Tombs of Urias Orian

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Tombs of Urias Orian

Sith Lord Urias Orian


This was the burial grounds for thousands of followers of Sith Lord Urias Orian beneath the frozen stone of Inos Moon 42. The necropolis area is a moderate Dark Side site. Formerly nickel and gemstone mines in black basalt, the relatively unproductive area was abandoned to mining in favor of better mines found on Sepros. Urias Orian later determined the site to be ideal for his idea of a Sith Necropolis. The dark stone, high mineral content, readily available geothermal energy, harsh surface conditions, bleak environment and innate pre-existing Dark Side connection served his nefarious purposes perfectly.

Valley of Tombs

First truly consummated by ritual Sith burial and sacrifice around 5,050 BBY, the Tombs served as burial grounds for Urias Orians' followers- and internment for his hapless enemies. While some of Orian's Sith and Darksider brethren were entombed here in sacred honor, ancient scrolls deciphered by Trevarus Caerick indicate that his enemies were often "interned" here against their wills. Usually they were entombed alive after being experimented upon in ghastly Sith Magic rituals. The elder scrolls also hint at forbidden lore relating to the preservation of life hidden somewhere within the echoing dark halls. Urias Orian was obsessed with the idea of immortality, and many of his underlings were 'volunteered' for experimentation for the sake of the Sith Empire and Lord Orian's curiosity.

Curwen Sunei used the Tombs as a refuge, and from them abducted both Ashura and his Apprentice. His body was found by Macron Sadow, Jade Sadow and Aisha Qifaxa, and burned in an ancient Sith burial rite and sealed off for transport to Sepros for burial.

Later, Consul Macron Sadow returned to the Tombs after Sunei's death and constructed a meditation and Sith training chamber deep in the bowels of the Tombs. The former Naga Sadow Schools of Learning training center headed by Teu Pepoi was based here in a building on the tundra plateau above the Tombs. The School was patrolled and supported by elite DSOG units. Formerly abandoned, the site is now under reconstruction by the Orian Assembly.


The insides of the Tombs are reached through a series of carved rock caves. Although the outside of the tunnels are icy cliffs, the insides are somewhat warmer and protected from the extremes of cold on Inos Moon 42. The tunnels were hollowed out and carved to create an underground necropolis of some size. The tunnels are hewn of ominous black basalt-type volcanic stone. Inos Moon 42 is relatively active geologically and so there is some earthquake damage in various parts of the Tombs. They contain gem crystals within some of the veins according to old sources and modern research although they are rare.

The Tombs are laid out in a network of crisscrossing tunnels with larger cathedral-like chambers interspersed throughout. Inside, they are dry from the low humidity and laced with the dust of ages and beings long past.

Underground Entrance to the Tombs
The interior architecture is typical of old Sith structures, including pyramidal shapes, coffin-shaped halls, disturbing architecture and soaring chamber roofs. For the most part, there are no power sources in the tunnels. However, occasionally dim red lighting does occur in some of the chambers, presumably powered by some obscure Sith alchemical method that presumably operates off of the natural geothermal energy that exists in the moon's crust.


Various hazards await foolish explorers, ranging from Korriban Zombies, Sith Undead, vicious traps, cave-ins, and long-lived monstrosities. Earthquakes are also relatively common. It is also rumored to be inhabited by Dark Side spirits of some of Lord Orian's Sith followers. A few truly insane Dark Side hermits hide within the frozen crags near the surface. The insane Dark side Adept Curwen Sunei was rumored to have lived amongst the Tombs as a refugee from Thule. Clan Naga Sadow occasionally trains Tuk'ata here and usually at least one guards the entrance to the Tombs faithfully. The Tuk'ata were installed as guardians in the third reign of Macron Sadow as Consul. Other dangers exist, as many Dark Jedi come here from the halls of Naga Sadow on pilgrimages.

Dark Side Site

The large number of dead Darksider bodies here, along with the horrible Sith rites performed in antiquity and the terrible lingering deaths of Lord Orian's enemies left a black stain on the Force in this place. As a moderate Dark Side site, it can sometimes create illusions in the visitor's minds, much like the infamous Dagobah Dark Side Cave. Unlike the Cave, the Tombs consists of some miles of tunnels and chambers over a much larger area. As well, it exhibits the typical Dark Side Site characteristics, such as a cold chill, eerie noises, darting shadows, and feelings of dread. Lightsider type powers are diminished in ability, and Dark Side powers are somewhat easier to tap. Healing Force abilities are very limited in a Dark Side site of this power. The deepest tunnels thousands of feet down below the surface act as a Dark Side site of strong power although few have ventured so deeply into them.

Dark Jedi sometimes travel to such places to deepen their connection to the Dark Side of the Force and to construct their lightsabers.

Sith Undead in the Tombs