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The Emissary (EMS) is the Council member tasked with overseeing the Brotherhood's recruitment and retention efforts.

The current Emissary is Seraine "Erinyes" Taldrya Ténama.


General Duties

  • Oversight of the Brotherhood’s social media presence.
  • Primary responsibility for monitoring new member onboarding club wide and working with the Council and the Clans to improve the new member experience.

Specific Duties

  • Develop and run active recruitment campaigns across various platforms.
  • Supervise the Communications Tribune and their efforts across the club’s social media accounts.
  • Manage the club’s public-facing Discord channels and onboarding including #welcome.
  • Identify onboarding problems with existing Brotherhood systems and propose feasible solutions.
  • Develop, in consultation with the Seneschal and other relevant leaders, new or revised systems focused on introducing prospective members to the club and successfully integrating them into the community.
  • Coordinate with club leaders to identify and spread best practices for recruitment and retention.
  • Maintain a regular publication schedule for the Rogues Newsletter.

Fictional Role

After the position's revival in 41 ABY, the Emissary had two primary roles: diplomat and recruiter.

The Emissary was one of the most prominent public faces of the Brotherhood, and especially of the Grand Master. They worked hand in hand with the Herald and the Envoy Corps to promote the Brotherhood's image and expand its influence. For example, the Emissary might pay a personal visit to one of the Herald's contacts, or highlight how the Envoy Corps' actions have benefitted other parties as a bargaining chip when negotiating on the Brotherhood's behalf. At times, the Emissary provides operational support for the Envoys in recognition of their overlapping roles.

In addition to acting as the Brotherhood's representative in the wider galaxy, the Emissary was responsible for bringing the best of the wider galaxy to the Brotherhood. During their travels, they watched for those who might contribute to the Brotherhood, and brought those people into the Clans by whatever means they could. As part of this effort, the Emissary worked closely with the Headmaster and the Clans to ensure new recruits' integration into the Brotherhood went as smoothly as possible.

Historical Role

Originally, the Emissary (EMS) was created in order to increase communication between the Assembly of Consuls and the The Council. This person was chosen by the Consuls from among the Consuls to represent the Assembly of Consuls to the the Council. The Emissary served as speaker to the the Council, but was in no way considered the head of the Assembly of Consuls. The Emissary simply served to pass along ideas and suggestions to the Dark Council and Assembly of Consuls. There were no rank restrictions on the Emissary. The only necessity is that the Emissary was a fellow or former Consul.

The Emissary was created along with the Assembly of Consuls, which was instituted by Grand Master Chi-Long. This position was dissolved from 2004 until 2023 when it was revived with an entirely new focus. Dark Side Adept Astronicus Aurelius Sadow was the last serving Emissary in its original form.

Roll of Emissaries

Emissaries of the Brotherhood
Name Service Dates
Kai Movar November 29, 2023 - January 5, 2024
Seraine "Erinyes" Taldrya Ténama January 5, 2024 - Present
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