Aisha Qifaxa

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Aisha Qifaxa
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Date of Death:

34 ABY

Physical Description







originally walnut brown, varies



Personal Information

Macron Sadow


Yuuzhan Vong

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate, Hapan

Chronology & Political Information

Former Jedi


Bodyguard, Private Investigator


Clan Naga Sadow

Personal Ship:

Preybird-class snubfighter "Phoenix"

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Aisha Qifaxa was a Zeltron former Jedi student who later became stranded in the Orian system. She lived as a bodyguard, bounty hunter, and private Investigator in San Korinar before becoming apprenticed to Macron Sadow. She turned traitor with The Organisation and was killed by Macron personally.



Born on Zeltros to a family of mercenaries, Aisha left the planet to seek greater instruction in the ways of the Force. She encountered a young rogue Bpfasshi Jedi Knight who held a Potentium view of the Force and traveled with him across the Outer Rim. Dar Zinthus was a former minor noble among his people, and left the world when he realized he would not inherit the family title. He honed her primitive skills in the Force to a degree somewhat less than a true Jedi Knight. The two were lovers of sorts, although Aisha's views on love differed because of her Zeltron race and upbringing.

Dar Zinthus was later slain by Yuuzhan Vong attached to a Peace Brigade group on Telos. Aisha managed to escape, leaving the planet in her damaged snubfighter "Phoenix". She eventually made her way to the Orian system, intending to lay low and hide from the Peace Brigade agents. She was well equipped, having been favored by Dar who was a man of some means.
Aisha in Combat.

At the tender age of eighteen Aisha found herself in city of San Korinar in the clouds of Amphor. Life in the infamous cloud city was harsh, but Aisha was made of sterner stuff. She rapidly found employment as a private enforcer and bodyguard.

The wily Zeltron worked both sides of the fence, selling her services to the underworld and the corporate sector. With the disappearance of the military governor named Xanos Zorrixor, things began a downward spiral in the city that provided ample opportunity for the tough young woman.

Aisha seldom used her lightsaber during this time, having heard rumors of powerful Dark Jedi that lurked in the Orian System. Her skills with guns and her fists and feet proved quite adequate. Things went well for over a year, and the young woman amassed some personal wealth. She had her Preybird-class snubfighter repaired and upgraded, and spent some time tooling about Amphor space.

All good things eventually come to an end. During one particularly difficult bodyguard assignment, her local crime lord client was brutally murdered by an unknown red lightsaber wielding Dark Jedi. Aisha drew her own blade for the first time in two years, but was soundly bested in the duel and received a lightsaber cut above her right eye before being knocked out by force-propelled rubble. When she returned to consciousness, she used the Force to dig herself out and managed to crawl to a nearby hospital. Her recovery took two months.

The Zeltron spent much of her time in bars, attempting to drown her sorrows with wine and passion. She had dreams of a burning sword, and does not sleep well. Although the organized crime group sends bounty hunters after her occasionally, all of them have so far met their end at her hands. Between the depression, anger, and violence that now surround her she became a much darker person. At this time, Aisha was roughly equivalent to a Jedi Hunter or experienced Jedi Padawan in ability.
After the Fight

Dark Jedi

Aisha was investigating some bombings on San Korinar when she encountered the disguised Macron Sadow and Major Qek in a posh spaceport bar. She attempted to mind trick the two swanky-appearing gentlemen into buying her drinks, and found herself being mentally dominated in turn. Macron Sadow recognized her potential as a Sith and pressed her into his service as his latest apprentice at the time.

The Sith Warlord wasted no time in his training of the strong-willed Zeltron woman. Her raw talent combined with the limited instruction she had received at Dar's hands made her the perfect "tabula rasa".
Aisha's first lightsaber

Aisha found her new master playing upon her inner weaknesses, emphasizing her extreme hatred of the Vong and her selfish pursuits of wealth and power. As well, he refused to have intimate dealings with her and was too powerful for her to dominate. Due to his strange nature, her pheromones did not affect him either. This was a powerful man she could not have. The unreachable prize drove her to seek more power over others.

She faced the temptation of having her wildest dreams fulfilled. The ability to have any man she wanted as a concubine using the power of the Dark Side was now a reality. The resources at her command as a Dlarit Special Operations Group attache were staggering. Everything she ever wanted was literally within reach, including the power to revenge her losses and protect her family. "Power Corrupts", as the old saying goes.

Aisha lost that inner struggle, and greedily submitted to the powerful Sith teachings. Aisha was now willingly a Dark Jedi. Her former Jedi business contact Jaspen was desperately searching for her at this time, sensing her impending fall into the Dark Side. Jaspen sensed her inner light fading, and began a desperate search to find her.

The Zeltron's training was a strange mix of brutality and concern, as her new Master was quite literally insane but fond of her in a grandfatherly way. Qifaxa rapidly grasped the innate nature of the self-centered nature of Sith philosophy and began to seek power from within herself. Her no-nonsense tough-nosed approach to reality served her well.

Lessons in hand-to-hand combat followed as well as instruction in lightsaber dueling in the Makashi form of combat. Finding that her pain, fear, and guilt could be harnessed as weapons completed her fall into the Dark Side of the Force.

She became much more powerful in a short period of time as Macron began to fill in the blanks of missing information that her previous instructor had not known. In the space of a few days, she completed her education and was given the title of Dark Jedi Knight. Having forged her own red synthetic lightsaber crystal to replace her former blue one, it was time to test her new skills.

Dark Jedi Aisha Qifaxa

Jedi Betrayal

Jaspen Kraitus had retained the young woman to help him investigate rumors of Dark jedi in the Orian System. Ironically, she had indeed found them although she had been press-ganged into their service through Macron. Aisha ended up facing Jaspen in combat inside an old transit terminal. Although Aisha was competent with her bloodshine blade, Jaspen's unique style and accessory "shoto" short lightsaber gave him the upper hand. The older Jedi was too much for her.

Macron then interrupted the two and dueled Jaspen with a single lightsaber. The Sith used Dun Moch to taunt the young man and a Force Crush to wrack him into unconsciousness, easily besting him. Just as her new master seemed about to land the killing blow on the now-helpless Jaspen, a team of other Jedi who had been stranded in the system by the war arrived–having come to save Aisha themselves.

Across the system on Tarthos, Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow activated the station's emergency systems, buying Macron the distraction he needed to escape–taking Aisha with him–leaving Jaspen with the ragtag collection of stranded Jedi Knights.


During this time period Aisha's whereabouts were unknown. Presumably she was sent away by Macron as his madness and infection by Vong biots became more severe. It is known she traveled to Korriban and returned with an understanding of the Dark Side equivalent to a Sith Warrior.

Unrest in the City

Aisha served alongside her Master in this conflict, although she was secretly feeding information to the Organisation.

Aisha Qifaxa and Macron battle droids on Antei


Aisha later sold her service to The Organisation. She was killed by her former master, who beat her to a pulp and spaced her out the airlock of the Miner's Brother in front of John "Dragoon" Witwalker.


Like all Zeltrons, Aisha is a bit of a roguish party girl. She enjoys men of all types, and tends to be the life of the party. Although she may not the brightest candle in the box, she is by no means ignorant. What she may lack in brains she makes up for with a strong "can-do" attitude and natural cunning. She prefers the latest models in firepower, and has been known to wear light suits of combat armor. Aisha has a darker side, as her former lover and teacher Dar was killed by the Yuuzhan Vong and this haunts her dreams.


Aisha is somewhat stronger and faster than an average Zeltron, although her raw intelligence may be slightly less than average. However, she was able to construct her own lightsaber with a light blue Adegan crystal and the help of her former teacher. It was later exchanged for a red Sith crystal that she forged herself using Macron's forge.

She is fully equivalent to a Sith Warrior in ability, and focused on the more combative side of the Force. She is skilled at Makashi lightsaber combat, and uses Broken Gate as her preferred martial style with a dabbling in Hapan. Because of her mercenary upbringing, Aisha is skilled with swords and knives, is an excellent shot with a blaster, and also happens to be a good pilot of snubfighter craft. One of her favorite melee weapons other than a lightsaber are vibro-knucklers and Deathhammer blasters.

Her abilities in an Character sheet type format are roughly as follows, for fictional purposes per a DJB EQ1 (SW):

Attributes: Strength: (14/26) Constitution: (15/26) Dexterity: (15/26) Intelligence: (10/26) Wisdom: (12/26) Charisma: (13/26) Force Defense: (15/26) Force Reflex: (15/26) Force Pool: (10/26)

HTH: Dulon: (5/5) Hapan: (5/5) Broken Gate: (5/5) Kartranin (2/5)

Combat: Strong Hand: (5/5) Dagger: (5/5) Vibroweapons (4/5) Blaster: (5/5)

Lightsaber: Form II/Makashi: (3/5) Form I/Shii-Cho (5/5)