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The Clan Summit is a position of great responsibility, as they can be responsible for over one hundred members. They are responsible for the overall direction and operation of the Clan. Duties include:

  • Maintaining a Clan website, with a recent roster, news and events page, etc.
  • Running competitions within the Clan, with other Clans and organising Clan Feuds
  • Forwarding any communications from the Dark Council down the chain of command
  • Reporting to the Dark Council on a regular basis
  • Making promotion and/or award recommendations where appropriate
  • Set an example, both in conduct and activity (i.e. being unfailing in all regards of the rules of conduct, participating in competitions, on message boards, etc.)
  • Develop and maintain a Clan "identity" including a recent Clan history, list of possessions, etc.
  • Promote competitions and events

Powers - The Clan Summit has the power to award medals for activity and service. The Consul can award up to the Sapphire Blade, while the Proconsul can award up to the Grand Cross of the Dark Side. Both may award sanctioned medals for approved competitions. Appointment powers cover the appointment of House Summits. In addition, the Consul has the power of appointment over the position of Proconsul, pending approval from the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. Finally, the Clan Summit may recommend promotion for any Clan member based upon service, pending approval by the Master at Arms.

Appointment - The Consul is appointed by the Dark Council, while the Proconsul is usually appointed by the Consul, with approval from the Dark Council.