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Kano Tor Tydex
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

5 ABY (age 37)

Physical Description












Personal Information

Skara Tydex


Zane Pepoi


Fremoc Pepoi
Mirdala Nox

  • Westar-35 Blaster Pistol
  • Mandalorian Murder Axe
  • Mandalorian Vambraces
Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Mercenary

Aedile of House Wren


Rise of the Brotherhood era
Exodus era
New Order era



Known masters:

Fremoc Pepor



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Kano is a Mercenary for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. This Human male is a dedicated Mandalorian warrior and a seasoned veteran when it comes to violence and mayhem. He spent years in service with Clan Naga Sadow until a personal quest led him out of the Brotherhoods reach. While away Kano disconnected himself from the Force inorder to focus on improving his skills as a true Mandalorian. He was thought to be dead for years until showed up to join the ranks of Clan Vizsla and through dedication and hard work became the Aedile of House Wren.

Before the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Early Life

"You will become a great Mandalorian warrior."
―The Old Man

Kano was born in 7 ABY to a mother he would never know and a father that was already married and attached to another family, that father was Zane Pepoi. Zane decided to not let his family know of his infidelities and took the child named Kano to a long time friend. That friend, Tor Tydex, adopted Kano into his family as if her were one of his own and began teaching him the ways of the Mandalorians. Kano lived with Tor, Shai, and his younger brother Rang happily until 13 ABY when a group of outcast Mandalorians attacked the family’s house. Everyone was killed except Kano, who had been knocked unconscious as he attempted to save his mother from one of the attackers.

Kano awoke a year later in 14 ABY with no memory of his life or family. He was alone on the planet of Raxus Prime for several hours before a man wearing a full armor suit and T-shaped visor approached him. The man was the former leader of the group that attacked Kano’s family and he offered the young boy a home and training to become a Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter. He gave the child the name of Ryuk and asked to only be called buir.

Kano being trained as a child

Trials of the Bounty Hunter

"You will kill that old problem or we will kill you."

Kano’s training ended in 24 ABY with buir sending the young Mandalorian to Elom in to meet with a long time contact and attain his first bounty. Kano met with a Hutt by the name of Situ to receive the details of the bounty. Situ told the young Mandalorian that his job was to return to the training camp on Raxus Prime and kill the old bounty hunter. Reluctantly Kano returned to his training camp to find buir sitting on a log next to the campfire. The old man sat silently as Kano drew out his LL-30 and took aim at his back. Buir turned just as Kano began to press the trigger on his blaster and threw a knife, sticking it into Kano’s shoulder. Buir caught a blaster bolt directly in the neck under the rim of his buy’ce. Kano took his trainers armor and began his career as a bounty hunter and mercenary.

Adult Years

Kano continued to work for Situ until 26 ABY when he decided it was time to leave Elom in search of bigger bounties and more adventurous missions. Situ, terrified he was going to lose his best bounty hunter, called in an assembly of all the bounty hunters, assassins, and mercenaries he could reach. Kano knew that the only reason the Hutt would call in this much fire power was if he knew most of them would die in pursuit of whatever bounty was being placed before. Kano, being the inspiring hunter he was, decided that would be a great test of his skills.

The Betrayal

"I need a bounty hunter to kill a bounty hunter."

During a massive assemble of hunters Situ announced that he would be handing out the biggest reward he had ever offered for his next bounty. He went on rambling of why it was so important that the man be killed but no one in the room was hearing any of it. They all were listening for the same thing, the name. Then after what seemed like forever Kano, along with every other hunter in the room heard the name, Kenpachi Dryas, a bounty hunter with a passion for lightsabers.

Kenpachi Dryas

As soon as the name was said every hunter in the room darted towards the exit and made their way to their ships, all but one. Kano stayed sitting at the small bar looking up at Situ and the Hutt just looked right back and said one more word, "Phindar". Kano now knew what planet he was heading to. He quickly got to his former trainers Firespray-31, a ship known as 'Killing Time'. It was a beat up ship but did its job better than most newer models out there. As Kano climbed aboard the engines kicked on and Kano repeated the name of the planet for the NAV computer to plot the trip. Within minutes the ship was in hyperspace quickly heading to meet the other bounty hunter, and kill him.

When Kano arrived at Phindar he had no clue where to start but something in his gut told him which port to land at and even what street to walk down, Kano felt as if he was being guided. Sure enough, coming down the street was the bounty hunter. He was instantly recognized from the data file Kano had hacked into on his ship. He also noticed the sleek and deadly weapon attached to the hunter’s hip, it was a lightsaber. A weapon that has taken the lives of many Mandalorians and fellow bounty hunters. Thoughts raced through Kano's head as he wondered if he was good enough to take out a bounty hunter of this skill level on his own.

Eventually everything he had planned out went to hell because of the betrayal and set up by Situ. The Hutt arranged the bounty to have Kano killed by the hunter who was actually Situ's number one bounty hunter and secret guard. Kano just barely escaped the trap by dropping a thermal detonator at his own feet and waiting for everyone to take their cover before he himself tried to take cover from the blast. When everyone got back to their feet Kano was already in his ship and leaving the bounty hunter behind.

Settling a Score

"He will kill you, if you help me we can kill him."
―Kenpachi Dryas

In 28 ABY Kano received a message that brought him back into the graces of the very same Hutt who conspired to kill him before. Knowing that Situ had a way of carrying grudges Kano accepted the invite back to Elom. This time the Hutt seemed spooked about everything around him. His quarters were empty of everything except a service droid. After hearing Situ's plea Kano decided to accept his new bounty. The bounty of former guard and bounty hunter Kenpachi Dryas once again. This time the Hutt placed the bounty in good reason. The former guard wanted the Hutt dead for scamming him out of a great sum of money.

As everything played itself out Kano found himself in a very good situation. He arranged a deal with the other bounty hunter that would allow him a chance to kill Situ. When the trap was set the Hutt was on hand expecting to see the death of Kenpachi Dryas. What he ended up seeing was a double cross between the former guard and the Mandalorian.

As Kenpachi was about to end the life of the Hutt Kano blasted the lightsaber from his hands and began a dangerous hand-to-hand fight with the former guard. The fight ended on 'Two for Flinching' with Kano blasting Kenpachi Dryas in the chest with a 9118 carbine. The blast knocked the other hunter to where the Hutt was waiting. As the Hutt let out a sigh of relief and began to thank Kano for saving him once again. Kano then shot Situ and left both bodies in a pool of blood.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

In 31 ABY Kano began to become bored with his life as a bounty hunter. Everything just seemed to simple to him. At this time is when Kano began to search for more meaning to his life and what he could do with the "gifts" he had been learning he had. Through a series of strange ship failures and fight or flight situations Kano found his way to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Kano quickly made his way through the initial introduction area known as the Shadow Academy and was sent out to his new home. Kano was assigned to House Marka Ragnos in Clan Naga Sadow. It wasn't long after being assigned there until Kano was approached by Dark Jedi Knight Fremoc Pepoi and asked to join the Night Raptors.


"You will become my apprentice and you will learn real warrior skills."
―Fremoc Pepoi

The Force-devoid Alien attack on Tarthos began Kano’s battle career in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. For the first few hours nobody could believe what was happening. Within no time Kano found himself in the middle of battle, pushing the Peace Brigade soldiers back and away from Marka Rangos Cathedral. While fighting this battle Kano left in pursuit of his master, Dark Jedi Knight Fremoc Pepoi. After meeting up with his master and several other Dark Jedi he found that he had joined the pursuit for unknown assailants that had taken Fremoc’s son.

As word spread the group found out that the attack was an inside job and one of the men involved had personally overseen the abduction of Fremoc’s son. Kano continued to follow his master and his growing rage until he found himself sitting next to a Bacta tank with his master inside.


"Go. Trust me, I’ll be fine."
―William "Archaon" Darkfire
Kano fighting three Aliens

The Alien attackers had already pulled back and vanished into space before anyone could react. The cities of Tarthos were in shambles and the attackers had to pay. Kano found himself assigned to looking after his master’s health after he had decided to leave the Bacta tank early to help with retaliations on the Aliens and Peace Brigade. Soon all the Night Raptors and a squad of Special Operations troopers were outside the office of Commander Arnet, a traitor who had assisted the Alien invaders in their attack. As the Raptors attempted to apprehend Arnet the S.O. Squad attacked the Dark Jedi and allowed the traitor time to escape. Eventually the Raptors, now teamed with the rest of House Marka Ragnos, captured Arnet and found the location to the enemy base in the Arctic regions of Tarthos. As Kano piloted the LAAT\i to the Arctic Base Fremoc killed Arnet and tossed his body from the ship.

At the Arctic Base Kano followed his master and the others into the dark corridors and fought of Alien after Alien until the group manager to find the codes they were seeking and get the Planetary Defense Grip up and running again. Several hours later Kano listened to a quick briefing about a device called the VGB, or Violator Gas Bomb, a weapon designed to kill all of the Aliens and that they would be taking it to the enemy ship known as the Yammka’s Sword. On the enemy ship the Disciples of Ragnos fought with many Alien warriors to get the VGB to its final resting place. Kano watched as a battle between Varesh Shai, an Alien Slayer who had no tolerance for Jedi or Sith, and the Epis Manji Keibatsu Sadow and his apprentice Warlord Macron Goura Sadow. After a hard battle Vasi Khess appeared and interrupted the two Dark Jedi from there fight.

Operation Rancor ended with Kano, Manji, Fremoc, Soolin, and Dyrra shoving there lightsabers into Varesh’s chest to kill the Alien Slayer. William Archaon Darkfire, a brave Night Raptor, ended up staying back and sacrificing himself to make the VGB go off only after the other Dark Jedi left the Yammka’s Sword. William fulfilled his final mission and the VGB successfully finished the great battle.

Sergeant that Was

"I'm Kano Tor Tydex, not Ryuk."

After the battle against the Alien attackers the Night Raptors found themselves without a leader as Dark Jedi Knight Fremoc Pepoi became House Marka Ragnos new Aedile. The team carried on without a leader for several weeks and it was during this time that, while on a mission, Kano discovered his true past and who his family was. Up until this time Kano had been known only as Ryuk. Needless to say the birth name was taken and the name Ryuk vanished into history. Several days after Kano returned from his mission a decision came down that he would be the new Sergeant of the Raptors. The Mandalorian ran the Raptors on several short missions before he was called to complete a mission on his own for the House Summit.

When Kano returned from his mission he had been beaten almost to the point of death and had endured intense mental trauma. The Mandalorian had to step down from the position of Battle Team Leader because in the shape he was in the team needed someone else to step up.

It took several weeks for Kano to return to his full strength and to make it known he was back Kano proceeded to make a sneak attack on his master as he was in his office. The attack ended with Fremoc blocking a lightsaber strike from behind and the Black Guard, Ekeia Iclo, holding her blade to Kano's neck.

Dark Knighthood

"Rise, a Dark Jedi Knight."
―Fremoc Pepoi

In the year 32 ABY, after going through countless missions with team, house, and clan, Kano achieved the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. He was Knighted by his master Dark Jedi Knight Fremoc Pepoi in a ceremony with all of House Marka Ragnos in attendance. Just hours after the Knighting took place all of Clan Naga Sadow set out on a mission to deal with the growing drug problems in the ranks.


Kano and all of Clan Naga Sadow set out to the Orian System to track down the source of the recent drug problem within the Clan. The trail led them to Refuge where Manji Keibatsu Sadow instructed everyone to enter under the guise of the Nihilgenia. Fremoc Pepoi, Dyrra Skye, and Kharon Daragon soon found an apartment for the Clansmen to use as a Base of Operations while on the mission. The apartment was located across from a bar and led to Kano having a very bad mental breakdown as memories of the cause of his recent injuries flooded back into his mind. Fremoc Pepoi, his former Master, eventually slammed him against the wall and made him come to realize that he was still alive for a reason and at that moment the reason was to finish another mission. After that had blow over Kano found himself and Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart running headlong into an inner gang fight. The two eliminated all but one of the men and got a bit of information about the drug trades top members. Methyas then told the man as long as he kept his mouth shut he was free to go, Kano shot the man in the back of the head as he ran away.

Kano and Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart headed back to the apartment and Kano went into a room to meditate on his own. While in the room Methyas began a chase with someone who had spotted the Clan in the apartment. When Kano caught what was going on over the comlink it was already a full on fight between Clansmen and gang members. Kano watched from a nearby roof and was attacked by Thorrin, a Wookiee who ran an enforcement crew for the drug trade, and engaged in an intense fight with the creature. The Wookiee ended up destroying Kano's Mandalorian style armor then being decapitated by the Knight's lightsaber.

Ludo Kressh and Back

After spending all his time in House Marka Ragnos training and gaining ranks, including Dark Jedi Knight, Kano was accepted to be the leader of The Bastion for House Ludo Kressh. The move was a huge step for Kano but it was needed to achieve what he wanted and that was a leadership position. As Sergeant at Arms of The Bastion it also placed Kano as the Prefect of Marakith

Kano on Salas V during the Vendetta

After two months in The Bastion Kano received a great surprise. His adoptive brother Rang Verda arrived on the battlefields of Salas V. The fellow Mandalorian had tracked Kano down after he found that he possessed the same odd abilities that Kano possessed back during their time working as mercenaries together. Kano accepted Rang as his apprentice and began to teach him in the ways of the Dark Side. Kano trained Rang through the Vendetta on Salas V and continued back on the Marakith Skyhook as well as on the grounds of The Bastion.

During the time that Kano was training his brother the fellow Mandalorian refused to give up the life of being a bounty hunter. Rang left Tarthos one evening on a simple bounty and didn't return. Kano stressed over his brothers dissaperance and asked to go on a search for the missing apprentice. After the request was denied Kano began drinking heavely and stepped down from Sergeant at Arms of The Bastion and went back to his old home in the Night Raptors.

Revenge on the Divine

Kano about to kill Divine Reborn attacker with knife

Soon after returning to the Night Raptors the Disciples of Ragnos fell under attack. Mucenic was taken by surprise and Quaestor Fremoc Pepoi was captured by Master Drosk Nunes of the Divine Reborn. This lead both of House Marka Ragnos Battleteams to be called to Mucenic to free the city of the attacking Dark Jedi and to rescue their Quaestor.

The Night Raptors rushed the small city and killed as many of the Dark Jedi as they could find. As they rescued the civilian monks Kano came into contact with a figure from his past, Remus Xemo. Remus, a former Mandalorian, betrayed Kano and tried to kill him when the Raptor had originally found the Divine Reborn. As the two faced off they agreed to a fight with no sabers and no Force. The fight was brutal but Remus broke the agreement and sent a burst of Force energy into Kano, knocking him aside. Kano they drew upon the force to grab Remus's own lightsaber and used it to sever all of his limbs in one swing. Kano then proceeded to beat Remus to death with the until hilt.

The Raptors continued on with their mission until they found Fremoc Pepoi being held by Master Drosk Nunes. Kano was attacked by the Divine Rebore's leader as soon as he realized they had met before. Kano held Drosk off long enough for Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart to free their Quaestor. The three then overpowered the Master and captured him. After all the events passed Fremoc announced that Bal Demona had stepped down from Aedile of House Marka Ragnos and his replacement would be Methyas and that Kano would take over as Sergeant of the Night Raptors for the second time.

Being a Templar

The day in 33 ABY that Kano ascended to the Equite ranks was a day that will not soon be forgotten by the Mandalorian warrior. Unlike his promotion into Knighthood there was no ceremony. Kano received his promotion to Obelisk Templar discreetly via private message while he was in the heat of a very important mission for the betterment of the Clan.

Ending Deliverance

After the attack by the Divine Reborn, Kano had a short lived time of rest. He soon found himself on Aeotheran with the rest of House Marka Ragnos to assist House Ludo Kressh and in the bigger picture Clan Naga Sadow itself. Kano went undercover in the disguise of a Mandalorian bounty hunter looking for a way off the planet and linked up with Malisane Sadow and several other members of the clan. The group was pretending to assist Deliverance, the key member of The Voice of Justice. The groups first made a silent attack on the VoJ by sabotaging an attack on an unmanned rail-car. Malisane provided false information and delays to cause the attack to hit a manned vehicle filled with innocent workers. The attack made the VoJ out to be nothing more than a terrorist group.

The group took refuge with the VoJ in a cave hidden off in the woods while the chaos of the explosion shook the area. While hiding the group came up with their next target. They decided to strike a power generator that was a crucial asset to the Dlarit Corporation. It was around this time that Kano was promoted into the rank of Obelisk Templar. He didn’t receive a formal promotion before the Clan because of the current events but the messages from his Clan mate was enough to make up for that.

During the attack on the generator Kano teamed up with Fremoc Pepoi and Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart to cover from the outer perimeter. This went well until during the assault Fremoc’s wife, Teu Pepoi, was captured by the enemy. Fremoc then led Kano and Methyas into the building via a hole the three Mandalorian blew into the building. Upon rescuing Teu, Kano took it upon himself to create a distraction by setting the generators computers to force an overload and blow the entire place to pieces.

The three heard a fair share of shouting for the action they took but in no time they were heading to Lor Zateen for a full assault on Deliverance and the VoJ. During the assault Kano receive a private message and had to abandon his Clan mates and rush off to settle a problem from his past. Soon after leaving the public transport Kano was aboard was captured by a group of Mandalorian pirates. Kano has yet to disclose what happened in the few weeks that he was missing.

Operation Junkyard

During a trivial time for Naga Sadow, Kano was sent to Antei along with Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow and Teu Pepoi. When they arrived the group was informed that they were to join forces with several members of the other Houses and work together in teams to take back the Shadow Academy from an unknown attacker. The mystery attacker had turned the Shadow Academies mechanical forces against itself and the first victims ended up being new recruits into the Brotherhood.

Kano and Teu wound up being placed on a team designated as a distraction team and sent to draw as much attention to the front doors of the Academy as possible. The mission was a success as the team drew countless enemy droids to the front doors and the main courtyard and allowed the other team to end the attack.

After the mission was over Kano decided it was time to take his fighting abilities somewhere that would respect the Mandalorian way of life a little more. As Tsainetomo and Teu were getting on the shuttle to return them home Kano was stepping onto a shuttle heading to the home of House Arcona. The Templar’s time in House Arcona was short lived as he missed his true friends and family that he had made while in House Naga Sadow, Kano decided he needed to return and help his friends get through whatever endeavors they might be in.

Secret Guard

When Kano arrived back where his brothers were fighting he felt a great amount of pressure on his former master, Fremoc Pepoi. When the Templar found him he was fighting alone against Ekind High Priest Aeratas Alabrek. Kano dove into the battle with Fremoc and instantly the two were back in complete unison. They both overwhelmed the Ekind and ended the creature’s life. This, as well as some interference from the Grandmaster Muz Ashen, brought an end to the fight that had been pushed onto Naga Sadow. It was also at this time that Kano was informed of Fremoc’s exile and tasked by his former master to keep an eye on his wife, Teu Pepoi.

After several months Kano awoke to find that Fremoc had returned in the middle of the night against the ordered exile he was on. The Templar kept the visit a secret and ensured that the only other person to witness it, Venator, kept it a secret as well.


In late 33 ABY tensions began to boil over between the three Orders of the brotherhood. Kano, serving as an Obelisk fought side by side with members of his own House as well as former rivals from other Houses. He fought hard to preserve his Order even when it came to taking his lightsaber to his fellow House members. As the battle waged the Obelisk showed their superior might but all three Orders learned that the hostilities were caused by a Jedi in an attempt to tear the Brotherhood apart.

During all this time Fremoc Pepoi brought evidence forward that showed a family link between himself as well as their friends Araxis and Methyas. The group was amazed that the Force had managed to unite them for this time and then finally allow them to know that they were all members of the same family, the Pepoi Family. While the family was still new and trying to adapt to this information Kano began to form a new friendship with a fellow hunter, Venator.

Regulators Rise and Kano's Fall

After the confrontation between the Orders Kano began to note a lack of obedience and pride in the House Battleteams. With a bit of research Kano contacted the Quaestor of House Naga Sadow, Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow. When Kano brought the idea to create a new team and decommission the others Keibatsu agreed and was relieved that someone else had offered to fix a problem that he himself had been noting. Immediately Kano began to get things in order for the new team. His first act as Sergeant was to name the team and he chose The Regulators, a name meant to show that regulation could be more that just following rules, it was also enforcing them.

It wasn't long after the formation of the team that they ventured out on their first major operation. On this mission the team managed to reach a target before their Quaestor and several other higher-ranking members of the House. After capturing the target Kano managed to become possessed and Fremoc Pepoi stepped in to try and stop the events from getting to bad. That led to a battle between the two brothers that ended in Kano's fake death. He used this trick to leave the Brotherhood and begin honing his skills further as a Mandalorian.

Return to the Brotherhood

In 37 ABY while tracking down a simple bounty Kano came across information that lead him back within the reaches of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. This information placed him in contact with a new clan that had formed. Interested in what this new clan had to offer Kano joined the ranks of Clan Vizsla. A clan of Mandalorians working on contract with the Brotherhood.

GJW XIII: Discord

Kano fighting the Collective

Kano had not been with Clan Vizsla for long before there was a disturbance felt within the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood. While Brotherhood and Clan representatives met with a potential ally known as the Severian Principate the Collective attacked posing as members of the Brotherhoods Iron Navy. Clan Vizsla were directly involved with the capture of a data disk that leaked the information on the Collective’s “Project Indigo”, which had used the Brotherhood’s captured prisoners of war as tortured and reconditioned suicide soldiers. Kano's actions for his new clan impressed the Consul so much that he promoted Kano to the rank of EQ2, Raider. It was also at this time that Kano revealed that while he had exiled himself from the Brotherhood he had been married to a fellow Mandalorian know as Mirdala Nox.

Leadership Shifts in War

Kano continued working with Clan Vizsla after the Thirteenth Great Jedi War in 37ABY. It was around this time that the Clan upgraded Battleteam Wren into a full fledged House. Upon this elevation the battleteam Deathwatch was formed within House Wren. Appuis Wight stepped into the Battleteam Leader position and built the team from the ground up. Before the dust was settled from GJW XIII Clan Vizsla went to war with Clan Plagueis.

As the Clan was preparing to go into battle once again an opening came up in the House Wren leadership and Appius stepped up into the Aedile position. This left Deathwatch without a Battleteam Leader. Kano stepped into this position and led the team through the battle.

After the fighting stopped and the Clan started to settle back down there was another shake up in the House Wren leadership as Appius Wight announced his departure from Clan Vizsla to become Quaestor of House Ektrosis in Clan Taldryan. This once again gave Kano the opportunity to show his dedication to his House and Clan as he stepped into the role of Aedile of House Wren.

Physical Description

Kano is light skinned with brown, medium length hair shaved down on the sides. His hair falls down to the sides stopping about two inches above his shoulders. Occasionally he pulls it back tight and braids the excess hair into a tail so it stays away from his face. His body has scars in various locations but his most notable ones are melted skin on his back from taking Force lightning torture for several weeks. He has an average body build that shows he is fit but still loves to eat.