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The Star Chamber is the Grand Master's advisory council made up of his predecessors.

History of the Star Chamber

It was during the reign of the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos that the Star Chamber first came to be. A rebellion led by Lord Okemi, one of the Lords of the Sith Council, tried to usurp the throne of the Dark Lord. The insurrection failed and Lord Okemi was exiled to the Antei System.

For the next thousand years Okemi used his ancient sorcery to prolong his life, ruling the primitive inhabitants of the planet Antei as a god. Eventually he was discovered by a pair of Sith cultists following the Great Sith War, a Krath called Tiamat and a Mecrosa assassin called Ferran. Together they established a new following known as the Star Chamber. However, to be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best and eventually the Star Chamber tore itself apart and was destroyed.

The Star Chamber Reborn

If there is anything that the Other gave to the Brotherhood, it was the motivation to renew the Star Chamber. Millennia had passed between the demise of Okemi’s Star Chamber and the treachery of that Grand Master, but the need for stability meant a reconstruction of the ancient group was needed. Using the creation of the Clan and House structures as a front for their own consolidation of power, Grand Masters Jac Cotelin, Jedgar O. Paladin and Kreeayt Havok, along with the wise counsel of Master Yoni, made the preparations that led to the development of the Overclan. The Dark Council at the time knew of the happenings, but knew little the result or the progress. By the time Jac Cotelin left his position on the Iron Throne, the Star Chamber had been reborn.

It was during the Golden Reign of Justinian Khyron that the Star Chamber consolidated its power. The Grand Master led the Brotherhood with a strong iron fist. He was not without assistance though – the Star Chamber grew powerful during this period, enacting the Sith Lord’s will. Today, the Star Chamber remains just as powerful, with Khyron himself supposedly leading charge.

Structure of the Star Chamber

It should be noted that the Star Chamber is not only a group of powerful Dark Jedi, but also that it is a physical construct for the group’s meetings. None can say where our Lords constructed the physical Star Chamber. It is strongly believed that the chamber is on Antei Prime. However, the firms who oversaw the erection of the Dark Hall and other facilities of the Brotherhood never referenced a project fitting the needs of the Temple facility. Presumably, those who sit on the Chamber constructed it themselves, somewhere beyond the prying senses of lesser Brethren. We do know that, indeed, someone built the Chamber, most certainly to the exacting design of the former Temple of Okemi.

We infer the design of the structure using ancient records and the few words spoken by those who are certainly members of the Star Chamber. It would be a massive spherical chamber with a floating central dais of circular stone in the center. Perfect cold blackness fills the air, with representative pinpoints of light in the darkness, like sand upon a dark glass.

There is no door, and the only way into the Chamber would be through the Force itself. This has led some to speculate the Star Chamber is not even a physical place, but a metaphysical construct of the Sith Lords within the Dark Side itself. While plausible, this is highly unlikely. Not even Lord Paladin is said to have the strength to exist within the boiling passion of the Dark Side as a physical being.

Regardless of the physical nature of the Star Chamber, the Elders and Grand Masters who govern the progress of the Brethren meet at the whim of the Lord of the Star Chamber, and travel to his council chambers upon his summons.

The Overclan

Alternatively called the Overclan, the Clan of the Dark Council, and sometimes, albeit rather erroneously, the Council of Sith Lords in memory of the Sith Council of the first Sith Empire, the Star Chamber acts as the guiding force of the Six Clans. The whim of the Chamber directs the ebb and flow of conflict between and within the Clans and their aligned Houses. While the Chamber certainly does not directly rule the Clans, its political influence within the Dark Council cannot be dismissed.

The activities of the Star Chamber in its capacity as the Overclan are the most misunderstood and secretive. The Chamber does not often directly interfere in the Clans, and even when it has, its influence will not noticed unless the Chamber reveals it. It is neither the direct antagonist nor protagonist. It serves the Iron Throne as a balancing force and steward of the Covenant between the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Brethren.

Elders on the Star Chamber

Up until recently, No one in the history of the Brotherhood had been able to confirm or deny the presence of Elders below the rank of Grand Master obtaining membership status. Some argue that there was no possible way for the Chamber to function without the assistance of the Elders; the Grand Masters are surely too caught up in their own affairs. Many, however, believe that the Grand Masters do devote significant time to their Star Chamber duties and have no need for any Elder assistance.

The evidence of Elders being allowed into the Chamber was scarce. Perhaps the best example was Master Yoni. During the re-founding years of the Star Chamber, Jac Cotelin was known to consult heavily with the powerful and wise Master Yoni. Some felt that this consultation was so necessary, that Cotelin actually allowed the Master to attend those first Star Chamber meetings that took place between himself, Grand Master Havok and Grand Master Paladin.

Many members have laid claim that the enigmatic Seven that led the Brotherhood during exodus were members of the modern Star Chamber. On this, the record seems to be clear, however, every Grand Master questioned on the subject has denied the admission of the Seven into the Star Chamber.

However, all these discussions became outdated, when Darth Pravus announced two Elders would be joining the Star Chamber.

Members of the Star Chamber

The most powerful beings to hold influence within the Brotherhood are the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Grand Masters Emeritus. They are the true power of the Star Chamber. Their words of counsel to the reigning Dark Lord are given the greatest weight and their commands are obeyed unquestioned by the Elders of the Dark Side. By their sides are two Elders, chosen by those two Grand Masters who resigned most recently.

Theoretically, all Grand Masters Emeritus are granted a seat within the Star Chamber. In practice only five are seen with any regularity. Lord Zoraan is presumed destroyed, although flickers of his presence were felt during the Exodus. Crona was exiled and certainly destroyed, although his spiritual presence still exists. Even within the remaining five, Chi-Long has made his discontent known and supposedly refuses to return to the chamber.

Regardless of all speculation, those Sith Lords who counsel the Grand Master are certainly the most powerful of all the Brethren. The Covenant between the Brethren and the Iron Throne grants the members sweeping authority over specific matters of tradition within the Brotherhood. They act upon their authority, as their wisdom requires.

Powers and duties of the Star Chamber

The Star Chamber acts as the Executive Board of the Brotherhood. Their primary function is to advise the ruling Grand Master, but they are also responsible for the long-term health of the Brotherhood. In this capacity, they work with the Grand Master to ensure there are viable long-term, succession and emergency plans in place. Also, like the leaders of the brotherhood answer to the Grand Master, the Grand Master answers to the star chamber, who evaluate and reward his work. However, there are other duties, too:

Grand Master Appointment

One of the most visible tasks of the Star Chamber is part of the Grand Master Appointment. As outlined in the Covenant, any candidate the Electorate selects must be ratified by the Star Chamber. They will decide if the candidate is a viable one, and not detrimental to the long-term health of the Brotherhood. If they veto the candidate, the Electorate must vote on a new candidate.

Acting Grand Master

In the case of a vacant Grand Master positition, and if the Deputy Grand Master is unable to serve, a member of the Star Chamber will temporarily take the position, until a new Grand Master is sworn in. They have the authority to run day-to-day operations, but are not allowed to make any changes to policy or structure, nor may they appoint any Dark Council members or Unit leaders.

Removal of the Grand Master

The Star Chamber may vote to remove a Grand Master. This decision needs to be followed by a majority vote of the Electorate. Also, in the case of a pending Indictment order, either Star Chamber or Electorate decision is needed for the Grand Master to be prosecuted by the Justicar.

Chamber of Justice

The Star Chamber may decide to remove the Justicar. Also, if the Justicar recuses himself for whatever reason in a specific trial, he can appoint a member from among the Star Chamber, Dark Council, or the Former Justicars to oversee that case. This choice needs to be approved by either the Grand Master or the Star Chamber. The members of the Star Chamber and Dark Council can also be asked upon to mediate complaints.

Independent Unit Creation

Normally, the Grand Master has the authority to create a new independent unit. However, if an independent unit was already created less then six months ago, the creation of another needs the approval of the Star Chamber, to ensure the existing membership is not spread too thin.

Members of the Star Chamber

Former Temporary Members of the Star Chamber