Last Breath Mine

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Temple of Fire
Last Breath Mine
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Unknown, c. 5100 BBY




Urias Orian

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Orian Assembly

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The Temple of Fire, casually known by the members of Clan Naga Sadow as the Last Breath Mine because of the high mortality rate of its workforce, was one of the Temples of Orian constructed around the central Palace of Orian. In 22 ABY the Clan discovered a large baradium deposit beneath the ruins and erected a small mining base atop the ruins.


The Temples of Orian were constructed over five thousand years ago during the reign of Marka Ragnos in the days of the old Sith Empire. The temples were positioned in a heptagram around the central palace. Each temple was devoted to one of the seven tenets of the Final Way. Through focusing the power of the dark side through the temples Urias Orian hoped to make himself immortal.

Today most of the temples lie in ruin and the Palace of Orian utterly destroyed. The Temple of Fire was almost completely destroyed when the Clan first searched through the ruins. Rather than repair the original structure, the Clan erected a small prefabricated base on top of the rubble. To take advantage of the ongoing war with the Alien Invaders during the Eighth Great Jedi War the Clan decided against installing a formal outpost as part of Dlarit Mining. Instead, loyalist forces from the Dlarit Security Force were assigned to the outpost and instructed to enlist the "help" of the natives, forcing them into labor within the dangerously radioactive mines. The baradium was subsequently sold on the black market for a gross profit.

Since the reorganisation of the DSF in the early part of 24 ABY the Temple of Fire was overseen by soldiers from the Dlarit Special Operations Group instead of the regular Dlarit Security Force. In 32 ABY the Orian Assembly took control of operations involving the Last Breath Mine.


The mine remains one of the Clan's best kept secrets. The operation was originally personally overseen by the Chairman and the President. Everything from thermal detonators to proton torpedoes needs baradium to operate and, fortunately, the Clan has the perfect site with an abundance of the dangerous mineral. Now a team of administrators headed by Chief of State Byron Cargas oversees operation of the mine, though the Chief of State himself has been known to take inspection tours of the grounds on occasion.

The site is an interesting geologic anomaly and produces a plethora of unusual minerals. The mine produces most of the baradium required by the clan. Other minerals are occasionally encountered as oddities. Curiously, while cortosis has rarely been encountered on Sepros, this mine reputedly produced a small amount in the ancient past for Urias Orian, however none has been found in recent times. Some blue and red Adegan crystals have been found here but most were mined long ago by Urias Orian's followers. The raw materials are shipped elsewhere within the system for refinement. Most of the waste material ends up being dumped on Gamuslag.

Apart from the D-SOG overseers, the actual workforce is made up of slaves collected from the native Human, Ekind and Wookiee tribes. Due to the highly hazardous and radioactive nature of raw baradium, the life expectancy of any particular worker is relatively low, thus the mine being unofficially dubbed the "Last Breath Mine".