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Outer Rim Territories


Sith Space


Orian system


2: Orian Major and Orian Minor


43, Inos Moon 7, Inos Moon 18, Inos Moon 27, Inos Moon 36 and Inos Moon 42

Distance from Core:

1330 million km from Orian Major

Orbital period:

4380 standard days per cycle l


Gas giant


192,000 km


Fatal, Dense:Methane, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Nitrogen, trace organic gasses


Cold; Average temperature -220F/-140C


Heavy approaching the inner layers

Primary Terrain:
  • Gas
  • Clouds
Native species:

Humans, Saraii, various other migrant species

Primary language(s):

Galactic Basic Standard



Major cities:


Major exports:

Hydrogen, Methane, Diamonds (rare)

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Inos is a purple gas giant and the final world in the Orian system. The saturnian world's dense and frigid atmosphere contains a few helpful compounds but nothing that cannot be extracted from Amphor and the other planets with greater ease. Inos is a classic icy-cold Gas Giant type planet. It possesses crushing atmospheres of freezing organic gases, Infernal circuit-destroying magnetic fluxes, super-cyclonic moon-swallowing storms, and tremendously intense pressures. The surface of Inos proper is likely to be metallic hydrogen in flux from the immense pressure, but no probes have survived long enough to verify this directly. Remote sensing surveys indicate truly dense, frigid, conditions. Most of the moons of Inos are nothing more than sub-zero rocks covered in feet of ice and snow.


View From an icy Moon of Inos

So far from the Inner Worlds of the Orian system, this planetary space has remained largely uninhabited since before the days of the old Sith Empire. There are rumors that some of the Inos moons may once have been used by Urias Orian for burial purposes. It would appear that the rumors are true, as Inos Moon 42 has been identified as a former burial site. The Sith Lord Urias Orian condemned this moon to an existence in the "Shadow Side" of his domain. It is also rumored that an old Jedi ship fleeing the Hundred Year Darkness crash-landed on Moon 36.

During the "Unsettled Scores" incident in late 19 ABY the planet or a moon was rumored to be the base of an unknown assassin that later turned out to be Kiln Tobasa. Subsequent events led to the destruction of the Cathedral on Tarthos and a minor inter-clan skirmish. The rumors of a base were later seen to be unprovable. However, they were not disproved. Most of the Clan Naga Sadow forces turned away during travel to the planet to protect Sepros, and only a few managed to make it to the surface. Shin'ichi Endymiron Keibatsu was one of those who made it to the main planet's inner layers. Purportedly in pursuit of a high-level military detainee, his actual mission and activities at that time still remain classified by order of the Overlord.

In 25 ABY, the Inos area was a site of a ferocious dispute between the two Houses of Clan Naga Sadow, House Marka Ragnos and House Ludo Kressh. Rumors of a dark side artifact combined with the machinations of Astronicus Aurelius Sadow and the acquiescence of the Summit allowed for a scenario that pitted clan-mates against each other to "cull the herd." Known as The Battle of Inos, the rivalry opened into a bloody conflict quickly.

Fierce battles raged in orbit of Inos as the RSD Final Way and ISDII Harbinger squared off. As well, battles were fought on land as both Houses raced to reach the prize. Artillery, tanks, clones, and Dark Jedi clashed repeatedly on the arctic surface of Inos Moon 18 over many days while their brethren dueled in space overhead. The conflict was resolved as the Sadowite forces were quickly recalled to repel Emperor's Hammer forces in orbit of the gas giant Inos.

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