Eshin Shul

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Eshin Shul
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Domain Shul worldship

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Yuuzhan Vong



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Intendant caste executor, later Shamed One


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Yuuzhan Vong

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Eshin Shul was a Yuuzhan Vong executor of the Intendant caste. Her devotion to the Trickster goddess Yun-Harla brought her to work close with the priests of the deception sect, and she served as an advance scout prior to the war, infiltrating various planets to sow the initial seeds of the Vong's holy crusade. During the war itself, she was involved in the invasion of Antei in 27 ABY.

She later became a Shamed One, although she had no rejected implants so was not easily recognized as one based on her looks. In 28 ABY she aided a team of commandos from Clan Naga Sadow to help kill her former commander, Drathul Amnan, before betraying them and escaping. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


During the Fall of Antei in 27 ABY, Eshin Shul masterminded a plan to utilise voxyn to deal with the Dark Jedi onboard the ships of the Dlarit Navy. Despite having the backing of the seer Drosh Nar, who hailed the plan as the will of Yun-Harla, the plan still failed. After being made by her commander, Drathul Amnan, to kill the seer with his own coufee for his failure, Eshin was ordered on a suicide run with the Ro'ik chuun m'arh frigate analog Heretic's Bane to redeem herself. The ship was destroyed by the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Covenant, but Eshin escaped aboard a Yorik Vec assault ship in time to flee the system and avoid being executed by the Supreme Overlord for her failure.

Eshin was later tracked down by Drathul Amnan, but the will of Yun-Shuno shined on her and rather than being executed she was condemned to be a Shamed One and sent to the Domain Amnan worldship to serve as a slave.

In 28 ABY, the worldship was stormed by a team of commandos from Clan Naga Sadow. Lost in the vast planetoid's bowels, when the Dark Jedi came across Eshin in the slave quarters she offered to lead them to the well of the yammosk. As Eshin had anticipated, Drathul Amnan was waiting for the Dark Jedi with his Elite. The Dark Jedi slew the warleader, as Eshin had hoped all along. Avenged, she turned on her "allies", poisoning Trevarus Caerick and trapping him in an Embrace of Pain. However, her actions awoke Shan Long, who tore free of the Embrace, slashing Eshin's face before escaping.

With the yammosk slain, the worldship itself began to die and Eshin fled the gigantic vessel before it could break apart or fall into Telos's orbit and burn up. The Shamed One has not been seen since the Battle of Telos; however, it is believed she is still alive, and may have adopted a new identity to mask her true identity as a Shamed One. Whether she is plotting her revenge on her former masters or on the Dark Brotherhood—or both— remains unknown.