Kiln Tobasa

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Kiln Tobasa
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44 BBY

Date of Death:

24 ABY

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1.95 meters





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Marked of the Wanderer

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Kiln Tobasa was a male Human Dark Jedi Master and Prima of the Marked of the Wanderer. Following the rise of Palpatine's Empire, he became an Inquisitor and served as a Jedi hunter, hunting down and killing Jedi Master Alaerus Caerick.

Kiln captured Alaerus's son, Trevarus Caerick, who he returned to Coruscant to train in the ways of the dark side of the Force. In 0 BBY, he attempted to steal a powerful artefact from the Emperor's palace, but his attempt thwarted. He was sentenced to death, however he managed to escape and fled into exile.

Little is known of Kiln's activities for the next ten years, other than that eventually he betrayed his former apprentice's location on Ossus to the new Jedi Order. With Trevarus out of the way, Kiln took a new apprentice, Kem-Shu Maeda, who he bestowed with the Mark of the Wanderer, the sign of an ancient cult of which he was currently the leader. However, Trevarus had not been killed by the Jedi as he had hoped, and in 16 ABY he dispatched Kem to assassinate his former apprentice. But the plan backfired, with Trevarus defeating Kem and forcing him to bestow him the Mark—a privilege normally reserved only for the Prima. Shamed, Kem did not return to his Master, fearing his wrath.

In 16 ABY, Kiln's old apprentice tracked him down to Sepros in the Orian system. After a brutal duel, Trevarus defeated his former Master by seizing the Amulet of Orian from the Temple of the Void—despite Kiln's warnings of the dangers of the Sith amulet— and turning it against him. However, unrealised by his apprentice at the time, Kiln did not die that day. He went into hiding on Sepros, and continued the quest that had brought him to Orian originally: to track down the broken fragments of the Star of Ombus. Now without Kem, he took a new apprentice: Sejj Beriss. Sejj—together with his own apprentice, Talcyonis— managed to track down several fragments until he and his apprentice were hunted down by Trevarus and slain, the treacherous apprentice stealing the fragments for himself—and in the process becoming the new Secunda of the Marked.

Despite the arrival of construction teams from the Dlarit Corporation in 18 ABY, Kiln remained in the shadows, keeping his survival secret. As the disciples of the Lord Astronicus Aurelius Sadow slowly spread throughout the system, Kiln was forced into hiding among the tombs on Inos. However, despite the presence of the Sadows, Kiln sensed his old apprentice's hand in it all, and became plagued by visions of a great darkness approaching, which he feared was linked. He lured yet another apprentice, Karan Dain, who he hoped would be able to disrupt Trevarus's and the Sadows' activities.

Kiln remained hidden until 23 ABY when he saw an opening to destabilise the Sadows by reaching out in the Force and manipulating a number of key figures throughout Orian, stoking the flames of a civil war within the system. However, his hand was detected by Xanos Zorrixor, Trevarus's apprentice, who did battle with the spectral apparition he was projecting from Inos to orchestrate events. Though his shade was defeated, Kiln's cover remained intact, with the Sadows assuming it to have merely been his ghost. By then, however, Kiln's sanity was slipping, and the visions plaguing him had begun to twist his new apprentice also. The pair became fanatical in their conviction that the Final Way was upon them, and that all light would soon be snuffed out—Kiln still convinced it was his old apprentice he sensed. He released Karan from his tutelage, sending him out to continue his work to sabotage Trevarus's and Xanos's work, in hopes of preventing his visions from coming to pass.

It was not until the following year when Shan Long was returned to Orian from Antei that Kiln's survival was finally revealed. After Xanos restored Trevarus Caerick's mind from the Dragon's influence, Trevarus sensed the hand of his old Master in the recent troubles throughout Orian. The pair finally hunted Kiln down for a final battle, this time Trevarus making certain his old Master died, obliterating his spirit permanently, and thus replacing him as the new Prima.