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Macron Goura Sadow
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Date of Death:


Physical Description

Human (synthetic)






104 Kg




one yellow, one reptilian



Personal Information




Known Children:




Lightsaber Color(s):

one orange dual-phase, one red dual-phase

Lightsaber Form(s):

Makashi, Vaapad


Daggers, gases, poisons, disruptors, telekinetically mobilized objects

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

gemfisher, thug, Sith Adept


Dark Side Adept

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Nekura Manji Keibatsu, Darth Vexatus

Known apprentices:


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Macron Goura Sadow is an insane Sith alchemist and warrior. Macron's insatiable lust for power knows no boundaries, and he seeks more knowledge of the Dark Side and the Force wherever he can. He has been appropriately described as "an effective but brutal broadsword" in his wartime tactics by Shi Long. Macron also has a strange sense of honor and loyalty to comrades unlike many Sith.

Character History

"After seeking out the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, I was then trained as a Jedi Padawan. I had sought out the Jedi as a means of understanding the Force. They proved to be worthless curs full of moronic slogans, lies, and idiotic nonsense."


Macron, 26 aby
The Sith known as Macron grew up being a space tramp and thug, riding ships in and out of Coruscant and hanging about with an unsavory crowd. He later trained at the Praxeum and left in failure. The Brotherhood took him in with open arms, and he began training in the Sith arts and alchemy.

Young Punk 6 ABY

There was an older sister in the beginning, cruel and mean but dedicated to her brother. As youngsters, they survived in the putrid filth of lower Coruscant by means of their wits and wickedness. Both of them were strange. They could not eat normal food, and instead subsisted on nutrient slop normally given to the starving and medical cases. The brother and sister healed quickly and did not seem susceptible to the normal diseases found among the rabble living in the guts of Coruscant's lower levels. Both of them were Force-sensitive and tapped the Force instinctively, albeit in an untrained manner at this time.

Neither knew their parents, although it is rumored that Tremayne may have been their 'genetic' father and Aurra Sing their 'genetic' mother. They are both synthetic Humans. The two were grown outside the womb from genetic material harvested in secret. Purportedly, some of the material was actually cloned DNA from Lord Malak found stored in a redoubt by Tremayne's researchers, thus identifying both of their connection to the Force. They were both later discarded, for unknown reasons. It is entirely possible (and even likely) they were failed experiments.

The two became separated when they stowed away on Jib Kopatha’s interstellar pleasure craft as young teenagers. Anaxela had been a working girl, serving drinks and undoubtedly other unsavory whims of the patrons. Macron later learned meager engineering skills from Jib's crew, who realized the Human’s vast intellectual potential. They also realized the strange human had a knack for medical work and he was enlisted in the ship's infirmary at the time.

Lord Vader came later and smashed many of the Falleen crew during the time after the destruction of the first Death Star. His victims included Macron’s first real "crush" Xora. When the Empire’s forces showed up and utterly decimated the Bothan’s spynet vessel, Macron thought his sister was dead.
Lego Macron

The young man then spent many years traveling about the galaxy, mainly in the Outer Rim, Tingel Arm, and nearby edge of the Unknown Regions. He worked as gemfisher on Yavin 4. After the end of the Rebellion and Galactic Empire, he felt drawn to study the Force at the new Jedi Praxeum. As an older student, he learned quickly. Too quickly, in fact.

Jedi Training 10 ABY

The rigid monotony of the Praxeum made life easy and regimented. Macron much time in their halls and libraries. One subject in particular fascinated him the most- the Lore of Alchemy. In an effort to understand his own occult genesis he often stole away to read forbidden tomes whenever he could on such exciting topics as Cortosis, making Sith mutants, poison, and other horrible things. Of course, this began his slide down into the Dark Side. Unfortunately, Macron had a powerful sadistic streak. There was nothing more enjoyable to him then beating weak Padawans to a gory pulp. He also stole an ancient minor Sith tome from the library that contained the secrets of Sith Alchemy. This earned him an immediate expulsion and deportation.

Lost and homeless in an unfamiliar system, Macron (Mac) chose to work again as a gemfisher based from Yavin Eight again. His previous knowledge of gems and the Corusca Gem trade proved useful and he then used the saved earnings to travel back to the galactic center to sell his wares. It is possible that at this time he attracted the attention of one of Muz Ashen's gem dealing enterprises.

Streetpunk Macron, Dark Skulls gang

On the Streets Again 12 ABY

Macron Goura was now left without a master, and arrived on Coruscant with credits which he would soon be relieved of. Macron remembered how bad street life could be from his young days. He was immediately mugged on arrival in the scummy lower levels of his possessions except for the book, which they thought was worthless. He was then beaten severely by a gutter punk swoop gang named the Hawks.

Upon regaining consciousness he found himself to have been captured by yet another gang, the Dark Skulls. They wore horrific, garish skull-like facial paint and affected a dark look with chains and black leather. They offered him a choice- join us, or be rat fodder. He agreed to join, of course. The Dark Skull's rite of passage was a cage fight. He surprised the head gang bully by clubbing him to death with his own freshly severed arm. Fueled with the Dark Side, Macron killed two more gang members before they stopped the mayhem and called a halt to the rite. These punks had never met any real Force users. He spent some years carousing with these scum, and eventually became one of their leaders. During this time the madman learned street survival skills and leadership and the gang grew in power.

Macron soon was the most fearsome gang member, and often engaged in death-match bouts for pay in the bowels of Coruscant. He brutally killed most of his foes and delighted in the mutilations of the ones who managed to live. Soon, he cut his ties with the Dark Skulls and dreamed of liberation from this meaningless life. Surely there was more. The Dark Side beckoned him forth from the formative womb of the planet's bowels. After amassing many credits through foul means, he decided to get away from Coruscant. He heard a voice in his dreams urging him to travel again. Well-funded contacts located a suitable ship. Macron stole an aging Star Wing gunboat from a decommissioned storage yard, and left his home-world yet again.

Feeling the Power of the Dark Side 14-16 ABY

Macron Goura had then traveled back to Yavin Four on his last credit, pursuing rumors of the Dark Side. During the long hyperspace voyage, he meditated and contemplated a crystal he had found as a gemfisher there. It was one of the few things he had managed to save from his time as a gemfisher. The crystal was Corusca, an orange crystal from the crushing gases of the planet Yavin. This would one day give his lightsaber a searing orange color and a very focused beam. Macron worked again as a gemfisher and took the most dangerous collection trips possible in a sense of nihilism. He hoped for death to release him from his horrid existence as a sad excuse for an imitation human. Unfortunately, the Dark Side had other plans for him.

When he arrived on Yavin Four, Macron felt an irresistible urge to visit the Dark meditation temple built by Exar Kun. Although Kun's spirit had been banished, other Dark Side spirits occasionally visited this cauldron of power. Macron reputedly met the Spirit of Darth Malak here although this is unconfirmed. Malak was another fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord who had purportedly written the very tome Macron had stolen. The phantasm bade Macron to travel to the Lyspair system to seek the Dark Side.

This was what the Dark powers had been whispering to him. “Seek your Destiny on Lyspair…” And so he did. During the journey, he began to mark his face with ancient Sith Tattoos. They would eventually become very extensive and be a characteristic trademark. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood had been watching him the whole time.

Macron's Armor at DJK, by Macron and Eldrad Sin

Finding a Master 18 ABY

On the moon of Lyspair Macron met and battled Nekura Manji Keibatsu, and was profoundly beaten into submission as Manji's new Apprentice. After joining Sapphire Squadron under Robert Daragon, Macron became a budding expert at the art of Dulon and the use of weapons and lightsabers. Under Manji's tutelage, Macron soon became a Knight and constructed his first red synth-crystal lightsaber. He was then adopted into the Keibatsu family by his Master.

Macron's first red synth-crystal powered lightsaber as a Knight

Macron spent considerable amounts of time in combat with Manji at the Antei Combat Centre, as well as using the library at the Shadow Academy and the labs to investigate the workings of Sith Alchemy. With Manji to guide him in the Force, Mac made a breakthrough in the area of Sith alloys. In fact, he spent so much time at the Shadow Academy that the Headmaster made him an instructor.

Later, Macron ventured to the planet of Falleen with Prince Xizor and his Ragnosian comrades to overthrow a usurper. The Sith took genetic samples from the native species at the time which would become important later in his studies with Darth Vexatus. Macron then hunted down and killed an old enemy from the Jedi Academy days on Metellos, and participated in a Jedi hunt in the abandoned tunnels of Sepros. Macron was also selected as a Order of the Black Guard member for the first time, and eventual multiple periods of service. This honed his combat abilities and exposed him to high level combat and special forces tactics.
by Shikyo, 23 aby

During this time Macron went with his Master at the behest of the Envoys to kill Tierdonis, a renegade Sith. He "recruited" Malisane de Ath during the conflict and brought him back to Brotherhood space. After creating the first vesrions of the Sith Alchemy and Lightsaber Combat tests at the Shadow Academy, Macron stepped down to concentrate on other duties shortly thereafter.

Digging Up the Past

Some trips to ruins on Yavin Four allowed Macron to begin a compilation of Sith alchemical data. He visited several worlds with Dark Side Sites such as Korriban, Ruusan, Dxun,Malachor V and even the witch world Dromund Kaas.

The expedition on Malachor V included Rasilvenaira StormRaven, who Macron considered a Sith comrade at the time. On Korriban, Macron adventured with several notables and Clan Mates. These included Muz Keibatsu Sadow numerous times, Revenant, Eldrad Sin, Raven, and others. The lunatic survived two visits at that time.

19 ABY

Macron then created a Sith Heavy Battle Suit for himself. Using a borrowed Sith holocron, the Sith also created several abominations such as a true Silooth Beetle during the Obelisk Rite of Supremacy. The knowledge also enabled him to assist his Consul and Proconsul in the creation of the first Lightsaber Combat Guide for the Brotherhood as a whole. During this period he participated in the Invasion of Coratua and fought hardily although his pet Hssiss were slain.

Macron's first armor, CNS Order of the Black Guard

A Leader is Born 19-20 ABY

Macron's First Sith Battlesuit EQ1
Mononoke served as the Aedile and Quaestor of House Ludo Kressh of Clan Naga Sadow as well for a time. He led House Ludo Kressh to a victory and the title of "First House" of Clan Naga Sadow during his tenure. Macron went and fought on Kyataru during this time alongside his Master and Muz Ashen.

Muz Keibatsu Sadow learned the art of Echani together with him in the GMRG, and the two were known to adventure together . Macron also trained Ashia Kagan Keibatsu in the arts of Sith Alchemy. She was proven to be an adept student and a good friend. The two are known to be studious alchemists.

Sith Madness

During this period, Macron set up a personal lab near Amphor located inside The Wreck of the Miner's Brother in Naga Sadow space. The mad Sith used the silent old hulk as a safe experimentation zone. The tremendous radiation storms and out of the way nature of the ancient vessel were perfect for his early insane studies. The experiences here allowed him to refine his studies of Alchemy and lightsaber hardware. Other vile alchemical experiments soon followed, such as bioweapons, dark side dragons, various dark droids, Sith droids, homonculi, nano-viruses and others.

20-21 ABY

The Clan later attacked and looted the Jagred city of Om'Jagred on the light side of Antei. Macron found himself embroiled in a conflict with Severak, one of Malisane de Ath's enemies. Eventually, Severak and the True Brotherhood was defeated and exiled into the depths of hyperspace.

Macron's Armor Fist

Macron was later appointed the Dark Side Compendium Tribune. Much of his time was spent working on the Dark Side Compendium at this time. Eventually, he stepped down from the position to concentrate his efforts on other pursuits.

Macron was the General in command of a legion of Nihilgenia clones during an uprising on Kyataru. That rebellion was subsequently crushed by the family. During the Aranna Incident, he teamed up with Shikyo Keibatsu and Trevarus Caerick and the geniuses of Tarentum to devise a winning military battleplan. The forces of Clans Naga Sadow and Tarentum proved victorious.

The Kyataru campaign and Great Jedi War saw him expand his knowledge of warfare. He developed foul chemical weapons for use in artillery barrages by the Clan. Mononoke personally led the artillery command of Clan Naga Sadow in the assault on the city of Milmefia on Antei during the Great War, breaching the city defenses and gassing many defenders. The Return to Phare System military campaign later saw him making tactical runs on enemy Emperor's Hammer capital class ships in the Silooth as his Clan pilfered the ruins below.

He then experimented on making Sith-spawned Ewoks and trained them with Malisane de Ath on the planet Kangaras. Macron considers the Sith spawned Ewoks to be a twisted joke, and enjoys studying their reactions to his "treatments". An encounter during this time with the Ssi-Ruuvi led him to pursue other avenues of research. Macron experienced entechment voluntarily to a very limited degree, and this gave him a new perspective on technology.


The Second Darkness Rite of Supremacy saw Macron develop his bioweapons research to a high degree, contributing significantly to the Clan Naga Sadow battleplan in the final stages of the conflict. His Violator Gas was used by the elite Order of the Black Guard to breach and incapacitate enemy vessels in this conflict. it was later deemed unsafe and abandoned.
Macron with Sith face paint

During the Attacking the Clones campaign, Macron led the assault on Jaginos personally. He commanded the VSD Covenant during the assault designed to loot cloning technology from the Kaminoan expatriates. It is also known that he secretly trained with Kaine Mandaala during this period. The Dark Prophet Kaine trained him in the fine points of the Dark Side and lightsaber combat before disappearing from the Brotherhood.

21 ABY

Macron was appointed Consul of Clan Naga Sadow, as well as being inducted into the Sons of Sadow. Macron decommissioned the Silooth shortly before the Alien invasion in 27 ABY. He then built a heavily modified and unique transport/gunship for himself named the Nachzerer in secret, using the Dlarit driveyards in CNS space and Verpine contacts. The new ship performed very well against the Aliens, contributing to the destruction of one of their capital ships as Macron flew it alongside Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu and Manji.

During the invasion of the Force-devoid Aliens into the Shroud of Antei, Macron commanded and piloted the VSD Covenant during the initial phase of the attack. He fought and personally slew several Alien warriors on the bridge of the ship. During this time, he was made a Marked of the Wanderer by Trevarus Caerick, as well as being named one of Darth Vexatus' Hands. In essence Vexatus became his Sith Master. To this end, Macron built another lightsaber designed for stealth combat missions using ancient Sith technologies and some unusual crystals.

A New Era

It is rumored Macron spent much time training with Trevarus Caerick and Darth Vexatus following the end of the Force-devoid Alien invasion. It is certain that his skills with the Force and with the lightsaber were honed to deadly effectiveness at this point.

During the Invasion of Orian by the True Brotherhood, Macron led the Clan to victory as Consul. A massive effort by all involved drove the usurpers out of Clan Naga Sadow space, leaving most of the TB invaders either dead or converted. Macron located a redoubt beneath the fetid clouds of Gamuslag, returning with Clone troopers, ordnance, and a force of vicious DSOG operatives to fight on Sepros. Wielding the Ring of Wrath, Macron fought and slew several notable True Brotherhood Dark Jedi in personal combat, reinforcing his reputation as an insane and dangerous duelist.

Although the Force Witch Anaxela escaped along with the shade of Severina, the Sith Sword of Shar Dakhan was liberated from the invaders' grasp and stored in the Clan Vault. With invaluable assistance from stalwart Clan members, the homes and buildings destroyed by the TB forces were eventually rebuilt.

22-23 ABY

Shortly after this time, the newly commissioned CNS Fleet was put into action. Macron and Shin'Ichi returned from the shipyards at the head of a much more modern and powerful fleet after the efforts of the Dark Council and the Dlarit Corporation funded the new vessels. It is unknown what Macron did during the interim period, however, he was spotted with two lightsabers of new and improved design after his brief hiatus. The mental pressure from the intense training at the hands of Darth Vexatus and Trevarus Caerick finally broke the remaining few sane parts of his mind during this time, sending him back into the depths of insanity and this allowed for Trevarus to take control of the Clan Naga Sadow Consulate once again.

Macron, Darth Vexatus, and Shin'Ichi during the Antei Invasion

Macron then stepped down as Consul while the Clan turned it's attention to Kangaras in an effort to locate the escaped Severina and Anaxela. Although Macron saw some combat during this operation, he primarily served as a field science officer in the analysis of the ruins and evil flora encountered in the Kangaras jungle. During this expedition, one of the Sith spawned Ewoks known as Zuglaq became contaminated with the Dark Side energies of the site. Zuglaq developed a sense of the Force, and Macron took him under his insane tutelage to develop the Ewok's latent abilities.

Into the Fray: Shadows of the Void 24 ABY

During the Battle of Telos, Macron personally delivered an unstable remnant Violator Omega gas bomb into the Alien Worldship. Fighting alongside Sai, Malisane, Agrist, and Senth the Delta-class Advanced Commando proved to be a valid combination as they all survived. Most of the CNS forces that were dropped onto the Worldship were evacuated in the Nachzerer, which suffered heavy damage in both the landing and retreat operations. The Sith was able to kill several alien warriors in this fight, as well as the gleeful slaughter of some priests of their vile gods.

Concurrently, the Dark Council ordered that Masters of given light saber styles would train others in order to improve the overall power of the Brotherhood in light of the alien invasions. The alchemist personally instructed Tsainetomo Keibatsu onboard The Wreck of the Miner's Brother.

Later Macron went with Malisane, Senth, and Zuglaq to search for the location of Darth Severak's secret fleet and then infiltrate it. It is unknown exactly what the two did while on this personal mission, but it is known that Malisane decided to informally ally and train with the Sith Lord again afterward. Upon his return, the Keibatsu re-joined Sapphire Squadron and began to help Robert Daragon with administrative duties as Sapphire's executive officer.


During the alien invasion of Clan Arcona space, Macron was deployed along with many others from Clan Naga Sadow to aid the escaping Arconans. Mononoke teamed up with Darth Vexatus, Vallen the Fosh, and the alchemist's apprentice Naiia. The group took almost 70 Dlarit clone troopers and landed in Estle City on the planet of Selen. Lord Vexatus easily corrupted the madman's thoughts with whispers of greater secrets of power and convinced him to help sabotage the air defenses of the city in order to bring the Aliens down into Estle city.

Neither Vexatus nor Macron cared whether they slew alien invaders or resistance fighters during the incident, preferring instead to leave no survivors to tell sordid tales. Macron truly delighted in the carnage and found some sort of sanity within the destruction for a time. They later returned to the RSD Final Way and left the system to return to Orian Space. Upon his return to Sepros, Macron once again was selected as a leader within House Ludo Kressh by being appointed Aedile for a second term.

The Battle of Lehon 24 ABY

Macron's Armor during the Battle of Lehon, EQ2

During this time, Macron was manipulated by Vexatus the Betrayer. Lord Vexatus and Trevarus Caerick both sought the location of Lehon in order to acquire power from an ancient Rakatan site. During the ensuing battle, Macron poisoned his former master with a bacterium similar to the one that devastated Falleen. The germ contributed to Vexatus' seeming dissolution. For some time after the end of the conflict, Macron locked himself in the The Wreck of the Miner's Brother and refused outside contact for several months. he seemed to be lost in deep meditation and intense personal training according to the few he calls friends. It is known that he trained extensively with Tsainetomo Keibatsu and Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu

Battle for Inos 24-25 ABY

During this unfortunate time of change, many tragic things happened. Astronicus Aurelius Sadow made a masterful manipulation of the Clan as Overlord to test the loyalty and readiness of Clan Naga Sadow. Parts of both Houses of the Clan fought against each other. A land battle on Inos Moon 18 was combined with a space battle above in orbit of Inos. Macron and Tsainetomo took Aleho Ruoxf with them as a sort of insurance while conspiring with Jades "Imperial" Atema and her House Marka Ragnos co-conspirators. Macron and Sai left with Protector Ruoxf as an unwitting hostage. Between the goading and instruction of the two Equites the young Togruta was dragged directly into the heart of the conflict zone. The two Darksiders exposed her to intense scenes of personal combat to save her own life- and that of her compatriots. She also participated in battlefield impromptu surgery and assisted with piloting the Nachzerer with Tsainetomo in the space battle around Inos against the false Brotherhood.

Exploration of Inos Moon 42: The Tombs of Urias Orian 25 ABY

Macron was dispatched at Consul Bob's request to explore the Inos area after the The Battle of Inos. Macron and Tsainetomo had noticed Force anomalies on Inos Moon 42 during the recent conflict. A group of Dark Jedi including Macron, Tsainetomo, Jade, Aleho, Ekeia, and Zaroth traveled with DAC Major Qek in the Nachzerer to the moon. The investigation centered around a dark side site known as the Tombs Of Urias Orian. Lord Orian had secreted bodies of his followers here in an effort to create a site of Dark Side power.

The group delved deep into the caves, encountering Sith Undead, animated corpses and frightening illusions in the yawning passages.The hoary crypts proved to be home to Curwen Sunei, a hermit darksider from the waning days of the Galactic Empire. Sunei did battle with the collective group and was fought to a stalemate. Deposits of red Adegan crystals were found in the lower caves, and samples were retrieved for examination by the Herald's office. A deal was reached with Sunei, and in turn access to the Tombs was opened to Clan Naga Sadow.

Intervening Periods

26 ABY

Macron Sadow fought valiantly in the Liberation of Antei. Macron led an investigation of the Alien ship Zhaetor-zhae where he was attacked by a spine-ray. He contacted the fleet to report his findings that the ship had already been infected with the Alpha Red virus and were dying. The Alien threat was passing away. After four years the Alien invaders had now fallen, but Antei was still under Omnicor Crask's Jedi occupation. Brotherhood forces mounted a furious assault and re-took the seat of their power. Macron then deployed to the landing area in Narmar, but unfortunately it was almost immediately overrun. Reinforcements were called in from Clan Taldrya, and tensions ran high when Macron deliberately had part of their forces shelled by zeroed-in artillery in brutal retaliation for the betrayal four years earlier during the Fall of Antei.

During the final battle in the Valley of the Lost, Macron dueled and defeated a lesser Jedi "Master" known as Lorrdien. At the end of the conflict, Muz Ashen sat on the Iron Throne as Grandmaster.
Macron's first Corusca gem-powered custom lightsaber, image by Muz Ashen

Unfortunately, Macron's encounter with the spine-ray would lead to his only act of betrayal. Under the consuming influence of alien biots he broke into the Hive and disabled the Orian System's holonet and internal communications. He then personally led the attack on the Orian system's assets. Macron was fully controlled by the alien biots, as his synthetic body did not reject them as many sentients did. He killed many Orian system defenders and personally kidnapped Remulus Sadow and brought him to the alien warship Yammka's Sword. During this time he got a first-hand education on Alien bio-warfare as he himself was subjected to their experiments and released agents into target areas. Macron endured the Embrace of Pain repeatedly. He became one of Eshin Shul's Slayers against his will- a turn of events that he regrets to this day. His new name became Krag Muyel. As if awakening from a dream, Macron Goura later finally broke free of the spineray's control, ripping it off his back before executing Eshin, then going to help Ashura and Remulus and get off the Yammka before it was destroyed in the unfolding space battle. . Upon encountering one of the Dlarit teams who had by now stormed the Alien flagship, Macron put Ashura and Remulus into one of the alien escape pods and—in spite of the proconsul's protestations—launched it towards the Final Way before anyone could stop him, then instructed them to take him to the Violator Gas Bomb so that he could at last finish what he had started in order to atone for his role in everything that had happened.

His Master Manji Keibatsu Sadow joined up with the now freed Macron Goura and the pair of Sons of Sadow engaged Varesh. However, strong as the pair were, the Warmaster seemed virtually indestructible, his very skin immune to attack. Growing desperate, Manji and Macron held back, leaving the two alien giants to destroy each other first. Naga Sadow agents had smulled a Violator gas bomb onto the vessel, and Macron Goura leapt at the bomb, clenching his hand around the broken valve in an act of atonement. But William Darkfire refused to see the Son of Sadow throw his life away, and—despite Macron's protestations—announced he would stay behind instead. Begrudingly, Macron handed the valve over to the mutilated journeyman William Darkfire and hurried off after the others.

New Beginnings 27-30 ABY

Aisha and Macron Battle droids on Antei 26 ABY

27 ABY

During this time, Consul Tsainetomo Keibatsu saw the swelling unrest, refugee crisis, and instability in the Orian System and did his level best to control it. War is hell, and the System had been assaulted from every angle including from within. Illegal narcotics began to be smuggled in system by the organization, and the agents of the Clan were sent to stop the trade. Macron Sadow tracked several crime sources to their end and characteristically dispatched them all into the cold hands of Death. His Zeltron Sith Apprentice, Aisha Qifaxa
Aisha Qifaxa, former Sith Apprentice, 29 ABY
assisted in the terminations.

Macron again served in the assault on Salas V. Many Dark Jedi died, and the Killiks were largely driven out of Brotherhood space. Refugees that were placed in camps on Aeotheran rebelled. A superhuman called Deliverance lead the fighting, funded by corrupt Seng Karash financier. All of this was orchestrated by an unknown "Organisation." Macron assisted in the slaying of Deliverance.

28 ABY

Macron's Unique Alchemist Robe

The Ekind took over the Kar Albarek ruins at this time. Naga Sadow forces were dispatched rushed to Markosian in retaliation. Fremoc ordered Admiral Simonetti to destroy the Green Sector with orbital bombardment to try and kill Shan Long. This attempt failed. The entire House fell into rage. Clan Naga Sadow was dissolved. The Ekind tried to resurrect Hafa Chun in the old Ragnos Cathedral ruins and they succeeded. Lord Muz arrived in response to deal with the threat. A great conflict ensued, and Macron again fought for his Clan in the thick of battle. Both Hafa Chun and the Ekind died in the chaos with no chance of Hafa's return.

29 ABY

"You little fool,” chuckled Macron as he picked his orange lightsaber hilt from his hip. “It was meant to be, I suppose. You are Sith after all. It was your destiny, which ends here. Come now, little girl. Show me your teeth, harridan. You better scare me good, because the bad man is coming for you."

Following the Ekind Uprising on Tarthos, it was made official that Clan Naga Sadow would become House Naga Sadow; dissolving all the houses into Battle Teams and leaving Macron Goura Sadow and Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow as the Quaestor and Aedile of the newly reformed house. Early in 34 ABY the house's Orders were sent to Antei to fight against each other. Despite the battle lasting only a few days, it saw Tsainetomo become the new Quaestor of Naga Sadow. Macron, who had stayed behind during the Order War, began an investigation while Sai pondered his replacement for Aedile of Naga Sadow.

Sai and Macron then found Ashura's body and gave their fellow Son of Sadow a proper Sith burial, where the body was burnt. Macron, Jade, and Aisha Qifaxa found Aleho and began to torture the young woman in order to find that a man named Curwen Sunei had possessed her to kill Ashura. Aleho, along with Macron, told the collected Dark Jedi that Sunei was hiding in the Nifokalija mountains. Macron returned to the new Sadow Palace with the body of Ashura, leaving Sai and his apprentice Lan there with the House's Overlord, grieving for Ashura.

Macron was sent with little backup to capture Curwen Sunei. The capture went easily until Sunei used his abilities with the Dark Side to disable the corvette sent to return him for justice and create mind-affected crew members. Macron and Jade Sadow returned to the vessel and boarded. The crew was in a state of madness, and Macron personally fought Sunei to the death using the Sith Sword of Shar Dakhan. Although he won the battle, using the Sword left him at death's door. He was revived by the combined efforts of Jade Sadow and those present.

Macron's Armor at EQ3

The Rakghoul Plague came at this time to the forces of Taldryan and Tarentum. Macron saw action in this combat, and used his knowledge to help eliminate the plague from known Brotherhood space. Shortly thereafter, the clone of Ashura was discovered to be working for The Organisation, as well as his Apprentice Aisha Qifaxa. Macron killed both the traitors personally. Qifaxa was brutally beaten to a pulp and spaced out the airlock on the Miner's Brother in front of his new Apprentice, John "Dragoon" Witwalker.

30 ABY

During this time, Naga Sadow was restored to Clan status under Tsainetomo Keibatsu's guidance. Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart became Consul, and the Clan began major construction projects on Kel Rasha and the Gilded Archipelago. A direct attack on San Korinar was fielded by The Organisation, and Macron joined with the rest of the Clan's Dark Jedi to stop it. Reconstruction began on San Korinar, and Macron was appointed Consul for the third time. During this third reign, he oversaw another major retrofit of the CNS fleet and military forces. A new, larger battlestation named Onyx 2 was constructed to replace the old Platform Onyx. As well, the Tombs of Urias Orian were developed as a training site for the Clan's Dark Jedi who wished to connect on a deeper level with the Dark Side. Tukata were obtained and stationed there and in other places within Clan space. An alliance was formed with the Verpine that still stands, the insectile aliens providing engineering and scientific support to the Clan.

Unfortunately, a coup d'état saw Macron's rule as Consul overthrown by Locke Sonjie. The Organisation planted information that called Macron's loyalty into question, and an intervention by Muz Ashen resulted in a regime change for the Clan.

Macron's armor at EQ4, 30 ABY

Horizons 31 ABY

Macron battles aboard the Wreck of the Miner's Brother

The Horizon Plague claimed the lives of thousands of force sensitives throughout the Brotherhood. As the vicious plague raged across the Brotherhood, Macron remained strangely immune due to his weird synthetic physiology. Its effects were eventually countered by an inoculation developed by Macron Goura Sadow from his own blood and antibodies at Muz Ashen's command. The antidote was either administered by syringe or spread contagiously in the same way that the original plague had been transmitted. Macron arrived on Antei just in time to battle Vessah M’kawlieh, a Matukai Force Adept in Zoraan's employ. Although he was somewhat outclassed, the Alchemist managed to dose Vessah with a potent mix of gases and drugs that led to the Arkanaian's defeat and death at the hands of the Sith. After the battle, Macron was elevated to Elder status by Darth Ashen.

The death toll from the following battles, including military and civilian deaths, is still being quantified. The orbital bombing of Karufr and the release of a bio-weapon on Kapsina meant that the civilian death toll alone was over 30 million.

Macron then aided in the capture of the Avenger II, leading a group of Clan Naga Sadow forces in the attempt by the Brotherhood to capture the massive Super Star Destroyer.

The Horizon plague had unforeseen effects on the madman. Although he retained his ability to use the The Force unlike many who had been affected, his synthetic organs began to wear out much more quickly. The madman retreated to The Wreck of the Miner's Brother and the Tombs of Urias Orian in search of a cure.

Macron realizes he has been infected but retains the Force

The Crusade 32 ABY

The ill Sith then spent many months in seclusion while his Clan fought in the Dark Crusade. As the battles to take planets in Sith Space and drive out the One Sith raged, Macron had his own problems to worry about. His organs began to fail rapidly, especially when he used the Force to tap Dark Side abilities. The combination of Alien biots invading his flesh years earlier and the Horizon Plague were unforeseen eventualities that his unknown creator had not planned into his design. The Sith intensified his research. The madman sought out every available resource on Alchemy, and when not secluded in the Tombs or his lab in the Wreck of the Miner's Brother traveled to several Dark Side planets known for their traditions of Alchemy. He was eventually able to stabilize his body using methods taught to him by a Nightsister named Cythrexil in exchange for teaching her the means to synthesize lightsaber crystals.

Macron communicates with Shikyo about the Horizon Plague

During the Dark Crusade, Macron was largely out of commission until the invasion of Athiss|Athiss]]. Macron returned from his isolation in the Tombs of Urias Orian to find many of his former comrades dead. The Dlarit Corporation had fallen, and the new Warhost of Naga Sadow had formed to slake it's thirst for blood on the worlds it was sent to. The Sith served in the invasions of Athiss, Korriz, and Ziost.

At this time, it was determined by Consul Malik Sadow that the city of Markosian City on Tarthos was to be re-taken by the forces of the Clan. Macron personally led a team consisting of Shirai Ryu Dupar, Maelous Ascarend, and Roxas Buurenaar known as the "Horsemen of Sadow" into the city to secure the power station and eliminate Lerona Kahn, the unofficial "leader" of the city-state. The team managed to do so in record time. Kahn and all of her subordinate gang-leaders were quickly located, executed, and the energy shield was lifted from around the city after two years of isolation. The Clan then led a relief effort to bring in food, medicines, and infrastructure rebuilds.

The Adept then joined with the Horsemen along with John "Dragoon" Witwalker to lead an incursion onto the planet of Bosthirda to attempt to locate the Sword of Revelation in Xlopora City. Although the team was unsuccessful, they encountered stiff combat from One Sith and Imperial factions. At this time, John "Dragoon" Witwalker was finally Knighted on the battlefield by Macron personally. The Alchemist and many of his compatriots were severely injured during the conflict. Macron lost an eye to a lightsaber blow, and subsequently installed a Sithspawned cloned eye as a replacement, giving him an even more foreboding mien.

Shortly thereafter, the Clan stormed the city of San Korinar on Amphor and destroyed an organized crime holdout and rebels there. The former DSOG clone trooper Krenth had defected to The Organisation, and Macron personally executed him and retrieved genetic samples. At this time, Macron crashed The Wreck of the Miner's Brother into a smaller rebel-held mining platform known as Dortiam, completely destroying both the ship and the platform. Macron also took on a new Apprentice, an Umbaran known as Armad at this time.

Rise of the Orian Assembly 33 ABY

During early 38 ABY a strike team of Dark Jedi with Macron as a team member was dispatched to the moon of Nar Shadaa to locate and eliminate a former Dlarit Corp agent known as Draggath Prosh. Prosh had been selling information about the Orian System to the Hutt cartels, and he was subsequently eliminated along with his cohorts and many of their hosts. After this trip, the current Proconsul Darth Vexatus stepped down to travel far into the Unknown Regions for his own nefarious purposes.

Macron's current custom lightsabers, image by Muz Ashen

Macron stepped up and was chosen to be Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow again. At this time he secretly began construction of Level 13 on Gamuslag under the Cenota Facility. His second action was to create the Orian Assembly and Orian Authority out of the shambles that had been the former leadership of the Clan with Consul Malik's approval. The Assembly moved quickly and rapidly dispatched the Warhost of Naga Sadow and teams of Dark Jedi to eliminate all remaining opposition and Dlarit holdouts across the system. Their first target was the [The Organisation's Facility on Inos Moon 7. The Facility was invaded, secured, and the Organisation members were either killed or captured. A few did manage to escape, but not many. The Facility building was subsequently turned into a hive and engineering base for the Clan's Verpine allies.

The Assembly next turned it's gaze towards the planet of Aeotheran. The city of Seng Karash had been infiltrated by Dark Jedi from the cult known as the Gomorag. The city was secured by the Clan's Dark Jedi and Warhost forces and the Gomorag were routed. Several of their leaders fled to a former Kwa temple located deep in the Nifokalija Mountains known as Installation Seven. As Seng Karash was rebuilt by Clan forces and patrolled by the Orian Authority, many of the Clan's Dark Jedi traveled to Dathomir to retrieve information on how to open the former Kwa temple that their enemies remained hidden in.

Shortly thereafter a group of Clan Naga Sadow's Dark Jedi traveled to Dathomir to abduct a Shaman Nightsister known as Anzaithia. Reputedly she had information on the Kwa ruins that the Clan sought. Although Macron waited nearby in the VSD Covenant, he was later drawn into the conflict alongside Roxas Buurenaar and the newly-returned Shi Long. Anzaithia nearly wrecked his mind (or what is left of it) with her magiks although the Sith Juggernaut was able to finally best her in personal combat with the help of other Clan mates.

Not long after the invasion of Planet Nicht Ka commenced as the Dark Jedi Brotherhood moved ahead with it's invasion plans. Macron was assumed the mantle of Consul again and was characteristically at the front of the Clan Naga Sadow forces as they invaded Lord Esoteric's fortress. Nicht Ka was subsequently overrun by Brotherhood forces. During this time, Anaxela and a group of allied Organisation remnants chose to attack Mucenic on Tarthos and Installation Seven simultaneously.

These forces were eventually beaten. Macron finalized his contribution to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Lightsaber Combat Guide and primary authorship of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Alchemy Guide at this time.

Stepping Back 34 ABY

Macron's Armor at DA as an Elder Juggernaut (with slain Gomorag Dark Jedi), 33 ABY

Clan Naga Sadow seemed to call to Macron Goura Sadow as a leader in times of war and desperation; his third stint as Consul had been no different. In times of conflict the Alchemist's firm hand and military aggression were needed. The Clan’s foes had been defeated and the Orian system’s military and industrial infrastructure solidly increased after his last term. However once peacetime (such as it were) inevitably returned the Clan lost interest in such an insane and occasionally brutal leader. The feeling was mutual. The Clan would always be his only real family but outright leadership was something Macron was deeply tired of after three dark and bloody stints as Consul. He had done his best. The Clan prospered, grew in power,and survived under his leadership but unlike many Sith he had no stomach for intrigue.

The mantle of leadership chafed heavily on the Adept’s shoulders and interfered with his primary goals- research and improvement as an Sith warrior and scientist. Macron absolved himself of Clan leadership and returned to his own personal goals shortly after Anaxela and her forces were beaten at Mucenic and the ancient Kwa fortress of Installation Seven partially explored. Locke Sonjie, the Usurper returned to control of Clan Naga Sadow with Macron’s blessing this time.

The period of rest did not last long. Early in 39 ABY a group of Red Fury pirates attempted to attack the Clan’s holdings while simultaneously attacking Clan Scholae Palatinae. Macron eagerly joined a group of Naga Sadow operatives including Bentre Stahoes, Daedric Turelles, Robert Sadow, Battlemaster Scithe, and Shi Long; the group spearheaded an attack on the Red Fury moon base of Atlas Station.

Macron found himself fighting alongside Kell Dante in the engagement. The two Elders put a grisly end to a heavily entrenched mortar position that had befuddled their compatriots. Macron launched a direct frontal assault typical of a Juggernaut, and Kell Dante used the distraction to flank the mortar crew and tear them to pieces. The two earned a grudging respect for the other’s methodologies. The pirate horde was summarily broken not long after by the combined efforts of both Clans. Several pirates were taken to the Cenota Facility’s Level Thirteen for interrogation by the madman and were never seen again. Rumors abounded that the biomass vats in the facility were well-filled shortly thereafter.

Some few months thereafter a massive schism within Clan Naga Sadow began to brew. Visions in the Force indicated that fragments of the Star of Ombus had been located. Macron joined Team Alpha, nominally pledging his allegiance to the faction that Marcus led to find the Shards. He did not trust Locke the Usurper, or his former Sith Master Xanos Sadow.

However, the Alchemist’s own goals remained hidden at first. The Sith intended to see that the Shards were recovered and either destroyed or hidden away so that they could not corrupt people as they had Trevarus Caerick. Macron had seen the wasting madness that the Ombus relics had induced in Caerick after studying with him briefly. The Alchemist did not want this mantle of disturbing sickness to fall upon any of his Clan-mates regardless of their faction in Operation “Awakenings.” He was successful in recovering at least one Shard and saw to it that it was destroyed, thus preventing any of the factions from recovering them all. Macron also took a personal interest in Tasha'Vel Versea and instructed her in the finer points of Echani at this time.

Subsequently a pack of droids controlled by unknown masters landed on Sepros directly over a massive Baradium deposit. Droids of never-before seen designs began to attack and kidnap people on Sepros and the Clan took immediate action. The crash landing of the Progenitor droid ship uncovered entrances to catacombs beneath the surface. Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar led a crack team of Dark Jedi down into the catacombs to stop the droids as enemy ships attacked and a battle raged in the space and skies over Sepros. The Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos enlisted Macron on his team both for the Sith’s strength of arms and his knowledge of Sith architecture and language. The team discovered a conversion facility in the tunnels where the droids had been taking sentients and melding their flesh with machinery to make cyborg servants. The facility was demolished, but not before Macron absconded with as much information as he could glean about these fascinating flesh-melding methods.

Almost immediately thereafter Macron traveled to the ruins of the former Shadow Academy with a team of Clan Naga Sadow strike operatives to “purge” the Academy of “undesirables.” Macron had been tapped as a Chief Inquisitor and had inside knowledge of the Inquisitorius’ operations in the area. Sanguinius led the team; the mission was a strange amalgamation of aims between the Jedi and the Sith. Macron had no intent of killing those who were former loyal servants of the Iron Throne. These beings had been loyal servants, had worked hard, and had served the Brotherhood as a whole. They were valuable resources and their callous, wasteful, and disrespectful treatment at the hands of the new Grandmaster deeply disgusted Macron. The Sith felt no compassion but he saw wasted loyal subjects and resources as an inefficient waste of valuable and knowledgeable talent.

Sanguinius’ aims were altogether more altruistic. Although the Jedi nauseated the Sith, together they found a common goal. The team managed to rescue a group of former Shadow Academy staff hiding within the deeper chambers of the edifice. Macron used his skills with medicine and biochemistry to cure them of Mynock Fever. The sick staff had presumably contracted the infection by the proximity of so many asteroids in the Antei System and, of course, mynocks. The team broke out of the ruins and escaped with many scrolls, books, and other valuable data storage items that were secretly returned to enrich the Clan’s vaults. The SA staff members were returned to Naga Sadow space and debriefed.

The madman then took a sabbatical from combat after the adventure at the ruins of the former Shadow Academy. It was time again to delve into his favorite place- the black womb, the cauldron of self discovery- into the Tombs of Urias Orian. In this Dark Side site the Sith could remove his armor in the deepest levels and feel the dank air on his pale flesh. He yearned to face the occasional shambling horrors and test his prowess against the lurking monstrosities within. In some strange way this black place was a grail that allowed him to keep his mind intact and hone his skills to a sharp edge against the coming days. Force of arms and self-reliance knitted his shattered mind and eased the voices in his head. Death did not find him down below and the Sith continued his sojourn in the stygian gloom for many weeks.

While adventuring deep in the guts of Inos Moon 42 the madman sought more than just personal self-discovery. He sought useful gems. Crystals of Red Adegan had been found on rare occasions and sent to the Dark Council for use in their Armory lightsabers. Some had been sought and used by Clan Naga Sadow’s Dark Jedi to create their own weapons. Macron sought two for himself this time- perfect red Pontites to serve as a secondary power generator crystals in his main lightsaber blades. This would allow for dual-phase operation of both lightsabers once they were properly attuned. He was successful in his quest.

Macron then delved down into the Tombs and the mine shafts below them to deeper levels than anyone had gone in recent times. What the Sith found was astonishing. The remains of a synthetic crystal forge from the time of Urias Orian existed more than a mile down. The forge was unfortunately corroded and largely inoperable. As well, no power source existed so far down to operate the ancient machine. However, a few time-resistant parts, hoary old scrolls, and crumbling schematics proved to be most useful to Macron’s researches into Sith Alchemy and the Force manipulation of crystal structures. These artifacts were carefully removed and flown in the Nachzerer to Level Thirteen’s labs under the Cenota Facility on Gamuslag.

The Alchemist proceeded to experiment successfully using tiny red Adegan grains harvested from the Tombs to create synthetic bloodshine crystals with his own forge. Judging the initial experiment a success, the complicated equipment was then removed, packed up, and transported to Inos Moon 42 and the Tombs below. Upon the painstaking reassembly of the modern baradium-powered forge the Adept experimented on synthetic crystals as well as tainting other nova crystals, focusing lenses, and armor plating. Using the Dark Side and the unholy stain that lingered in the Force he met with limited but encouraging success. This work consumed many weeks.

The reformation and recommissioning of the Night Hawks brought Macron out of the glooms and his chthonic reverie. Grandmaster Muz Ashen called and the madman accepted gladly with a warrior's heart. Most of Macron’s time in Clan Naga Sadow had been spent in House Ludo Kressh or the later-formed House Shar Dakhan. House Marka Ragnos excited him. It was time for something new, a wonderfully violent change of scenery. Service to his old ally and mentor would be challenging to be sure. Combat alongside one of the most hallowed battle teams and Sokan masters in the Clan’s history promised to be incredibly interesting. Violence was gleefully inevitable and the madman could again test his mettle and new toys against challenging foes. The Alchemist could hardly wait to begin.

Physical Description

Macron Sadow is approximately 2M tall and weighs 104 kilograms roughly. Macron is a synthetic human. His face is covered in scar tissue, ghoulish Sith Tattoos and weird face paint. The Sith has severe scarring from numerous lab accidents and combats. His normal eye appears yellow with a blood-shot corona around the pupil. One eye has been replaced by a bulging Sith-spawned eye. The eye bears a horrible appearance, composed of squalid blush tissue with a square bloody yellow pupil. He is highly resistant to (and generally full of) poisons, drugs, and disease, having many synthetic organs and body parts. Unfortunately they need to be replaced occasionally. As well, his organs wear faster as he uses the Force. Macron is in excellent shape and trains his body regularly and is muscular and athletic albeit thin for his size. He almost always wears some sort of Sith Armor.

Personality and traits

Macron is insane. He often talks to himself, giggles madly, and has conversations with himself or makes incomprehensible statements. Although he is very intelligent and a gifted tactician and alchemist, the Sith can be unpredictable. His mind was unstable from his inception as an experiment. He was later the host for a spineray and was subjected to experimentation by the Force-devoid Aliens. The horrific events altered his mind even more. The Sith does possess a strange sense of honor and will (usually) not kill the weak unless ordered to do so. He sees them as unworthy of death at the hands of a Sith- unless they are useful research subjects. Macron hates Ewoks and Gungans with a passion, considering them to be vermin. Their tanned hides are often used to line the seats of his ships and luggage and/or they become dinner or biomass for his experimental vats. Torture is his favorite hobby (both self and others). He is known to employ a variety of Dark Droids, often modified by Mechu-deru. His favorites are Blinky the IT-3, Dark Eyes, and Sith War droids. Macron also maintains an excellent relationship with Clan Naga Sadow's Verpine engineers, and is often more comfortable with them than other Human or alien species.

Powers and abilities

Macron has a powerful grasp of Telekinesis, Makashi, Echani, and Force Lightning. He is highly skilled in the area of Lightsaber hardware, crystals, and construction. He is a gifted practitioner of Sith Alchemy and has a deep knowledge of biochemistry, exo-geology, and Sith Lore in general. He is an excellent strategist of both starship and ground combat tactics and maneuvers in large and small-scale battles. Macron is a solid teacher of the Dark Jedi way and has produced at least seven Dark Jedi Knights in his career as a Master.


Macron hallucinates frequently and can occasionally be unpredictable and violent, especially when confronted about his synthetic nature or lack of a genetic family. This has become less frequent with his ascension to Adept. His piloting skills of transports are adequate but in smaller fighter-type vessels he becomes claustrophobic and disoriented. Truth be told, he is not a great pilot of starships and relies on droids and compatriots in such situations. He does speak cryptically, giggle, and say odd things however especially when tapping farsight and other perceptive based force powers.

Although generally an honorable warrior for a Sith in the past he had no qualms about exterminating large numbers of sentients if it was in the interests of his research. He regrets his cavalier attitude towards mass death to this day and considers the many dead as wasted resources and potential allies. He is extremely uncomfortable in jungle type climates, especially those with heavy vegetation and large insect populations. His armor is his "safety blanket", environmental protection, and alchemical toolkit. The various iterations of his Sith Battlesuits serve to insulate him from others and keep his sanity in check. The Sith is seldom (if ever) seen without armor and weapons on. He has been known to kill several Apprentices for failing their trials or him personally including Aisha Qifaxa. As well, he is known to experiment on his fellow Dark Jedi, including Shi Long, Roxas Buurenaar, and John "Dragoon" Witwalker at their request. Such dealings often have unforeseen unpleasant consequences for the subject beyond the requested modifications.


  • A Macron is a code mark from English meaning "long vowel", from the prefix "Macro"
  • Some titles archived (former and current): Pedagogue, Gladiator Prime, Commander, Aedile, Quaestor, General, Clan Alchemist, Adjutant General, Envoy, Free Envoy, Praetor
    Macron, soon after completion of his first Sith lightsaber as a Knight.
  • Macron carries a Dark Armor into battle, and often wields crushgaunts as well as twin custom sabers.
  • He has trained with some of the best combatants and Dark Side users in the Brotherhood, including Nekura Manji Keibatsu, Kaine Mandaala, Muz Ashen Keibatsu, Darth Vexatus, Trevarus Caerick, and Spears Tarentae.
  • Macron has trained several students to Knighthood, including Siyavash Kaida, Kaelin Ring, Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart, Eldrad Sin, Jade Imperial, John "Dragoon" Witwalker and Armad.
  • Macron once flew a modified Starwing Assault gunboat known as the Silooth which has been decommissioned, a unique gunship known as the Nachzerer, also decommissioned, and currently uses a Star Courier known as the Panthac.
  • The Alchemist had several monstrous living pets, including a baby Silooth beetle named Sweetums, a Homonculus named George, and two mated Hssiss dark side dragons, Gnash and Gnaw. All are currently deceased.

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