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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Raistlin Majerus, Son of Sadow
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Date of Birth:

February, 1985

Date of Death:


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Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow, House Marka Ragnos



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Raist was born in 15 BBY.

Character History

Raistlin Nar’kell Majerus was born in opulence, in the city of Coronet on Corellia, the youngest child of two. His father, Abderon Majerus, was a shipping magnate, CEO of Majerus Shipping & Transport. He was a staunch supporter of the Empire, and was a business liaison during the Clone Wars, offering his business to the aid of the Loyalist faction, and later, the Empire. His mother, Nadine Majerus, was a beautiful aristocrat, the yin to her husband’s yang, with social graces that benefited her husband in in numerous situations. Their oldest child, Nadia Majerus, was five years Raistlin’s elder and possessed an incredible intelligence, which left her cool and calculating where Raistlin was brash and headstrong. The family was incredibly wealthy, and at its height, Majerus Shipping was the 8th largest shipping company in the galaxy, and the first privately owned, its stock was valued at over 2 Trillion credits. While his father openly supported the Empire, his mother questioned Imperial tactics, Imperial law, and the treatment of its citizens.

All this changed one warm summer night as his family was getting ready to attend a debutante ball on Corellia. Rebel commandos, in an effort to cripple Imperial supply runs, as well as to strike a psychological blow to the Empire, assassinated his father and mother as they were leaving for their ball. The driver was a republic commando, who simply turned around as they entered the speeder, fired, and left, blowing up the speeder to have it look like an accident. At the age of 6, Raistlin was an orphan, left only to his older sister’s care. Nadia quickly took over the day-to-day operation of Majerus shipping. Raistlin, consumed by his hate for the Rebellion, trained extensively in using a blaster. He excelled in weapons and two years later, became a mercenary in the Corellian system at the age of 8 years old. While most laughed at his age, his agility combined with his incredible accuracy with a blaster made sure none questioned him. His skills grew exponentially, and while employed, he met a 33 year old con artist by the name of Than Angel. Than trained him in stealth, melee combat, hand-to-hand, and many other facets. When Raistlin was 12, he left the mercenary life, joining the Empire. However, shortly after graduating Imperial Academy as a record pace and a record age (4 months what most did in two years, and 4 days before his thirteenth birthday.) it was all for naught as the Emperor and Darth Vader were killed shortly after his graduation. Disillusioned, Raistlin joined several Imperial factions, the Remnants of the Empire, which was quickly demolished by the Rebels when they took Coruscant. At the time, Raistlin was in command of an Escort Carrier, which he later left behind. Raistln then joined the Imperial Guardians, operating out of Churba, and later, the Sovereign Imperial Union, before their constant internal bickering lead to their collapse. Raistlin went back to being a mercenary/bounty hunter/assassin with Than Angel. Than and Raist had codenames in the streets of Corellia, Than was Janus, Raist was Nightfall. They ran Corellia’s seedy underbelly with a ruthless efficiency, if anyone dared question their policies, they and their families were killed, ensuring a successful rule. After assassinating Marik Stele, a well-known Corellian politician, Raist became a wanted man. He fled Corellia, and with enough money to live on his own, left his sister, who already practically disowned him from the family for his career moves. The last he had heard of Nadia was a news report. She had sold her interest in Majerus Shipping to the newfound New Republic, letting it become a government subsidiary. Raistlin was furious, and after a heated argument with his sister, he left, never to see her again.

Raistlin Joined the Emperor's Hammer on his 16hth birthday and shortly afterward, the Hunter's Guild, as a hobby, and he quickly became deadly in the aspects of war. Raistlin’s skill at flying a Starfighter, his skills at stealth and information technology grew, as did his skill with a blaster. By the age of 17, Raistlin grew bored of the military life, and the Emperor’s Hammer, which had once adopted an aggressive expansion policy, had inter-border problems, and with several skirmishes under his belt against the Rebellion in the Minos Cluster, Raistlin’s reputation as a legendary warrior grew.

He participated in an assault on Churba, successfully destroying a full squadron of X-Wings unassisted in a modified TIE Interceptor.

Raistlin soon retired from all facets of the Emperor’s Hammer life, growing bored of it. He still kept his IPKC, as Bounty Hunting was an easy, fun, and… strangely addicting way to earn credits.

As a Hunter, he quickly earned credits and was happy in his current life, beomcing a deadly Assassin in the process after bringing down the Fab Five, a legendary terrorist organization in the Outer Rim. He was happy in his current life, until one day, a message from Than Angel had changed all that. Than Angel’s longtime friend, Julian Piccani had recently completed a military coup of the Corporate Sector Authority. With extensive military and mercenary backing, amidst a stage of incredible political upheaval, Local Billionaire-turned-diktat Julian had installed himself as President and CEO of the Authority. Than had been recruited to be Commanding Officer of Naval Operations, and CO of Janus Research, his own privately owned subsidiary, a military research company that worked exclusively for the CSA, helping to develop many of the key components of the updated IRD’s. Than, knowing little of tactics or ship combat, begged Raistlin to be Commanding Officer of the Navy, while he accepted a more, civilian role. Raistlin, when showed the exorbitant amount he was to be paid, accepted, and a mere 4 months before his 18th birthday, Raistlin was sworn in as an Admiral in the Authority Navy. Raistlin was put in command of the IHD “Crystalline Blade” and by a unanimous board room vote of 3-0 in favor of military expansion, the CSA, for only the third time since its inception, adopted an aggressive military stance, with Raistlin at the head. While playing a long-standing neutrality plea, Admiral Raistlin implemented Operation Roundhammer, an aggressive attack on nearby Republic held worlds in the Horuz Sector, most notably Z’trop and Herios. Despite some losses, Raistlin’s campaign was a success, and he was able to capture the two worlds, as well as capture the neutral world of Saheelindeel in the Tion Hegemony to help fund the Authority’s naval efforts. Picciani, in his last act as president, recalled the Sector fleet back to Corporate Space, for his plans were twofold. By capturing the world of Herios and Z’trop, Picciani and Than were able to negotiate the Republic’s release on the planets of Etti and Orron, which lay within the boundaries of the Corporate Sector. Thus all the planets in Corporate space came under Corporate control, while the Republic got back Herios and Z’trop, their military forces there had been annihilated at both. Also, Piccani ended aggressive actions against the Republic, asking to play a neutral role in galactic politics once again. He retired that day, making Than Angel CEO of the Corporate Sector Authority. Raistlin was promoted to Grand Admiral a few days after his 18th birthday, and stayed on as head of Corporate Sector defense for a few more months. Saheelindeel was regranted its autonomy, as it was deemed too expensive to commission and maintain a sector fleet exclusively for one planet in the Tion Hegemony as it was strategically and economically pointless. The natives of Saheelindeel were regranted their autonomy in exchange for a list of “permissions” signed into Corporate law in accordance with Saheelindeel’s native government. These permissions included the use of Saheelindeel resources as deemed fit by the Authority, the rights to several tracts of land and the exclusive use of the planet as both a military outpost, with a garrison of several divisions of Espo troopers to be kept at all times, as well as its use as a prison colony for galaxy-wide offenders and severe cases. In essence, it had none of the benefits or rights of a corporate world, but owed just as much if not more than some worlds to it. How the treaty passed through remains a mystery to this day to all but a few. Rights to all of these were granted to Grand Admiral Raistlin by Than and these permissions are in use to this day. In its defense, Raistlin personally kept 4 Corellian Gunships and a Marauder Corvette as a defense force for the planet, in addition to a Golan-II Orbital Defense Platform, which was bought in an “authority” expense report that was pushed through bureaucracy in a record of 19 minutes. All defenses, and basically, much of the planet, is answerable to Raistlin and when his estate is finished being built he plans to live there, full-time. By the time he retired from the Authority, Raist had managed to take nearly 8 billion credits from them, as well as from Saheelindeel’s capita and distribute it through private accounts in his name. Raist, a mere year and a half after joining the Authority, left on good terms, deciding to right a particularly wrong evil in his life.

Raistlin also used his wealth from the Authority to purchase Majerus Shipping back from the Republic, renaming it to Majere Sadow Freight. Not bothering with the day-to-day operations, Raistlin leased the corporation out to his good friend CEO Than, and with his extensive contacts, used the resources well, thus ensuring Raistlin would have a steady income as long as he lived.

The Obelisk Exarch has of late fallen out of the Force, to a degree, becoming disillusioned with the corruption the Dark Side brings to a person who uses it wantonly. Instead, Raistlin has done a full 180 degree reversal on his life as of late. No longer content with vengeance, or revenge, now his main concern is of enjoying life to the fullest, and helping his friends succeed and prosper.

The past year (28 ABY) has been both busy and uneventful for Raistlin, with the dissolution of the ruling council of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, as well as the expellment, and order to be Assassinated issued on him by the remnants of the Emperor's Hammer fleet, Raistlin has been laying relatively low. While the Vong continue to carve their path across the galaxy, Raistlin has bided his time, and though he has fought them on several occasions and bested some of their best warriors, he, the CSA, and to a smaller extent, the DB have been largely unaffected by the events in the Galaxy abroad, save that profits have risen dramatically.

He has recently been buying much property, and in the Brotherhood, he has been assisting his Clan a great deal in their fight with the Vong, even taking the battle to them during the Artisan's Competition. In addition, Raistlin has been performing certain covert ops for the CSA, which cannot be discussed in great detail, only to say they are classified. For his long-time service to his Clan and his bravery and skill in fighting the Vong, he was recently awarded command of the Corvette Exile, and has personally placed Lieutenant Ellia on board to work with.

29-31 ABY (Present Day)

Raistlin spent much of this time away from the Clan, and the Brotherhood. During this time he has come to question his motivations in life, and after much soul searching, has almost done a complete and total turnaround. Raist's motives shifted drastically, after obtaining incredible power, and limitless wealth. Though there are still more powerful beings in the galaxy, there are but a handful who could stand with the Exarch in personal combat, and through this realization, Raist stopped caring about obtaining more power. No, his new focus has been on strengthening his Clan, the one place he has called home for most of his adult life, and enjoying the time given to him.

After returning from his sabbatical, Raist found his clan under attack from a Vong Invasion, and helped to repel them with the aid of several clanmates, including Dyrra Skye and Sai, and was instrumental in leading a large percentage of the civilian population of Seng Karash to safety during the assault, via use of the Foresight. With the Vong repelled, one of the major situations the Clan was facing was a need to rebuild, the devastation wrought by the Vong attack had been significant to certain areas.

Most recently, Raist has been keeping himself busy in numerous ways, working to improve the Clan as a whole. Though details are known only to a few, sweeping changes in the Dlarit Security Force, as well as the massive construction project in downtown Seng Karash known only as 'Pandaemonium' are part of what Raist's hands are dipped into.

As well as..... TBC

Languages - Basic, Huttese

Nature - Raistlin is full of emotion, but doesn't show it, while many would perceive him to be evil, or heartless, or uncaring, because of his soft-spoken demeanor, he is not. Raistlin is motivated by money, surely, but has other, deeper motivations, and values the concepts of loyalty, honor and dignity highly.

Physical Description - Lanky, at 6'0, with a swimmer's build, Raistlin excelled at basketball. Short brown hair, light blue eyes, a real ladies man. A true pimp.


Con-Artist/Slick Talker – Years of practicing on patrons in the seedier sections of Corellia have left Raist with an almost natural ability to smooth talk someone into doing whatever Raist wants. He has extensive practice and has used the ability to score dates, and swindle delivery boys out of their change.

Gambler – Raist knows how to Gamble, Sabacc, and all its variations, as well as several big Boloball Sports, Raist makes bank when he gambles.

Sniper – Raistlin has great skill with the sniper rifle, having learned from an early age, in addition to getting extensive practice with his A295. Capable of sniping with good accuracy, or acting as an observer. With 26 notches and counting, Raist is already beginning to be feared.

Favorite Weapons and Styles Twin Blaster Pistols - John-Woo Style Baby. Nuff 'said.

Teras-Kasi (Black Band Holder) - Raist personally learned the style from a Bunduki Monk after completing an assassination contract from the Guild. In lieu of payment, Raist asked the Palawa Braid-Holder to teach him what he knew. After seeing Raist's impressive physique and amazing combat prowess, the Monk agreed. For 6 months, on an undisclosed planet, Raist trained, and when he emerged, he wore his own, personally crafted black braid, tied around his often-styled hair.

K'thri - In the years spent desperate to improve his saber skills, Raistlin studied the unarmed combat form of K'thri, and adapted it for his use. This form Raist has spent most of his life attempting to master, and still has been unable to do so, partly because of the incredible physical ability needed to perform even the most rudimentary of maneuvers and partly because of the lack of a master teacher. However Raist is quite deadly, and hopes one day to complete the study of this style.

Jakelian - Raistlin spent a vast majority of his adult life working with the now-dissolved Bounty Hunter's Guild. Through battling and sparring with some of the best Hunters the galaxy has ever seen, Raist learned the art of Jakelian. Almost like a Mixed Martial Art, the style combines grappling, submission, and the ability to strike into one form. It is because of this, that even unarmed, Raist is incredibly dangerous.

Twin Knives (Echani fighting style) - Raist learned Echani a long time ago from one of the legends of the BHG, Imp22 himself. A wild fighting style, employing the use of two, small, razor-sharp knives, and a flurry of movement to tear an opponent to shreds, literally. A wild, and unpredictable style, one must demonstrate amazing body control in order to wield it properly.

CQC – (Close Quarters Combat) – Raist learned CQC at a very young age, from his first mentor, Than. Than used the method in bar fights, as it is effective against the crowd, and can be modified to suit the weapons available to the user.

CQC lets the user combine the knife, and the gun, and is used in situations where the user is outnumbered, 5-1, 6-1, it helps put the odds back in your favor. Consisting of distraction, and moves to throw opponents off-balance and leave them dazed. Grabs, holds, submission, and knife and gun usage combined make this a hard skill to master. Raist personally whittled down the stock of his Kylans and while he prefers them combined with an Echani dagger, Raist will take whatever is available.

DJB Facts

Positions Held (CURRENT)

  • Executive Officer Assassin-class Corvette Exile
  • Commanding Officer Nebulon-b Frigate Foresight
  • Marshal Commander of the D-SOG

Positions Held (PAST)

  • Commander of the Guard
  • Proconsul of Clan Alvaak
  • First Aedile of House Marka Ragnos
  • Third Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos
  • Numerous time AED for HPG/HLK
  • Praetor to Commander of the Guard Zlar'Khan
  • Magistrate to Commanders of the Guard Kelric, Dreadnaught, Imp22
  • Praetor to Obelisk High Commanders Imp22, Zlarkhan, Dreadnaught
  • Magistrate to Obelisk High Commander Korras


  • First Named Son of Sadow
  • Badly injured Macron in a Knight Trials fight
  • Commander of the FRG Foresight
  • Executive Officer of the A/CRV Exile
  • First Aedile of House Marka Ragnos