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Teu, formerly Teu Pepoi, is the mother of Thomas, Darra and Thonas Pepoi. She was born to one of the millions of rich families. Currently, Teu is an Obelisk Primarch. She is the former Left Hand of Justice, Professor in the Shadow Academy and Quaestor in House Marka Ragnos.

Character History

Early life

Middle Child

Teu Andet was born in 5ABY on the planet of Corellia. She was the middle child of three, her older brother Derek Lend was from her mother's first marriage. Her sister Maila was 3 years younger than Teu. Maila was the baby of the family, she got everything she wanted and was the princess. This angered Teu to no end; she missed the two years she had of being the spoiled child. Now it seemed her parents were not interested in the adventures she enjoyed.
Teu at three months.

Teu enjoyed being by herself; she would wander around the town near her house getting into everything. She enjoyed climbing up to the highest of heights and battling the nasty empire. She was a happy child in an upper-class family; she knew nothing that those of the more unfortunate class lived through.

A split in the family and a new family

Soon after Teu's fifth birthday an unexpected happening hit the family. Teu's parents were splitting up. Her parents had been fighting off and on throughout the last few months but one big fight happened and her father walked out. This tore at her heart and she began to blame herself. Her mother seemed to have moved on quickly; she had begun to date a new man, Arian Kendet. Soon, the relationship turned out to be a sudden quick marriage. With the remarriage of her mother, her brother Derek moved into his father's house. The count of the family went from five to four.

Soon after the quick wedding ceremony the small family moved off planet to a new home where they would be among the high class. Teu found herself now living on Coruscant; an entire new planet to explore for this interested child. She figured she would like this new place.
These was Teu's grandfather's given to her on her 5th birthday.

A New Home and New Hardships

This wondrous planet held much for the young child; she explored as far as her mother allowed her to go. Teu was enrolled in the best schools where she excelled in math and reading. Soon she became the top of her class excelling in every subject. While she was the top student and everyone went to her for help, she had no close friends. When her back was turned the students ridiculed her, no one wanted to invite her over. This went on for years throughout school.

Around her apartment building a couple of younger kids started to tease her. In a moment of uncontrolled anger she and the kids got into a fight, a fight she won. Her mother was furious for her attacking the two children. After that Teu ignored the jibes that other kids held for her. She found solitude in her books, escaping from the pain of being bullied by her classmates.

As her school years wound down Teu slowly came out of the shell that she had built for herself; she became more vocal and her anger bubbled over more. She quickly started getting into more and more fights with anyone who wanted to get in her way. She had a goal to become the best at whatever she wanted and no one’s opinions of her would stop that. She graduated school at the top of her class and quickly got accepted to one of the best Academies in the known galaxy.

Disowned and Alone

She remained at the university for two years before suddenly and without warning dropping out. Her parents were angry at this sudden move and disowned her. She was left with the clothes on her back and the ship she had bought. Unable to support herself financially Teu eventually left Courscant for where ever the ship would take her. Several days of travel went by as her supplies started to run low; she found a habitable planet and landed. She ended up on Nar Shadda.

After she landed she sold the ship for quick money, setting out looking for a place to call home as she figured out what to do. Teu quickly found an abandoned apartment, which was filled with garbage and other waste. Cleaning a spot out in the basement she created a semi hospitable place to call home. The local gang noticed the new occupant on their turf but left her be for the time being; figuring the child would not last a week on the planet.

Teu was out of her element, going from having everything provided to her to having to scavenge for it. She quickly deteriorated from the lack of food. As time went on she began to scavenge through the various trash heaps that held what little food there was to be found. The gang members were stumped as to why this mere child had managed to survive so long on the harsh planet. As a result, they decided to investigate the place where she lived.

Two months into her self-imposed exile on the planet the gang broke into her small, dirty hovel. Finding the child asleep on the floor they ransacked the room. Finding no money or food they were confused. Teu awoke in the middle of the ransacking; she was beat back into unconsciousness by two gang members.

After she awoke Teu deemed to be never without some way to defend her. She approached two of the lower ranked gang bangers and asked for help, but they simply laughed at her as she begged. In a moment of utter, uncontrolled rage Teu threw one of the men back with the Force; he was not badly injured. The other man, who was relatively new in the gang, attacked her. Still in her blinding rage Teu managed to fight without much training in formal arts, an instinct of self-salvation took over.


After the incident Teu was approached by a higher ranking gang member interested in helping her learn to fight, Teu agreed. There was only one stipulation; she would have to do as he said in order for the training to take place. She was a quick learner, her ability with a blaster was uncanny for accuracy and her reflexes were faster than the normal person. She could almost see where the blows were coming from.

Teu became the gang’s younger sister, everyone looked out for her yet they knew she could handle herself. As time went on she started to take part in the weekly fights the gang held to see who the best fighter was. Teu started out getting knocked out in the first round, but as she watched the opponents she saw their weak points. Match after match she moved further up the impromptu ladder, taking harder and harder opponents and winning.

Defeated and Broken

Soon only one last combatant remained; it was the current leader of the gang Garek Dendel. He was undefeated, no one able to beat the man. It was a cross boundary match, gangs from all over came to watch and there were bets for who would win. As the match started Teu was surprised at Garek's uncanny speed and reflexes, they surpassed hers. She was quickly outmatched and Garek quickly broke, beating the cocky women. The match lasted several minutes, in that time he broke several bones throughout her body. Leaving her in the middle of the floor he walked away.

Teu fell in and out of consciousness, realizing that she was lying on a soft mat in her moments of lucid consciousness. As she floated in the limbo of pain she was approached by a vision of some kind that told her of a place where her talent would be nurtured and helped to grow. This place was the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

A new chance

Once her injuries were healed, Teu quickly sought passage to the place her vision told her to go. Her former teacher told her if she left she would not be welcomed back. She left with a target on her back, though this mattered little to her. She had a place where she could learn to control the gifts she knew she had. The trip was one she would never forget. Having gone by Teu since she was disowned she looked forward to making a name for herself, whatever that may be.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood History

After taking the Test of Lore she was assigned to House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow. She worked hard at learning to control her powers and feelings in order to become stronger. As she attained rank she was approached by Jade Sadow and asked to be her apprentice. Teu saw Jade as a quick way to gain rank and earn her saber quickly; she accepted the offer and put even more effort into learning the skills of the trade. While she was under the tutelage of Jade the master took another journeyman under her wing, Fremoc Pepoi, known as Demonic as this time. The two quickly became close while often training together. However, Jade saw the forming relationship and quickly quashed it, sending Teu on a mission that lasted for the better part of a year.

Bloody Vacation

"You threw me out on the streets and forgot I ever existed, now you expect me to come back without any hard feelings. Your gravely mistaken"
― To her parents before killing them

Shortly after her promotion to Jedi Hunter, Teu received an unexpected message from her parents. They had fallen into financial ruins after disowning her and they wished to make amends. Against the wishes of her Master she went to meet and discuss what they wanted from her. The meeting was to take place on a remote moon since Teu had no desire to return to Courscant or Coriella. Teu quickly became angered after hearing the terms of her return to the family as she would have to give up her job out in Unknown Space. She had lied about being in a mercenary group to keep her real job hidden from them.

Teu agreed, falling back into the graces of her family. She returned home with them. This turned out to be a ploy as the family was not in financial ruins. They were, in fact, on the top of their game. Word had gotten around to their supporters about a disgraced child and this was a blemish on their name. They devised a way to get their daughter back.

Teu was furious; in a moment of uncontrolled anger she killed both her parents after exposing what they led her to becoming before she set out and killed her sister. Teu slowly killed anyone who wore her old family’s name; wiping them out of the universe as they had wiped her from the family. The money, which is rightfully Teu’s, now sits in a bank gaining interest. If she ever decided to leave the Brotherhood she would have money to live on for a long time.

Return and Knighthood

After her unexpected leave Teu returned to her home in Tarthos. She picked up where she left off in her trials under Jade. She quickly worked through the trials and gained the much awaited for rank of Dark Jedi Knight. Having been gone for several years, Teu found the leadership she had left was no longer the same. Her teacher was now the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos. Even a close friend of hers, Demonic, now Fremoc Pepoi, had managed to get knighted and was the Sergeant of a new Battle Team, Night Raptors.

While she was unable to join the team until she was knighted she kept close tabs on the group as they went on their various missions. Once she was knighted she joined the battle team without hesitation. This allowed the two friends to become close once again. Teu found herself settling back into the flow and rigors of the brotherhood with ease.


Shortly after her joining the Raptors Fremoc took a short leave to go on a mission to get his son back, who was kidnapped. Teu, unable to watch her friend go off on the mission and possibly end up hurt, played her hand and made Fremoc take her with him. While in transit the pair expressed their feelings for one another. Discovering that they both had deeper feelings for each other they decided to not put the feeling to the side as they had done under Jade's tutelage and instead became a couple. After rescuing Thomas the trio returned to Tarthos. During this time Teu got her first apprentice, Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart.

Fremoc and Teu Pepoi

After they returned to Tarthos, Teu and Fremoc wed in secret with only a few of their closest friends present. After the wedding Fremoc became Aedile of Marka Ragnos, this was a short term. Robert Sadow, Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos, stepped down allowing Fremoc the chance to prove his ability to run the house. Shortly after Fremoc's appointment to Quaestor Teu became pregnant. While she did not openly tell her husband the news, he felt the new child growing within her stomach and was pleased. Teu was excited yet worried. She was an active Dark Jedi Knight and participated in many deadly missions; she didn’t want anything to happen to the unborn child. This worry kept her from going on many mission with the Raptors, it pained her deeply.

Spoils of War

After she became pregnant a war broke out across the entire brotherhood. Clans fought each other trying to prove they were the best. Teu was in the last trimester of her pregnancy and was unable to participate in much of the fighting. She watched as her friends and comrades left to fight, some returned while many did not. When she heard that Fremoc's ship had crashed and he was seriously wounded she thought the worst, believing him dead. However this was not the case, she kept vigil over her husband as he floated in bacta. On the few occasions she joined her comrades in battle she saw the true horrors of battle. During the vendetta she watched as her student joined those who have completed their trials and earned their lightsabers;Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart was a Dark Jedi Knight.

New Child, New Opportunities

Six weeks after the clan returned to their home space, Teu was back on Tarthos when she went into labor. After several hours of labor Darra Pepoi was born. Teu was beside herself that her child was unhurt and healthy. As the house returned to normal the small family celebrated this new life.

This celebration was short lived; Teu had been offered a new job, Sergeant of The Bastion. While unhappy to have to leave her newborn child behind; Teu took over the spot and worked hard on bringing the Battle team up to par. Even though she visited Tarthos often she was still home sick as she missed watching her daughter grow. During this time unrest began stir on the planet’s surface. A group of mercs, known as the Voice of Justice, started causing problems for the Dlarit Corporation which threatened the secrecy that the Dark Jedi relied on.

Unrest in the City

Riots were started by the Voice calling for a change. Instead of starting peaceful negotiations Malisane Sadow ordered that a squad of Dlarit soldiers stop the riots. This caused a bloodbath that stirred more problems than it did answers. The clan itself was having a party on the skyhook, trying to ignore the happenings on the surface. However, Manji had other ideas. Showing the recording of the Massacre he ordered that the problem be handled.

With the others of the clan, Teu shuttled down to the surface. She started out in the bar but then quickly changed her mind, joining the group that infiltrated Delivence's little group. She was part of the infiltration group for the power generator. However, she was captured when Roxas started bossing around the head strong Knight and threw her out of the air vents that hid the small group.

She was rescued by Kano, Methyas, and Fremoc. While she was unscathed she was rather angry at the young Ragnos Protector. Kano then blew the generator. The small group met up with the main group of Dark Jedi, who returned to the skyhook to recuperate from their various wounds.

Fremoc and Teu Pepoi

Once back aboard the skyhook Teu was named Aedile of House Ludo Kreesh after Rastlin suddenly stepped down. After this appointment she made her way to a lounge where several Ragnos members where resting. Once there she updated the small group on the next mission. She also chastised the group on blowing up the generator. Roxas spoke up then, sparking rage in the young Knight that few had ever seen. She broke the protector’s nose and threatened to kill him if he ever spoke to her again.

"If you ever touch me again I will kill you. If you ever speak to me unless it’s the direst circumstance I will cut out your tongue and beat you to an inch of your life. To Roxas, after he was responsible for her capture"

After the incident between Roxas and Teu, the clan moved to take out Deliverance and the rest of her small gang of troublemakers. Their task was to stop the Jedi Hunter from blowing up the Island and keep her from killing all of the Dlarit Officials housed there. As the group fought the small band of rebels Teu devised a plan that would hopefully end the rebels forever. Instead of burying the bomb, Teu figured if you blew it above ground the island would remain intact. As the group escaped from the island Teu detonated the bomb, which destroyed two-thirds of the island. After returning to Skyhook she was named a Templar.

After becoming a Templar Teu was called away to assist in the defense of the Shadow Academy. Against her heart, she left the clan to its own devices. She was gone only a couple of weeks. After the end of the battle on the Shadow academy, she and several others from Clan Naga Sadow were collected from the Shadow Academy by the Clan Overlord. In orbit above Tarthos, she bore witness to the slaying that went on only hours previous. Once down on the ground a Conclave happened, in which the Overlord showed those present the truth of the coming future. She was the only non-Son to see it, House Naga Sadow was reborn.

Teu quickly went to look for her husband to show that she had returned from the Shadow academy unscathed. Fremoc, not wanting to see his wife, quickly left the young women and headed to Kar Alabrek. While the young woman was disheartened she found passage with Methyas and chased after her husband. Once in Kar Alabrek she broke away from the others aboard the transport, she had her own mission to complete. She moved through the Vong filled streets in search of her husband. She fought many groups of Vong and one left a huge gash on her arm. She ignored it for the time being, pushing forth to find Fremoc. She found him in the middle of a battle, she stood back and watched him fight. Once he was finished he turned to face his wife. She noticed he was not himself, however, she closed the distance between the pair. The questions remained unsaid but he came clean about what happened and what was to come.

After watching a building collapse on her husband the pair returned to the main Clan forces; the final battle had begun. Teu engaged a huge spider while the others went to engage the others up top. While in a fight her right arm was snapped in half; unable to use her strong hand Teu was forced to fight the spider with her weaker hand. This did little to sway the skill of the Templar. Without much thought she felt herself fall into the dark reservoirs of the Force and killed the Spider.

Good Byes

Once the battle ended the clean-up began, Teu was rushed to the medical center. Her arm was set and casted while it healed. Once she was released she felt her husband calling her through the Force to come to their quarters. Teu knew what was coming as she stepped into their room she saw his bag. He was leaving and this tore at the Templar's heart. She walked down to the hidden hanger, bidding her husband good bye. Once out of the hanger she broke down, as did Darra.


While her husband was exiled he managed to slip back to Tarthos and spend one night with his wife. However, their evening together was interrupted by Trev attacking Fremoc's mind and forcing him to leave the planet again. This one night together caused Teu to conceive her second child.

Months had passed and semi normalcy had returned to the Pepoi household when the order for all available Obelisk to come to Antei. A war was happening. Teu, against the wishes of her friends, boarded the shuttle and flew to the rendezvous for the Obelisk. There was her husband, after a quick welcome he realized she was pregnant. However Fremoc had news to share with those present. Araxis, Kano and Methyas were all related to the Prelate. Teu had a family again. While the others went to fight, the pregnant Templar stayed behind and watched the battle from the back line. Teu however did sneak into combat occasionally.

After the war had ended and the houses returned home Teu was summoned before the Quaestor and made the Rollmaster of the House.

Loss of a Friend, Birth of a Son

After being made Rollmaster of the House, Teu was delighted to learn that her husband would return and become Aedile. As she settled into the job she worked as adamantly as she could, Fremoc taking over some of the more rigorous duties such as training the new blackguard members. However the joy of having her husband back at home was short lived as he was named Fist of the Brotherhood.

This disheartened the pregnant woman as she was due to give birth to the child soon. She wanted her husband there. Teu remained on Tarthos for the remainder of her pregnancy and saw off many of its members for various tasks. Fremoc returned for a short time to take a blade, that only she had the say of who utilized this weapon, to go and help the regulators who had gotten into trouble. While they were gone Kano was killed. Teu felt the loss of the man through the Force and broke down and wept.

Most people came home and attended the funeral of Kano. Shortly after this sad occasion Teu gave birth to a son, who Fremoc had said would be named Thonas.

A triumph

After the birth of her second child, Teu fell back into a hard training regimen that brought her back into shape. She did not want any more children; her three delights were enough in her eyes. Plus, she couldn’t handle another child with her husband gone constantly on missions for the Iron Throne. Teu quickly created a new training regimen for the journeyman of the house to follow under her watchful eye until the time they were paired with their individual masters. During this time as Rollmaster, Teu was promoted to that of Obelisk Prelate. Soon a rumor spread through the halls of the temple that the House was being watched for the possibility to be a Clan again.

This rumor turned out to be true and on the eve of the new year Clan Naga Sadow was reborn. Upon the reclaiming of their former status Teu chose to become Quaestor of her former House, House Marka Ragnos.

Parent's Nightmare

Teu spent time between her husband’s quarters on Antei and her home on Tarthos; during one of her many trips to Antei a box was delivered for her husband. Needing to return to Tarthos for an important meeting and to resume her duties again, Teu had told her eldest son to tell his father to watch where he puts his stuff. Little did she now that the package contained a box and within several hours of her leaving it would blow, killing her son. Teu felt this loss while she was on her way back to Tarthos. She lost herself in her grief, locking herself away from the entire family and clan. No one bothered the grieving woman; she had taken a small trip to the jungles of Aethoran to spend time alone in a deep meditation. She needed to get over her grief if she was to continue building the House she loved. While in the jungle Teu was attacked by a large cat. This injury left her close to death on the floor of the jungle. Had it not been for her cousin Mirado, Teu surely would have died. Now all that remains are the scars of the injury. Needless to say Teu does not wander in the jungle alone anymore.

Teu Meditating

Great Jedi War X

After recovering from her injuries, war was called upon the House of Odun Urr; they were a small band of Jedi who had been welcomed into the Dark Jedi Brotherhoods space. On the eve of war, Teu went before her Consul asking to be made the Rollmaster again as the last one had resigned. The request was granted, Teu had found her calling in the Clan and that was training the newcomers to become participating individuals.

During the war Teu kept on the ship above, most of the upper Sadows were on the ground fighting. Teu watched and assisted where she could from space though she would have liked to have been at her husband’s side but he was off on his own missions.

With the war now over, Teu and her house returned to their space. Teu threw herself back into her duties of Rollmaster instructing and setting up training regimens for the new arrivals. However in secret she was creating and planning a new ideal that would assist her in training this new era of Dark Jedi. Her project, the Schools of Learning, would soon be unveiled to the Clan.

Shortly after returning from New Tython Teu was promoted to the rank of Obelisk Exarch.

Turning Point

Upon the return to Tarthos, Teu took up the seat of Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow under her former Apprentice Locke. The pair worked together to instill harmony within the clan, however it would be short lived as Teu would be betrayed by her husband during a skirmish with the Sons of Sadow. Her oldest sons death was still close to her heart, this caused her to keep her children close. However that did not stop her ex-husband from kidnapping her son from her.

With the loss of her son, Teu decided it was time for her to leave the clan proper. Using the end of the conflict she stood in the Consuls office and turned in her resignation. She then left Clan space bent on going somewhere.


After Teu left Clan Naga Sadow she made her way to Clan Arcona. They welcomed her with open arms, however her stay was short. She was on a mission and that was one to find her son. She then took a ship and left DB space completely, but sent a person in her place.


Teu’s absence from the Dark Brotherhood was brief. She chased her son all over the galaxy but could not locate him. She had kept tabs on her former unit Naga Sadow and decided it was time to return home and make a home for her and her children. She had given birth to child number four while out in space. A little boy, the last gift from her ex-husband, she named him Will. Upon her return to Clan Naga Sadow she become Quaestor of her former unit Marka Ragnos and worked with the rest of summit to move the Clan in a forward movement.

She was promoted to Obelisk Primarch at this time. She stepped down from all facets of leadership and remains in her homestead, near the former Pepoi Compound. She does very little in terms of combat but at times comes out to assist her former apprentices if they should need it.

Character Information

Personality of Teu to Come!

Teu has long brown hair that flows well past her shoulder; she generally keeps it in tight braid down her back to keep it from inhibiting her movements. She is relatively lean and rather tall for being human female. She has a scar above her left eye from one of her fights from her younger years. Commonly she is dressed in a simple pants and shirt combo, generally black and gray themed with accents of blue, which draw out the depth of her eyes.

Teu carries many mementos around on her person. Her most treasured are dog tags given to her by her grandfather on her fifth birthday. These are generally around her neck or in a special pocket in her pack. They are never off her person if she can help it. The dog tags are kept on the same chain as the locket. The original chain was lost when her house was ransacked on Nar Shadda.

Teu's Locket

She also carries a small locket. She doesn't know how she came to own this locket but it holds an image of her great-grandma. Her son, her grandfather on her mom’s side, was a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. Inscribed in the locket are the names but they were scratched out by someone who had these lockets before she got them back. The locket is simple silver oval with a small hinge on one side; it has a matching chain although the chain is damaged.

These two items are her most treasured as they are the only thing that she has from her family that she can no longer visit or contact.


DJB Facts

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Kano Tor Pepoi Battleteam Leader of The Bastion
32 ABY
Raistlin Sadow Aedile of House Ludo Kressh
33 ABY
House Disbanded
N/A Battleteam Leader of Primus Goluud
33 ABY
Malisane Sadow Rollmaster of House Naga Sadow
33 ABY - 35 ABY
Lynyrd Pepoi as Clan Naga Sadow
House Reformed Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
35 ABY
Jeric Cyrin
Lynyrd Pepoi Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow
35 ABY
Kalia Pepoi
Locke Sonjie Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow
35 ABY - 36 ABY
Atra Ventus
Alaris Jinn Left Hand of Justice
36 ABY - 38 ABY
Aabsdu Dupar
N/A Shadow Academy Docent
35 ABY - 37 ABY
Ood Bnar Shadow Academy Professor
37 ABY - 38 ABY
Zagro Fenn
Mirus Cavataio Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
37 ABY - 38 ABY
Kalon Tsucyra Entar