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Eckla Muyel
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Eckla Muyel was a Yuuzhan Vong who claimed to be a low ranking attendant of the Intendant caste, but had a level of experience more common to senior prefects. She lived onboard the Matalok cruiser Voice of Agony at the time of the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War. She was very evasive about her past, raising questions as to her true identity and motives.

Eckla was sexually involved with the Voice of Agony's commander, Tolok Amnan, whom she had seduced in order to cover up her heretical experiments with Niiriit Phaath into the nature of the Jeedai's supernatural powers. Through her influence with Tolok, she was able to call on Domain Amnan's remaining warriors to kidnap as many Force users as she and Niiriit required. With their mix of captive Jedi and Dark Jedi alike, they successfully tortured several into total submission, forcing the Jeedai into agreeing to serve them and the "True Way".

Eckla convinced Tolok of the usefulness of their new Jeedai slaves, and had them installed throughout Domain Amnan's forces--much to the displeasure of Warmaster Varesh Shai, the leader of their allies, who resented the need to rely on the Peace Brigade at all, and vehemently refused to have anything to do with Jeedai, be they sympathisers or not. Along with positioning her loyal Jedi slaves throughout Amnan's fleet, Eckla continued her heresy with Niiriit, conducting secret experiments on Vasi Khess to understand why the Yuuzhan Vong no longer possessed their own connection to the Force.