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Jonuss Rai
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38 BBY

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The Dark Side

Jonuss Rai was born J`Rai in the underbelly of Coruscant. When he was in his late teens, his father was forced to leave Coruscant and take his family with him because of gambling debts he owed several Hutts. After a short time in exile on a harsh jungle planet, J`Rai turned his father in to the Hutts (killing his mother and sister along with his father), collected the reward, and started a new life.

For a year or two he wandered, performing an odd job here and there as a mercenary. Eventually he found his way to an old hermit who claimed that he could sense the Force within the young man. J`Rai was pleased to hear these words and decided to get the man's claim checked out, after he killed him of course. This brought him to the Dark Brotherhood.

J`Rai trained as a member of House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow where he was eventually given command of the Night Death Phyle. During this time he was under the tutelage of Candeth Martine, who during a training exercise, intentionally removed J`Rai's left eye with his sickle and ordered him to make a new one using a power he had been teaching him. J`Rai succeeded in the task and had proven more adept at using the power than his own master. This angered Martine. After J`Rai became Aedile of Marka Ragnos, and had been granted the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, Martine ceased to be his master and left the House.

J`Rai was faced with trouble from the beginning of his time as Aedile as his Quaestor, Iylan Kano, had gone missing. The newly appointed Aedile was forced to take command of the house during a Krath War. While the house did not come out of the war stronger than it had entered, House Marka Ragnos was not destroyed because of the leadership of J`Rai.

Shortly after the Krath War, Iylan Kano was removed as Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos and replaced with J`Rai who led the house for roughly six months before having to stand down due to personal reasons. He left the DB only to return a month or so later to take up the reigns of Primus Goluud Quaestor where he fought to rebuild the struggling Obelisk House.

Clan Naga Sadow

His efforts were rewarded when the Clan Summit itself was drammatically shifting. Consul Xanos Zorrixor was being elevated to the position of Sith High Warrior and Proconsul Trevarus Caerick was ascending to the role of Oracle of the Brotherhood. J`Rai was asked to take command of the clan and assumed the throne of Naga Sadow as Consul. It was during this time that J`Rai merged with the spirit of his ancestor through a dark ritual and became Jonuss Rai. Choosing Malik as his Proconsul, Jonuss Rai immediately went to work to stabilize the clan's shifting leadership. It was during this time that both Malik and J`Rai were recognized for their loyalty to the clan. They were both awarded with the highest award that can be bestowed upon a member of Clan Naga Sadow: They had become Sons of Sadow.

Eventually Jonuss Rai Sadow's health was threatened and he was forced to step down as Consul, leaving Malik as his replacement. When his health stabilized once again, he returned to the clan and joined House Ludo Kressh, eventually becoming its Quaestor. This was a short reign however as he was not yet fully recovered from his illness and needed more time to heal. He stepped down but stayed as a member of the clan.

The Light Side

Jonuss Rai discovered that his health issues were caused by his use of the Dark Side. During one of his sabbaticals that lasted more than two years, Rai discovered that the spirit of his ancestor that he had merged with had begun to fight back against his darker side. The conflict had taken a harsher toll on Rai's body than regular use of the Dark Side should have.

It wasn't long before Jonuss began to realize that he was feeling less and less angry and his control over the Dark Side was fading. His left eye, made entirely from Dark Side energy created by his rage, had begun to fade until eventually it disappeared entirely. Jonuss Rai had lost his connection to the Dark Side. The spirit of his ancestor had won.

He was not saddened by this fact, instead he realized it was what his path had been leading to all along. Through meditation and study of the Light Side, Jonuss restored his original eye and had taken his first steps towards the Jedi Path.

The Jedi Path

Jonuss' teachings in the light had come from a manual that he had found during a journey to a jungle planet that had no name. The spirit of his ancestor led him there to a small, rotting hut that was saturated with the Force. Inside the hut was the entrance to a small underground cellar that housed many artifacts and supplies, most had been lost to time, but one survived. The manual of the Jedi Order: The Jedi Path.

Jonuss took the book and immediately felt its power. It was soothing and in his mind he could see his ancestor studying it nightly and meditating on what he had learned from it. He spent weeks on that planet learning from the book until he was ready to return to the Brotherhood.

Return to Naga Sadow

In his absence, Naga Sadow had seen many changes. While the leaders and members were those he did not fully recognize, he was greeted with respect and fear. They knew who he was the moment he descended the gangplank of the shuttle. All bowed to him; except for the Sons. The Sons of Sadow saw something different in him. They first noticed that his eye, which they knew to be Rai’s rage given form, had reverted to his original eye. That was the first indication that he had converted to the light. The second was that they felt no Dark Side within him. He had been purged. The Son’s turned on him almost immediately. In a Dark ritual he was stripped of his title and the power that came with it. The shard of Naga Sadow’s soul that had been bonded to his spirit was ripped from him and he was discarded like trash. He barely survived but his faith in the Force guided him off of the planet and away from Naga Sadow territory. That left only one option for him: House Odan-Urr.

House Odan-Urr

The only light side house of the Brotherhood welcomed Jonuss Rai with open arms. Through the Force, however, he felt a calling here. It wasn’t long before Jonuss was asked to step up as Quaestor of the house. He readily accepted and began immediately bringing the teachings of the Jedi Path to the fledgling house.

Unfortunately for Jonuss, his time as Quaestor of Odan-Urr was short lived. With the coming of War, Jonuss felt a pull towards his dark side. The onslaught of the Brotherhood against the people of New Tython awakened his dark side once again. Though he tried to fight it, Jonuss Rai resorted to using dark side techniques in order to keep the members of Odan-Urr safe. This shattered his mind and he retreated to the archives of Odan-Urr after the war. Ji, the leader of Odan-Urr before Jonuss, stepped up once again to fulfill his rightful place as Quaestor. He helped the former Son of Sadow regain some semblance of sanity though he could not completely banish his dark side. Jonuss was suffering from multiple personality disorder.

The light side was dominant but there were situations where Jonuss knew that his dark side would fight to come through and take control. To control this and allow Jonuss to keep his dark side suppressed, he created several mental blocks that act as barriers to the dark side within him. In times of need, he can lower these blocks and allow his dark side to awaken. Unfortunately for him, however, these blocks do not keep the voice of his dark side, which has taken back his birth name of J`Rai, quiet. He can regularly be seen arguing with himself.

Jonuss has secluded himself from his brothers and sisters in Odan-Urr while he continues to work on controlling J`Rai.


After his return to House Odan-Urr, the J'Rai persona purged from his mind, Jonuss began having visions of his own death, becoming more detailed as his end came closer.

During Odan-Urr's reclamation of New Tython, Jonuss Rai was killed. Before his death, however, he programmed a message to be sent to his former student on Iridonia requesting that he take his place in House Odan-Urr.

DJB Facts

Multiple Personality

When Jonuss Rai is in full control, his features are calm and his use of the Force focuses on healing and non-lethal techniques. However, when J`Rai is awakened and unleashed, he is as dark as he was during his most violent days of Clan Naga Sadow. His left eye returns to the crimson energy eye that had been created by his rage (a signature of the former Son of Sadow) and his techniques are focused on killing his enemies as slowly and as painfully as is possible.

His lightsaber, a single weapon that is shaped like the body of a wolf, has been modified by both personalities. When Jonuss Rai uses it, he flips the internal activation switch that summons the sapphire blade he prefers. When J`Rai is dominant, he flips the internal switch that activates the crimson blade favored by many dark Jedi.

Neither one knows the location of the others switch and so they cannot pretend to be the other personality at all (one of the safety features Jonuss had built in to his mental blocks and controls for J`Rai).

Sabers of Omen

Sabers of Omen

The lightsabers of Jonuss Rai Sadow are modeled after the fabled Saber of Omens that he had discovered after his knighthood in the Dark Brotherhood. Since that weapon was lost, he designed two new weapons upon his return to the Dark Side. Both weapons have no special abilities except that they can only be activated by the Force (the activation switches are located within the hilts themselves). Since his conversion to the Light, Jonuss Rai has stopped using these weapons and has gone back to using just one of the Twin Wolves.

Eye of Sadow: The Eye of Sadow snaps to life with a crimson blade and houses the symbol of Naga Sadow in the central gem of the crossguard.

Eye of Kressh: The Sapphire blade of the Eye of Kressh holds the symbol of Ludo Kressh in the central gem of the crossguard.

Twin Wolves

Twin Wolves

The lightsabers of Jonuss Rai Sadow, known as the Twin Wolves, howl as they snap to life. The red blade is for the Order of the Sith, to which the Warlord now belongs, while the blue blade is for the Order of the Obelisk which Rai belonged to while he was Quaestor of House Primus Goluud. Each hilt has a triangular design near the emitter that shows the colors progressing from red to blue, meeting in the middle is purple; the color of the Krath Order in which Jonuss Rai began.

Positions Held

  • Quaestor of House Odan-Urr
  • Tetrarch of the Night Death Phyle
  • Aedile of Marka Ragnos
  • Quaestor of Marka Ragnos (twice)
  • Quaestor of Primus Goluud
  • Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow (2 weeks)
  • Consul of Clan Naga Sadow
  • Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh (twice)
  • Tetrarch of the Jade Serpents
  • Chronicler of Naga Sadow

Outstanding Achievements

  • Son of Sadow
  • King of Wolves
  • Master of the Blood Rage
  • Wielder of the Saber of Omens


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