Disciples of Kressh

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Disciples of Kressh
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Sometime prior to 5,000 BBY


4,999 BBY


15 ABY (into House Ludo Kressh)

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"Dominatio per Noctis"
―Motto of Ludo Kressh

The Disciples of Kressh, was known as Battle Team Ludo Kressh and for a time was one of four active battleteams in House Naga Sadow, but with the rebirth of Clan Naga Sadow the Disciples of Kressh have remained as a society inside the Clan. During the times of Clan Naga Sadow, the Disciples formed House Ludo Kressh. Upon the reformation by Overlord Astronicus Aurelius Sadow, the members regrouped once again under the banner of their Dark Lord. When the Dark Brotherhood had order-specific houses, Ludo Kressh was the Sith arm of the clan. It is named after the Sith Lord Ludo Kressh.

The Disciples of Kressh’s Taral’aris is currently Kharon Daragon.

The Hidden Guardians

"I fight for the Sith Empire, Naga Sadow... you fight for yourself!"
―Ludo Kressh to Naga Sadow

The Disciples of Kressh were the supporters of Ludo Kressh in the final years before the fall of the Sith Empire. At the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War, a band of acolytes still loyal to the ideals of the now dead Dark Lord ended up stranded on a planet near Kressh's homeworld of Rhelg when their battleship, the Saarai, struck a gravity mine probably left by Naga Sadow or his Massassi spies during the Kressh-Sadow Civil War.

On the alien planet, the disciples became the Jentarali, the hidden guardians, and vowed to protect and uphold the legacy of the Sith Empire until such time as it could be resurrected. Too few for either group to support a sustainable population, the barriers between Dark Jedi and Red Sith disappeared as any belief in pureblood vanished. Though few sorcerers had been on the Saarai when it crashed, the stranded tribe became fierce warriors where the strong reigned. Their members, the Tarali, or Guardians, were divided into the base initiates, or Tyros, and their Masters and Elders. Led by the Taral'ari, the overlord of the guardians, and his Circle of Elders, there the Jentarali remained for the next five millennia.

The wreck of the Saarai which became the Temple of Truth.
In 14 ABY, the lost Sith cultists were discovered by the last surviving heir of the Sadow dynasty, Astronicus Aurelius Sadow. The Overlord of the time, Eagleye, agreed to lend the disciples aid to the true blooded Sith Prince—however, it would be years, if ever, before the rivalry between the two groups faded. Eagleye took with him the Iron Fist, the most powerful champions among the Jentarali, to aid the young Sadow heir; later, others would heed the Taral'ari's call, and the Disciples of Kressh left their nameless prison completely, migrating to the Phare system where they became House Ludo Kressh.

House of the Rival

From 15 ABY to 33 ABY, House Ludo Kressh was the home of the numerous great leaders and warriors of Naga Sadow. The most overt and violent of all of Clan Naga Sadow, the Disciples of Kressh were known for warring with anyone, even other Disciples of Kressh. Killing for little and attempting to rise in prominence through conflict and all-out warfare, the members of House Ludo Kressh were the true Warlords of Clan Naga Sadow.

Over time the Brotherhood changed and Ludo Kressh changed with it. No longer consisting of just Sith, the House became more balanced and less blood thirsty. Eventually the Disciples of Ragnos began to take advantage and claimed the title of First House in Naga Sadow.

Servants of Sadow

With the dissolution of House Ludo Kressh and rebirth of House Naga Sadow, the Disciples of Kressh began to question their dedication to Sith Lord. It seemed history was repeating itself as Sadow would always reign over Kressh and it was time for the Disciples to accept their fates as servants to Naga Sadow.

Crest of Ludo Kressh
With no remorse, the Disciples left their home of Marakith Skyhook and began to wander the Orian system. They no longer called one place home as they moved like nomads from location to location as deemed necessary by the Overlord. The Disciples of Kressh were now agents to the Heir to the Empire.
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