Curwen Sunei

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Curwen Sunei
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

20 BBY

Physical Description












Personal Information

Unknown secret organization


Clan Naga Sadow

Lightsaber Color(s):

Curwen uses a Lightsaber Pike.

Fighting Style(s):

K'thri, Echani

Chronology & Political Information

Former Shadow Guard


Formerly the Empire

Personal Ship:


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"Vexok Savaka! Derriphan! Jiiasjen! ''"
―Curwen Sunei


Curwen Sunei is a former Emperor's Shadow Guard. Born on Vjun to a impoverished noble family as a result of a tryst with an Ekind, he was was recruited to combat service by agents of the Empire. He trained on Anaxes at the Imperial Academy there and graduated with high honors.

One of his first missions as a young sergeant was in Blizzard Force at the Battle of Hoth. Curwen then served as a Captain Imperial Elite Snowtrooper of the 501st Legion after he was noticed by agents of Lord Vader. The Force-sensitive near-Human was then recruited and trained in secret by agents of the Inquisitorius.

He served in Bast Castle as well as with the group of Shadow Guard assigned to Executor Sedriss later on. With the final death of Emperor Palpatine's last clone in 11 ABY, the Darksider found himself without a "leash" for the first time. He struck out on his own, exploring many places in Sith Space for over many years. Slowly driven mad by the Dark Side and the unholy places he haunts, he now resides somewhere within the Tombs of Urias Orian as an insane hermit. He has an allegiance to an unknown Dark Side Master of great power known only as "The Sword".


Curwen has a considerable grasp of chemistry, exobiology,and planet lore from his privileged youth. Sunei has also trained extensively in martial hand-to-hand styles, including the forbidden Echani. The Adept is extremely proficient with every weapon he uses or picks up. The experienced combat veteran normally uses blasters, a red Lightsaber Pike, and various knives, staves, and swords in his arsenal. Though he is aging, he maintains a rigorous exercise and meditation regimen. He can also read, write, and speak the ancient Sith Language.

Curwen has honed his grasp of the Dark Side to a frightening degree and is roughly equivalent to a Dark Side Adept in power. He has been known to use Dark Side abilities such as Force Grip, Force Lightning, and Drain Energy among others. He has some control over the Undead in the Tombs as well.
Curwen's Sith Spellbook

The Dark Side adept is known to use Sith magic on occasion from an old Sith spellbook he found on Ziost. Sunei is also adept at the construction of lightsabers, and possesses an unknown source of natural red Adegan crystals.

Curwen Sunei in 1 ABY