Araic Simonetti

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Araic Simonetti
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Dark Brown

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  • Fleet Admiral
  • CO, Special Operations

New Order era


Clan Naga Sadow

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Fleet Admiral Araic Simonetti was a member of the Dlarit Security Force, one of the founding officers in the Special Operations Group, the commanding admiral of the Special Operations flag, and was appointed commanding officer of special operations in 31 ABY. This service continued on when the Warhost was formed, where he currently serves.


Araic Simonetti was from the planet of Corellia. All his youth was spent watching the starships come and go and the nearby spaceport. When he was old enough he enrolled in the Corellian Security Force and served aboard a CR90 Corvette as third officer. His career was sub-standard and he became dissatisfied with where it was going.

In 24 ABY he was approached by a representative of the Dlarit Corporation and offered a position within the naval branch of Dlarit Security Force. He was assigned to the M/STRKC Wandering Soul as the executive officer. At the Battle of Kangaras his commanding officer was killed when a pylon fell on him after the bridge suffered a direct hit. Simonetti immediately took command and saved the Wandering Soul from disaster. From that day forth he was captain of the ship.

During the Eighth Great Jedi War, at the Battle of the Shroud, Simonetti was ordered by the Viceroy to abandon ship and bring his surviving crew aboard the VSD Covenant. Upon his arrival a large number of the crew had been slaughtered by the Yuuzhan Vong. Captain Shivak, the Covenant's commanding officer, had failed in his duties and was executed by Governor General Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura.

The Viceroy, Astronicus Sadow, appointed Simonetti as captain of the ship and assured him that he would not meet the same fate as Shivak. Simonetti has served with distinction as the flagship's commander ever since. During the battle that ensued over Antei, Consul Mononoke "Macron" Keibatsu-Goura promoted him to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Simonetti also saw action in the fighting around Tarthos Cathedral during the Orian Invasion. Together with Astronicus, they performed a commando-style raid on enemy walkers and captured them. turning the walkers on their former owners, the group was able to hold the attacking True Brotherhood troops back for some time.

After the events of the Orian Invasion, Simonetti joined the newly created Special Operations Group, comprised of the men who were now aware of the true nature of their dark masters, and was given command of the newly acquired Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way. He subsequently saw action in numerous battles over the following three years, from the Battle of Telos, to the Battle of Lehon, and the Battle of Inos. By the time of the Liberation of Antei he had reached the rank of full admiral.

Following the recapture of Antei, he became the commanding officer of the entire Special Operations Group and was promoted to Fleet Admiral, while continuing to serve as captain of the Special Operations flag.