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Anaxela Goura
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

15 BBY (age 52)

Physical Description

Human (altered)






145 lbs





Personal Information

Severina, Sorcerors of Tund


Fallanassi, Keibatsu, Clan Naga Sadow

Lightsaber Color(s):

One red, custom, multi-phase

Fighting Style(s):

K'tara, Kartranin, Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information

Force witch


Former Leader, True Brotherhood, Leader, Gomorag


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


True Brotherhood, Gomorag

Personal Ship:

Scalpel, Modified TIE Defender

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Anaxela Goura is the older sister of Macron Goura. She is cruel and mean but dedicated to her brother. Anaxela is also a powerful Force-sensitive and considers herself a witch of sorts. In later life Anaxela became the leader of the third and final remnant of the True Brotherhood. She is now the de-facto leader of the Gomorag cult with Rex Drayfus as her second.


She was born approximately 15 BBY. Both she and Macron are reputed to be genetic "vat-grown" synthetic Humans. Somewhere in their genetic ancestry is rumored to be the fearsome Darth Malak, explaining the sibling's connection to the Force although this is unconfirmed. She is also ruthless and evil, like her brother. As well, her body is resilient and tough, resisting poisons and diseases much like Macron's does. She is also mentally unstable although she controls it with more experience than her brother does.

The young Macron learned how to hurt people from her, as well as rudimentary Force skills. They survived in the putrid filth of lower Coruscant by means of their wits and wickedness. The two became separated when they stowed away on Jib Kopatha’s interstellar pleasure craft. Anaxela had been a working lady, serving drinks and undoubtedly other unsavory whims of the patrons. They both needed the money to escape the dregs of Coruscant. When the Empire’s forces showed up and utterly decimated the Bothan’s spynet vessel, Macron thought his sister was dead.


Apparently, Anaxela is a Force user of great power and maintains an unusual view of the Force. Her Force abilities are comparable to a Master or possibly a Prophet, and she reputedly studied with the Sorcerors of Tund before the planet was destroyed. She may also have studied with the Fallanassi, but this is unconfirmed.

The woman is known to have extensive alchemical knowledge as well. She now uses a lightsaber, has been known to use Force Lightning, and has fearsome mental domination/mind trick abilities. Her mastery of illusions runs deep, perhaps beyond what one would expect from a person with her understanding of the Force.

Combat Training

Anaxela Goura has had extensive combat training at the hands of Mecrosa assassins. Anaxela is reputedly an excellent starfighter pilot, and has been rumored to fly a modified TIE Defender named the "Scalpel". Anaxela will also use droids occasionally, the most common being YVH series droids and protocol droids.

She is an expert in the arts of K'tara and Kartranin, is a crack shot with a blaster, and is known to use poisons and grenades as well as traditional assassin tools such as garrotes. Although she is proficient with a lightsaber, she had been known to be proficient with the Sith Sword of Shar Dakhan which she stole from the planet Thule. Reputedly, the sword is an artifact from the time of Marka Ragnos. It has now come into the possession of Clan Naga Sadow after Anaxela's defeat.


She has been spotted on Ilum as well as Kyataru. Rumors abound that she has collaborated with the True Brotherhood and may have designs upon the Orian system. It is also rumored she may have an association with Set Harth, but this could be another one of the rumors that surround this mysterious and powerful woman.

After fleeing to Kangaras, the vengeful Anaxela bided her time and reformed a group of Dark Jedi around her known as the Gomorag. In late 37 ABY the cult began to infiltrate the city of Seng Karash in search of information leading to Ombi, Sith and Kwa ruins on the planet in the area of the Nifokalija Mountains.

Character Sheet

DJM Anaxela Goura
Anaxela's former Sith Sword

Physical Attributes

Strength: (18/25) Alchemically enhanced

Constitution: (20/25) Alchemically enhanced

Dexterity: (16/25)

Mental Attributes

Intelligence: (19/25)

Wisdom: (19/25)

Charisma: (19/25)

Fighting Skills

Regular Weapons

Sword (5/5)

Garotte (3/5)

Blaster (5/5)

Lightsaber (5/5, Shii-Cho, Soresu)

Hand-to-hand: (5/5)

Fighting Style(s) K'tara, Kartranin, Broken Gate

Piloting: (5/5)

Handedness; Right Hand: (5/5)

Handedness; Left Hand: (5/5)

Synthetic Body: (5/5) Anaxela was grown outside the womb from genetic material harvested in secret- a genetic "vat-grown" synthetic Human like Macron. Her body is resistant to and recovers quickly (lvl 5) from poisons, drugs, and disease due to the synthetic organs and other alchemical bodily modifications. She is also unusually strong and tough for her size.

Fallanassi Flow Walk/Tund Sorcery (5) Anaxela's abilities with illusions and force-based stealth are borne from the Fallanassi and Tund Sorcery traditions. They are extremely potent, perhaps even more so than someone of her normal rank.

Weapons: Lightsaber (red), poison, garrote, blaster pistols or rifle, regular Sith Sword