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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Cethgus Tiberius Entar
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Cethgus Tiberius Entar is currently serving as FIST on the Dark Council.

Character History

Xedhur was born on the Zabrak home planet of Iridonia in the year 2 ABY to a pair of Zabrak parents, with one elder brother, an arena gladiator. As an infant, Xedhur had always respected his brother's strength and combat prowess as an arena combatant, and his work was the source of much of the family income.

In his spare time, Xedhur would spar with his brother, and developed a closer bond with him than he did with his parents. This also caused him to develop strong swordfighting skills, and he always looked to follow in his brother's footsteps as a gladiator. In his school, his lack of academic proficiency was well known, but people tended to shy away from insulting him about it, knowing of his training with his brother.

Xedhur's life began to take shape after his arena debut at the age of 16. In a duel using vibroblades, Xedhur brought about the premature death of another Zabrak close to his age. This sparked an illustrious career in the arena, and brought further income to the family.

As Xedhur shed more blood, his reputation began to spread across Iridonia. The owners of the arena had selected both him and his brother as their representatives in an upcoming tournament on Ord Mantell. While he traveled there to make a name for himself, there was much more to happen in the tournament than mere dueling.

Word of the championship didn't reach very far - only around 400 turned up to participate. All blades were blunted and all blasters were powered down to reduce the risk of death, but not negate it entirely. These days would change the Iridonian's path for the rest of his life. As a team, Xedhur and his brother had reached the semi-finals. Fighting alongside each other they both anticipated each other's actions, in the best show of teamwork out of the remaining combatants. The semi-final battle began, but halfway through a terrible accident occurred - Xedhur's brother was impaled on the blades of a Wookiee pair. Xedhur continued the fight, finding he had a sixth sense, the ability to see attacks before they struck. As he gave in to his rage, he overcame the two Wookiees. The crowd went wild, except for one yellow female Twi'lek who barely moved, but was clearly impressed by what she saw. He found there was and emptiness inside him after his brother's death. He was forced to exit the tournament - the loss of his brother was overpowering, and likely to hinder his performance. As he contemplated his future, a stranger offered to sort everything out for him. Just remember one thing about Xedhur, about any Zabrak - do not insult his family, or it may be the last thing you do. This was the warning someone on Ord Mantell failed to heed, and they lasted no longer than a couple of seconds after the words were spoken.

Xedhur decided to take a walk that night, mourning his brothers death. His path took him through the town, only to be distracted by something in an alley. As he came to a dead end, he turned around and saw a cloaked figure in the entrance. As the figure closed in, he panicked - there was something not right about this person. Xedhur charged into combat that night, only to end up with a sword at his throat, staring at the female Twi'lek in front of him. As the Iridonian laid eyes on the attractive Twi'lek, he was shocked to see how well she could wield a blade. Standing there he was told he had the chance to become something and not live like a fighter forever. The Zabrak took the opportunity gladly, and was told that his new life would begin soon after a journey to an undisclosed location. Boarding a ship, the journey began, and he headed towards his new life, which was in the hands of a complete stranger to him - and was sure to be one of the greatest adventures he would ever go on.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

" Cethgus, The Order of the Krath is not for you, your subtlety reminds me of a rancor I once knew."
― Laurus

Finding his ground they reached a planet called Judecca. At first sight, he was impressed. They accepted him with open arms and that same day he discarded his old name to take up a new one - Cethgus. Learning quickly of his true nature, the Zabrak was a fast learner in areas of combat - such was to be expected of a former gladiator - but he dwindled on how to use this door he was slowly unlocking. Continuing his training he marveled at what he could learn, focusing on his training in the Dark Brotherhood. Cethgus was moved to Antenore where he soon became Tetrarch of a Battleteam named Ebon Cloak. However, he soon sought out to be different, learning that there was nothing he could identify with in the ranks of the Krath, and thus he joined the Obelisk order, returning to the ways of combat. Moving up in ranks, he became a Jedi Hunter.

Cethgus was soon given a master by the name of Impetus, who was the Twi'lek that had first brought him to the Dark Brotherhood . They both worked on their unique bond as Master and Student. Cethgus soon learned that anything Impetus did was always for Cethgus' benefit and began to respect his Master in time. Learning together they both walked on one line, improving as a team. Cethgus finally started to move up in the hierarchy and with that he found a new spot as a Battleteam Leader, moving to Caliburnus. Settling into the leadership spot, the Jedi Hunter started to work on his new subordinates before a changing wind swept over the Zabrak.

Cethgus entered the darkest months of the Sixth Great Jedi War and reveled in the carnage which pursued, finding that his training in combat worked wonders for him in the conflict. However, he had one last task and knew that the last days of the War were his only chance to see his family. Resigning from his position in the Battleteam before the end of the war, the Zabrak deliberated upon how to get back to his home planet. Traveling to Judecca, Cethgus stole a transport ship from his Clan and headed towards Iridonia. Landing on the planet, his family greeted him with open arms. But as always, nothing was as it seemed. From out of the ship came two troopers that had hid on the stolen transport, and a battle ensued between Cethgus and the stowaways. In the end, one of the men was slain, while the other ran to the ship and managed to escape back to Judecca.

Cethgus found himself stuck on Iridonia with no means of getting off-planet. To make matters worse, the man he had killed bore the insignia of Clan Scholae Palatinae upon his armor. Cethgus knew things would only become worse if he didn't return and face his actions. His family supported him and in a sign of respect his father gave him his most prized possessions - two ships and a pilot droid. Bidding his family farewell for the last time, he headed back to Judecca, ready to face the results of his actions. Arriving on the planet, he was not greeted by the warmest of welcoming parties.

Cethgus was greeted by Raidoner and a detachment of soldiers as the Hunter stepped out of his ship. While being escorted, he saw a familiar Wookiee by the name of Laurus, but was quickly moved on. Shown into a large chamber, he was faced Braecen Kunar, Thran Occasus, Zeron, and his Master, Impetus. He stood before them, the floor adorned by the CSP insignia. Braecen announced the charges as followed murder in the first degree and high treason. The debate that followed was a grueling one, but the verdict was inevitable: guilty. Cethgus was sentenced to banishment from the Clan compound for several months. If found there, the punishment would be much more severe. He was quickly escorted off-planet by the Clan's soldiers, head hung low in shame, but he knew he had gotten off lightly. Soon after, he headed back towards House Caliburnus' home planet.

After an intense grueling by his Quaestor, Cethgus finally exited her office only to find out he had been promoted and finally gotten his Knighthood. Creating a saber, the Knight moved on from there and found that he was to be made a Flight Leader, but he resigned a week before a war broke out between the Clan's two Houses. Cethgus found himself fighting people he had know, and only after the war resigted did he realize the due which had followed out of the war both houses came to a draw evenly matched as they where. His Master moved to the opposing house. Looking to pick up the pieces, Cethgus found himself facing changes that would be for the greater good.

The Obelisk soon looked for a new mentor with his old Master leaving. He soon found a friend who was willing to help him understand new things in Dark Brotherhood. Kraval soon became a friend to Cethgus and they spent a lot of time working together and Cethgus tried to learn from Kraval on new things and put a new way of seeing things in the Brotherhood.

" It is better to move forward with your House than it is to be left in the Darkness "
Cethgus, Laurus, Impetus and Malaki

Afterwards, there was a quiet time in the Dark Brotherhood -at least for a little while, before the Rite of Supremacy started. In the mists of battle the Zabrak found himself doing all he could for his clan, pushing himself to his limits. However, During the RoS not everything went to plan. Finding himself outnumbered, he awoke in his quarters injured, only just managing to get off the planet alive. Cethgus changed forever after that day. In his last action of the war he traveled to a planet and bought two droids for his ship, costing him a total of one thousand credits. After the war, Cethgus found himself looking towards the future. Cethgus made his choice that day - he would move towards the future with the Clan rather than sit back and watch.

" Cethgus? He tries so hard to be a Sith, but comes up short every time. He was born an Obelisk...Thick Head. Like a built-in Helmet... "

Cethgus was soon given the rank of Templar, which would open new doors for him. A couple of days later, Cethgus found himself with an apprentice - Oísin dan Kael'Og. Walking the path of a Master, the Zabrak soon found that together their bond grew strong, learning that everything was a process of falling over, but getting back up and trying again. This bond stood strong and would continue to do so. With this new pairing also came another aspect. The Zabrak was shown into the battleteam Order of the Serpent, which was soon renamed Souls of Darkness. Staying in the battleteam, he began to work harder than ever on projects. Before long he found himself being given the position of Sergeant, and with pride he settled into his work. He soon changed his order to Sith - the Templar's choice was to learn about the order and took up his position as Commander.

The constant harsh training and the fresh burden of leadership on the Iridonian's shoulders had built up a lot of stress inside Cethgus - stress he knew was causing him to make wrong decisions, snap at his subordinates, and giving him many a restless night. He needed a break from Ptolomea, a break from the life of a leader, however short.

Impetus had never felt more at peace. She lived an active, yet rather relaxed role in Acclivis Draco, with a Twi'lek-Human hybrid - her lover, Ararin Korin. But then a thought occurred to her. She had told Ararin about Siordan'a, her own royal city in the Ryloth Twilight band, a place separated from the rest of the galaxy, a place it seemed even the currents of time laid lost. But he had never been there. Impetus needed to take her love to Siordan’a, for they had plans that could only be executed there.

As she pondered the possibility with Ararin, she heard a bleep from her R6 droid - An incoming message from Cethgus. He requested his master's advice on what to do. The Twi'lek's sharp mind clicked in an instant. The three would go to Ryloth together.

Arriving on Ryloth Cethgus instantly found he was fascinated by Impetus home yet again there people. Walking around with Impetus and Ararin was so relaxing the Warrior forgot completely about everything that had been troubling.

They meet up with Impetus old friend from when she was a Child. Her name was Shiol'la and Cethgus instantly found a liking towards the Twi'lek. But as hard as it was the Zabrak couldn't talk to Shiol'la she had such an effect on him.

It was only on the day when the wedding between Impetus and Ararin happened that Cethgus started to talk to Shiol'la who explained to him about what was happening. But all Cethgus saw was lots and lots of Fire.

Impetus and Ararin left without Cethgus who stayed to talk to Shiol'la and see the people they went around together. Shiol'la and Cethgus both had a liking for each other but neither was willing to let it slip out until the day Cethgus was leaving Ryloth.

Cethgus and Shiol'la both felt the same way about each other and since that day Cethgus offerd Shiol'la to come back to Ptolomea and the Twi'lek went with him. Since then these two are never seen with out each other neather leaving the other side often.

Cethgus returned from his trip to find that the Brotherhood was now fighting a new foe - the Yuuzhan Vong. Fighting for his Clan, Cethgus was soon injured in a battle with a Vong warrior, only to be saved by Impetus. Cethgus substained an injury to his shoulder in the process, which healed fully just as the war ended.

Cethgus is still seen with Impetus, most of the time talking about their past, and normally the Zabrak is just happy to be around his Master again.

The warrior had fought in the war and came against many Vong. But one that will always be remembered was Tolok Naqh they both fought against each other in the mists of battle for hours. But finally exhaustion won the fight for Tolok Naqh. Slamming his Amp Staff into the Zabrak right shoulder sending the Warrior screaming on the floor in pain. It was only when Rasilvenaira StormRaven joined the fight helping her oldest student. Defeating the Vong with the help of Xathia who then both focused there attention on getting medical attention quickly for the injured Zabrak.

Waking up in a medical facility with war surrounding only to find that war had ripped from him a bright spark and soul of his battle team. A young boy should never die with his whole life ahead. Cethgus had been affected by the loss of Niemand and it had changed his whole look on life creating two parts to the Warrior and making him more respective of other people.

Soon after the war finished he decided to spend more time with Shiol’la. Knowing what it was like to take a life the Warrior decide to spend more time with the one he loved. Trying to find time to meet up with her was hard found these days with help being needed on Judecca more and more. But once they were together it was very rare to separate the two. Spending most of his evenings just strolling around the capital city. But over the war it had shown the Commander that losing a friend or even a loved one would be quick and decisive. Like a massive hand just reaching out and taking the life. It had scared the Warrior from the inside more than others would imagine. Taking out the harsh and bitter Zabrak and leaving him torn inside. Half his old self an angry and violent Zabrak ready to kill at any moment and one you didn’t want to cross. And the new bit him formed a caring and kind side which not many people knew of.

The Commander of Souls of Darkness made sure that most of the time he was around the Quaestor of Caliburnus. Protecting that person was the soul job of the battle team and there leader. Making Cethgus a very busy man over the past few days. But as time had scared the Sith in more ways than one he suddenly had the though and he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. So that day they decided to show what it meant to committed to something. So the feeling that he showed towards Shiol’la so he proposed to the Twi’lek that moment he arrived back at his make shift quarters.

"I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life."

As Rasilvenaira arrived at Dynasty Space Station the two battle teams prepared for their assault on Ptolomea. Yzarc and Nightmare were taking the ground attack while Rasilvenaira and Souls of Darkness took control of the air space, launching their assault against the Vong from Dynasty Station.

On contact with the Vong, the groups split up into their teams keeping with a wing man. Cethgus took it upon himself to be his Quaestor's wing man. The space combat was going well but the coral skippers were everywhere. Cethgus and Rasilvenaira soon found themselves being chased by a coral skipper.

Trying to avoid the ship wasn't the easiest thing, but at the same time another one joined in. With a perfect lock on the Quaestor, the Vong fighters closed in fast. Cethgus' last words were spoken in a proud voice as he said "I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life." With that he moved his Sith fighter into the path of the Coral skipper's lock.

The skippers let off the shots and they slammed into the back of the Commander's ship, sending the vessel down into the forest below. The Warrior was found by a group of advance scouts from the 4th Legion. He had survived, but his ship was a twisted heap of metal

"A very fine warrior, your master is, he will sacrifice anything for his House"
―Yzarc speaking to Fionn dan Locut'Hal

Returning to aiding his house the Commander knew many challenges lay ahead of him. Joining up with House Caliburnus current Aedile Yzarc. Quickly finding themselves in the front line. Sabers and all other types of weapons clashed on the war field. Cethgus found for every chazrach he killed another three would step into that one’s place. Feeling his arms slowly turning heavier. The saber he was carrying started to feel like a weight.

Yzarc and the other Dark Jedi mixed up in the combat pushed forward. The Commander slowly moved towards their lines knowing he had to take the fight to them before it was too late. Pushing forward his reactions was to be his main strength in this battle. As a Vong Warrior stepped out he began to fight against the creature. Taking down the Vong Warrior he was suddenly jumped on by chazrach.

Pulling him to the ground the next thing the Sith knew was a great pain in his left arm. Screaming out he felt his robes being pulled on. Yzarc and the Dark Jedi were pulling him to safety and out of the way of any more harms. To the Commanders desperate attempt to kill the vermin he found himself laying on a medical bed. Finding it harder to pull them away Commander in his battle frenzy state of mind. His cries of pain and rage were more worrying to the group of Dark Jedi than the Vong before them.

Feeling a strange tingling sensation down his left arm he looked down. From the Elbow downwards was now a metallic arm. Slamming his head back into the pillows he stared at the ceiling as Shiol’la tried to persuade him it wasn’t that bad. But what tore the Warrior up worse was he didn’t kill the scum that did this to him.

The next day he reported to Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven and told her the news of what had happened. And then insisted on returning to full active duty and to continued to fight against the Yuuzhan Vong until they were completely gone from the system.

Without Warning

Cethgus soon found that things were on the way up for House Caliburnus. While he wasn’t busy much he found that most of his time was spent wandering around the empty hall. After a couple of weeks off thinking about ideas. The Templar requested to be transferred into Dorimad Sol, needing a change of scenery. As he left his old house, Shiol’la decided not to come with the Templar instead ending their marriage and staying with Impetus on Ptolomea. Leaving for his new House the Obelisk had no idea of what challenges would await him.

"Marriage is a sacred institution, or so they say. Has anyone ever noticed that 'sacred' is just the word 'scared' misspelled? I did, and was as scared as they came when I recited my vows. Now I wonder why I was so scared in the first place."
―Kara Incendia Zor-El

Kara and Cethgus had met from their parents being friends for years. Though Kara and Cethgus knew each other, it was only as friends, until the day they met in Clan Scholae Palatinae, and where Cethgus started a conversation. Kara started to realize that the Zabrak she’d known only in passing was someone she wanted to know better. She decided to exchange information with the Templar, and see what came of it. As he was one of her own kind, Kara felt it couldn’t hurt anything. It wasn’t like she was romancing an off-worlder or someone outside her race.

After a long while of getting to know each other. the two members decided that, they were both ready to step things up. After a while both of them decided to get married. Kara changed her name to Kara Incendia Zor-El, and the two became one. Cethgus changed his name to Cethgus Incendia Zor-El. Both finally found another person who was like them. Together the two married and aimed at the future.

As Commander for the Blades of Chaos, Cethgus had not had a chance to display his battle teams’ expertise and strengths. This was an event that allowed them to fight for the Clan and work as a well-net team to defeat their foes. During this time the templar found himself in his office working on strategies with his Executive Officer, Robin Hawk.

At times when they were almost at each other's throats and challenging each other on the procedures needed to win the war, Cethgus blood filled with an energy that was not the cause of the little battle they waged in his office. While she talked about her thoughts regarding their plans of battle, he occasionally drifted off and caught himself checking out other aspects of the female.

" Your problem, Cethgus, is your stupidity to think that killing solves every problem or if it doesn't solve it, you might as well anyway. You'll never be great until you learn to stop and think. "
―Thran Occasus to Cethgus

Cethgus, Tashlan, Korvyn, RobinHawk all stood back to back fighting with the well known fury of house Dorimad Sol. The Vong had attacked the four of them; they started to find that their numbers against the Vong’s were on the losing side. Feeling exhausted the group had already been fighting for long enough. But Cethgus was their still at the front taking revenge for his arm that he had lost in the first attack the Vong had given.

Robin Hawk was helping at the back killing as well, but the one deteriorating the most was Tash who is unable to keep up this level of fighting for very long. He started to see that his Student was going to endanger himself, moving back by the time he got to Tashlan the two of them were surrounded and separated from Robin Hawk and Korvyn.

As the two kept fighting, Cethgus soon found himself on the back foot. As an attack came through that would have speared the Obelisk. He couldn’t react in time, but Tash did it for him diving into the way of the attack. Cethgus howled in rage as the weapon speared his Student in front of him. Slumping onto the floor the Obelisk found his apprentice on the floor bleeding, he fought for his own life again trying to kill the Vong’s. Suddenly the Vongs just retreated and without another word he suddenly saw the Vong’s flee in front of him running away.

Cethgus was left their gripping Tash in his arms, holstering his head up as he was in a state of deep breathing. His voice was very shallow, and he was unable to catch his breath, Robin Hawk and Korvyn looked at Tash, blood slowly soaking into Cethgus’s robes. He managed to speak but it was only just hear able his last words. Cethgus decided to end Tash suffering and activate his saber into his student’s chest, killing him instantly.


Cethgus hard times in combat had made him someone who would kill without questions. He didn’t like killing, but it seemed that it was the only thing he was good at. It soon became apparent when he was fighting it was something he enjoyed, the blood and carnage he delivered in the name of House Dorimad Sol. Soon he found himself being promoted to the rank of Prelate, still not letting go of his skills the Obelisk would kill when asked.

Cethgus seemed to be changing into someone who now enjoyed the battle field and was willing to do any task that involved causing pain. He tried to spend as much time around the family as he possible could but found this becoming little time. The Zabrak managed to work around things and started to get to spend more time with Kara. But his blood lust was something which would always remain with the Obelisk.

Fighting the Beast

It wasn’t long after the feud, that Cethgus decided to take some time on his own, going into the jungle of a distant world he noticed that most of the animals seemed different than they normally would be. Finding himself being stalked he started to realize these animals were all mutated in some for or way. And wondered what was hunting him, knowing that whatever it was, it had no intention of doing anything kind to the Prelate. Soon it was found what the hunter was, a mutated wolf, looking at him as if he was food, the two fought, the Prelate killed the wolf, but was bitten in the process.

Though the creature was dead, it seemed to live inside of the Prelates blood; he soon found his body feeling different. After spending nearly a week in the jungle, he found out that he was able to smell, hear and see better than he used to be able to. His face though it still looked Human, hand started to look leaner of the face, his canines looked more like fangs now in his mouth, and his eyes had sunk in and looked more like wolf eyes, being able to see into the darkness now as well as light. He also noticed that he was able to run longer, and silent when needed. He had also grown slight in height as well. Returning to his family Cethgus, knew that he had changes in his ability to get used to. Recently, he felt more volatile and in a fight he had the ferocity that the wolf processed, he would have to get used to the new Cethgus.

After the war, Cethgus’s mind was trailed with thoughts, he knew that sooner or later something would happen, but no was not the time to let it. As he talked to his wife Kara he slowly started to decide what needed to be done. Though Kara would miss him they knew it was the only way he would find a place to belong. Once it was dark the Zor-El took a ship from the hanger, and set a course for his new home, knowing where he belonged he made his way to Clan Plagueis.

On arriving he was greeted by two members Kara Rohana and Godo Nurok they both welcomed him with open arms and started to show him around the Clan. He learned that everyone was friendly and willing to help out. It wasn’t long at all before he started to settle in, but one thing always was in the back of his mind and that was his family. He knew that he would see them but it would be a small pain until he did. It was something the Zor-El family was going to have to get used to.

As the time took its toll on the newly appointed battle team leader of Exar’s Shadow, he started to realize that no matter how hard it was to admit, the two Zor-El’s would not be able to continue the marriage that they were currently in. After a while it was over as the two of them went back to their other lives, though it pained the Zabrak he knew that in the long run it was for the best.

As he continued to build his friendship with in the Clan itself, it was only a small part of his life, yet he was fitting into the shoes of the battle team leader, as he began to lead Exar’s Shadow to the discipline and precision which was expected of such a team. Finding new friend as each week passed him, it was slowly clearer that the clan was becoming a home for him.

Something new

After a while it seemed that things were only improving for the Zabrak, as he was announced as the new Clan Rollmaster, in Plagueis. As he soon started to fill in to the position, and getting used to how his life had been changed. He was able to get to know the person that the Iridonian had grown to like Octavia Morgan Kuga as they grew more intense, it was the Prelate who proposed to the female. With agreeing Octavia and Cethgus took the names Kuga. And started to look towards the future with a bright spark, wondering what it had in store for the two of them.

As it seemed the plan would seem the two of them would be going into battle sooner than they wanted. As the Clan prepared itself for an upcoming great Jedi War, it was only a matter of time before the two of them would be allowed to see each other again, but it was a waiting game until that day arrived.

Once again the Clan had been summoned to go to war, to take back their home planet, to strike at the people who had taken there planet from them, the Vong. As they entered the shroud, the Obelisk was commander of the Instigator, the ship itself was engaged in a fight. As the members of Plagueis went to take back their planet on a ground assault, the Brigadier Admiral stayed on his ship, only for it to take damage in which he was hit by shrapnel from an exploding consol. This put the Obelisk into the medical bay for two weeks during the war. When waking up, he helped the Clan move there fleet home towards the future, as he tried to spend as much time with Octavia as he possibly could.

After the fleet returned, there mirror was stolen, Cethgus was a newly promoted Exarch, and it was his group that returned the mirror home. But on the way back, Cethgus gave the group a chance to allow them to get away; instead he was captured by a female named Valkyrie. After being captured in a hope to protect Octavia and their unborn child, he was forced to serve the group, attacking Clan Plagueis; he brought Valkyrie into the jaws of a large trap. After losing his arm, and being knocked out in a duel against his master Impetus, in which both were injured. He was captured by Clan Plagueis. In which he proved himself not to be a traitor that they all thought he was, but commanding the CP fleet into a fight. In which Cethgus was able to prove himself.

Since things had settled down, Cethgus was looking for something to prove himself once again, and that opportunity came his way. As Cethgus Kuga advanced to where he was able to serve the House, he took on the title of Quaestor of Exar Kun, in which he was determined to show the house into new era. Cethgus also had managed to get his students to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight’s and felt that it was time he helped the House, leaving the Obelisk to look to the future as Quaestor.

Cethgus assumed the role of Quaestor with pride, knowing that this was his chance to prove himself. He took the chance with an upcoming feud between the two houses, as the Obelisk lead house Exar Kun to prove that they were stronger than their opposite house, Satal Keto. Winning the fight against the other houses, the Obelisk felt that the future held other things for him.

With times always changing, Cethgus found himself facing a difficult task, with the House now having a new Questor, and Cethgus stepping down he decided to look around and see what else could be waiting for him. He found that he went to Arcona, and reuniting with his student, Sanguinius. Both of them once again caught up on what they had missed, and before the Exarch knew what was happening he found himself being given command of a new and fresh battle team. The Wolf Guard, were moulded to the Exarch, giving Cethgus a new future to set into motion.

Old Friends

Cethgus made a name for himself in Arcona, proving his dedication to the great clan. With things moving along, it wasn’t long before the Exarch moved up inside the leadership within the clan. Taking the roll of Aedile within House Galeres, and finding that he had to work with his Student, who was the current Quaestor of the house Sanguinius Tsucyra.

Things progressed well, after seeing the War of Domination, getting other member from the House to pit themselves against each other. This was too prove who was the best in the house, once things got settled down after this event it was another chance for the Exarch to prove himself to the great Clan.

Sang took a leave and allowed the Obelisk to step up into his shoes, leaving Cethgus as the Quaestor of the House until his return. Stepping up to the challenge the Exarch continued to work and run the house over time waiting for his Students return. When Sang returned Cethgus took his role back as the Aedile of the house.

With things changing Cethgus found himself staying as Quaestor of House Galeres, Sang took a step back to return to the house when he was able to. With things changing around them, Cethgus found that his time was taken working as Quaestor of Galeres.

Soon after the Exarch found his footing inside of Clan Arcona it was turned to turmoil. The events that unfolded within the Clan as it was turned into a House, seeing the end to Galeres and Qel-Droma at that moment in time. Finding himself out of office and out of luck, Cethgus began down a dark road during this time. Keeping himself to himself very much and continuing to show his peers no sign of like or even acknowledgement for a while. Though it seemed his determination to prove himself to others outweighed his own ambitions.

In his own quest to strive to perfect himself, the Iridonian experimented with different formulas. Though not knowing the consequences of his actions, he continued to see the effects on creatures he was able to bring in from other parts of the Brotherhood. What happened next would see the Exarch’s life completely changed as he tried the experiment on himself. The consequences of his actions saw his body transform, his body regressed back to when he was only eighteen, leaving his appearance altered to what it was when he was young.

Rising From The Ashes

With his new found youth he found it easier to fight, the drain of having an older body vanished completely from him. Cethgus soon found that more things were changing as well, during the time he had been in solitude it seemed that Arcona had once more gripped firmly onto what belong to them. Soon Arcona once more took back the title of Clan Arcona, seeing the emergence of both Houses as well, this brought with it an unclear future for the Iridonian.

Though before anything could be decided the chance was given to Cethgus to take up leadership once more, this was in the position of Battleteam Leader of Void Squadron. The Elite fighter unit of the Arconan fleet, seizing this opportunity with both hands he drove himself full force into once more proving himself to those around him. Though he had to completely retrain himself, Cethgus found his ability in the cockpit of a fighter slightly enjoyable. As much as he hated that fact, he flew many different missions during this time and was successful with his team during them.

War soon raged in the Brotherhood with the next Great Jedi War taking place. Cethgus found at this point he was forced to once more take the field of battle. Though the fighting against the Jedi on New Tython was tough and the war that raged there was on a massive scale, it seemed that once the smoke settled down and the dust began to clear Clan Arcona had taken victory. Proving their dominance once more the Exarch returned to the home of Qel-Droma as one of their Battleteam Leaders.

Joining the Arconae

As Cethgus continued to prove himself during his time in Arcona he soon found himself seeing an unexpected change of scene. He found himself back with his student, taking on the position of Aedile of House Galeres under his former student Sanguinius. Cethgus found himself at home in the position, strengthening bonds between certain members of the House. He formed a strong bond with Bron Vesh, K'tana, Nath Voth and finally returning to two old friends he had met, Kalon Dane and Kratus Vahillus.

In 36ABY, Galeres was once again on the front line. Cethgus found himself working with Inarya again as the Brotherhood invaded Krayiss II. The two worked once more in perfect harmony in fighting. As Clan Arcona began to take on the Dark Crusade, fighting for everything they were worth during this time seeing as much action as possible Cethgus soon found himself in the spotlight. He was brought to the first planet and in front of a Sith Temple he was tattooed with the symbol of the Arconae, joining the elite ranks of Arcona and wearing the symbol of pride for his dedication and love of the Clan. Wuntila, one that he used to call brother, personally giving Cethgus the mark on his skin.

It wasn’t until the second planet that Cethgus was once more drawn in with power, and his dedication and time learning was rewarded with him being promoted to the rank of Primarch. Achieving a new level of power, the Iridonian began to study once more, trying to learn as much as possible and continue to prove himself to those around him. Cethgus continues to look to the future, knowing what it brings will be uncertain but eagerly awaits for the shadow of his future to reveal itself.

The Change

During his time inside of Arcona, Cethgus continued to work on what could only be considered a cure for the scars and ailments that he had gained during his time in the Brotherhood. During this time, he made a bold and over-striving achievement as he attempted to sort himself out with Sith Alchemy. Using the then-workplace of Timeros, unguided and inexperienced, what happened next could be seen by very few: the Exarch reversed the aging process of his body, and though he gained back his arm at the cost of great pain, the wounds undone, it left him with a bigger problem than he could have anticipated. His new appearance could best describe him as more of a sixteen year old Iridonian youth, nothing like the old, steadfast man that most had come to know. He was now a child more than he could ever forget.

The Quaestor disappeared, and months went ny with only a select few people being able to see him; one of these was his Aedile. Atyriu, after the Clan’s Operation to Hapes, wanted to be trained in the arts of fighting without the Force; though with this new change, the Obelisk also found himself devoted to her teachings. While training the Aedile in the brute ways of combat, he found himself working beside the female, learning the art of the Force, and he adapted, changed. With the two of them working together, Cethgus found himself evolving, losing the brash warrior and becoming something different. Something changed with Cethgus as he seemed to become more serious; some would even consider him colder towards others.



Cethgus is short, with green eyes as well as his traditional horns that form over his head. Due to the de-aging that he has undergone, he is short even by most standards, walking at a few inches over four feet. His body, while slender and well toned, lost most of the muscle, leaving him to more of a childish appearance than before. Although, his normal expression is plain, showing no emotion and giving off the cold vibe that is common for the Obelisk. His robes the of the Shadeborn, representing the Clan at all times. Despite his stature, his presence is a strong one, with his stance normally of crossed arms, closed-off to most around him.


Due to the changes that he has undergone, Cethgus has lost his brutal and angry combat style. Now his personality is changed as well, being generally more mature and serious, though he is easily annoyed by others joking around or drawing unneeded attention to themselves, preferring that they remain focused on the matter at hand. From the changes that have come to him, Cethgus now hates anything that he deems childish, since being described often as a child by as members of the House irritates him easily. However, he is overly protective of members such as Inarya, Nath and Atyriu due to the friendships and time he has spent with them.

With the appearance he has he is usually the butt of a joke by other members of the Clan, as well as his opponents forcing him to develope a cold attitude towards most people. Though he tolerates the jokes and goes on with his responsibilities he still shows anger towards the taunting; yet he doesn’t take action against those that insult him unless they are considered an enemy. The only thing that he cannot tolerate is not been addressed by his rank or titles, or an inappropriate use of these things that he has worked hard to earn. He never addresses anyone with their own titles instead, only addressing them with their last name where it is available. Though for some, he has to constantly remind them to use him by his given names, only allowing his Aedile to refer to him by first name and other assorted nicknames. He also takes offense to those that offer him childish food, which he sees as an insult to his standing.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Highly determined
  • Saber combat
  • Tactician and Strategist
  • Force User


  • Short
  • Child Look

Hobbies and Talents

Cethgus has quite a few hobbies which are commonly seen in many of the Dark Brotherhood members. He is normally always pushing himself further in his close combat training. He is mostly found training in hand-to-hand and when the opportunity arises he is also seen training with his saber as well. He is also starting to go through training in piloting with it now seen as one of his more important things he should be able to do, so he is always trying to learn new things.

His time is also spent in the presence of Xathia, training for the Antei Combat Center, and also learning how to improve on his studies all the time striving on the new information he is learning.

Force Wraiths


This force wraith is in the form of a female, normally as if the shadows engulfed her body to an almost perfect like figure. Forming very little clothing to reveal this figure. Usually when summoned by Cethgus this wraith it tries to seduce its pray, though still a horror to behold the wraith attacks as if rejected by a former lover, its rage and passion are second to none, as it walks always as if trying to seduce though unaware of its true image.

The Form of this wraith is of a beautiful woman, her body wrapped in little clothing to keep her covered, though the noticeable difference is the four arms that protrude from her well formed body. Hovering from the ground, gliding instead of walking, the face covered by what appears to be a mask on the darkened figure. The outline of her body is of a perfect image of a female as it hunts its pray.


This one is Cethgus’s most commonly seen wraith, due to the likeliness of his emotions it is normally used as punishment and causing pain to others. It will is normally quickly tempered as if as a human it will always lash out as soon as possible knowing that not much can hurt it. Remember why it is summoned it normally strikes without thinking, and is Cethgus’s most aggressive wraith only summoned when death needs to be dealt. Wrath looks like a male, though it has no neck the mask floating in air, its fingers are like talons as well as spikes growing out from the arms. Thought that normally be enough this form has six ruined wings, its suffering only to take the wrath out on others, the broken wings each have spikes this figure stares at its opponent through six insect like eyes.


Relating to Cethgus this one represents his pride, it always feels that it is the best in everything, the Wraith itself is last one to fight feeling as if it has to it is because the others aren’t good enough to succeed where it can. Its attitude and posture are always of someone who needs nothing and feels that they are better than anything else, once created it will only do as instructed, yet normally protects the Zabrak and stops people breaking his concentration. This form is one like man once more, but instead of the feet it has wings that it uses to keep itself afloat. Its body once more well formed as its wings are held by spikes, its shoulders covered in what resembles armour. This form pulls itself from the ground and stands normally right beside or in front of Cethgus himself watching the fighting that takes place.

Notable possessions


Vairocanum (The Great Sword)

Cethgus values his saber as much as he values his own life. He has used the weapon in every fight he has been in since he made the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. The weapon has seen and killed many opponents in the Zabrak's hands, and it has also saved him from enemies who would have certainly killed him. Separating Cethgus from his saber is like taking half of his life from him. His saber is also never seen away from his body; everywhere he goes, he takes his weapon with him.

DJB Facts

Outstanding Achievements

Helped to pioneer the CSP JA Training program along with Rasilvenaira StormRaven and Braecen Kunar.

Came 3rd Place in the JA 1v1 event of the RoS, and 15th overall.

Positions Held

  • Tetrarch of Ebon Cloak Phyle
  • Commander of Nightmare Squadron
  • Ward of the North for Clan Scholae Palatine
  • Proselyte of Horns in the Order of Serpent
  • Ward of the North for Clan Scholae Palatine
  • He was the first ever Battle Team Leader for House Caliburnus' elite Battle Team, Souls of Darkness
  • Provost of Thorns
  • Battle Team Leader of Blades of Chaos
  • Duelist of Scholae
  • Commander of Exar's Shadow
  • Clan Rollmaster of Plagueis
  • Quaestor of House Exar Kun
  • Sergeant of Wolf Guard
  • Aedile of House Galeres
  • Quaestor of House Galeres
  • Battle Team Leader of Revenance Virtuom


Preceded by:


Ebon Cloak Tetrarch

24 ABY to 25 ABY

Succeeded by:

Uzbad Zol Tamalar

Preceded by:


Nightmare Squadron Sergeant

25 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Souls of Darkness Commander

27 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Blades of Chaos Sergeant

28 ABY to 29 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Ward of the North

26 ABY to 27 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Angelo Dante

Dark Paladin

29 ABY

Succeeded by:

Eludajae "Lynx" M'Nar

Preceded by:

Cipher K'oranian Isradia

Exar's Shadow Commander

30 ABY to 30ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Vivackus Kavon

Consul Aide

30 ABY to 30ABY

Succeeded by:

Eludajae "Lynx" M'Nar

Preceded by:

Quejo Drakai Xyler

Clan Plagueis Clan Rollmaster

30 ABY to 31 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Yzarc Rellik Kaeth

Quaestor of House Exar Kun

31 ABY to 31 ABY

Succeeded by:

Ood Bnar Sythe'rae

Preceded by:


Sergeant of Wolf Guard

32 ABY to 33 ABY

Succeeded by:

Talos d'Tana

Preceded by:

Juda Kodiak Erinos

Aedile of House Galeres

33 ABY to 33 ABY

Succeeded by:

Sanguinius Tsucyra

Preceded by:

Sanguinius Tsucyra

Quaestor of House Galeres

33 ABY to 34 ABY

Succeeded by:

Celahir Erinos

Preceded by:


Magistrate to the Fist

35 ABY to 35 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Preator to the Fist

35 ABY to 35 ABY

Succeeded by:

Araxis Pepoi Farron

Preceded by:


Battle Team Leader of Revenance Virtuom

35 ABY to 35 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Kalon Dane

Battle Team Leader of Void Squadron

36 ABY to 36 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Aedile of House Galeres

36 ABY to Present

Succeeded by:

Atyiru Araave

Preceded by:

Sanguinius Tsucyra

Quaestor of House Galeres

36 ABY to Present

Succeeded by: