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Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu
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Date of Birth:


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Physical Description





6' 3"/1.91 m


226 lbs/102.51 kg


Dark Brown


Gray (Red)



Personal Information
  • The Keibatsu Family
  • Elysia Moxla
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Crimson
  • Violet
  • Ultraviolet

(secondary sabers)

  • Silver
  • Orange
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Makashi
  • Soresu
  • Ataru
  • Vapaad
  • Sokan
Fighting Style(s):
  • Dulon
  • Broken Gate
  • Wampa Do
  • Carinor
  • Kartranin
  • K'tara
Chronology & Political Information

daimyo of Kyataru


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:

Adraelech and Masarao

Known masters:
Known apprentices:


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Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu is a Dark Jedi Master and the former Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He maintains loyalty to Clan Naga Sadow, since it was through them that he discovered his family, however he does not forget his role as a Dark Councilor. Though he shows compassion, Sasuke shuns the ideals of the Jedi and continues to study under the tutelage of Muz Ashen Keibatsu.

Character History

The Mifune Saga

Born on the planet of Kyataru, Shikyo did not spend time long with his family. In an attempt to exploit the political fallout of the Keibatsu family, a rival warlord by the name of Nagahide hired a Mandalorian to kidnap the child and have him killed, exploiting the xenophobia of the people and heightening the fear they already held for the Keibatsu. Sensing the strength of the Force within the child, the Mandalorian kept the child alive to be trained and brought into his own clan. The mercenary provided the warlord with a separate corpse to conclude the contract and make his way to the planet of Dosuun.

Bokuzen "Hitokiri" Mifune

The Mandalorian made camp on the outskirts of civilization, hiding the offworld child away in an attempt to provide him with effective training. As time went on, Shikyo went on to know the man as Muren Skirata and would be trained in the ways of hand-to-hand combat, bladed and blaster weaponry, as well as the Mandalorian code of conduct called “Resol'nare”. As he trained the child, the Mandalorian provided the Kyataran with the alias of “Bokuzen Mifune”, stealing a name he had heard while on Kyataru. In 14 ABY, Skirata had left the child behind to help take on a job given to him by the Imperial Remnant. Bokuzen awaited the return for his guardian but after a few days of no communication, he believed that the Mandalorian had abandoned him and proceeded towards the nearest inhabited area.

Upon entering the city of Dilim, Mifune made friends with fellow orphan Tyriel di Rossaria, a daughter of a ranking Imperial Remnant officer who had been killed. From there, he had joined a gang made up of orphans and misfits who despised the Remnant’s presence and sought to remove them from their city. During this time, Rurouni had been utilizing his skills for the gang by assassinating members of the Remnant. He met Sakuya Koyotai while evading his would-be captors after a mission had been compromised. She would hold him up in her father’s inn while he conducted his missions.

During a local festival, a squad of Stormtroopers was sent to take out Mifune after they had received information that he would be attending. Instead of killing him, the Kyataran watched as his newly proposed fiancé was cut down before him. Holding her close to him, she dragged the blade of the man who had stabbed her across her beloved’s cheek. Since that day, the scar she left has been a reminder to the mistakes he had made in his life. Unable to stay on the planet anymore, Bokuzen got on the first transport he could and left for Coruscant.

While on Coruscant, he had begun to take up hits once again in an effort to keep himself above water. After completing a fair number of contracts, he had been tasked to take out a political threat to a senator from a system he was unfamiliar with. As he engaged the man, the Kyataran felt powerless against him, unable to come close to making contact with the individual. Little did he know that he had engaged in battle with the reigning Grand Master of the Brotherhood, Jac Cotelin. Instead of ending the young man’s life, Jac had seen the assassin’s future in a brief vision, sending him off to the shadow Academy instead.

The Arcona Saga

Proving himself a dedicated student and staying active in the Academy, Bokuzen was moved to House Oriens Obscurum of Clan Arcona. It was here that he began to prove himself as a fierce soldier and as a potential leader. He would get his chance to lead when Bokuzen took the position of Aedile, working with Quaestor, Octavian Vareno. With this rise into power, Bokuzen was made the Legion Commander of Boral, allowing him some command over the forces of the planet, as well as House Envoy of Oriens Obscurum. With incidents occurring on the planet of Aranna, Bokuzen would test his abilities as a leader during the Obelisk Right of Supremacy.

It was during this Rite of Supremacy that Bokuzen would engage members of Clan Naga Sadow, more specifically the Keibatsu family. After engaging Shin'ichi Keibatsu and barely surviving, Bokuzen changed his name to Sagara Mifune, in honor of his fallen mentor. After doing so, Sagara would take on the might of Nekura Manji, surviving due to Muz stopping the fight after noticing the dragon crest on the Mifune’s sword. Afterwards, the battle began to turn against Arcona, leaving Sagara vengeful towards the Keibatsu.

Upon return to the Dajorra System, Sagara received the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and was appointed Quaestor, working alongside Halcyon Rokir. While he held this position, reports and images were shown that brought many to think that Sagara was plotting with the Keibatsu family during the vendetta. While the accusations were cleared, many did not trust Mifune as a loyal Arconan. Intent on seeking revenge on the ones responsible, Sagara went Rogue to exact his vengeance on the Keibatsu.

The former Arconan found Manji on the planet of Antei and challenged him once more to a duel. The One-Eyed Dragon would prove himself the victor and under instructions from Musashi, brought the Mifune before the family. After analyzing the sword, Muz decided to bring Sagara to the planet of Tarthos, convinced that he may have discovered another family member. While on Tarthos, Mifune participated in a dueling competition held amongst the members of Clan Naga Sadow, taking first in the competition. Watching his progress, Muz decided it was time to put theory to the test.

The Keibatsu Saga

Taking the Knight under a high level of confidence, Muz brought Sagara to the planet of Kyataru, the home of the Keibatsu. Along with the entire family, Sagara began to learn more and more about the family and their origins. Once they had arrived to Kuroshin Castle, they began to make their way to the ruins of the Keibatsu homestead. Making their way down into the ruins, Sagara picked up what looked like a communication device, which confirmed his DNA to match that of Shikyo Keibatsu. He also learned that the sword he thought belonged to his former master had belonged to him all along. Accepting the truth, Sagara took on his true name and returned a Keibatsu and loyal member of Naga Sadow.

Shikyo 26 ABY

Returning to the Orian system, Shikyo began his ascension amongst the leadership ranks of his new clan, taking command of the Night Raptors and utilizing them as a stealth strike force in the upcoming vendetta against Clans Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis. It was here that he began to develop many bonds of brotherhood with his fellow clanmates, even being honored with a great warhammer from his friend Eldrad Sin. Assistng with a plan devised by the tacticians of Naga Sadow and Tarentum, they would claim victory over their opponents. However, a disturbance on Kyataru would call Shikyo from one battlefield to another.

Reclamation of Kyataru

Arriving at Kuroshin Castle, Shikyo began to make his way towards the western front, approaching the first castle. Combining the strength of the armies of Xia Long, Manji, and Shikyo, the battle caused General Mieji to retreat from his base and regroup with those of General Misoshime. After routing the armies, they moved towards the remains of the Keibatsu homestead. It was here that they encountered General Tokumitsu and with the assistance of Shimura Keibatsu, were able to push him back towards the southern front.

Shikyo's Yoshimitsu Toshiro katana

With a moment to rest during the campaign, Shikyo began to get more acquainted with his older brother before continuing on, killing General Mieji and moving south towards Generals Tokumitsu and Kamateru. Before the battle began, they received new reinforcements of Nihilgenia from Ashia Kagan. With the two generals defeated, the Keibatsu family attempted negotiations for the surrender of the enemy forces led by Nagahide. The negotiations failed and in return, the Keibatsu struck in full force again Nagahide, wiping out his forces and forcing an unconditional surrender. While raiding through Nagahide’s castle, Shikyo claimed a sword set that had formerly belong to the Keibatsu family, as well as many bottles of fine Kyataran rice wine. As soon as the spoils of war were claimed, the Keibatsu returned to assist in the 7th Great Jedi War.

The Naga Sadow Saga

Upon rejoining the Night Raptors, Shikyo demonstrated astounding skills in espionage, leadership, and Force knowledge. For all of this, he was promoted to Sith Warrior and appointed to the position of Aedile of House Marka Ragnos. He assisted in aerial raids to assist Clan Naga Sadow during their campaign, and helping to bring an end to the war for his clan. Afterwards, the Sith returned to Kyataru for intense training in the Force and in sword arts, receiving the title of “Wolf of Kyataru” from his eldest sibling.

After claiming a new flagship, the Consul, Proconsul, and Quaestors of Naga Sadow disappeared without any trace. With the head leaders gone, Shikyo and his fellow Aedile, Xayun Erinos, answered the call of Darth Vexatus to reclaim the true Sword of Sadow from the former home system of the clan, the Phare system. With the VSD Covenant under their command, the three gathered the clan together to engage the forces of the Emperor’s Hammer.

Shikyo and Nekura landed on the planet’s surface and engaged recruits and security systems placed by their adversary. There, they claimed any items of importance while Vexatus moved to retrieve the sword. Once he had claimed it, the Aediles and the higher Equites assisted with the retreat, holding back the incoming forces. With the higher leaders returning to the clan, the forces pulled out of the Phare system. Due to his actions during the engagement, many in the clan referred to Shikyo as the “ass kicker of the Phare system.”

Returning from the Phare system, Derev appeared changed by the events that had occurred. After stepping down from the position, Shikyo ascended to the command of House Marka Ragnos and began to train the Journeyman for a new Rite of Supremacy with Ylith Atema. However, a distress call from Kyataru would take the Sith’s attention, as well as a disturbance felt from the Unknown Regions. With the situation on Kyataru slightly settled, the Equite traveled to the Unknown Regions to investigate the disturbance. What he discovered was a planet of low-level Force sensitives, taking Faeril Munlear from that planet.

Acknowledging his many adventures and neglect to duties, Shikyo stepped down to allow his former master, Quejo Drakai, to assume the position of Quaestor. With more time on his hands, Shikyo began to delve deeper into the Sith arts by traveling to the Sith Arts Academy on the planet of Thule with Faeril. It was here that Shikyo encountered the Headmistress, Drevveka Hoctu. Her means of instructing through heavy usage of the Force for survival taught the Keibatsu many ways of manipulating the Force. These lessons also affected the look of his eyes during times of extreme duress, changing them to a deep crimson color.

Shikyo 28 ABY

The Herald Saga

After training extensively, Shikyo would rejoin his clanmates for the Rite of Supremacy and was there when the Force-devoid aliens began their assault on Antei. With no experience against an enemy such as the Aliens, the Keibatsu only managed to kill a few and evaded many he encountered. Disheartened by the fact he had to retreat, Sasuke’s aggression and training reached an all time high. He furthered his knowledge of the Sith arts, as well as refining his lightsaber skills. During the time after the Battle of Antei, the Herald had gone missing. As soon as he could, Shikyo went before the Grand Master, Darth Sarin, and proved his worth to him to take up the mantle of Herald.

This provided access to Shikyo on the knowledge of infusing the dark side in lightsabers, helping him to learn greater abilities in the Force. It was during his tenure as Herald that the Keibatsu began to seek knowledge with a passion, turning him from the ways of the Sith and towards those of the Krath. With Antei still occupied, Shikyo continued to train and perfect his sword arts on Misahide Castle on Kyataru.

When the Grand Master called for his Council and informed them of the plan to retake Antei, Sasuke awaited eagerly to prove his might against the horde that had previously swarmed their home. However, Shikyo was surprised to find droids and Jedi in place of the Aliens. Angered that the Jedi had taken away his chance at revenge, the Herald decided to go to the planet’s surface in clearing the Dark Hall of the filth that had taken it. It was here that he confronted both a dying Alien slayer as well as a Kel Dor Jedi Master.

Satisfied with the death of both, the Keibatsu continued to move towards the Dark Hall, securing its treasures from possible destruction. With his eldest brother on the Iron Throne, Sasuke returned to the Orian system and got re-acquainted with the members of the clan. During a night of drinking, Shikyo was taken captive by a female Jedi, along with a couple of Aliens accompanied by members of the Peace Brigade. As a group of dark Jedi from the clan moved to rescue the Herald, Shikyo had taken advantage of the chaos they had stirred, killing the three Aliens unarmed and taking the female Jedi back to Misahide in the hopes of turning and training her.

Shikyo's swords and Award Weapons

The Elder Saga

After capturing the female Jedi, a call was sent out to the Dark Council to return to their home clans for an upcoming vendetta on a distant planet known as Salas V. Though hesitant to return to Naga Sadow, he returned to the clan and fought alongside their new members, acting as an advisor to the leadership. While on the battlefield, he had fought against numerous Dark Jedi he once fought along side and even trained under. For his guidance and assistance to the members of Naga Sadow, the Sons deemed him worth to bear the title of Son of Sadow. As soon as his services were no longer required, he returned back to Kyataru to a mission of extreme importance.

Shikyo's twin "Silver Wolf" pistols

Converting the female Jedi named Eliria Krishnaya over to the Dark Side, Shikyo utilized the young woman’s knowledge to obtain information from the New Republic. One of the things he obtained were various files of Jedi Order members. As he was finalizing the information obtained, he felt a disturbance in the Force, soon after receiving a vision. The young woman had been captured during a mission and held in the bowels of the Sith Arts Academy.

Returning to the nightmare he faced as a Sith Warrior, Shikyo encountered a new Headmaster along with new disciples at the Academy. Defeating all who stood before him, the Herald took on the Headmaster, an Adept by the name of Tu’rak Haimon, in an area newly developed in the Academy known as the Headmaster’s Sanctuary. During the battle, the Adept had done heavy damage to the Pontifex, burying the Keibatsu’s own saber into his ribs, as well as throwing him into a granite wall. Through his training under the Dark Lord of the Sith, the Kyataran was able to defeat his opponent and was ascended to the rank of Dark Side Adept for his devotion and commitment to the Brotherhood.

Though he had the powers of the Elder Class, Shikyo felt it was more necessary to keep his abilities and identity hidden from the rest of the galaxy. Utilizing Eliria as his hand and replacing his swords for blaster pistols, the Herald had changed his mindset from his more Kyataran beliefs to something more conventional. Training alongside the Nihilgenia, he obtained a higher level of skills and greater proficiency with blaster weaponry.

Shikyo on Salas V

The Betrayal Saga

During a routine enforcement on one of the islands of the Kane’ohe Archipelago, Shikyo lost contact of Eliria and to this day has not determined her fate. He investigated her disappearance before eventually leading to a connection between security breaks occurring within not only Kyataru but also within the Sepros system. Returning to CNS-controlled space, the Keibatsu made the discovery that a couple of Jedi remaining from the Battle of Antei were breaching security in an effort to attack members of the Dark Council and Dark Summit. His investigation led him back to a battle ruined San Korinar where he discovered that his former fiancée, Sakuya Koyotai, had been alive all along and had become a Jedi Master.

It was here that he learned of the fate of Eliria Krishnaya; that she had been converted to the light by Koyotai and was serving as her Padawan. Though the Jedi had escaped before the Keibatsu could deal with them, Shikyo began to make preparations to track them down and exterminate them. However, he was called away by his eldest brother to re-establish business connections that the Brotherhood had used in order to maintain their financial security. While on one of his missions in Coruscant, the Elder was attacked by two members of Clan Naga Sadow’s Black Guard. Enraged at the attempt on his life from his former Clan, the Keibatsu sought out the Overlord of Naga Sadow.

Using the Force and his connection to track down Tron Sadow in his estate, Sasuke confronted the Dark Jedi Master and his family as to why the Guardsmen had attacked him. Sensing the anger and confusion in Tron, Shikyo left with a warning to kill the Overlord if another attempt on his life was made. Uncertain of who in the Clan would attempt to assassinate him, Shikyo removed the title of “Sadow” from his name and continued on his mission for the Iron Throne.

DJB Facts

  • Shikyo has held Battleteam Leader, Aedile, and Quaestor. He has also held these positions, in order, in only one house in each clan he has been in, (House Oriens Obscurum of Arcona and House Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow).
  • Shikyo has belonged to all 3 Orders.
  • Black Guards of Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu: Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu, Ashia Kagan Keibatsu, Sai Na'Ashar Keibatsu.
  • Shikyo once served as an Eclectic Pedagogue of the Shadow Academy, as the instructor for the course, Dark Jedi Meditation.
  • Served as Live! Judge and Administrator, as well as Judge and Operator, of the Antei Combat Center.
  • Nineteenth Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, (Fifth after the Exodus). He is the longest reigning Herald in the history of the Brotherhood.
  • The emblem placed in the center of the Seal of Unity, (GJW 9), was designed by Shikyo.
  • One of Shikyo's proudest accomplishments, as Herald, has been to design a lightsaber for a reigning Grand Master (Muz Ashen) as well as design Golden Lightsabers for the only two members not to have received the rank of Grand Master (Kir Taldrya Katarn and Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor).


  • "Shikyo Keibatsu" can be translated into either "Death Penalty" or "Death Punishment".
  • "Sagara" was inherited from the manga series, Rurouni Kenshin, after the street fighter, Sagara Sanosuke.
  • "Rurouni," Shikyo's nickname/call sign, was also inherited from the series, as it meant "wanderer" or "vagabond".
  • "Sasuke" was inherited from a different manga series known as Samurai Deeper Kyo. He was a young ninja who resided in the Aokigahara, which was a forest that contained many demons, as well as the body of the "Thousand Man-slayer", Onime-no-Kyō.
  • The Victory I-class Star Destroyer, Covenant, was named after a suggestion Shikyo came up with, Dark Covenant.
  • Shikyo's personal Sith Infiltrator, the Adraelech, was based on the name of a summoned creature in Final Fantasy XII called Adrammelech, who was known for creating pandemonium wherever he traveled.
  • The Yoshimitsu Toshiro katana was designed by Raven.

Influential Members

Shikyo's Nihilgenia Armor
  • Muz Ashen Keibatsu: Shikyo's current master in lightsaber forms and warfare.
  • Manji Sadow Keibatsu: Shikyo’s older brother, whom he helps to rule over Kyataru with. Sasuke sees Manji as the closest chance he has to knowing his family.
  • Dyrra Skye: Shikyo’s drinking friend and “corruption” comrade. Together, they have begun to work on a way to instruct new dark jedi in the ways of alcohol and promiscuity.
  • Malisane de Ath: A trusted friend of Shikyo's since he first joined Clan Naga Sadow.
  • Tyriel di Rossaria: A young woman who once assisted in the Akumatsu. Not much is known about her and Shikyo does not reveal any information on her.

Positions Held
Before Position After
Octavian Vareno Aedile of House Oriens Obscurum
24 ABY - 25 ABY
Halcyon Rokir
Octavian Vareno Quaestor of House Oriens Obscurum
25 ABY
Halcyon Rokir
J'Rai Sadow Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
26 ABY
Ylith Atema
Derev Niroth Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
26 - 27 ABY
Quejo Rak'ul Drakai
Raken Left Hand of Justice
27 ABY
Angelo Dante
Kaine Mandaala Herald
27 ABY - 37 ABY
Orv Dessrx

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