Okemi Uprising

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Pre-Republic era

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The Okemi Uprising
Conflict: Okemi challenges Marka Ragnos
Date: c. 5100 BBY
Location: Sith space

Okemi Loyalists

Ragnos Loyalists


Sith Lord Okemi

Dark Lord Marka Ragnos

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The Okemi Uprising was a civil war that occurred in the Old Sith Empire in c. 5100 BBY. The Sith Lord Okemi declared an open rebellion against the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos.

Okemi was defeated and his followers executed. The Sith Lord was exiled from the Sith Empire and eventually found his way to the Antei system.


During the middle of Marka Ragnos's reign a rising Sith Lord named Okemi challenged the Dark Lord's rule of the Sith Empire. The conflict risked drawing the empire into a full blown civil war but Ragnos was quick to stamp out the rebellion before it could take root. Despite the conflict being short lived its affects would be felt decades later in the war between Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh.

Okemi was exiled for his crimes after which he made his way to the Antei system within the Antei Nebula in 5050 BBY. There the Sith Lord settled on the planet where he would one day form the Star Chamber with Tiamat and Ferran centuries later.





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