Chronicle of Dark Souls

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Chronicle of Dark Souls

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The Chronicle of Dark Souls is a text divided into three volumes, the Book of Memories, the Book of Wisdom, and the Book of Twilight. The texts were assembled based on the research of Trevarus Caerick, and compiled over the course of several years of intense study and travel by the Krath.

Much of the text was considered heretical by the Dark Council, and Trevarus was forbidden from widely publishing his work. To date, the only complete copy of the text resides in the Mareq'att Archives of Clan Naga Sadow.

The Book of Memories

This book is a series of poems written about the earliest days of the mythical Lord Darth, and of his first three students. It tells the story of his fall from grace, his exile from the Jedi Community, and his eventual disappearance. It further expands upon the legends of his first three Apprentices, The Wanderer, Alaiedon, and Serpentis.

The Book of Wisdom

A compilation of ancient wisdom, odd poetry, and an extensive list of proverbs to provide insight and clarity to scholars. Most of the text contained is of relatively recent authorship. Many Grand Masters, including Chi-Long, Firefox, and Jac Cotelin contributed their wisdom. Trevarus also included unauthenticated work by Kane Vader, and Kreeayt Havok. Other texts were penned by unknown hands, yet plundered from extremely ancient archives, including Ossus and Dantooine by Trevarus.

The Book of Twilight

Perhaps the most controversial of all the books, the Book of Twilight is a series of prophecies uttered by unknown visionaries, except for two. The Canticles are known to be the work of Trevarus, transcribed many years before the Exodus by Trevarus, and prophesied that event with chilling accuracy. Other prophecies have no provenance by which to be authenticated.