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Korras / Darth Aeternus
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1.82 Meters


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Red & Blue

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Governor of Coratua




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"Strength through Darkness"
―Dark Adept Korras

Korras is a Dark Lord who has served the Brotherhood as Master at Arms. Before that, he served Clan Tarentum as a Proconsul. Besides that, he has been a Consul (of Naga Sadow), Gaming Tribune, and the last Obelisk High Commander. Not many can best him in a direct fight, even though his main skills are related to organization of any form. He was the one who masterminded the Invasion of Coratua, among things.

Character History

Korras has no recollection of his past. The first thing he remembers is waking up in a crashed shuttle, with an elder of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood looking over him. The shuttle was wrecked to the point that it was impossible to determine why it crashed. Up to this day, it still is not sure whether it happened on purpose, accidental, or by weapons fire.

He was soon found to posses a good affinity with the force, and possibly trained with its use before. But he did not remember. Nor did he remember how to fight. However, in the first fight he got into, he was able to defeat his opponent without even breaking a sweat, seemingly fighting on instinct. This affinity led to him speeding through the ranks of the Brotherhood, finally receiving the status of an Elder himself.

Once assigned to Clan Naga Sadow after leaving the Academy, the speed with which he rose through the ranks was unheard off, rising to the status of Proconsul in mere months, already having held Aedile and Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos. During this time, it became clear that not only was he highly adept at using the Force, he was also an able organizer. This would prove to be necessary not very long after that time.

Major Changes

While on a mission during the Great Jedi War, word reached him that of the three houses in his clan, two of the Quaestors had stepped down, together with the Proconsul. Ordered to return to the Orian system immediately, he was appointed Proconsul upon his arrival.

During his tenure, he oversaw major changes to Clan Naga Sadow. The fifth Great Jedi War was at its height, and House Primus Goluud had sustained too much casualties to be maintained. His actions changed the clan substantially. He closed Primus Goluud, merging its leftovers with House Ludo Kressh, and changed the entire clan to Multi Order, removing the order-bound limits imposed before, allowing for a far more free leadership chain.

Only months later, he led the clan to near victory over Clan Taldryan when the Krath started fighting over supremacy, and during that conflict he was promoted to the Dark Council, as Obelisk High Commander. Here he would begin to affect the brotherhood as a whole.

Dark Council

That term lasted two years, and at its height, he led the invasion of Coratua, a planet mostly forgotten after the clone wars, during which it had served as a resupply point. A substantial amount of pirates had formed up there, and were forming a threat against the brotherhood itself.

The conflict lasted a full month, as the pirates made use of the machines of war left behind. Eventually, the forces of darkness overcame them, although after a bloody struggle. Most clans had suffered many losses, mostly from those in the Journeymen ranks. This helped separate the weak from the strong, most believe.

The Grand Master left Korras in command, effectively a governor, of the system, which includes two mining worlds. Until this day, Coratua is a large source of supplies for the Brotherhood. The victory there was also enough for him to be promoted to the status of Dark Side Adept.

During the conflict with the Force-devoid Alien forces, Coratua was relentlessly attacked. The invaders saw the droid manufacturing facilities as an affront to their religion. Foreseeing this, Korras took a final shipload of resources on the two Acclamator cruisers to Yridia. These vessels were later destroyed in other fleet battles.

Return to the Clan

After a year, he returned to his Clan Naga Sadow, only to find it changed from what he left behind. After a few months, he was Consul, but no longer recognized what he left behind. Shortly after pushing several changes through on the Dark Summit, he resigned. The clan he had returned to was no longer the clan he had left two years earlier.

A Different Clan

Calling upon alliances made previously, he moved to Clan Tarentum, where he was assigned as Quaestor of House Tridens. After serving there for several months, he once more resigned, to focus more on his studies of the Force. This would not last long, however. After some time, he was called back to Antei by the Grand Master, to serve once more as the Field Marshal of Antei, commanding the armies of the Brotherhood. His frequent visits to the Dark Hall were put to use by the clan, assigning him Knight-class Envoy to the Grand Master.

Eventually, the time came for the Adept to take up leadership roles once more, This time as Proconsul of Tarentum. This lasted for several months, after which the former High Commander once more stepped down, this time planning for a longer time to devote to studies. For his work up to then, he was awarded the Tarentae title.

Korras' Lightsabers

Return to the Council

After several years in Tarentum, fulfilling several roles as needed at times, he became part of the office of the Master at Arms. first as Magistrate, and later as Praetor. Eventually, the incumbent Master at Arms, Syn Kaek, stepped down, which left him in command of the office. After serving in this capacity for several years, he was elevated to Lordship, and took the name Aeternus. At the same time, he stepped down from the position of Master at Arms, leaving many to wonder at the cause.


Fighting Style

Although he is more than capable to use them, Korras does not only depend on his lightsabers. He will use whatever is most useful, or whatever is at hand (once even resorting to a spoon), to overcome his opposition. Not shying the use of force powers in close combat, he has used many techniques which have been dubbed unconventional by others. This includes forcing air into such a high density that it transforms into plasma, or alternatively superheating it into fireballs, to launch these at enemy forces.

He is, however, not one of subtlety. He is a battleaxe, not a scalpel, when in combat. While he is in full control of himself, he simply prefers to make sure his opponents do not rise again. He will not hold back, instead releasing his full fury on whom, or whatever is facing him at that time.

Leadership Style

When not fighting himself, and instead commanding an armed force, he is the exact opposite. Here, he will apply his forces as efficient as possible, not wasting a single gun where it is not needed, unless the gun can be spared. Preferring fast moving, small-unit guerrilla tactics, most often he will be looking to separate his opponents head from the body: attacking the supply chain, HQ's, and artillery units, preferably unnoticed.

Lightsaber style

Korras' lightsabers, as well as his style of fighting, are virtually unique to the Brotherhood. Besides two regular sabers, of which the guards are weapons of their own, having been sharpened to a razor's edge, he uses two saberclaws. These are basically two short saberblades attached to a wrist-mount. Being faster then regular blades due to their size, this allows the wielder to get closer to his opponent, and slip through his guard.

Korras' Energy Claws, deactivated

Energy Claws

Besides his Lightsabers, Korras employed a set of Energy Claws, before his saberclaws had been assembled. custom forged to his specifications. These consist of lightly-armored gloves, coupled with the same armor on the arm, and are all held together by a sturdy black sleeve. the gloves fit securely around his hands, and at the location of each knuckle is a 20-Centimeter long blade. On the inside of his upper arm, protected by the armor, are energy cores, which can be activated by squeezing the hand into a fist.

When this happens, a powerful energy field envelops the blades. At that point, they will cut through most metals with ease, and will be able to deflect a lightsaber. Any more contact then that will burn the field out. Using these gloves does not prevent the use of a lightsaber, which only adds to the lethality of his saber style.



The warbanner Korras holds in his possession has his personal seal on the cloth, coupled with an ancient icon of the Obelisk order. The banner dates back to his time as High Commander, when it was one of the first created, and has not been changed since. Rumor has it that a powerful spell has been cast over it, even though no-one has been able to confirm this, or let alone confirm what power is involved.

Whenever he commands a contingent of forces, like the Tarentum 1st Mobile Army, it will be displayed at the front of the ranks. His seal is also displayed on the sides of his personal craft, the Conquistador.

DJB Facts

  • Reformed CNS during the fifth GJW.
  • Amongst other positions he has held are Left Hand of Justice, Praetor to the Lord Marshal, Praetor to the Master at Arms, and Praetor to the Commander of the Guard.
  • Created the first Rites of Combat, along with Shadow Taldrya.
  • Ran the last Obelisk Rite of Supremacy.
  • Governor of Coratua, Liberated during that Rite. Coratua has since been pillaged by the Alien invaders.
  • Changes he headed through on the Dark Council include moving the Consuls to the Council, placing them closer to the decision making, and giving more say, and more rights, to the regular members.
  • Shares a similar saber technique with Adept Shadow Taldrya. Neither will answer when asked if they trained together, except with a brief demonstration, which usually results in the death of the annoyance.


  • Longest sitting active Obelisk High Commander
  • Has obtained the Dark Maven degree
Positions Held
Before Position After
Shaithis Var'rek Obelisk High Commander
21 ABY - 23 ABY
Position Disbanded
Syn Kaek Master at Arms
32 ABY - 37 ABY
Kalen Aquillarum