Final Way

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"The Final Way is ironically named, for when the last scion of the light falls, the Force shall shift completely into the power of entropy. The increase of disorder, of chaos, shall rend the Galaxy into mere shades and vapor. All beings shall be claimed by madness. There will be no love, life, conflict, or organization, only chaos purely distilled. As the light governed the beginning of all things, so too shall the lights fade into darkness at the consummation."
Dark Jedi Master Kem-Shu Maeda

The Final Order is the guiding principle of the Dark Brotherhood, espousing the total domination of the dark side of the Force over all life, including the destruction of the Jedi and all other orders who would stand against it. The Final Way refers to the means by which the brotherhood seeks to achieve this Final Order. It is also sometimes referred to as the Rule of One.

The Final Way

Many Elders preach about a path to bringing about the Final Order. There is no strict dogma about the actual process of achieving the consummation of the Final Way but some Elders pursue paths from research and exploration to outright war as a way of achieving this goal. In particular some are fond of quoting the alleged commandments of the mythical Lord Darth to his first three students. These are called the Way of the Seven Souls.

The greatest confusion regarding the Final Way comes from the phrase "the Rule of One" which forms the central core of the Star Chamber and brotherhood's teachings.

The Rule of One as an Order

When the brotherhood was formed Lord Kane found it necessary to abandon the teachings of Darth Bane. The Rule of Two had proven a failure and had nearly led to the loss of the Sith teachings for all time. Kane began to train more than one student, forming the original basis of the brotherhood. From a certain point of view this too was the starting point of the Rule of One: one Dark Lord, not two.

In time, under the reign of Lord Cotelin, a need arose to provide a safeguard. The dangers of the Rule of Two had been demonstrated and the brotherhood could not allow itself to fall prey to the different, but no less serious, dangers of the Rule of One. The unearthing of the ancient Obelisk temples provided insight into what was once known as the Star Chamber, a body which ruled the dark side civilization on Antei (although the brotherhood would not understand the full significance of this until years later).

It was in the ancient texts of the Star Chamber information regarding the Final Way—or the Rule of One—was discovered. It spoke of a single order, a single rule, a galaxy ruled by the masters of darkness, those not afraid to do what was necessary to create order out of chaos. It was from these teachings the Star Chamber, the secret council of Sith Lords, was created to be that One, that single order, to provide the guiding voice of the brotherhood.

The Rule of One as an Individual

It should not be surprising more than one interpretation of the Rule of One has arisen. It can be argued the Star Chamber itself adheres to an even finer version of the Rule of One, the rule of one Dark Lord of the Sith as the head and Lord of the Star Chamber itself.

It is this interpretation of the Rule of One as relating to an individual, a single figure, that has led some to abandon the teachings of the Star Chamber and take it upon themselves to bring about the Final Order. It has been said this is what led to the twisted beliefs of the Other and Archibald Zoraan. If any proof is needed as to whether the Star Chamber is necessary to maintain balance one need look no further.

It is the inherent danger of the Final Way that there is more than one possible interpretation. Many a rogue follower has fallen to madness in the pursuit of absolute power, believing themselves the One spoken of in the legends, the One who will bring order from chaos. Others have taken the teachings too literally, believing to bring order from chaos one must first create chaos itself.

Way of the Seven Souls

The Way of Seven Souls are the alleged commandments of the mythical Lord Darth.

I: Before all thou shalt be a pillar of stone, eternal and inviolate

II: Allow none to escape the fire of thine convictions, that all may be brought to follow Me

III: The steel of thine blade shall bring the damned before the Lord of Justice

IV: In blood thou shalt cleanse the weak from the fold that all may grow strong in their destruction.

V: Sorrow shall be the first step along my sacred way. Bring all to my truth in their suffering.

VI: Even as I am thine Master, thou shalt follow the Lords who reign in My Name.

VII: Bring forth the void of thine soul, that all lights may pass into the darkness from whence they sprung.