Seventh Great Jedi War

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Exodus era.
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Third Brotherhood Civil War
Conflict: After months of unrest the emergence of a clone of Jac Cotelin pushes the Dark Brotherhood into civil war.
Date: 19 ABY
Location: Brotherhood Territories

Clans of the Dark Lord

Clans of the Imposter


Dark Lord Jac Cotelin

Jaac Cotelin, self-proclaimed Dark Lord


Several hundred Dark Jedi

Several hundred Dark Jedi



Jaac Cotelin

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The Seventh Great Jedi War or Third Brotherhood Civil War was a conflict that occurred in mid 19 ABY. The clans had been on the brink of civil war for months with several incidents breaking out. The emergence of Jaac Cotelin, a clone of the Grand Master, claiming itself to be the true Dark Lord of the Sith pushed the brotherhood into a full blown civil war. The conflict ended when Jac Cotelin slew the clone and restored order to the shattered clans.


In the middle of 19 ABY internal relations within the brotherhood broke down entirely. Many of the clans accused others of sabotage and unsanctioned infiltration. Within weeks the situation escalated with several openly declaring war on others. Into the chaos stepped Jaac Cotelin, a clone of the Grand Master, declaring himself to be the rightful Dark Lord of the Sith. Having been on the brink of conflict for several months the brotherhood descended into civil war. Unable to distinguish one from the other many clans ended up taking sides, others simply watched from a distance in the hopes the two Grand Masters would destroy each other.

Jac Cotelin gathered forces from the clans still loyal to him to Antei while the clone assembled an army and prepared to launch an all out assault. After several months of preparation Jaac Cotelin launched his assault on Antei, his fleet descending on the ships amassed to defend the brotherhood's homeworld. After breaking through to the surface the imposter's army descended on the Dark Hall, taking the battle right to the steps of the Star Chamber itself.

In a final test of lightsaber against lightsaber, Jac Cotelin slew the clone restoring order to the brotherhood. However, the damage was done regardless, trust between the clans remained unstable and much of the Dark Hall stood in ruins.

Following the conflict the clone's origin remained a mystery, though some speculated it had been created by a sect of rogue brotherhood members.


Clans of the Cerulean

Clans of the Crimson

The Master At Arms, Syn Kaek, remained neutral during the entire conflict though his motives for doing so remain unknown.

While it is known that one of the Dark Lords was a clone, it was never revealed to the clans which were led by the true Cotelin.


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