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Tissaya Argat
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Tissaya Argat was a Rogue Krath Epis and Daughter of Sadow. This agile and highly intelligent Dark Jedi once served Clan Naga Sadow with distinction to have been awarded the Clan Title, having served as Proconsul, Aedile and possible other position within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Tissaya was known to fight with two long custom dangers: a hooked red blade called Dragon's Claw and slightly waved obsidian blade called Shade.


Youthful Adventures

Tissaya was born on board a ship, two month earlier than it was foreseen. She was spoiled beyond belief as the only daughter of archeologists. Her childhood was carefree and untroubled, although she had a tendency to stick her nose in where it didn't belong. Tiss made every day a new adventure, much to her parents' consternation. By the time she was four she was taking apart anything she could find, and by the age of eight she was putting it back together again.

The girl grew up going from one planet to another studying it's histories, legends and myths, knowing new languages. She became an expert of the ancient speeches despite her youth. At the age of fifteen, her parents decided their work takes too much time, and they cannot educate their daughter any longer. Her parents will was her to join the Royal Academy on Yaga Minor. So she did, choosing history department.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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