Dentavii Prime

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This article is about the largest asteroid in the Dentavii belt. You may be looking for other uses of Dentavii.
Dentavii Prime

Outer Rim Territories


Sith Space


Orian system


2: Orian Major and Orian Minor

Orbital period:

1764 standard days



Points of interest:

Dentavii Facility

Immigrated species:
Primary language(s):

Galactic Basic Standard


1,000 in Dentavii Facility, barracks space reserved for Orian Assembly units

Major cities:

Dentavii Facility


Naga Sadow

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Ancient History

The planet Dentavii was once one of the principle worlds of the Orian system until it was destroyed by the dark sorceries of the Sith Lord Urias Orian more than five thousand years ago. The planet was shattered, breaking into millions of pieces, becoming what is now known as the Dentavii asteroid belt. Dentavii Prime is one of the largest remaining pieces of the old planet.

Exodus Era

Located deep within the asteroid field, between the planet Sepros and the binary Orian Minor, Dentavii Prime was refitted as the original home for House Ludo Kressh prior to the construction of Marakith in 23 ABY.

Command Bridge

The Dentavii Facility continued to grow with the corporation, filling its primary role as an isolated repair yard for the Dlarit Navy. Despite the inherent dangers of navigating an asteroid field the corporation believed it a prime location for already damaged ships due to the inability for an enemy fleet to launch a direct assault on the facility.

Following the creation of the Dlarit Special Operations Group after the reorganisation of the Dlarit Security Force in 28 ABY due to the failures during the Battle of Antei and the Invasion of Orian in 27 ABY, the Dentavii Facility was redesignated as the primary repair and refuelling station for the newly formed unit. The existing Dlarit Navy was reassigned to the platform Onyx in orbit of the planet Tarthos to satisfy its needs.

Following the dissolution of Dlarit, the facility went largely unused until 33 ABY, when Xanos led a group of members to the station. This small rebellion tried to gather the shards of Ombus to perform the Ritual of Binding. A battle for the remaining shards remaining of Ombus was waged in both the asteroid field and on Dentavii Prime itself as a result. Ultimately, the actions of Marcus Kiriyu and those who fought at his side in a pursuit of the shards interrupted the ritual. When it appeared that the ritual had failed, Xanos cryptically insinuated that the ritual had suceeded in binding the member of Naga Sadow together. After the events of Awakenings, the asteroid base went largely unused by the modern Warhost Fleet.The asteroid belt as it operated remains little more than a reminder of the conflict and an astronomical designation.

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