the planet. Were it not for his wealthy parents, whose names are lost, he would not have had education enough to construct such a thing. When he did complete it's construction, after a near fatal takeoff, and an even more dangerous hyperspace jump, he made it back to civilization, as a unnoticed lowlife.

Into the Fire

The young boy Raven found himself consumed by vengeance, and became something of a crusader against murders, but not out of dreams of a righteous world, but the absolute extermination of all of those who might be in league with the people who killed his parents. He was driven to the point of insanity, had the Knight Manji not bested him in combat (with relative ease). With the promise to give him the ability to hunt those who would think of taking the actions that destroyed his life, he was inducted into the Brotherhood.

(In actuality, Raven was never recruited, but the DB member who fictionally recruited him was never defined in his history, and it is only fitting that his original master and Envoy take that place)

A grinding period of training and discipline followed. As a follower of the Krath, he was taught by his Master, and his Master's brother, Muz Ashen Keibatsu, whenever Manji's knowledge faltered. Often sent on long, grueling expeditions by the brother's high standards, he spent much of his time away from Tarthos, the home of the Marka Ragnos Cathedral. It took him several years to complete his training, but the experience he had earned in that time would pay it's dues in time.

A Brother in Darkness

After a period, Raven returned from a long mission of unknown purpose to Tarthos, rejoining his Clanmates. There he was assigned a new master, Callus Bo'Amar, who would be a steadfast ally in the time to come.

At that time Raven was still at the rank of Guardian. It was Callus who would be his guide to the rank of Jedi Hunter, something he had wish to aspire to for some time.

The Seventh Great Jedi War gave him the chance to prove his prowess and loyalty to his clan, something he undoubtably accomplished. Sweeping his way through his enemies, he was recognized and bestowed the rank of Dark Jedi Knight before the War was over. For him, unlike many others, the construction of a lightsaber posed no challenge, Muz had already began instructing him in the art of saber creation, and he had made many blades before his own. It took no less effort than to grasp a hilt from a shelf and take it for his own.


Krath Priest Raven

Around the end of the Great Jedi War, the Herald at that time, Muz Keibatsu Sadow, came to the decision that Raven's skills had progressed enough that he could begin formal service to the Iron Throne as one of his Magistrates. Eagerly taking up the role, Raven performed admirably well, and in time, rose to become the chief assistant to the Herald, the Praetor of that office. He has worked on several contributions to the brotherhood, and more are still to come.

When he was given the position of Praetor, something of a surprise was bestowed to him. A promotion to the rank of Krath Priest, marking his induction into the greator whole of the Brotherhood, the equites, and the acceptance and recognition of his order. He still holds this rank today.

Clan Items

  • Raven at a point, created the images for the three swords awarded to the clans during a past RoS.
  • Created the graphical suite for the CSP merit award system.

Other Contributions

  • Made currently one contribution to the Saber selector system, more may come with time.
  • Many warbanners and custom sabers have come from Raven, scattered throughout the Brotherhood.


  • Former Tetrarch of the Night Raptors BattleTeam.
  • Former Tetrarch of the Night Hawks BattleTeam.
  • Was a Herald Magistrate before his current appointment as Praetor.

Preceded by:

Tyren Atema

Praetor to the Herald

26 ABY - 28 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Magistrate to the Herald

26 ABY

Succeeded by:

Tyren Atema

Preceded by:

Shuang Long

Tetrarch of the Night Hawks

26 ABY

Succeeded by:

Tyren Atema