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True Brotherhood
Organizational Information
Title of Leader:

formerly Severak


Dark Fusion
formerly Usharak Keep

Notable Locations/Temples:
Historical Information
Date of Founding:

20 ABY



Date of Collapse(s):

24 ABY

Other Information
Notable Members:

Severak, Severina, Tslotha Garnath, Anaxela, Garlina Meglos, Mrussk, Imgaril Garnath, Agrist, Mithlas


New Republic Era, New Jedi Order Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The True Brotherhood was a faction of Dark Jedi which opposed the Dark Brotherhood. It was formed in 20 ABY by Severak but was defeated three years later in 24 ABY by a force of warriors from Clan Naga Sadow. The conflict left two of the True Brotherhood's original triumvirate dead and Severak imprisoned in hyperspace.

Unbeknownst to the Dark Brotherhood at the time there existed a third faction. Led by the witch Anaxela the third faction remained in hiding, plotting its revenge. It would finally make its move following the Dark Brotherhood's defeat at Antei. Believing Clan Naga Sadow to have fallen when they did not return from the incursion, Anaxela led her followers to the Orian system where they swiftly took control unopposed.



The True Brotherhood was officially formed in 20 ABY by three Sith Elders: Severak, the only Master, and his apprentices Severina and Tslotha Garnath. The name is no co-incidence, they were formed from Severak's small group of apprentices following Severina encountering a Dark Brotherhood envoy and extensively interrogating him as to the brotherhoods nature and structure. Severina was deeply interested in the Dark Brotherhood and infiltrated it before convincing Severak that they should begin to build a similar organization.

Though Severina admired many aspects of the Dark Brotherhood there were some failings she perceived in it. The over complicated structure, the distance between the leaders and the lower members and the vast number of positions that led to rivalry and infighting amongst the Clans which the Dark Council governed at arms length.

Severina sought to improve on this by copying the notion that it was more sensible to spread the True Brotherhood over several locations but maintaining a high level of contact. With this in mind factions were set up on Kangaras in Usharak Keep, in a prefabricated structure on the planet Mustafar and on a number of ships. Severak, Severina and Tslotha each took control of one of these, though visits between them were common as each got to know the newer members and supervise training. All three were known by all of the True Brotherhood.

The Fall of Kangaras and Mustafar

In 24 ABY the True Brotherhood was nearly decimated by the fall of two of its three locations. Severina and another member had infiltrated Clan Naga Sadow in an attempt to slowly bring the Clan into the True Brotherhood by splitting them off from the other Clans and the Dark Council then forming an alliance. This failed miserably when the infiltrators were discovered and the Clan sent a task force to wipe out the True Brotherhood. The Kangaras faction was destroyed with Severina and Tslotha slain. Severak narrowly escaped to join his forces on Mustafar.

Later that year Severak himself, intent on revenge, formed an alliance with Jagred partisans and sought to destabilise Clan Naga Sadow. In the process he kidnapped his son, Malisane de Ath, and brought him to Mustafar. A force of Clan members led by Muz Keibatsu Sadow pursued them and attacked Mustafar, wiping out the True Brotherhood force on that planet. Severak escaped again but was trapped in hyperspace by his son. A few members of the Mustafar faction also managed to escape to join the still hidden third force.

The Third Faction

The existence of the last True Brotherhood faction remained unknown to the Dark Brotherhood who believed the enemy destroyed. It was originally stationed aboard an old Nebulon-B frigate which was largely droid operated. Following the fall of Kangaras and the death of his two principle apprentices Severak formed an alliance with a Force witch by the name of Anaxela, placing her in charge of the third faction.

Though the fact that Anaxela was not a Sith caused suspicion and jealousy amongst the True Brotherhood, Severak's endorsement forced them to follow her. Reports from the few survivors of Mustafar of Severak's disappearance caused a ripple of shock amongst the True Brotherhood, as did the fact that Anaxela was now the only surviving leader of what remained. Many of the members plotted to oust her as leader.

Anaxela's rule was saved partly by her ability in the Force but mostly due to the appearance of the powerful spirit of Severina shortly after the fall of Mustafar. Severina's presence cowed the remaining members to support Anaxela as leader of the True Brotherhood, however many speculated which of the two women was actually in charge.

During the following years Anaxela successfully seduced a commander from the Imperial Remnant, securing the use of his ship and bringing his forces under her control. The commander's flagship, the Dark Fusion, gave the True Brotherhood a far more powerful base of operations than their ageing frigate. Anaxela, however, still desired a more permanent location, especially with the continued turmoil spreading throughout the galaxy.

Though rumors of Severak's survival persisted, he became seen as a discredited figure for his failures and both Anaxela and Severina declared him an enemy of the surviving True Brotherhood should he attempt to return.

The Orian Invasion

At the end of 27ABY, the True Brotherhood took advantage of most Clan Naga Sadow's absence during the 8th Great Jedi War to attack and capture the Orian System, believing the Disciples of Sadow to be destroyed by the aliens that had devastated the Brotherhood.

Lead by Anaxela and Severina they destroyed the Dlarit Security Force base on Tarthos, and captured the Marakith skyhook over Seng Karash forcing the city to surrender.

However upon the Clans return the system was recaptured and most of the True Brotherhood slain. The only known survivor was the mercenary Agrist, who was perusaded to change sides. The fate of Severina and Anaxela remains unknown, both headed to Kangaras and were last seen in combat on the planets surface.

Whether either Anaxela or Severina survived this is unknown, the only witness being Malisane de Ath who was knocked unconscious at the beginning of the duel.

After such a conclusive defeat it is unlikely the True Brotherhood will be seen again for a long time, if ever.

Please see Invasion of Orian.

Behind the Scenes

  • The True Brotherhood was created to serve as an ongoing adversary for Clan Naga Sadow in 2005. It has since featured in several competitions, notably a number of successful run-ons.
  • To accommodate as many members as possible in the various competitions the True Brotherhood has been designed with a variety of "power levels" among its followers. Despite his claims, Severak himself is not a true Sith Lord and is roughly equivalent to a Dark Jedi Master in the Dark Brotherhood. His principle followers Severina, Tslotha Garnath and Anaexla all began roughly on the level of Dark Side Adept although by 27 ABY Anaxela may have become comparable to a Master, having replaced Severak's role in the story. Despite the need for powerful figureheads the True Brotherhood is mostly comprised of Journeyman and Equite equivalents. It is fair to say without the formal training available in the Shadow Academy most members of the True Brotherhood have the power but not the experience making them suitable adversaries for most members.
  • The True Brotherhood are the enemies in the upcoming Orian: Invasion competition following the Eighth Great Jedi War to scheduled to begin October 5, 2007.


Active in the CNS Invasion of Orian ACC Competition as NPC's: